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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
Judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 TV, FremantleMedia North America
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Semifinals: Group 2 Results
February 26

Gordon: Welcome to our Idol Roundtable this week.
Jason: Gordon...after last I have to?
Chico: Can't we just pretend last night didn't happen?
Gordon: No. Usually, I introduce everyone, but today, Grandma Pepper wanted to start off the show.
Jason: Yes Ma'am.
Grandma Pepper: Overall, this was a terrible night. I was hoping that I would have something decent to say. But this week, I may have to be a little sassy.
Jason: If Grandma Pepper has to be sassy, the Idolers have to be worried.
Chico: I echo that.
Gordon: Now for the rest of the crew. My partner in crime, the man who may have preferred to hear someone sing the Chicken Tetrazzini song, Chico Alexander.
Chico: And I still want to forget last night ever happened.
Gordon: And the other pirate in this motley crew who may have hoped his ears walked the plank, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: Thanks for nothing, Idol 12.
Gordon: Now Don Harpwood would be here, but his ears are broken.
Chico: Ouch.
Jason: Wow.
Chico: Only too understandable.
Gordon: Now to add to the pain, I give you...


Gordon: We start the carnage with...

Jasmine Murray

Grandma Pepper: Jasmine has that Idol look and a great personality. Given a chance, I think she can compete. I hope enough voters are out there with me. However, I am not giving any bubbles because I dont think anyone deserved to get in. OUT.
Chico: That was a heavy-handed Love Song if ever I heard one. OUT.
Jason: She blew Love Song...and experimented badly. OUT.
Gordon: I think in order for her to get through, she needs to serenade the person who's running the tabulations. OUT

Matt Giraud

Chico: See above comments on experiments and Jasmine Murray. Completely did the wrong song. OUT.
Jason: His vibrato was awful. Good song choice...brutally bad execution. OUT.
Gordon: Shall I use what I said in my Yesbutnobutyes column?
Jason: That was a bit R rated...if not accurate. I say go.
Chico: Go right on ahead.
Gordon: I will. My first thought when he was singing is that he was clenching a vibrating dildo through his butt. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: I think Matt has a good voice. I wish the judges weren't so hard on them when they feel they have the voice. THey will learn to pick the right song. OUT.

Jeanine Vailes

Chico: Great legs, no love. OUT.
Jason: Bad Song Choice, Bad one learned their lesson. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: I'm sure she'll be thrilled that she's got great legs...if she ever recovers. OUT.
Gordon: She got leeeeeeggs. She knows how to use them....but not to sing. OUT.

Nick Mitchell

Chico: Next.

Nick Mitchell

Chico: Next.

Nick Mitchell

Chico: NEXT!
Grandma Pepper: He's an idiot. Some like that kind of performing...some don't. I don't. Neither did my ears. OUT
Gordon: ...I have to give a bubble to someone. BUBBLE.
Chico: Were it not for the stipulation that someone had to be on the bubble, I'd say out like that. As much as I don't want to, he may get the VFTW vote... BUBBLE
Jason: I think he will get the 3rd place vote. He is IN.
Gordon: You're on crack, Jay.
Jason: Even though he was brutal. His camp gets him in.
Chico: If he gets in, I only have Jason to blame.
Gordon: If he gets in, I'm coming over to Jason's place and making him sing in a trio with Leonid the Magnificent and Boy Britney.
Jason: ROFL

Allison Iraheta

Grandma Pepper: Looks like she may get to stay. IN.
Jason: She is my first female BUBBLE. Although she has the series crazy eyes going.
Chico: Finally, someone decent. I'm going to say she's IN.
Gordon: I think the judges persuaded the audience just enough. IN.

Kris Allen

Grandma Pepper: I like him without the guitar. But he did himself no favors. OUT.
Chico: Also not too bad. Not too good, but he needs to remember where he came from. BUBBLE.
Gordon: Unfortunately, Michael Jackson does not do country-rock. Bubble.
Jason: He was good enough...but not good enough for me. OUT.

Megan Joy Corkrey

Grandma Pepper: Megan's the one who will bring in the votes tonight. IN.
Gordon: If Allison doesn't win the female vote, she will. BUBBLE
Chico: I have to agree with Grandma Pepper. IN
Jason: I agree with Grandma Pepper. She is cute and has a voice. IN.

