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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
Judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 TV, FremantleMedia North America
Origin: CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA
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Semifinals: Group 3
March 3

Gordon: Week #1 on American Idol. Decent. Could be better. Could be worse. Week #2 on American Idol. Bad. Could be a lot better. Couldn't be much worse. Chico Alexander will now tell you what he thought about week #3.
Chico: There are going to be a lot of disappointed people this week. People that should've made the top 12... but didn't. So week #3... probably where your heavy hitters are going to come from.
Gordon: And tonight, we'll see who they are. Gordon Pepper here, along with Chico, Jason Block, Don Harpwood and Grandma Pepper.
Chico: And wouldn't you believe it? I got Q in on this.
Gordon: Nice. And once again it's time for...


Gordon: And we start with...

Von Smith

Don: This was one of 3 that I had been struggling with a prediction on. I'll say IN.
Grandma Pepper: Great Opener. I think he's got what it takes. IN.
Chico: Same here. It'll be close, but he gets the wild card. IN.
Quisla: I think Simon was right when he compared him to Clay Aiken now that I think about it. Could be a good thing. Bubble
Jason: He oversung the song...and I didn't like his performance. BUBBLE.
Gordon: I think its going to be tight between him, Jorge and Junot. I'll give him the edge here. IN

Taylor Vaifanua

Grandma Pepper: With the job the judges did on her, I'm afraid she's had it. I'm happy she enjoyed herself thus far. OUT
Chico: She's old... OUT.
Jason: Alicia you are not. OUT.
Don: Meh. OUT.
Gordon: Had a shot, but you have to sing it in tune. OUT
Quisla: That was a piano bar performance. You better hope that all the other girls are having a bad period day, 'cause that's the ONLY way you're getting through. OUT.
Jason: Whoa.

Alex Wagner-Trugman.

Grandma Pepper: He does have a voice, but...yuck. OUT
Don: Didn't like it. OUT.
Chico: What GP said. Out.
Quisla: NO... Out.
Jason: Hell no. OUT.
Gordon: I think the microphone stand put on a better performance. OUT.
Chico: Wow.

Arianna Afsar

Grandma Pepper:. Paula is the only one I agree with on this one. Not good enough though. OUT.
Chico: See "Vaifanua, Taylor". Way too big for her. OUT.
Quisla: Not crazy about the song, but she did a good job. I'm liking her. Bubble.
Don: DIdn't like this one either. OUT.
Jason: Too much vocal trickery does her in. OUT.
Gordon: Classic example of overdoing it. OUT.

Ju'Not Joyner

Chico: Ju'Not what? Uh-uh... OUT
Jason: Best performance of the night by a mile. IN big time.
Grandma Pepper: Junot is what makes voters reach for their phones. He could get in. BUBBLE
Don: I'm thinking BUBBLE with this one.
Quisla: Ju'NO, I don't think so.
Gordon: If Von doesn't get in, Junot is one of 2 people who will. Bubble.

Kristen MacNamara

Grandma Pepper: If she stays, I think she'll get better. But she won't. OUT.
Jason: Great pipes...incredibly disappointing. OUT.
Don: If she was in last week's group, she'd have had a better chance. This week, there's just too many people who I thought were better. OUT.
Gordon: She sang her way either to the Wild Card Thursday or off the stage. OUT
Chico: I am not a fan of that performance. It was okay... but not crazy good. OUT.
Quisla: I like her. But she looks a little frumpy in her clothes. Bubble

Nathaniel Marshall

Grandma Pepper: I like him, but with 9 people to be eliminated...OUT
Chico: Umm.... WHAT WAS THAT? OUT.
Don: Not gonna cut it this week. OUT.
Jason: Self indulgent crap. OUT.
Quisla: I think he might secretly be a woman. How else do you explain all of this? "Victor/Victoria!" He's a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man... only he's not pretending! OUT
Gordon: I think he has a future for the next revival of Xanadu. OUT

Felicia Barton

Chico: Provided roller disco becomes en vogue again..
Jason: Joanna Who? BUBBLE.
Grandma Pepper: I too hope she'll come back, and comes back, and comes back. But she'll hopefully come back tomorrow, because she won't advance tonight. OUT.
Chico: Her song proves why she was called back. And why she was dismissed early on. Physically impossible, but there you go. OUT.
Don: Same situation as Kristen, unfortunately. OUT.
Gordon: She needed a perfect performance. Didn't get it. OUT
Quisla: Avis... Rent-a-Car. She's #2. But you know what? She tries harder. IN

