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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
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"Dangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks: Days 7-8" - March 3


Resting after the vote, Stephenie states they they simply CANNOT go back to Tribal Council again. They say that Uncle Jeff was quite brutal about the "relationship" between Jeff and Kim. That doesn't STOP them from snuggling with each other. And, for perhaps the first time in a regular Survivor series, tribe members start to HATE Uncle Jeff! Kim does NOT want this "relationship" to be blown out of proportion. But James doesn't believe it, knowing they'll be "sucking face" any time soon. He thinks Kim's gotta go.


To Challange Cove we shlep to give the dominating Koror a look at us sans Ashlee. Uncle Jeff tells us that this is for Reward. The object here is that liferings will be released one-by-one out in the water. Tribe members, one from each, must grab the ring and swim to the floating pontoon of their color. If a tribe member has one hand on the ring and the other on the pontoon, that's a point. First to three points wins Reward.

But there's a catch to this Challenge. Outside of punching or intentionally trying to hurt someone, anything goes when it comes to getting the ring and getting it to the pontoon. Push, pull, dunk, splash... whatever. But, remember, this is a SOCIAL game and the feet you step on on the way up will be the ones that COULD kick your ass on the way down.

Oh, yeah, the Reward. It's a...sewing kit? Well,... I guess it COULD come in handy, seeing as how many of us are stuck in our undies and using Buffs to cover our waist regions. If we're resourceful, we can make stuff that would make Brook Shields and Christopher Atkins envious.

First match-up is Jeff vs. Tom, who shake hands before the competition. As the ring is released, Tom swims hard... but Jeff hangs back to play defense. As Tom grabs the ring and heads back, he puts it around his waist. As he approaches Jeff, Jeff grabs his hand and drags him towards Ulong's pontoon. Tom's buoyancy makes it easy... and, eventually, Tom slips OUT of the ring. It's a tug-o-war between them.... and Jeff wins it. One-nil, us.

Next up is Steph vs. Jenn. Steph gets a big head start and gets to the ring. Jenn hangs back on D... and the dunking and splashing begins. And who says "cats" hate water? These two are REALLY going at it. Steph seems to be the stronger of the two... and GETS the second point!

Third round is a "mixed-tag" match: Bobby Jon/Angie vs. Greg/Janu. Bobby Jon gets to the ring and Janu swims out to block while Greg blocks the pontoons. But Angie dunks her from behind and Bobby Jon makes a break for it. Angie then takes the point and dunks Greg as well, though it doesn't help them much this time. All four are in a struggle... but Bobby Jon tries to pull EVERYONE and the ring towards the pontoon. And Bobby Jon finishes the clean sweep! We've got needle and thread!


OK, so... what will we make with our sewing kit? Well, the men have no clue. But Bobby Jon wants to use the thread and a needle into a fishing line. But he takes the spear out to look for fish in shallow water. Everyone else... lounges. And that doesn't sit well with Bobby Jon. Especially Kim just WATCHING him knock coconuts off a tree. Kim thinks he's looking for a crash-and-burn in the near future.

(Meanwhile, Koror is chomping on venomous snakes and looking for... duh-dum... duh-dum... duh-dum-duh-dum-duh-dum...)


As Jeff saunters to the "little boy's hole", he steps on a coconut shell and rolls his already-bad ankle. The next day he hobbles around, rather concerned. It hurts quite a bit and he needs to save his energy.

But there's not much time to rest. We got Stump-Mail!

The weight of the weak
Lay on the Shoulders of the strong
Today's Challenge will show you
Where in the tribe you belong
"Can I go any further?"
You may have reasonable doubt
But let your tribe down today
Tonight your torch could go out!

Ohhhh... this is-a no good for Jeff. It's strength test, it seems... and if they go to Tribal for the third straight time, it's his @$$ for sure.


