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Twenty new castaways are literally lost on the island of Palau, between the world of nature and the world of WWII military. On this island, they have to brave the elements and each other for a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast for $1 million.

Check out GSNN's Tribal Council to see who is left on the islands!

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Tom Shelly
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Airs: Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Sumo at Sea: Days 9-11" - March 10


We cannot believe we're down to six against NINE! And Kim cannot believe that her cuddle-buddy is gone. Oh, she TRIES to justify it: "He was great for the team... he was a great friend." Yeah, right! James is pissed off and promises that, whoever comes in last at the next Immunity Challenged, he will personally "stomp on" him or her! Bobby Jon translates this into Ulong having no unity.


Today. you must send one and only one
"Tribal representative" to make some
importatnt choices. The Tribe will then
have to live with those decisions.

Ut oh. Player swap? Merge? (Nah, too early). Whatever, James immediate elects Steph.. but Steph wants Kim to go. They think about drawing straws... but nobody's that gung-ho about it. Finally we decide to see what the Challenge is BEFORE picking someone... the HELL with what mean Uncle Jeff wants!


So we paddle out in our outriggers for fish. And in speeds Uncle Jeff... with a large box on his boat with the logo of the Home Depot(TM) on it. He meets us on our beach and asks for a representative. We flat out tell Jeff that we want to hear the Challenge first. But Jeff says it ain't gonna happen until a "leader" is chosen. James is immediately "elected" by Bobby Jon... and mean Uncle Jeff takes that as the decision.

It turns out that James is merely the "supervisor" for our Reward Challenge. We are to build a bathroom with toilet and shower rooms, using the timber and tools provided by Jeff. In addition, James needs to choose six tools out of the Home Depot(TM) Tool Chest (which we get to keep) to help. Tomorrow, Jeff will return with a judge... who just so happens to be the one who built all the crazy Challenges on the show. The tribe who builds the better bathroom wins Reward.

And WHAT a Reward! Jeff will return WITH the judge AND his entire construction crew and build a great shelter of us!!

Well, it's a good thing we DID "elect" James, having built houses and all. He KNOWS what tools are needed. He KNOWS how to build sturdy structures. And he KNOWS that this'll get EVERYONE (including Kim) off their asses and working hard!

One person who does NOT like the prospect of James as a leader is Steph. "Too fatherly," she claims. Kim opts out of the Challenge, claiming "weakness" (that's actually strategy). Bobby Jon is a lumberjack (and he's OK)... but chopping trees down is not as easy as having buttered scones for tea. Everyone is starting to "freak out", much to Kim's enjoyment. But James does his best to be the calm center of this john-building universe.


After visiting Koror (who, I'll admit, looks impressive), mean Uncle Jeff artrives with Jesse Jensen, who has been with Survivor since back when Richard Hatch first stepped foot on the island not too far from there. We are putting the 'finishing touches' on our shower when they show up. The stall looks like one from Penn Station, complete with "For a Good Time, Call Jeff Probst" scrawled on the seat. The shower and stall were right next to each other, rather than far apart like Koror's. But we have a drain, we have a basin and toothbrush holder... and, more importantly to us, we had a sense of humor. The construction was a LITTLE shoddy... but it's not too bad. James is confident, saying that Jeff'll be back to build their shelter in "2...3 hours tops."


Two hours pass... three hours pass... six hours... TEN hours... and the sun sets. And no boat arrives. Obviously, we lost our first Reward Challenge. (And, obviously, we'll be moving to Koror Beach after the merge.) James was optimistic till the end... but the rest of the tribe... they say, "Sucks to be us." And we are MAD! The Immunity Challenge, it is OURS! And, hey, at least we have a shower now.


Square off in a circle
Against your opponents
Balance and strength:
The two crucial components.

David beat Goliath
Using brains over brawn.
Be the one to lose this one
You could be the next gone.

We're also given this odd pillow-like thing to practice with. We guess this'll be what's used for the Challenge. Bobby Jon says, "We're gonna be like wolverines!" (*kisses Bobby Jon's dirty feet* My hero!)

To Challenge Cove we go, where Koror FINALLY sees us sans Jeff. Mean Uncle Jeff tells us that this is a sumo-like Challenge. One-by-one, tribe members will get onto an octogonal platform in the cove (which looks like a mini-helipad) and attempt to knock each other off using the pillows. We cannot use our feet as a weapon and we must hold the pillow with two hands. First tribe to knock six people off wins Immunity.

Round 1: Bobby Jon vs. MVP Tom... FIGHT! Tom is knocked down and Bobby Jon tries to roll Tom off. But Tom gets back on the vertical base and shoves Bobby Jon off. TOM WINS!