Scott McIntyre

Grandma Pepper: The Males have it this week!! BUBBLE
Chico: Sentimental favorite. IN.
Jason: I didn't like it as much as everyone else, but he gets in because he is BLIND. IN.
Don: The second of 3 that I was struggling with a prediction on. I'll say BUBBLE, but so very close to being in.
Quisla: I don't think so. Not based on THAT song. Don't think you're going to get my vote just because you're blind. OUT.
Gordon: Not the best singer, but unfortunately, America will give it to him. IN

Kendall Beard

Jason: The shock of the night. Country brings her in. IN.
Chico: Sound alike. But female and countrified. And cute. Bubble.
Grandma Pepper: She deserves a shot. Also, she fits the image. I don't think she gets it tonight though. OUT
Chico: I love the song.. Good enough for bubble.
Gordon: Country music fans has better taste than that. OUT

Jorge Nuņez

Chico: One of the best guys of the night.... If Von doesn't make it, he will. Bubble.
Grandma Pepper: Jorge - Too bad only 3 can be chosen, but he'll do just fine. Surprise of the night. IN
Quisla: I see him doing more Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony... you know, hometown heroes. But... wow. He did REALLY WELL. He's definitely IN.
Don: The third of 3 that I was struggling with a prediction on. I'm thinking IN.
Jason: The kid has a major set of pipes. But not enough to get in. BUBBLE.
Gordon: I think he will make the Top 12 - but I think it will be because the judges put him there tomorrow, though I can see him getting in tonight. BUBBLE
Chico: This is what happens when you have a group that's so top heavy.
Gordon: Very true. Finally...

Lil Rounds

Grandma Pepper: Finally a number one female! IN
Chico: You cheeky little you, you...BEST of the night. IN!
Quisla: I love the dress, and she sounds really good. SHE's the one. IN!
Don: IN. For sure.
Gordon: Not the best of the night, but the best female performance of the evening. IN.
Jason: Oversang and mumbled. BUBBLE.
Chico: Dude, are you high? Were you watching the same show we were, J?
Gordon: So to sum this up...

Gordon: IN: Von, Scott, Lil
Grandma Pepper: IN: Von, Lil, Jorge
Don: IN: Von, Lil, Jorge
Chico: IN: Von, Scott, Lil.
Quisla: IN: Von, Jorge, Lil
Jason: IN: Ju'Not, Scott, Kendall

