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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
Judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 TV, FremantleMedia North America
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Round of 13: Michael Jackson
March 11

Chico: Welcome to this week's Idol Roundtable...I'm Chico, this is my brother Jason... this is my brother Joe... and this here my other brother Don.
Jason: He's the good looking one (points to Chico)
Chico: And this is Gordon, the ugly step sister.
Gordon: (snorts)
Chico: But... Last night... the songs of MJ. My sister Q wanted a do-over. Thoughts?
Jason: It was ok.
Don: It was an interesting night.
Chico: It was just first five songs... good. Last three... REALLY good. Everything else... crap. And that brings us to our first official round of...


Jason: (cue baseball music)
Chico: Let's see who's going to try and take my belt this year. :-)
Don: They mentioned last night that this week is double elimination, right?
Chico: Right.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: So you get two.
Don: 2 Outs, and how many Troubles?
Jason: So 9 safe...two trouble...two out?
Chico: Right. For each bottom 4 that matches, that's a point. For a trouble voteout... that's another point. For an out voteout... that's two points.
Jason: For a max of 6
Don: Alright.
Chico: And once you make your decision, it's considered final and binding.
Jason: Got it.
Gordon: and Grandma Pepper also gets to play.
Chico: Here we go...

LIL ROUNDS - "The Way You Make Me Feel".

Don: Nice start to the night. Safe.
Jason: Above average karaoke, but she has no problems tonight. SAFE.
Chico: Very good song to start the night off. SAFE.
Gordon: It was decent. Decent is good enough. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Lil is already my #1 choice for staying power. And Simon, you're wrong - she looks beautiful. SAFE

SCOTT McINTYRE - "Keep the Faith".

Jason: I loved his arrangement/interpretation. SAFE.
Don: Safe.
Chico: Obscure song, but Scott is at his strength. SAFE
Gordon: No problems here. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I dont think Scott has to worry. He'll be coming back SAFE


Don: I enjoyed Danny's performance. Safe.
Jason: Major disappointment...but his fanbase will put him through. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Great job, Danny! SAFE
Chico: If I close my eyes, it's a good vocal. I couldn't stand the dancing though. Still. This is DANNY we're talking about. SAFE.
Gordon: Fortunately for Danny, this is not So you Think You Can Dance. Safe.

MICHAEL SARVER - "You Are Not Alone"

Grandma Pepper: Michael did good, and is worthy of your vote. SAFE.
Chico: I said he could surprise this evening. I stand by that. SAFE.
Jason: Didn't like his execution of the song...but there were far worse tonight. SAFE.
Don: It was good enough for this week. Safe.
Gordon: Bland, but bland is going to be good enough this week. safe

JASMINE MURRAY - "I'll Be There"

Chico: Well, when she wasn't Mariah-ing it up, it was good, but there's that Mariah-ing it up factor you have to take into account. That'll put her in TROUBLE.
Don: Could've been better. But at the same time, it could've been worse. Trouble.
Jason: She sounds like a little girl trying to be a big girl. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: I loved Jasmine from her first line. I'm rooting for her to prove a worthy contender. SAFE
Gordon: I think that she was awful. If this was the voting audience, she's have issues, but since the judges come into play tonight, I think she will get bailed out. TROUBLE though.

KRIS ALLEN - "Remember the Time"

Grandma Pepper: Yep, the girls will positively vote for him! SAFE
Chico: That was just kinda clunky, but he's got the women's vote, so... SAFE.
Don: Should be Safe tonight.
Chico: Should be.
Jason: He is in TROUBLE. Song choice, song choice song choice
Gordon: I think he'll get the vote to stay just because he was helping everyone else around the set. SAFE.


Grandma Pepper: Hated the song. But loved her voice. I think other people will hate the song. For sure, she has staying power, but the song may give her problems this evening. TROUBLE.
Don: Safe
Gordon: Bad song. Judges bail her out. SAFE


Chico: He's got the fans... That's all he's got. SAFE.
Gordon: Anoop has been and can be better. The judges will bail him out...but....TROUBLE
Jason: Horrible will bail him out. SAFE.
Don: I didn't like it, but I think he'll survive. Trouble.
Grandma Pepper: The fans will bail him out. TROUBLE

JORGE NUNEZ - "Never Can Say Goodbye"

Grandma Pepper: The wrong song always causes problems. And it could be fatal for Jorge. OUT
Chico: Goodbye. OUT.
Don: I hate to say it, but I think Jorge may have sung himself Out.
Gordon: We'll be saying goodbye to Jorge. OUT.
Jason: He will survive this week. I am sorry. SAFE.

MEGAN JOY CORKREY - "Rockin Robin"

Grandma Pepper: Megan should have done better OUT.
Jason: That's how you sing yourself out of the competition. OUT.
Don: Megan's singing this week hurt my ears. Out.
Chico: Bye. OUT
Gordon: Terrible. OUT.

