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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
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"Neanderthal Man: Days 19-21" - April 7

Day 19: RATS!

Litter on the beach. A flag in the wind. A shark's head on a pike. A swarm of flies on a shark's head.

And then... there are the rats. Feasting on whatever's left of Koror's bounty. "I don't know if we've gotten too sloppy with the food or if we put the coconuts too close to camp. I just think that the rats realize that we're not a threat to them." You think?

Coby, meanwhile, doesn't feel sorry for Koror. He warned them time and time again to clean up their act. "Every bit of rat we get all over us is deserved." Because nobody else will do it, Coby moves Tom's fly-infested shark head trophy away from the camp, among other chores. "I am the one who goes to get firewood. I'm the one who keeps the fire going. I am the one who gets the water boiling. I am the one who gets food." And the other women? Well, they do nothing, especially Jenn, Katie, and Janu. "Janu is on her eighth straight day of 'boo hoo, I wanna go home'." The alpha males are waiting on them... and they're LETTING them!  He would like nothing better than to push all of the women into the fire.

And now we go to...

R-CHALLENGE: The 20-Day Old Eggs (for 55 gallons of fresh water, a shower, and toiletries, "because trust me... You guys REEK!"; Tom & Ian play)

Balut is a fertilized egg containing a partially formed duckling. Beak and all. Today, it's also LUNCH. In each round, players have to eat up to four balut eggs at a time. No timed challenge, just get it down and keep it down. If all four plates are devoured, then it's a timed sudden death finish. First one to finish wins reward.

The four down all four of their plates, meaning we go to sudden death! Tom! Bobby Jon! Let's play the Feud! Bobby Jon tries to get it all in his mouth at once, while Tom, who commented that the beaks were very crunchy, takes it nice and easy... to the win. Bobby Jon: "Man, I almost had it!"

After the challenge: Cleanup, Aisle 6.

If you're like me, you've fastforwarded through this part, thinking it was another commercial for P&G toiletries. Katie likes the reward. Ian thinks it tastes like oranges. Janu took a break from her pity pot to just take a swig of the orange mouthwash... Dude... you're not supposed to DRINK IT!

Meanwhile, Coby finds the delivery: one shower with 55 gallons of water. "I was looking forward to being human for one day," quips the normally mute Jenn. But Tom thinks that they should poke canteens through the spigot instead of a shower head, as Jenn kisses her humanity goodbye. He claims that he had to assert himself, thinking that the first freshwater seen in 19 days would be worst-suited for hygienic purposes.

Jenn's side? "Tom's the one who spoke up [about conserving the water]. It's 55 gallons of water! You can't let us use like a gallon or two?" No one wanted to speak up, and she wasn't going to be the one. Tom was, and maybe that'll hurt him in the end, for being a "sourpuss."

STILL Later that day: Booo-ring.... boring.

We have a jelly swarm while the tribe is just chillin'. Katie is starting to think that life in Koror is monotonous. "Things are going to change real quick around here. No more happy Koror days."

And the end starts... now. Ian and Tom conspire alone. They are worried about Gregg and Jenn using their relationship as a bond. They agree that eventually one of them must be voted out. Tom reminds Ian that the original alliance was them two, Katie and Stephenie. Tom thinks that if Steph becomes part of Koror, they must get her on their side. Tom and Ian agree to keep the plan on the DL. "Stephenie would be the wolf in sheep's clothing that no one saw coming."

Day 21: Mail call!

"Sink or swim?" "Think and swim?"
Today, they mean the same
For the tribe that can't do either,
One more will leave the game.

I-CHALLENGE: Victory at Sea (Coby & Gregg play)

Bags of puzzle pieces are suspended on pontoons out at sea. The players must swim to them, unhook them, go on a balance beam bridge, and bring the pieces back to shore. Once all four bags are on shore, open them to find pieces of a puzzle. The puzzle forms a word find. Complete the word find and use all intersecting letters to form three words. First one to spell out the words claims Immunity.

It's even pegging down to the puzzle. Steph & Bobby Jon have a hard time putting together their puzzle, while Coby and Gregg are greased lightning, and get to the chalk first. Ulong gets to their chalk and things have gotten so desperate that Steph resorts to giving a little peak. Hey, the only difference between right and wrong is getting caught, right? Well, Steph is... caught. Coby covers the puzzle while he and Gregg finish. They get the letters they need, and the key to Immunity...


That's exactly what Coby and Gregg earn for Koror, sending Steph and Bobby Jon to their eighth consecutive Tribal Council. BUT because they can't vote for each other, there will be a second Immunity Challenge at Tribal. Winner stays, loser pays.

After the challenge: Post-sweep...

You read right. It's a Survivor first... a total SWEEP. "We've won every single Immunity... It's mindboggling." The tall-skinny guy (Ian), the gay guy (Coby), the showgirl (Janu) and all the other realies celebrate their victory. Not only are they still one tribe, each one of them is guaranteed to be on the jury.

This hits Coby especially, since all his life he felt a need to belong. "As a kid, I never played sports. I was always called 'the girly guy'. I was the sissy. People would just pick on me. I ended up quitting school because people made fun of me. But I wasn't going to make anyone make me quit this time. I've worked so hard. I'm not quitting."

Let's hope not, flat foot...


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