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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
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Round of 7 Part 2: Disco
April 22

Chico: Welcome to the Idol Discotheque.
Jason: Do you like my leisure suit?
Chico: We're not going to say who's been around since the disco age around here :-)
Gordon: I think all of you haters can suck my Discoteque
Don: lol
Chico: ... but we will say that tonight is December 31, 1979, if you follow.
Jason: No I don't
Chico: The next day... January 1, 1980, the beginning of the "Disco Sucks" era.
Jason: Ah.
Chico: And for TWO people, the backlash is going to be unforgiving. Which two? That's why we play...


Chico: Now I believe we have four picks this week due to the double elimination, right?
Gordon: Correct sir
Chico: Alrighty. Then let's start with...

LIL ROUNDS - "I'm Every Woman"

Jason: This was a performance of someone who knew she was going home. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: Lil is just not getting what she has to do, which is sad, because she has so much talent. OUT.
Don: Lil, Lil, Lil... Every week, I expect her to do better, and lately, I've been quite disappointed. OUT.
Gordon: She has been every woman except Lil, and this week, it costs her dearly. OUT.
Chico: Wasn't anything to write home about, and the judges let her know. Too bad the best it will get her is TROUBLE due to judges' backlash. But she won't last one more week, i assure you.

KRIS ALLEN - "She Works Hard for the Money"

Grandma Pepper: Shades of the old Kris. Good job tonight. SAFE
Jason: Brilliant arrangement and performance. Loved this switch up. SAFE.
Chico: Very original performance. He's officially in the game. SAFE.
Gordon: Best that I've ever heard him. SAFE.
Don: SAFE.

DANNY GOKEY - "September"

Jason: Not Danny's best...but still good enough to keep him SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Not only are Danny's choices consistently good, his performances back them up! SAFE
Don: I think he'll stay in it. SAFE.
Chico: Umm... stick with what works, Danny. You're not in any trouble, but this week did not do you any favors. SAFE.
Gordon: It IS the pop Taylor Hicks! Safe.
Chico: HA.


Jason: While I liked the performance a lot...she is the worst of the best...TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: Brilliant - Simon's adjective for her performance. Enough said! BUT! Someone has to be in trouble. TROUBLE.
Chico: She's going into this week as the underdog... and she didn't really deliver a stunning performance that would rally anyone other than her fans... I'm going to be bold and call UPSET SPECIAL.
Gordon: If there's an upset tonight, she's it. TROUBLE.
Don: With a week like this, I've got a strange feeling that Allison may be on her way OUT.

ADAM LAMBERT - "If I Can't Have You".

Chico: ... all together now...SAFE.
Don: SAFE!
Jason: Simply brilliant. SAFE
Grandma Pepper: At this point, I think Adam will not only be in the finals, he'll be the finalist. SAFE
Gordon: I hated it. Too much of a resume now to hurt him, but if he keeps going off pitch, he's going to have issues when we get to 4. Safe this week though.

MATT GIRAUD* - "Stayin' Alive"

Grandma Pepper: I hope Matt helps himself with that one. We'll just have to wait and see. TROUBLE
Chico: Umm.. what was wrong with this performance? How about.. EVERYTHING? OUT.
Jason: Althought I would like to see him OUT...he is in TROUBLE. Bland and boring.
Don: He is very lucky the judges did what they did last week. I still see him in TROUBLE, though.
Gordon: I don't think he did enough to save himself. OUT.
Chico: Judges save... wasted. And finally....

ANOOP DESAI - "Dim All The Lights".

Jason: Appropriate song for his chances. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: Not his worst performance, but not his best. OUT.
Don: I know Anoop can do better than that. TROUBLE yet again.
Chico: Not his worst, but one of the worst of the night, so ... in come the fan support. TROUBLE... He has his place in the competition... Now he needs to find a lyric sheet.
Gordon: He only gets saved because he was in the pimp spot, where no one goes home. If him and Matt swapped spots, I'd be writing about Anoop's demise. TROUBLE.
Chico: So to recap...

Chico: TROUBLE: Lil, Anoop. OUT: Allison, Matt
Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Matt/Allison. Out: Lil/Anoop
Jason: Trouble: Matt Giraud, Alison Iraheta - Out Lil/Anoop
Gordon: Trouble: Allison/Anoop OUT: Matt/Lil
Don: Trouble: Matt, Anoop; Out: Lil, Allison

