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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
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Round of 5: Rat Pack
April 29

Chico: Hey gang, it's Roundtable Recap time! We've got Joey Bishop (Gordon) over here... We've got Frank Sinatra (Jason) over there. I'm doing Sammy... And Don... Tonight he's Dean. Today, we're in our best suits rocking the martinis, because it's Rat Pack week.
Jason: Ring a ding ding...let's get to it.
Don: Oh, yeah.
Gordon: Why does your tie have a Schwab face on it?
Chico: (Sammy) Because that's what the kids are doing, man. (/Sammy).
Jason: Its the RAT pack after all.
Gordon: Fair enough. Time for...


Jason: We have five...what's the split?
Gordon: 1 trouble, 1 out
Jason: Got it.
Gordon: Starting with...

KRIS ALLEN - "The Way You Look tonight"

Jason: It was good enough to get through. SAFE.
Don: I'm going with Safe for him.
Chico: Suddenly, the two-man race that is season 8 is now a THREE man race. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: I remember the Rat Pack. i remember them well. And I'm with Simon. That was no Rat Pack rendition. OUT
Gordon: Not good. Safe only because we know the 2 people that don't have a fan base behind them.

ALLISON IRAHETA - "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Grandma Pepper: I think she rates more than a 7. But that was not a 10. TROUBLE
Chico: Very subdued, but still grungy. I don't think it will fly this week. TROUBLE.
Jason: And this is one of the two who don't have a fan base. She is in TROUBLE.
Don: I'm thinking Trouble.
Gordon: Not out only because I think enough women will vote for her. TROUBLE though.

MATT GIRAUD - "My Funny Valentine"

Don: The judges can't save him this time. OUT.
Gordon: This song has been the death of Idol Finalists. It will claim another victim. OUT.
Chico: The free ride ends here. OUT.
Jason: The judges save in France lasted 2 weeks. Sounds a bout right here too. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: Good job, Matt! Not brilliant, but good. SAFE

DANNY GOKEY - "Come Rain or Come Shine".

Chico: That was powerful. SAFE.
Jason: This is how you tell the story. SAFE.
Don: Just when I thought he couldn't get better... SAFE!
Grandma Pepper: For me, not a Rat Pack performance, but not bad. SAFE
Gordon: In my opinion, best performance of the night. SAFE
Chico: Agreed. Finally...

ADAM LAMBERT - "Feelin' Good"