Chico: All I can say now... suddenly the sure thing... ISN'T.
Gordon: So I agree with Chico, Donut, Grandma Pepper and Quisla all agree with each other, and Jason's on a different continent. And there's not one person that everyone has in.
Chico: Thanks, J. And it's SHOWTIME! Paula thinks this group is amazing. She's proud of everyone.
Jason: Overall...what do you think of the class so far?
Chico: It has its bright spots. But overall... I've seen better.
Gordon: I think the 3 that go in tonight will give this class a tremendous upgrade.
Chico: Agreed. Next, we go to the Idol Journey of group 3 (TM, R, C, USA, USA, USA)
Jason: Is that David Cook being used as the music?
Chico: Yep Now to a group number..."Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry.
Jason: Uh...yeah.
Chico: Good harmonies...
Gordon: And now it's the group number...complete with Katy Perry singing in the background. Terrible job done by the Idol sound people.
Jason: Yeah. It looks like they are syching.
Chico: Yeah.
Gordon: I think they are.
Chico: They probably are. Scott's synching.
Gordon: Not think. Not only are they synching, they are really bad at it.
Chico: Yikes.
Jason: Do they do this a lot?
Chico: Good thing they have that whole singing thing to fall back on.
Jason: Wow.
Gordon: I think last week, when they were doing it live with Nick Mitchell butchering the song may have prompted this change.
Chico: ... Interesting theory.
Gordon: That being said, it's too slick.
Jason: Way too slick
Chico: Way too slick.
Gordon: Only a theory. There's no way they did it live.
Chico: Absolutely.
Gordon: 12 people singing it live would be raw with mistakes. This was too perfectly synched up.
Jason: And too harmonious
Don: Eh. I didn't like that too much.
Chico: ... You think the Idol people could borrow Brian diPirro for the night? Because the director/sound/choreography was all over the place.
Jason: Maybe.
Chico: And now, a hidden moment....With the Jeffersons.
Gordon: Not too hidden - we saw that audition before.
Jason: Uh...yeah.
Chico: Again, daddy?
Gordon: With all the footage of singers we probably didn't see, it would be nice to have a ...oh I don't know...REAL hidden audition, maybe?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Here's some results. But first...a look back.
Chico: LAST NIGHT...Von started with "You're All I Need to Get By". Good way to start......Ju'not said "Hey There Delilah"...Felicia gets a second chance with "No One"...Then... Alex happened...And Arianna...Both of them were fair to partly pitchy. Kristen and Taylor were trying to define themselves. They... couldn't. Kendall gave one for the girls. Nathaniel would do everything for love...Jorge hopes the sun doesn't go down on him. Scott sings in the Mandolin Rain. But the night belonged to Lil Rounds.
Gordon: Except in Jason's eyes.
Jason: Sorry, I didn't see it. If I am wrong...that's ok.
Chico: But what did America think? Nathaniel got to have fun with his performance and wouldn't change a thing.
Gordon: It's all ok. Maybe all of us will be wrong on one...or 2...or all three.
Jason: I don't mind being proven wrong. David Cook showed me last year.
Chico: Jorge says that this opportunity is amazing. There's no way to define it but to experience it. And he's adjusting to the cold... of 78 degrees. Felicia was pleased with her performance last night.
Gordon: Felicia thought she was shaky, but it was a great moment for her.
Chico: And Ju'Not had his very first asthma attack to Katy Perry.
Jason: Ouch. Not cool.
Chico: And now... Bring'em down, Kieran.
Gordon: Lil Rounds comes out first
Chico: It was a brilliant night... and she's IN! I'll take Foregone Conclusions for $200, Alex.
Gordon: And everyone has one right...except Jason.
Jason: Oops :)
Chico: Kara calls her vocals ridiculous... in a good way. Lil reprises "Be Without You"
Gordon: Not nearly as good tonight as last night.
Jason: Right.
Gordon: Which is good she didn't sing this way last night. Much pitchier now
Don: No surprise there.
Jason: She doesn't care...she is in.
Chico: Now to Arianna, Taylor, and Alex... and Kendall...and Scott.
Gordon: One of them is through to the Top 12.
Jason: Scott of course.
Chico: Of course.
Don: Of those 5, I'm thinking Scott.
Gordon: What if its Alex?
Chico: I'll eat my hats.
Gordon: All of them? (looks for ketchup)
Chico: Not all of them.
Jason: Even the beanies?
Chico: Not the beanies.
Jason: Dude they are hats.
Chico: I think Don's right.
Gordon: Don't eat the mushroom beanie
Chico: I'm not eating the Zelda beanie. I'm not eating the 1up Beanie. I'm not eating the Geek beanie. I'm not eating the CBS beanie.
Jason: I don't think so, myself.
Chico: Another interesting little sidenote...Ryan failed to mention the number of votes this week.
Jason: Think they went down?
Chico: What does that tell you?
Gordon: I think it went down, which surprises me because this was a better group. Of course, it could also be a backlash because last week's group was just so bad.
Chico: Okay, back with the five standing...Arianna is first. It was a gloomy funeral... but with great moments. She's not in the 12 right now. Taylor is next...
Gordon: And neither will be Taylor
Jason: Nope.
Chico: She's generic and bland, but with a good voice. Enough to win? Not now. She's not in the 12. Alex is next...He's a growler and screamer...And not in the good way. He'd rather lose being himself than win being someone else. Good... because you just lost.
Gordon: Goodbye, Growly boy.
Chico: That leaves Kendall and Scott. One of them is in the top 3. Kendall dialed in on the artist she could be. Scott came through. He showed passion. And number two tonight is...SCOTT! Meaning that we're looking for the Wild Card.
Gordon: The only bad thing is that I have to put this away (puts ketchip back in the refrigerator)
Chico: No hat eating tonight.