Chico: So Don and I are the only ones calling upset.
Gordon: I really want to call upset here. I just don't think that Matt/Lil/Anoop did what they needed to do in order to trigger it.
Jason: I agree
Chico: The trouble three didn't do anything last night. All they had to do was show up, and boom, in the top 5. They didn't.
Gordon: They showed up in the 'Disco Sucks' camp.
Jason: But it was a good night overall
Chico: Really? You think so?
Jason: Yeah...performance one blew chunks.
Chico: I mean, it had its moments, but .... REALLY?!
Gordon: No one was 'dreadful'. Now we're comparing between good and fair. The the 3 good performances were really, really good.
Chico: I can name them. And it's almost showtime...Still almost showtime...Watching the Lie to Me credits right now...And....IT'S SHOWTIME! Is disco a big trap? Will Matt go home a week after he was saved? Will Lil be cut? Is Danny's voice really sexy? Did Kris' risk really pay off? Will Adam be eliminated?
Gordon: We'll find out in an hour...
Chico: First of all... Happy Earth Day.
Gordon: Happy Earth Day!
Don: Yay Earth Day!
Gordon: I'm wearing my Earth Day Suit!
Chico: Ew. Over 45 million votes will be tallied.. After a number from some disco legends AND David Archuleta. First up, we're prepping for the group performance... with Paula choreographing.
Gordon: With her dud..I mean latest song playing as background music.
Jason: This is something she can do
Chico: She can't objectively judge for beans... but once she gets on the dance floor... she's a monster. Seriously.
Jason: Yeah
Chico: And Matt downloaded himself. Now really, who didn't see that one coming?
Jason: Yeah well...that's like Googling yourself. Everyone does it.
Don: Heh.
Chico: Or wearing a Coca-Cola shirt to rehearsal. And now, the group number. The song, "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground"...And we're back to lip-synching.
Jason: Anoop is now Handy Manny
Chico: And Paula can't stop clapping.
Gordon: least the choreography didn't suck.
Chico: Oh of course not. Paula wouldn't have it any other way.
Jason: And they give the dance teacher flowers
Chico: She's... short.
Gordon: Of course, its much easier to dance when you aren't singing.
Chico: Of course you're not mad at her. She's only one of four people who hold your fate in her hands. Tonight's Ford video.... the incredibly non-disco "I'm Good, I'm Gone" This week, the Idols get real jobs :-) And ultimately... end up at a singing gig.
Gordon: Fun time over.
Chico: Business time starts... with Lil. She was "every other woman" but herself. She walks to the far side.
Jason: Oh no.
Chico: .... and she's GONE.
Jason: Not a surprise at all.
Chico: Not really, no.
Don: Indeed.
Chico: Some fan base, eh?
Jason: They got the easy one out of the way.
Chico: Of course.
Gordon: And if she sang like this last night...she still would have been booted.
Chico: She peaked too early. That's the only explanation I can come up with that makes sense.
Chico: Right?
Gordon: Wrong. She never peaked. She took what got her there and threw it away.
Chico: She peaked in the semis. That's WAY too early for me.
Jason: This was the biggest disappointment to me.
Gordon: After Mary J. Blige, it all went downhill from there.
Chico: Advice: this is just the beginning. Simon: We're going to miss her family screaming. But yeah. Peaking at Mary J. Blige and then faltering...quickly.
Don: This is how I saw this elimination... 2 weeks ago, she's in the bottom 3. Strike 1. Last week, she's in the bottom 3 again. Strike 2. This week... Strike 3, she's out.
Gordon: She was safe and non-diva-ish. Whoever told her to sing with less attitude gave her some really bad advice. It's very rare that someone who's in the bottom 3 for 2 straight weeks survives a third week. So now the question is 3 fold. 1. Did the audience say the same for Matt? 2. Was he good enough to jump over Anoop? 3. Were they both good enough to jump over someone else?
Chico: Now a case can be made for either/or. Both come down to cases of instability. If I'm America...I stick with what works and what I know and all that good stuff.
Jason: Then Anoop goes
Gordon: If Anoop and Matt are both in the bottom 2, then this represents the last 2 Judges Wild Card selections. But let's not talk eliminations. Who's up for some Disco?
Chico: Me! Here's Freda Payne with a "Band of Gold"
Jason: Yeah baby!
Gordon: Right now, the band of gold is covering my eardrums.
Chico: Q says she's awful.
Jason: don't know what you are talking about. And I don't want to get you mad lol
Chico: Nah, you don't... no one wants to get my sister mad.
Gordon: I agree with Q. This is pretty bad.
Chico: And next is Thelma Houston with... "Don't Leave Me This Way". She looks like a chicken.
Gordon: Did they all imbibe a bit too much cognac before going out on stage this evening?
Jason: oh boy.
Gordon: KC (sans his Sunshine Band) is out next. He is the only one who actually wasn't that bad.
Jason: It was ok
Gordon: 2 more seats in the bottom 3. Kris stands up. He is safe. And America wants him to wear more women's clothes on TV. Adam Lambert is next. He spoke about singing the lyrics honestly. And he' Danny Gokey is next. Danny says that he realizes what Simon's talking about.
Don: Of course.
Gordon: Anoop stands up now, and we don't even need to go into pretense here, do we? Nope. Anoop gets to go back into the bottom 3.
Don: 4th straight week for Anoop.
Gordon: That leaves Matt and Allison. Matt, which leaves ALLISON in the bottom 2.
Don: Well, this is interesting. Either Anoop leaves after so much time in the bottom 3, or Allison leaves in a big upset.
Gordon: So while one of the two singers will be leaving, let's go see David Archuleta.
Don: Seems okay to me so far.
Gordon: This seems ok to me as well. David will be heading to the UK.
Don: Nice.
Gordon: And someone will be heading home. That person is...Anoop. Again, not a surprise.
Don: Indeed.
Chico: Everything works as it should. And I doubt he would've been safe after this week either.
Gordon: And that makes the standings...also not a surprise...

Grandma Pepper: 35
Chico: 29.5
Gordon: 28
Jason: 25
Don: 14

Gordon: As we see the funeral videos, any last thoughts?
Don: Down to 4 men and Allison... Can't wait for next week.
Gordon: And we'll see that in 7 days. Game over and don't forget to support your local singers!

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