Grandma Pepper: Talk about style! It's Adam's to lose!! SAFE
Chico: Hey Adam, Muse called, they want their version back. But still, it's a fit, and you're not going to get any different from him. SAFE.
Don: Safe.
Gordon: Not in trouble now, but the cracks are starting to show. Safe though.
Jason: A star is being born on this show. SAFE. No cracks.
Gordon: I see cracks. Do you see cracks, Chico?
Chico: It was sharp last night. I mean.. NOTICEABLY
Gordon: Amazing last note. But the whole performance was really sharp.
Chico: Jamie Foxx opens the show with a very interesting question... Would you rather be a singer... or would you rather be an artist?
Gordon: Artist for me.
Chico: Five people enter... four people will leave on their own power.
Gordon: One person will wish that the judges still had their save.
Chico: Really bittersweet, because all five have a chance to win this...
Jason: I don't think Foxx will sing Blame It...but something more R&B.
Gordon: Now remember, the judges could have held on to the save tonight.
Chico: Last night, 47 million votes. I did my bit. I hope you did yours. Simon thought that everyone was good last night. This competition is wide open. Tonight, Idol 5 Winner Taylor Hicks and Natalie Cole... and "Blame It" from Jamie Foxx. We start with our Ford video. Rainbow car. The song, the very non-rat-pack "Energy".
Gordon: People in slow motion as the car transforms the atmosphere from desert to park.
Chico: That segues into a Rat Pack medley.
Gordon: Is it live, or is it Milli Vanilli?
Chico: Looking closely. Wouldn't be surprised if it was... Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.
Jason: Looks live.
Chico: Birthday time... Danny was last Friday...Allison was Monday. And everyone at the Idol House made... cakes.
Jason: Food Fight!
Chico: And cue the cake fight. Next time on Idol Top Chef... Padma instructs the contestants how to make toast..
Jason: Geez LOL
Don: I wonder who had to clean that up...
Jason: Not them.
Chico: And the blame goes to Gokey to start. He gets a gift... a bill from Best Bets Maid Service for $6000.
Don: Ha!
Jason: Very funny.
Chico: Now to another envelope...This one more important. Matt's first. He was pitchy and unemotional, but pure and brilliant.
Jason: Matt is to the right.
Chico: Danny was stellar. And full of swagger.
Jason: Bet Danny goes to the left.
Chico: And J's right. Stage left. Allison was rough and gut-wrenching in a good way. Simon thought it was mechanical.
Gordon: Simon thought she'd be in big trouble. Allison gets to hang out with Danny
Jason: Oh boy.
Don: Interesting.
Chico: Kris was at his best, but Simon thought it was safe and wet. As in not dry. But wet.
Gordon: Kris hangs out with Matt.
Jason: I see our bottom 2 folks.
Chico: So do I. So which group is the safe group? And which group is in trouble?
Gordon: Ryan asks him who is in the safe zone - but doesn't tell Adam that he is safe.
Jason: This trick is done every year.
Chico: Adam stands next to Allison and Danny. NOT your bottom three. Allison and Danny are SAFE. And then Ryan escorts him over to Matt and Kris, and tells him that they are all the bottom three.
Jason: Say what?
Don: Wow.
Gordon: mmmm hmmmmmm. :)
Chico: Bottom three are Kris, Adam, and Matt. Fun ain't it?
Jason: 2 of the three are right.
Chico: Again, it's bittersweet, because all five did great, but hey, someone has to go.
Gordon: I think all 3 are right.
Jason: Can't you admit when you are wrong?
Chico: He could.. but he isn't.
Gordon: Adam, as me and Chico have said...wasn't that good.
Chico: This is right.
Jason: No it isn't.
Don: Now Danny is the only one to have never been in the bottom 3 so far.
Chico: All three are where they should be.
Gordon: The only person who I thought was good last night is Danny.
Jason: Wrong.
Gordon: Now let me explain something to the masses. Jason and I have a little bet.
Jason: Screw the bet. The bet doesn't matter.
Gordon: I said from Day #1 that Adam was not going to win this competition. Should he get knocked out now, Jason owes me a lavish sushi steak dinner in Atlantic City.
Jason: It doesn't matter.
Gordon: And if Adam does leave now, Simon and the rest of the judges can blame themselves for it by using the save on Matt 2 weeks ago.
Chico: Okay, can we go over what happened just now? First off... Danny was just spectacular. Allison... she has the advantage of the female vote.
Gordon: Wrong. It's the Jasmine Trias effect all over again. Both Adam and Allison share the same fanbase. They split the rock vote, which I have told you all week was going to happen. Allison's fans knew they were in trouble and they assumed that Adam was safe. Bad move. Now Adam is in danger of going home and it's the Chaos Theory all over again.
Jason: Agreed.
Chico: So put those together... and she's safe
Gordon: The base knew that Allison was in trouble. Simon told her as much, so they all voted to save her. And the same audience thought that Adam would be safe.
