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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"The Great White Shark Hunter: Days 16-18" - March 31

Day 16: One Up! One Up! One Up!

While Coby talks about Tom's crunches (as anyone who is like Coby would want to do), Ian emerges from the water with one hell of a clam. As Big Joey Numbers would say, "Big as life and twice and ugly." Tom jokes to Ian, "The clam might be older than you." Ian is happy to score the role of provider. The tribe will be well fed tonight.

No kidding, as Gregg and Ian go out to get some shark. So much as hunting as one can do while still on the beach throwing sharp pointies at the water, hoping to impale a shark. They are going to hang back and run into the water when the time is right. Ian cuts his foot and terms himself as "disabled".

And just as he's nursing his wounds, Tom spots a fin, grabs a machete, and goes nuts.


"How is that for a shot?" I'd say you pretty much outdid... Ian, Tom. "It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. He keeps one-upping me. I figure next I'm going to get me a humpback whale."

(BATTLE CENSORED FOR... well, lack of a battle, actually)

As the tribe cooks up their feast, Tom tells us that the cat is out of the bag with the shark kill. He is not some decrepit fossil. He is a physical threat and nothing he can do from here on in will change that. And we go to Coby for play-by-play: "Tom is the great white shark killer. He has made it harder for us (meaning him and Gregg) to vote him off now."

Goofing off as Koror chows down, Tom says "You can only taunt me so much before I strike back."

Day 17: MORE MAIL!
You're lost in the wild
There's no one around
You find yourself thinking
You'll never be found

Use all your resources
'Cause, when push comes to shove
Build a signal on the beach
Should be seen from above

Then a plane will fly by
And within the next hour
If your signal's the best
We'll drop supplies to devour

So out your brains together
You can use only three
Creativity will reign victorious
Which tribe will it be?

R-CHALLENGE: SOS! (for MREs and wine; Katie, Gregg & Caryn play)

Both tribes must build a signal that can be seen from the sky. Only three tribe members are permitted to participate in the challenge. The best signal, as determined by an expert seemingly appointed by the Burnett (himself a former RAF soldier), wins.

The Korors move all of their materials to the beach, where they are watched by the others. "It's hard for me to be just an observer," Tom says. Coby thinks Katie is very creative. So creative that she gets the idea to spell out, "GOT FOOD?" on the beach.

I shall take that mantra, and apply it to my own.

In any event, a plane comes by with Jeff and his drop master (how do I know? Simple. Eagle-eye vision). "Drop drop drop!" Uh oh, some of our fire is out. Coby with the play-by-play AGAIN, "I fear the odds are against us."

Shows what Coby knows. The plane flies by again and.. drop drop drop drop drop ... DROP! Koror wins it!

They are jubilant and celebrating and all that stuff that we're used to seeing. "I am so happy." Tom and Ian fish the crate out of the water. With their glasses raised, Koror waits for Caryn to make the toast. All Caryn can come up with is..."To a great tribe."

Day 18: Gregg and Jenn... the love-making continues.

And Coby, being Coby, has to have a word in edgewise: "I guess they are dating but I don't care as long as we can get their votes."

Anyway, back to the story about a girl named blah blah blah that adore... Gregg. Gregg complains that he can't have good conversations with Jenn when everyone is listening in. That said, they go get the water. Jenn finally has her say... and uses it to note that Gregg is standoffish now and again. She finds that annoying. Then again, Gregg admits to not being the ideal showmancer: "You kinda get into the context of the game, and you realize that that's your priority."

Jenn likes Gregg a lot but he is focused on playing the game. She wants to see if he will loosen up soon.

Tom's view? He is concerned about how either of them will get if they have to vote one of them off. It is bound to get real emotional. "They could be the monkey wrench that the others don't see coming."

The way to lose this one
Is to be just plain lazy
If you don't think you need to practice
Well, then you're just crazy!

Keep your tribe together
Slide the pieces into place
If you don't heed this warning
'll be out of the race.

I-CHALLENGE: Star Struck (Jenn, Coby & Janu play)

After the tribe gloats at our glut of exotic seafood, It's an underwater slide puzzle. One person calls while the other two slide. First tribe to put their puzzle together wins.

Coby calls while Jenn and Janu (I love saying that name... Ja-NOO) slide. Coby's a great caller, but Janu is starting to falter, JUST as Bobby Jon and Steph switch off and start to make sense of the puzzle. Come on, Janu! Just a little while longer!


... YES! Koror wins it! Again! Ulong's going to Tribal! Again! Wolvie's mad at me... again... Sorry, dude...


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