Back to Challenge Cove with mean Uncle Jeff. Koror gives back the Immunity Idol which they expect to get back within the hour. After mean Uncle Jeff exposes OUR Jeff's injury, we get to the Challenge. It's a chasing challenge. Seven members of Koror and all of Ulong will be clipped together on a rope and must carry backpacks with 20 pounds of sand in them. If anyone wants to bail, they can unclip themselves but must give the backpack to someone else. The first tribe to catch-up to the other on the oval path and touch a member of the triibe gets to chill for another couple of days in Pulau. If all members of a tribe bail, the other wins Immunity.

The tribes start on opposite ends of the "track", submerged in knee-deep water. As soon as Uncle Jeff hollers, "Go", OUR Jeff hands off his backpack and bails. As Koror heads into the waist-deep water and Ulong starts to gain ground, Karen of Koror trips. She unhooks herself, evening the tribes up. Willard then bails, making both Tom and Greg carry 40 pound apiece. Then Kim cries that she can't do it and gives her weight to an angry Bobby Jon... and Angie gives HER weight to James. Around the far turn, Katie bails for Koror, leaving Steph the only female left. So after one lap, Koror and Ulong has 4 members each (all but one carrying 40 pounds.)

The sun beats down, the water rises a little... and Ulong's getting tired. Tom, as he's done so often in the past, leads Koror to widen the gap between them and Ulong. Coby then opts out and gives his weight to Ian... who then gives it to Tom. James gives one of his bags to Bobby Jon... and then the other to bail. 80 pounds hauled by Bobby Jon. But the team is really slowing down... and Koror is getting hyped.

The gap closes as Koror catches up. Ibrehem, Steph and Bobby Jon are winded... Tom, Ian and Greg makes there move in the shallows. Ian pushes through the water with huge strides... and says to Ibrehem, "Tag, you're dead!" For the third straight time, Koror wins Immunity!!

(Wolviegram to Chico: Oh, sure... "I'll take Koror. I have no idea who's going to win." I'm gonna get you one of these days...)


OK, this is getting monotonous! And, of course, everyone starts to get paranoid. But Jeff qualms everyone's fears by saying that he doesn't think he can continue with his ankle in knots. But Steph says there IS a reason not to vote for Jeff: they want him to stay.

Besides, in the week that they've been on the island, Jeff has done a lot... and Kim ain't done SQUAT! Even if Jeff never works another day, that's more than what Kim has ever done. Angie thinks that, if Jeff is gone, Kim will finally stop thinking about HIM and getting to work. But Bobby Jon thinks that they shouldn't feed someone who doesn't want to help, even in Challenges. But when they both see Jeff slice a coconut right in half with the machete... well, it LOOKS like Angie is convinced.


Once again, we meet mean ol' Uncle Jeff and his Supply Dump O' Doom and have a heart-to-hearts with him. Ibrehem says that they would've one if SOMEONE had participated, namely Jeff. Bobby Jon thinks Jeff had nothing to do with their loss. It was front-runner for Survivor MVP, Tom. Steph admits that Jeff said he's hurting... and Jeff says that he can't carry his weight... literally and figuratively.

Then Uncle Jeff prods Ibrehem into saying that other DELIBERATELY don't pull their weight... and Kim says that the whole tribe has gone into "Survival of the Fittest" mode. James admits that they've debating (and still are) whether to keep Jeff or not.

Well, there's no more time for debating. It's time to vote. The parchment awaits us as the tribe scribbles names on them: James ("Kim, you are lazy"), Steph, Ibrehem, Kim ("Jeff,...this is what you wanted"), Jeff, Angie and Bobby Jon ("Kim, I'm not gonna play your silly-ass game.")

OK, let's see if the injured or the lazy is going home. The votes are tallied: Jeff,... Jeff,... James (must by Jeff's since he can't vote for himself)... Kim,... Kim,... Jeff ":)"... and... JEFF!

Yeah, we don't have a host anymore! Oh... wait... wrong Jeff. Mean Uncle Jeff tells his namesake that the tribe has spoken (as per his wishes) and it's time for him to hobble back and train his ankle back into fighting form.

So... how DO we turn this until a positive. I don't have a clue, either.


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