Round 2: Steph vs. Jenn... FIGHT! Jenn comes on strong at the start... but Steph just shoves the hyper Jenn off. STEPHENIE WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Round 3: Ibrehem vs. Gregg... FIGHT! Ibrehem is the stronger of the two... but he can't seem to hang on to the pillow. As such, Gregg knocks it out of his hand and shoves Ibrehem in. GREGG WINS!

Round 4: Angie vs. Karen... FIGHT! Uh... I said FIGHT! C'mon, girls, MOVE! Angie suddenly charges and Karen loses her balance. She gets a swipe or two in... but the "Braless Wonder" evens the score. ANGIE WINS!

Round 5: James vs. Coby... FIGHT! Coby charges and James tries to sidestep him... but Coby isn't buying it and shoves James in. COBY WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Round 6: Kim vs. Janu (ohhhhhh, this does NOT look good for us)... FIGHT! Kim SCREAMS as she rushes Janu... but the showgirl shows the lazy girl that she ain't even IN her league! JANU WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY! Koror leads 4-2.

Round 7: Bobby Jon vs. MVP Tom again... FIGHT! Both gladiators charge and pound the heck out of each other... but Tom, as ALWAYS, is the better man. TOM WINS!

Round 8: Steph vs. Jenn. If Steph loses, James will stomp on her. And... FIGHT! It is, by far, the most brutal match of the Challenge. Just when one girl is about to take a dive, she spins and recovers. Jenn gets knocked down several times... and scraping her knees is enough for her. Steph rolls her off and keeps Ulong alive! STEPHENIE WINS!

Round 9: Ibrehem vs. Gregg... FIGHT! This time Ibrehem just PLOWS into Gregg and pushes him right off! IBREHEM WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY! Ibrehem says, "GIT YO ASS UP OFF HERE!"

Round 10: Angie vs. Karen... FIGHT! Again, the Braless Wonder proves to be the dominant female, shoving Karen off in record time. ANGIE WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

FINAL ROUND: James vs. Coby! Whoever wins gets to stay a while longer. Ready... FIGHT! James' first blow is right to the head! But Coby keeps his balance and shoves back, James keeps to the head and face and shoves at Coby. They go shoulder-to-shoulder... Coby lunges... James sidesteps and pushes back. But Coby knocks James down near the edge and tries to roll him off. But James holds his ground and rolls, jabbing the pillow into Coby's cheek! In turns into a wrestling match on the pad, both players essentially trying to smother the other into submission. Tom eggs Coby on as James nears the edge... FINISH HIM! ...and Coby uses his shoulder to shove James off! KOROR WINS! IMMUNITY!


What in the living, breathing, psychotic HELL are we doing WRONG?!?! James is EMBARRASSED having lost to a "homosexual" (please, James, use "inter-genrderly challenged"). Steph is so SICK of losing... as is Angie. James tells Kim that they're going to kick Kim out for her lack of usage. But Kim proposes something to the others: it CANNOT be three men and two women on this tribe! Angie wonders which is the lesser of two evils: Kim going and the testosterone taking over the tribe... or Kim staying and they end up losing yet again.


You get the feeling mean ol' Uncle Jeff is getting TIRED of seeing us in his Supply Dump O' Doom? 'Cause we're sure tired of seeing HIM! Steph tells that she's never lost in her life... and this is getting upsetting. Angie is already thinking for the NEXT Challenge. Bobby Jon thinks he's not pulling his weight.

Uncle Jeff says, "It's time to get to the bottom of what is wrong with this tribe!" Kim says Bobby Jon and James do most of the work... and Jeff gets her to essentially admit that she hasn't done squat in the tribe. Steph thinks the women rely on the men... but they COULD be self-sufficient if they had to be. Angie is TIRED of the men "helping" her with tasks. Bobby Jon agrees and says Kim could kill them a bear if she really sets her mind to it. And, James, you got beaten by an "inter-genrderly challenged" man... TWICE! How do you feel? "Damn!" says it all. Jeff reminds them that 5 of the 6 wins by Koror in the last Challenge... came from beating the men! The one woman who lost... was Kim.

It's time to vote. We fight our writer's cramp and march to the alcove to write down names: Ibrehem, James ("Kim,... you're not putting enough effort into the tribe"), Steph, Kim ("James, beware of dictating"), Bobby Jon and Angie vote to make their tribe the smallest in a LONG time.

The votes are tallied: Kim,... James,... Kim,... Kim... and the last two... Kim!

It's unanimous this time. Kim can lounge around all she damn well pleases now... but she ain't getting the million! If she hurries, she MIGHT just catch up to her snuggle-buddy!

What can we do to change the outcome after 11 demoralizing days? If you have any ideas, PLEASE send them through a time-space wormhole to Ulong so they can keep SOMEBODY!


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