Chico: So they forget to vote for him.
Jason: That being Said...Adam ain't going home.
Chico: Is Adam going home? Far from it.
Gordon: If enough people saved Allison to put her in second, that means a lot of people voted for her and not for Adam. Who's up for a performance? (Looks up Sushi Menu)
Jason: Gordon. Stop. Now.
Chico: Well we'll see who's right, and who's dead tonight... but first... here's "Something's Gotta Give" from Natalie Cole. Great song here..
Don: Makes me want to dance... if I could.
Chico: Just snap coolly, Don.
Don: Alright, then.
Jason: Her father did it much better.
Gordon: Someone's Grumpy :)
Jason: Shut up.
Chico: This is just classic cool right there. Back to business. But first... the business of America.... business.
Gordon: What do you think Chico? The Sushi Fire Mountain Special or the Lobster Teriyaki?
Chico: Definitely the lobster
Gordon: Caviar or Gold Seaweed on the side?
Chico: gold seaweed.
Gordon: Yummmmmy.
Jason: Grrrrrr....
Chico: Okay... before we save someone, let's bring back season 5's winner.
Gordon: Meanwhile, we have Taylor Hicks to serenade us.
Chico: I forget what he's singing, but it's from his new record. He got a haircut... Looks good.
Gordon: I like the string accompaniment.
Don: I enjoyed that one.
Chico: Definitely looks better than he did during season 5.
Gordon: It was Rockabilly done the right way. Well done.
Jason: He looks like he lost 20 pounds
Chico: Advice: right now, it's about song choices and making the right moves on stage. Selling to America like a whore, basically.
Chico: Bottom three, front and center. Someone's getting saved. That... person... is... KRIS.
Jason: Holy Cow.
Don: Now it gets very interesting...
Chico: So either we have the "shocker everyone never saw coming"... or Matt's going home.
Gordon: Let me tell you something. I can't imagine that Matt doesn't escape elimination. But if somehow, all of the planets were aligned improperly and Adam does go home, it's all because of the judges saving Matt Giraud. And The Judges Save will be the biggest disaster in Idol History.
Chico: I think we can blame a lot of things on the judges saving Matt Giraud. That was just an ill-planned move...I mean... Kris Allen, maybe, Adam Lambert, definitely... Danny Gokey... Allison Iraheta... perhaps...But not Matt.
Chico: We have. Okay, now to sing "Blame It"... Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx! Talking through his mike. I want a vocoder, daddy...
Jason: I love this song as a record. Live...not so much.
Gordon: Ok. I know he's the big celebrity. This is junk.
Chico: True. I still want a vocoder. Is he doing ANY singing?
Gordon: You consider this singing?
Chico: No.
Jason: no
Gordon: So there's your answer.
Chico: ... Sit. Down. Paula. Jamie says that it doesn't matter if America got it right or not. I call BS. Because it does matter. Five people COULD have a career after Idol. One person WILL. The winner. That's the difference between the winner... and everyone else. And Sandra Lee can't cook for (^_^)! Okay... it's time. The journey is about to end...Randy and Kara were on their game, while Simon miscalled. "I think one week out of 12 isn't bad."
Gordon: Randy and Kara give themselves a hug.
Chico: Moment of truth. And the journey ends tonight for... MATT GIRAUD.
Gordon: safe. Drat (Puts sushi menu away)
Jason: HA!
Chico: So ultimately, America got it right.
Gordon: Sort of.
Chico: Back to the piano bar for Matt. He sings one more time. And "My Funny Valentine" claims another victim. And if Matt sung like this last night... we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Gordon: If he sang like that, then Adam leaves.
Chico: Oh yeah. So what does this bode for the next week? I say Matt's votes are split amongst Kris and Danny. They get a lift, and a rocker goes home next week.
Gordon: I agree. You wont have 2 rockers in the top 3. One of them is going home. Let's see the standings:

Grandma Pepper: 37
Chico: 34.5
Gordon: 33
Jason: 30
Don: 19

Chico: So.... Next week is Rock.
Don: I think I might like next week.
Chico: Final thoughts?
Don: It was an interesting night, with Adam in the bottom 2. I'm guessing his fans will be voting like crazy for him next week.
Jason: Big time.
Gordon: I think it will be Adam Vs. Allison next week. Loser leaves town.
Jason: Allison goes.
Chico: Right now, doesn't look good for her.
Jason: Adam's fans will be pissed.
Chico: Okay. We play Rock Band with the final four next time. I call microphone.
Gordon: We'll see. The only person who hasn't been in the bottom is Danny. I believe we have our person to beat.
Jason: Yeah...his name is Adam Lambert.
Gordon: Danny Gokey
Jason: Adam Lambert
Chico: While we argue tirelessly over this one, don't forget to support your local singers!
Gordon: Good night everybody!

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