Matt Breitzke

Grandma Pepper: Too bad they were so rough on him. Although they were on target, I hated the performance, but I liked his voice. OUT.
Gordon: I think he gets the Wild Card. IN
Chico: Big stick, no love. Bubble.
Jason: He is on the BUBBLE for me. I loved the voice...hated how he did it.

Jesse Langseth

Chico: Curse of the unknowns gets her. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: Love that song! Didn't love her! OUT.
Jason: Same problem...loved the song did like her performance. OUT.
Gordon: Hated everything about that performance. Out.

Kai Kalama

Grandma Pepper: Wasn't knocked out. OUT
Chico: Not impressed. OUT.
Jason: About as soulful and meaningful as vanilla coffee. OUT.
Gordon: No soul. No Chance. OUT.

Mishavonna Henson

Grandma Pepper: I don't think she'll get her wish about getting through. OUT.
Jason: BUBBLE for me. Just because I have to.
Chico: Curse of the unknowns. OUT.
Gordon: Needed to bring it and I don't think she did enough. Bubble.

Adam Lambert

Grandma Pepper: He's the one tonight. Not great, but he was good enough. IN
Chico: Ends the show on a high note, as if that was hard. IN.
Jason: He got the last spot for a reason. He is in BY A MILE. IN.
Gordon: Best of the worst for the guys. Best of the worst for the evening. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. IN. Can't you just wait for the group performance tonight?
Chico: Right, I'll take the enema now, please.
Gordon: (puts on rubber gloves)
Jason: Bend Over...Here It Comes Again.
Gordon: Would you like the funnel or the keg spout, Mr. Alexander?
Chico: Yes. Sorry, I wasn't aware that was multiple choice. And it's SHOWTIME!
Gordon: With Ryan asking the audience what they have done...while staring at Nick Mitchell.
Chico: Votes up again last night to 25 million... but what have they done? Remember, we're sending through the top guy, the top girl, and the top vote getting of the remaining 10.
Gordon: And our Group song...Closer by Ne-Yo
Chico: Which is actually passable for 30 seconds.
Jason: Yikes.
Chico: If they were anything like this last night, I wouldn't be so sad.
Gordon: Closer has exactly 7 notes in a range. It's very hard to screw up the song...Until Nick Mitchell completes flubs the lyrics. Though I agree - if they sang like this last night, it wouldn't have been that much of a train wreck.
Chico: It'd just be your typical semi... Some people good. A few people great... some people bad.
Gordon: Nice to see that Nick has no intention of playing nice in the sandbox. And now we see...the...lowlights. Because what we got last night wasn't even close to highlights.
Chico: We start with Jasmine Murray and her "Love Song"... Matt Giraud and "Viva La Vida"...and Jeanine Vailes and "This Love"... and this hot mess. (Nick Mitchell)
Gordon: Please make Nick live without this show.
Chico: Matt Breitzke went with a personal favorite in "If you Could Only See"...Kai Kalama played it safe with "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted"...Kris Allen looks at the "Man in the Mirror"...Jesse Langseth had "Bette Davis Eyes"...Adam Lambert wanted "Satisfaction"...Megan Joy Corkrey put her records on...Mishavonna Henson " dropped "Drops of Jupiter" and Alison doesn't want to be "Alone". And now... the result of the vote.
Gordon: We start with Nick, who'd be looking for employment if he didn't get on. Matt B. says that everyone all has a lot to learn.
Chico: He doesn't know if it's ever too late for advice. Simon... "It's too late."
Gordon: Jesse says she picked the right song. I beg to differ.
Chico: Jeanine says that she overcompensated. Less could be more.
Gordon: And her legs are nice.
Jason: Yay!
Gordon: Allison starts.
Chico: Judges loved it. Allison... has to wait. Jesse is next. Simon thought she was forgettable. Matt B Joins the threesome.
Gordon: One of them is in. Gee, I wonder.
Chico: The Judges liked him, and Paula saw him pour his soul. Randy hopes Allison makes it. After the vote... Spot ALLlSON! But you knew that.
Gordon: Not a surprise there.
Chico: Before you get too comfortable, it's time for a reprise!
Gordon: She does sound a lot better now.
Chico: Allison's top 12 ready.
Gordon: Where was THAT last night?
Chico: She's just... so freaking happy.
Jason: She's 16 yrs old...and 2 steps away from a concert tour...I would be happy too.
Gordon: Of Course.
Jason: It's now...who is the Wild Card?