Gordon: No hat eating for Chico.
Chico: Scott reprises "Mandolin Rain"
Jason: Is he pitchy to me?
Gordon: He is pitchy. I will say this. I think he got in less on singing and more on back story.
Jason: Bingo. That will get you only so far.
Chico: He sounds better tonight than he did last night, though.
Gordon: And I stay with the fact that I think that he was not one of the top 3 performances last night. He definitely sounds better tonight than last night. 6 people left.
Chico: So now we have a couple of possible... three, actually. Von, who started strong. Jorge, who finished big...and Ju'Not, who slowplayed.
Jason: I still say Ju'not
Chico: We're basically looking for who made that elusive wild card tonight.
Gordon: So you give no chance to Kristen, Nathaniel or Felicia?
Jason: Nope.
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: Would you eat a hat?
Chico: Probably the crappy one I don't wear any more. Next is Nathaniel & Kristen. Nathaniel lost his cool factor. Kristen struggles with her identity as an artist.
Gordon: They were in the same group. They came in together. And they both can leave together.
Chico: And.... we have a double kill. Felicia and Von are next. Von has great showmanship. Felicia proved that she deserved to be here. And... another double kill. That leaves Ju'Not and Jorge. Ju'Not was smooth and better than Simon would've thought. Jorge was born to sing... Spot going to.....JORGE!
Jason: Wow.
Chico: Okay, now for the WILD CARD show...We brought back a few on the Red Room... And on the couch.
Gordon: Good for Jorge. I'm glad he got in.
Chico: Yeah. He deserves it. Especially after last night's performance. It was a powerful song and he delivered it as such.
Gordon: So your Top 3 from this group - Any complaints here?
Chico: Nope. Completely agree with the selections so far.
Jason: I have no problems with it.
Gordon: I like 2 of them. I think Scott got outsung, but we all knew he was getting in.
Chico: Okay, let's see the top 9 so far. Now let's see who MAY get a shot to join them tomorrow? Eight people will get the nod. Simon says historically this process gave us Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson. He thinks it's fair and one of these Wild Card picks could win this show. Randy starts... He chooses... VON SMITH.
Gordon: Not a surprise there.
Jason: Smart.
Chico: He has to be himself and let go of everything he's worried about. And don't wear a hat. Kara's next...
Jason: What?
Chico: WHAT?!
Gordon: I don't think she warranted a spot, to be honest.
Chico: Well, you have to have some losers.
Gordon: And I think she's leaving quickly if she gets there.
Chico: She has to pick a good song and stay in her lane.
Gordon: She won't get past Lil Rounds in the Top 12.
Chico: Nope. Paula's next...She picks... RICKY BRADDY.
Jason: Good choice
Chico: Very.
Gordon: I can't argue with the decision there. Good choice.
Chico: He was in a tough spot. Simon's next... first show...MEGAN JOY CORKREY.... was from group 2, Simon.
Gordon: Chico...what will happen if Noop Dawg doesn't get a spot?
Jason: He will be sad.
Chico: I might be sad. Okay, last four up. Randy gets the schoolyard now.... he calls up...
Chico: WHAT?!
Jason: What?
Don: I don't know what to think of that...
Chico: I thought you said we were done with her!
Gordon: You know what? I'm not surprised. Let me all ask you something seriously.
Jason: Sure
Chico: Ask away
Gordon: Tell me a woman who should be up there who legitimately has a shot who's left.
Chico: .... couldn't tell you. Next up, Kara draws.. MATT GIRAUD.
Gordon: WHAT????????
Jason: Say what?
Gordon: Vibrator Boy?
Jason: Yeah
Chico: Next...Paula selects...JESSE LANGSETH
Gordon: WHAT?!
Jason: Are you guys smoking crack?
Gordon: Now you know they are reaching for the females now.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: That's how Tatiana got in.
Chico: I think they had to play by a few rules...Last up, Simon says....Come on, Noop Dawg..
Chico: YEAH!
Jason: Thank you.
Gordon: Not a surprise there
Jason: But no Joyner?
Gordon: I would have been shocked if the person who missed it by 21,000 votes didn't get in.
Chico: Nope. So while Jorge takes us out... Three people from the Wild Card. GO.
Jason: Anoop, Von, Tatiana
Chico: Anoop, Von, Megan.
Gordon: Anoop, Von...and...I have to agree with Jason. Tatiana.
Quisla: Jesse, Anoop, .... NOT Tatiana... That was just a waste of time. I really like Jasmine. I hope she does better.
Gordon: I wonder something....
Chico: Tell me what you wonder, G.
Jason: OK
Gordon: Ryan and everyone else has says they would pick 9. They only picked 8.
Chico: You don't suppose...There's one more to be revealed tomorrow, do you?
Gordon: It's possible.
Jason: Maybe.
Chico: So we're back tomorrow for another live one then?
Jason: I guess....:)
Gordon: Any last comments before we wrap this one up?
Jason: The guys who got in...deserved it. The Wild Card selection was specious at best.
Chico: The judges had better get this one right. Because if they don't, they have no one else to blame.
Gordon: I thought the judges did a good job on the Wild Card. The only complaint I have is why Matt Giraud is in and Junot Joyner is out.
Jason: Joyner got hosed
Chico: Yup
Gordon: As for the women...the judges had nothing to work with. The women's field has been weak. May as well bring in Tatiana Del Toro and it wouldn't shock me if she got in.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: Because she creates drama. And drama creates revenue.
Gordon: Besides, her psychic said so.
Jason: ROFL
Chico: We'll be back in 23 with your top 12...
Gordon: For everyone, this is Gordon, saying Game Over and Spread ther Love
Chico: Until next time, for Gordon, Jason, Don, GP, and my sister... remember to support your local singers!

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