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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
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"Neanderthal Man: Days 19-21" - April 7


Ever have one of those "Blue Lagoon" flashbacks? Where you're all alone on a remote island with one of the opposite gender and you grow... rather attached to that person. Well, I don't know about the RATHER attached part, but what's left of Ulong - Bobby Jon and Stephenie - are as close as ever.

To say that voting off Ibrehem was a tough call would be the grossest of all understatements. And being a "tribe of two" is NOT fun at all. We are PRAYING for a merge, especially since it IS down to ten total Survivors, the typical number going into a merge. Of course, NOTHING about Survivor can really be called "typical". Still, the two Ulongs hold on to hope... and Steph is still ready to win... even though she's done very little of it. We can ALSO hope that Koror has become so fed up with the same faces over and over and over again that THEY'll be praying to BLOW a Challenge just to get RID of someone.


To Challenge Cove goes Steph and Bobby Jon, showing the STILL eight-strong Koror that our Muslim member has been "jihaded" out of tribe. Heartless Uncle Jeff tells us we're "still a tribe" (yeah, right... and someone from Rock 'N' Roll Jeopardy made that "Ultimate Tournament of Champions as well) and that this Challenge is the typical nasty eating Challenge commonly seen on Survivor... and almost every OTHER reality show for that matter.

The special of the day is Balut, a delicacy in the South Pacific. It's also something Fear Factor did a long time ago. A balut... is a partially formed duckling egg... complete with beak! Two members of each tribe must down ten baluts total. The twosome who could down the most without horking would win Reward for their tribe.

And the reward? Well, let's just say the tribe who wins will not have to reek for very long. They will be given 55 gallons of fresh water with a spigot and a showerhead, along with (MAJOR PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT!) toothbrushes, Crest toothpaste, Oil of Olay body soap, Pantene shampoo and conditioner and - thankfully - Scope mouthwash! (What is this, Survivor or "Grocery Game" on The Price is Right?!)

And who will go against Steph and BJ? Why, the dolphin lover Ian... and MVP Tom. (OK, already, I know we're doomed.)

The first round is Tom and Steph downing one balut. No real problems there... though the feathers DO tend to stick between your teeth. Bobby Jon and Ian chug down the two eggs assigned to them which the rest of Koror look on in sadistic glee. Round 3 is back to MVP and Steph with THREE eggs apiece. As they chow down, MVP uses psychology to make Steph feel nauseous ("Watch that beak"). Steph's got it covered, though, but keeps on keeping on. Finally, Ian and BJ choke down FOUR of those Easter rejects apiece... BEGRUDGINGLY, but they DO it.

Well, now, I guess we go to a tie-breaker, eh? Tom and Bobby Jon sit down and get served five more baluts, saying the one who swallows all of them in the quickest time - or the one who downs the most without "upping" them - gets Reward. At the count of "Go", BJ proceeds to shove ALL FIVE EGGS into his mouth and munch, munch, munch on them. MVP, however, is methodical and downs one at a time. Add to that the fact that BJ already has SIX chicks in his stomach and MVP only FOUR... and you see what I'm getting to. BJ just can't swallow those five feathery fetuses and, as he spits the gunk onto his plate and tries to take it piece by piece,... MVP Tom swallows the last one. Koror wins... yadda yadda yadda. And BJ... well, this is the best feed he's been since the clambake. And mama always told him to clean his plate so... down the hatch, li'l chickadees!

(Brief pause while I look at what I had for lunch today... HOOORRRRRRRK! *spit spit spit...flush* Hmm... chicken. How ironic.)

(C-Note: *plays MC Chris' "The Tussin" in the background*)


HOK, Bobby Jon has gone BEYOND angry and upset to just plain LIVID! He's TIRED of losing! He's TIRED that his throat was wide open and couldn't get those chick down! And, worst of all, he is SICK and TIRED of losing to MVP TOM!! Since the rules and waivers he signed says he cannot take his frustration out on Steph in a physical sense, he takes it out on some defenseless coconuts and wood.

