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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"The Best and Worst Reward Ever: Days 11-12" - March 16

For two night's only, thanks to those athletes who mostly WON'T make the NBA for a good while, it's Survivor: Pulau!


OK, we are PISSED as we return to camp from Tribal Council! As we cook coconuts and argue about wanting NEVER to go back there, Bobby Jon starts to walk towards... who knows where (supposedly the bathroom). Others follow... and, soon, we're lost. It's about an hour before we can return to camp... just as the downpour begins. PERFECT for our damned mood!

But you can almost here Kermit strumming the banjo as a beautiful rainbow appears over the ocean, brightening Ulong's dreary disposition... just a little. Steph and Angie had it the worst.


We schlep to Challenge Cove, five-people weak... and meet Koror, nine-people strong! Mean Uncle Jeff tells us first how the Challenge will work. One tribe member will hop on a raft and be yanked out to a shipwreck nearby by the others using a pulley system. Once the raft hits a buoy, the member must dive down and unhook one of 14 floating sake bottles hung on the sunken Japanese submarine. They then get back ON the raft and the others will pull them back and place the bottle in a six-pack. First tribe to fill said six-pack wins.

The GOOD news is that the winning tribe win be dining healthily tonight on beef stew and root beer.

The BAD news is that the winning tribe will be dining... at Tribal Council! See, tonight, BOTH tribes are going to lose a member, starting with the winning tribe. After the winners vote out someone, they'll be given their meal and sit in the "Jury section" and watch the other team vote someone ELSE out! This'll give the winners vital information on their opponents.

The first one we ring out is Steph, with Jen on her left, Both babes dive down... but it's Jen who surfaces first with a bottle, Steph right behind. It's about a three-second lead on Koror's part as Gregg and Angie head out. They both dive... and Angie surfaces first, putting Ulong ahead by just a few seconds. This is further stretched by Gregg's weight.

Third out for us is Ibrehem and Coby is a fair clip behind. But Ibrehem can't dive too well and has to surface before Coby can reach the buoy. He tries again, but he can't unhook the bottle. Coby is able to do so... and puts Koror in the lead. Ibrehem tries a third time... but he's out of breath and has to get hauled back.

MVP Tom easily beats Bobby Jon back with a bottle. Ian and James dive next... and Ian stays down a long time, giving James a chance to retrieve a bottle and TRY to even things up! As he puts the bottle in the six-pack, Ian dives again... and as Steph dives down again, Ian FINALLY spots some bottles. They both grab a bottle and Koror has a slight lead as they bring the fifth bottles back.

It's down to Ian vs. Steph one more time, being hauled out and diving down. Who will surface first?

It's IAN! But Steph is right behind him. It's a tug-o-war to the finish! And the winner is....


(Wolviegram: For REAL, Chico, I am SO gonna get you!)


As you may surmise, most of our frustration is aimed towards Ibrehem for bailing out on us. And everyone is angry... especially Steph the Sore Loser. Ibrehem admits he panicked a bit underwater and he single-handedly lost the Challenge for them. Bobby Jon comforts him... but, deep down, he thinks it's only logical that Ibrehem is history.


A visibly upset Steph leads the tribe into the Supply Dump O' Doom. In the Jury Pool sits Koror, sans Willard (who, hopefully, took the rats of the camp with him). As we sit down, we watch in TORTURE as Koror serves themselves stew, bread and unlabeled root beer. Angie can't bare to watch. But NOTHING can block the moans of pleasure our enemies feel at eating the hot food.

Uncle Jeff asks us why we've brought the whole camp with us, and Bobby Jon says they don't know what's going to happen now that one tribe is down to a mere foursome. We're HOPING for a merge... but mean Uncle Jeff flatly says, "We're not merging." (Ah, well... we had to try). Angie just cannot watch Koror and she's frustrated at the sliver of a loss. And Steph is livid, wanting to hork at their misfortunes. James SO wanted this Reward, even WITH the loss of a tribe member. It would've been WORTH it. Ibrehem is sick of this and wants everyone to think about what he's done in past Challenges, not at what he did today. (Oh, sure,... that'll work.)

It's time to v... er, wait a second, slappy. Koror has to vote first. HEKE?! See, there's one more little Reward for winning the Challenge today: KOROR gets to vote to see who on ULONG gets IMMUNITY! ZOIKS!

One by one, Koror puts down their bowls and beer and march to the alcove. Janu, Coby, Katie, Jenn, Gregg, Tom, Caryn and Ian write down their votes, not saying a word why they're voting.

Uncle Jeff reads the votes: Angie,... Ibrehem,... Stephenie,... Bobby Jon,... Steph,... Bobby Jon,... Ibrehem,.... and....


Well... so much for THAT strategy! Ibrehem is given the Immunity Necklace... and Koror finishes their meal and heads back to camp. Now it truly IS time to vote (and, judging by how early in the final segment it starts, I'm thinking there's gonna be a tie vote here). James votes for Angie, followed by Bobby Jon, Angie (James), Steph (Bobby Jon) and the immune Ibrehem.

Uncle Jeff tallies the votes and reads them: Angie,... Bobby Jon,... James,... Bobby Jon,... and the last vote is...

ANGIE! (Called that one, didn't I?)

OK, that means the old stand-by that hasn't been used since Indonesia: BEG and REVOTE. Bobby Jon and Angie must beg for their existance here and the other three must vote again.

Uh,...where's the begging? Well, I guess that this tribe is so pathetic that it doesn't DESERVE to have beggars! So James marches to the alcove first to re-vote. Then Ibrehem votes... and, finally, Steph thinks and scrawls.

And the votes are...



...and Angie!

The Braless Wonder is going to drown her sorrows back behind the bar in Nawlins... and Ulong is heading back broken yet again... yet still believing that they ARE a tribe... despite praying for a merge.


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