ADAM LAMBERT - "Black or White"

Grandma Pepper: Yes! Yes Absolutely! Adam's got it! SAFE
Jason: Oversang it to hell...but his fanbase gets him in. SAFE.
Chico: Now that was a pretty decent performance. SAFE.
Don: I thought Adam did well. Safe.
Gordon: The crowd loved it. SAFE

MATT GIRAUD - "Human Nature"

Grandma Pepper: Not earthshaking, but good. SAFE
Gordon: I liked it. Safe.
Chico: Agreed with GP. SAFE.
Jason: I liked it SAFE.
Don: Matt did good enough. Safe.
Chico: And finally...

ALEXIS GRACE - "Dirty Diana"

Grandma Pepper: Fun - Liked it! SAFE
Don: Safe.
Gordon: I didn't like it as much as you guys, but she's fine. SAFE.
Jason: Safe.
Chico: Taking full advantage of the closer spot. SAFE.

Chico: And...we're live!
Jason: Yay!
Chico: We get to see the mansion, with the nice pool, the spacious rooms, and...Gordon, stop that.
Gordon: Bowling alllleyyyyyy. (Drooooooools)
Don: Nice mansion for the contestants!
Joe: I'm glad no one said "This is where the magic happens" during the mansion tour. If they did, they should've been thrown out and flogged.
Chico: Anyways, we begin the night with the group medley of Jackson 5ive hits.
Gordon: And then we hear about the new rule - Chico, if you please.
Chico: Right. So the judges are given the power of veto to save one... and ONLY one contestant just once this season. It must be a unanimous decision, and it's only valid up until the final 5.
Gordon: Can I tell you how much I hate that rule?
Chico: I have a feeling you're going to.
Jason: Ok...why?
Chico: It originates from the French version, "Nouvelle Star". But the next week, America will vote out TWO people.
Gordon: It stops America's wishes. I'm glad they modified it from what it was originally supposed to be, according to my spies, but it's still lame.
Jason: So's one week...I think it's prevents a Daughtry like situation.
Gordon: And here's the ironic part...NO IT WON'T. You know why?
Chico: Nope.
Jason: Why?
Gordon: Because The Daughtry Elimination happened...IN THE ROUND OF 4. Where the Bailout, according to the rules...won't save the singer, since it expires in the Round of 5. The only major upset was Jennifer Hudson in the Round of 7. Every other upset happened (Daughtry, Latoya London, etc.) happened in the Round of 4.
Chico: Ironic... don't you think?
Jason: Let's see how it's executed today. Because it won't be tonight.
Gordon: It could be if Allison is in the bottom.
Jason: They will not use it tonight.
Chico: Nope.
Jason: So it's a one time immunity idol.
Chico: And yet another audition we've seen before. LAST NIGHT! Lil started the night strong with the way we make her feel. Michael Sarver says you are not alone.
Gordon: Alexis got Dirty and America liked it
Chico: Allison wants us to give into her.
Gordon: Paula loved Allison
Chico: Kris remembers when he had a guitar.
Gordon: Kris and Scott got into their comfy zone.
Chico: Scott keeps the faith on the keys.
Gordon: Scott remembered when he had a keyboard.
Chico: Matt and a piano... it's just human nature. But Jasmine Murray... wasn't there.
Gordon: Megan's Robin died.
Chico: And we wanted to beat Anoop. With a Louisville Slugger. Jorge didn't want to say goodbye... He says he didn't want to sing Bad... but he did.
Gordon: Danny and Adam are in the finals, according to Paula.
Chico: Which means that they won't. Thanks, Paula. No. Really.
Jason: You are welcome.
Joe: Whee Chaos.
Chico: Michael says that they've been working to midnight last night. They've been working on THIS...The Ford MV of the week.
Jason: "We Will Rock You"?
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: And they are working on...The Ford Video, which features their faces on buildings.
Chico: And on cars. Now plug the contest. Good boy, Ryan.
Gordon: That actually was not bad.
Don: I've heard worse.
Chico: Oh yeah. That was... simple and clean.
Jason: Here we go...
Chico: Lights are down.
Gordon: Don't forget, 2 people leave.
Chico: Let's get to the result. Judges liked Michael...So did America. He's safe.
Jason: good.
Chico: Allison Iraheta... was true to herself.
Gordon: And in the first bet of the evening, Chico owes me a Chocobo.
Chico: Heh. Jasmine did a "very good job"...STING. She's in the bottom. Matt G. doesn't know where he's going.
Don: LOL
Joe: Matt lacks direction, it seems.
Gordon: Matt's about to walk over to Jasmine...but he won't have to.
Chico: He was compared to Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake. Kris is next. Kara and Paula loved it. Randy thought it was interesting. Simon thought it was clumsy. Next is Megan. She was quirky and...Kris... gets to sit down. Megan joins Jasmine in the trouble spot.