Gordon: Jeanine!
Chico: Norman Gentle!
Jason: ROFL
Chico: Nine left. Serious lights and music...Next up, Megan and Kris. Megan had relevance and smoky jazzy tones. Kris had a rough night... but he nailed it. They slide over. Next up, Matt Giraud and Jeanine Vailes. Matt wanted more soul. Jeanine had nice legs. Out of the line of four... ONE is in the top 12.
Jason: It's Megan.
Chico: I say Megan. Paula is torn between Matt, Kris, and Megan.
Gordon: I'll say Kris just to be goofy.
Chico: Jeanine... gets the kill. Matt gets the kill. So it's between Kris and Megan. I can see either or.
Gordon: I'll say Kris, because Idol isn't going to put 2 females in now. Because if they did, then we're looking for a male left, which means Adam Lambert gets in and we have garbage time for the rest of the show.
Jason: It would make a very anti-climactic half hour either way.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: If Kris gets the spot, then there's some speculation that he wins the male vote.
Chico: America voted...Spot #2...Goes...To....KRIS!
Gordon: HA HA HA!
Chico: Goofy over there wins!
Jason: So we have a half hour to announce Adam.
Chico: Basically. I'm guessing Kris got the Wild Card.
Gordon: But at least the producers have left SOME doubt that maybe Kris won the men's spot, though I agree that Kris won the Wild Card spot.
Chico: He goes into a reprise of "Man in the Mirror"
Gordon: Which means it's going to be Adam or Nick for the men. I hope Nick has those employment forms ready.
Chico: Me too. And Kris is no better tonight than he was last night.
Gordon: Allison was better tonight. Kris...was worse.
Chico: I say Megan returns next Thursday for Wild Card. And now, time filler. The "Wonderful World" montage.
Jason: Yay.
Gordon: AwwwwBarf
Chico: And then... More time filler. Hi, Brooke White!
Gordon: Hi. She gets to perform. But does she get a do over?
Chico: She says she's glad to be done with "this part". She gets to sing her first single... which she co-wrote. It's called "Hold Up". It's available for download on iTunes. So you can recreate your own "hold up, let me start again" Now back to business. Five more wait for their fate.
Gordon: Mishavonna, Kai, Nick, Adam, Jasmine. So if Kris took the wild card, Jasmine and Mischavonna is toast, and Mischavanna knows it.
Chico: Mishavonna: judges wanted her to be less serious.
Gordon: She says she did her best
Chico: Kai: judges thought it was old fashioned and corny. Jasmine: it was the wrong song. But Simon liked the attitude.
Gordon: These people should tell the truth and say, 'Mo I know what you're doing and I'm dead meat'.
Chico: Mishavonna, Kai, and Jasmine get the hook for now. That leaves Nick... and Adam.
Jason: Yawn. It's Adam.
Gordon: Simon says he prayed for 5-6 hours and hoping that he and the Lord have a good relationship.
Chico: shall we have a group meditation here at the break?
Jason: (holds hands) Let Nick Mitchell pull the major upset!
Chico: *smacks J*
Jason: OW. You are making me lose focus.
Chico: And that's a BAD thing?
Jason: lol
Chico: Seriously, though... Let the best one through. Nick... was atrocious. Adam... had amazing vocal ability.
Gordon: And I am telling Nick...Nick, you're going.
Jason: Yes you are.
Chico: And spot #3...! Kidding. It goes to Adam!
Jason: Of course it does.
Chico: But you knew that!
Gordon: He actually sounds better now then before.
Chico: That's good, right?
Gordon: He didn't oversing it this time.
Chico: So the top half is set.
Jason: In this group, Adam is the only serious threat, in my opinion.
Gordon: Next week...The Group of Death. Take a look at this...

Alex Wagner-Truman, Jorge Nunez, J'Not Joyner, Nathaniel Marshall, Scott McIntyre, Von Smith, Arianna Afsar, Felicia Barton, Kendall Beard, Kristin McNamara, Lil Rounds, Taylor Vaifanua.

Jason: Whoa.
Chico: Should make for a great show.
Jason: Has to be better than this week.
Chico: Watching watercress grow would be better than this week
Gordon: I think it's going to be good, and I think that singers who should be in the Top 12 may not be there because they got stuck in this group.
Chico: It's very top heavy if you follow. But that's what the Wild Card is for. It will only serve to make that competition that more fierce.
Gordon: Next week should be Hot. We'll see you in 7.
Chico: Remember to support your local singers!

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