Steph says it best: "Half the time, he scares me."

(Uh... only HALF the time?!?)

The next morning... well, let's just say that BJ has stopped caring that there's a lady(?) present. He belches, he grunts, he scratches in inappropriate places, he does his best Tim Allen impersonation by blowing his nose without the benefit of a Kleenex. And Steph... she's feeling like a broken housewife.


As the twosome plot to sue the Palau Postal Service if they don't stop with the Stump-Mail, they read the latest missive from Mean Mr. Probst:

"Sink or swim?" "Think and swim?"
Today, they mean the same
For the tribe that can't do either,
One more will leave the game.

Another @#$%ing thinking Challenge?! Does the producers get the hint that Ulong is INCAPABLE of thought that could even come CLOSE to transcending Koror's?!?!? Do they WANT Ulong to disappear?!?!?!?

(Don't answer that last one; I think I know already.)

Challenge Cove and the Koror Idol awaits us. Scheming Uncle Jeff tells us that this'll be a mental AND physical Challenge (OK, like we can PHYSICALLY put up with them; they ate SHARK, for Burnett's sake!). There are sacks of puzzle pieces out in the lagoon. Our job, of course, is to swim out, get all the pieces and put them together. Once the puzzle is in place, it'll spell out a word jumble which we must UN-jumble into a three-word phrase. Once Koror figures out the phrase, they'll win Immunity again! (Yeah,... I've lost all hope...) It's Coby and Gregg vs. Steph and BJ for the Palau Tag Team Championship.

At the signal, we trade off sending swimmers to get the pieces. First Steph and Gregg, then Coby and BJ. They swim to the floating platforms and drag themselves into the briny deep to retrieve the bags. Then they surface and bring them back.

What arrogant SOBs Koror have become! Not only do they get all their pieces first, but they have time to wipe the puzzle board dry! But we struggle through and get out our OWN pieces. Awful lot of letters... nobody told us that "Scrabble" would be involved here. Steph tries to get an upper hand by peeking over at Koror's puzzle... but Warped Uncle Jeff points this out and Coby blocks her view (now I know Jeff hates us)!

Well, anyway, like Britain against the Spanish Armada, Koror destroys us with "VICTORY AT SEA". The Koror Idol goes back to them (why they ever bothered bringing it after they moved to their new beach is beyond me) and Rotten Uncle Jeff turns to us.

The GOOD news is they won't be voting tonight. (HEKE?!)

The BAD news is that someone WILL be going home tonight... and an Immunity Challenge at Tribal Council will decide who stays and who goes.


I guess that, if there IS any good news, it's that there'll be ONE Ulong on the Jury when all is said and done... or so we think. With no merge these three days and none in sight, it's beginning to look like a production of "Kill Bill" since ONE of them will have to take out ALL of the 88 Dragons of Koror by him- or herself.

Steph and BJ spend their last night together... talking. BJ says that, should he win, he could see himself alone ala "Castaway" for three weeks... and Steph is hoping she doesn't draw a face on a coconut and make it her new best friend.


Cantankerous Uncle Jeff "welcomes" us back to the Ulong Memorial Supply Dump O' Doom and asks use how it would feel when one of us is alone. They both say that it'll be hard... but they'll manage.

Then Jeff gets to our own personal hell... er, Immunity Challenge. It is the standard "make a fire high enough to light your torch and you win" Challenge. Both are excited as they walk to the Jury section and get their matches, kindling and coconut husks. At the count of "Go", BJ gets to work. Steph is a little more meticulous and, while, Bobby Jon gets his started first, Steph's starts out higher. They add fuel to the fire at regular intervals... but, in the end, it's Steph who lights the flame, ready to be taken by relay team to Turin, Ita... (oops, sorry, wrong torch).

Bobby Jon, Steph has smokin'... it's time for you to go find your brother Johnny Damon of the Red Sox.

And Malicious Uncle Jeff's "reward" for Steph? A nice long rest... alone... in the woods. Gee,... thanks a lot!


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