Joe: Such pessimists, these kids are.
Gordon: I don't think the judges will be doing the saving here.
Chico: One is safe...The other is going home. The first person going JASMINE...UNLESS the judges save her.
Gordon: I don't see that happening here.
Chico: She makes ONE LAST CASE.
Joe: We'll find out the final judgment after the break
Gordon: And she won't be safe with that off-pitch effort. This is painful.
Don: Bye bye, Jasmine.
Chico: No saver this time, I prognosticate.
Gordon: And to think, Tatiana could have been in the spot and may have been safe the first week.
Chico: I don't think so. I don't think MJ sang "Saving All My Love For You".
Don: Heh.
Gordon: The judges...don't save Jasmine.
Jason: Good. I got one.
Joe: There's not going to be a save this early, unless there's a full-out coup.
Chico: Gordon/Chico/Don... 13,069. Jason.... 1.
Jason: Thank you guys...
Chico: Carrie Underwood sings the exit song of "Home Sweet Home".
Jason: That's the Motley Crue song she remixed for the go-home song.
Chico: Yep Okay, we're down to 12.
Gordon: And now - Kanye West, who performs on TV.
Joe: After all, his new album is all about the 808's
Gordon: Very true. The song is ok, but the crowd eats it up.
Joe: So now that I see the execution of The Great Mulligan (TM) in action, I'm slightly less impressed with it
Gordon: I think it sucks. It won't solve the upset and if anything, it just eats up more time.
Joe: I like the idea, but I expected it not to look like you're being eliminated twice
Don: The idea just seems weird to me.
Gordon: Weird, dumb, stupid, etc. Now back to Idol. Will the judges save...Scott? No they won't, because they won't need to. He's safe. Alexis liked being naughty and they will get to see her be naughty next week.
Joe: Anoop understood his fate there.
Gordon: Anoop...gets to join Ryan. Now Notice that Ryan didn't say he was at the bottom. Adam Lambert gets to sit down.
Don: Down to Jorge and Lil.
Gordon: Jorge Nunez gets to stand up. He didn't sing the song 'Bad', but he's standing up. So is Lil. Jorge...gets to hang out with Ryan in the center of the stage.
Joe: This should surprise no one
Gordon: No. But notice that Ryan did not say that they were in the bottom. And I don't think Anoop is in the bottom. I do think Jorge is leaving
Joe: And now we get the 15 minute vamp via Kelly Clarkson. I'll agree in that who we've seen aren't necessarily the Bottom 4, but they are most likely amongst the bottom and I can't imagine the distance between ranks is that big at this stage.
Gordon: But we'll make them wait a little longer as Kelly Clarkson comes out
Don: Kelly looks nice tonight.
Gordon: She says she's got a little bit of everything. Ryan asks what her song is about when she sings 'My life would suck without you'. She says Ryan. Heh. She starts a little pitchy.
Jason: LOL
Gordon: So who is leaving?
Jason: Jorge. Unfortunately.
Don: I see Jorge going. :/
Joe: Local news promo--inside the AI mansion.
Gordon: It's safe to bet that whoever is out will not get saved here. Safe is....Anoop. As predicted.
Joe: You're starting to get good at this :P
Gordon: And we will wait for the judges to inevitably not save Jorge as he sings his farewell song.
Joe: While this happens, I want to elaborate on how I thought the Save would work
Gordon: please do.
Joe: I figured they'd go through the motions as per normal, announcing the bottom X or whatever
Don: Paula, you should be deliberating with the other judges, not dancing!
Gordon: It's a dance of death. Simon, who is asked by Ryan if Jorge is saved, says a quick no and Jorge is leaving.
Joe: (They're short on time)
Gordon: And The Top 11 is all out of Puerto Ricans. Nice to see that Idol's trip to Puerto Rico...leads to none of them cracking the Top 11.
Joe: Hey, they got a finalist.
Gordon: Not even representation on the Idol Tour. thoughts?
Joe: Like the new rule, hate the execution. Otherwise, it was business as usual.
Don: I'm a bit surprised that Megan's still around. I hope she doesn't hurt my ears again next week. Better yet, I'd like it if no one hurt my ears next week. I hope that isn't asking for too much...
Joe: It's still too early for that hope, I'm afraid.
Gordon: I'm sure that someone will make your ears bleed.
Don: Oh well.
Gordon: But right now, I have to make your eyes water, because we're out of show. Boo hoo. Here's the standings...

Don: 5
Gordon: 5
Grandma Pepper: 5
Chico: 4
Jason: 3

Gordon: Thanks to everyone for being here. For everyone, this is Gordon, saying Game over, Spread the Love and...
Chico: Don't forget to support your local singers!

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