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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Dangerous Creatures & Horrible Setbacks: Days 7-8" - March 3


We start the day with rain. as the Koror seek selter under their shower... oh, I'm sorry. that's an actual living space. Tom takes issue with it. "We're getting rained on at night, and we need a better shelter." So Coby of the speedo knows the path... and makes it a journey. Coby is disappointed that in order to keep the advantage and the numbers up, you have to retain people who are incredibly annoying. The classic Survivor conundrum. You have nine strong, but you can't get rid of any of them unless you lose immunity.

Caryn barks out orders while Katie just scoffs. Or is it Katie ordering while Caryn scoffs? They look alike. Katie is driving Caryn nuts. She has something to say about everything and the behavior is driving her insane. One gets the feeling Caryn isn't happy unless she is complaining about something. Irritated, Caryn went at Katie with her grievances. She is talking to Katie alone about the annoyance because she doesn't want to drag other people into it. Katie laughs. Don't tell me what to do any more. Get off me! Caryn stomps off in a huff.

Katie observed, "She's crazy. She completely lost it."

Caryn decides that Katie won't talk. Oh well. Her loss.

R-CHALLENGE: On Any Given Day 7... (for a swing kit with fabric; )

See Jeff. See Jeff release life ring from ocean floor. See tribemates swim to be the first to ring the life ring. It's no holds barred, as you can do anything short of damaging and intentional physical contact (i.e. Unnecessary roughness) to get the ring to your station. First tribe to three wins reward.

Not much to say as the Ulong go one, two, three to win the reward. A pathetic showing by all. Jeff gets #1 over Tom. Stephenie wrestles #2 against Jen, and Bobby Jon & Angie teamed to give Gregg & Janu all sorts of high hell for the third ring.

Back at camp...

So how desperate are we for food? Well, we hear that venomous snakes are full of protein. Let's go look for those! Ian, Gregg, and Tom go on said snake hunt, as they a) pin the snake, and b) lop off its head. If they fail, according to Gregg... "Cardiac arrest... Coma... Death."

Ian lops off the head of snake #1, which Katie calls cute, if only because Ian did it so apologetically. "I did feel bad," said the dolphin trainer.

Tom is glad to have hooked up with like-minded knuckleheads with a sense of adventure.

Three snakes later, you would think that they'd be ready for dinner... You WOULD think that, wouldn't you? Instead, the carcasses are hung by the sea in hopes of getting a shark. Even trade? Not today. Quoth Tom: "If I saw a shark out at Jones Beach on Long Island, we would be running out of the water. We see a shark here, everybody's running into the water with sticks in their hand." He knew the survival part was going to be hard but he never believed it would be this real. Back home they would run out of the water if anyone spied a shark.

The shark isn't that happy to see you either. Oh well. Today's defeat is only tomorrow's task...  "We're gonna get a shark."


The weight of the weak
Lay on the Shoulders of the strong
Today's Challenge will show you
Where in the tribe you belong
"Can I go any further?"
You may have reasonable doubt
But let your tribe down today
Tonight your torch could go out!

I-CHALLENGE: Walk This Way... (Janu & Jenn sit out)

The tribe's members are tied together with a rope. Each must carry a 20 pound pack on their back. The key is to try and catch the other team on the course. A player can opt out at any time and give their weight to a tribe mate. The first tribe to catch the other wins Immunity.

Immediately, Jeff of Ulong drops his sack after an injury the night prior. From what I hear, a coconut. Then Caryn drops hers and Willard follows her, leaving Ian, Gregg, Coby, Katie, Willard, and Tommy. Katie and Coby drop out, leaving the rest of the four carrying 140 pounds of dead weight.  Oh, did we mention that the tide was coming in?

In the end, Tom ends up with 60 pounds on his back. Koror makes up ground a little at a time and eventually Ian touches Ibrehem.  Game over, and Koror is immune for a third straight round.

As for Ulong, an injury of any kind is instant death, as Jeff expects to be snuffed today.

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