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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
Judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 TV, FremantleMedia North America
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Semifinals: Group 1 Results
February 18

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and welcome to our first Idol Roundtable of 2009!
Chico: Yay, first.
Gordon: Joining me today is my friend from North Carolina and Anoop Desai groupie, Chico Alexander.
Chico: I regret nothing.
Gordon: Also joining us is a man who likes...oh there's no one from Brooklyn. Mr. Jason Block
Jason: Greetings.
Gordon: Finally, someone who's waiting for Canadian Idol to show up again, Mr. Don Harpwood.
Chico: Yeah, good luck with that.
Don: That'll take some time...
Chico: So last night on Idol, then. Way to underwhelm, huh?
Jason: Oh yeah. Song selection. Wow.
Gordon: Song selection is a big part of Idol. And what's a big part of this chat room?


Gordon: Except this week, it's


Jason: Nice way to adjust, G.
Gordon: I give you a person. You tell me where they are going. And Grandma Pepper will once again be joining us.
Jason: Yay, Grandma Pepper!
Gordon: 3 ins, 3 bubbles, 6 outs. We start in order, with...

Jackie Tohn

Grandma Pepper: Liked her much better than at her audition. I think she's got a shot. Bubble.
Chico: Nope. Not even a chance. OUT.
Gordon: I needed a lot less conversation and a little more good singing. Out.
Don: I'm going to have to say OUT.
Jason: She is OUT as well. Bad way to start.

Ricky Braddy

Chico: Okay, now we're in a pickle.
Grandma Pepper: Love his voice. I may be in the minority of 1, but I didn't love the song. Still I think he gets in as the 3rd vote. IN.
Jason: He had a great performance....but the song choice killed him. BUBBLE.
Don: I'm thinking Bubble with this one.
Chico: On the upside, he's got a great voice. On the downside, I haven't heard of him since... oh, this week. I say bubble.
Gordon: I think he should be in, but I think the curse of no air time gets him. Bubble.

Alexis Grace

Chico: Best of the ladies. IN.
Grandma Pepper: She really, really is strong and I think will be a good competitor. IN
Jason: Best female performance of the night. Stamp her ticket. IN
Gordon: Best of the ladies. I think she edges out Tatiana Del Toro. IN.
Don: Definitely IN.

Brent Keith Smith

Grandma Pepper: Did a good job, but will country fans be enough? Bubble.
Jason: He was country before country was cool...and he wasn't. OUT.
Don: I'm going to have to say Bubble.
Gordon: I don't think he did a good enough job, and I don't think the Nashville Star kiddies are going to bail him out of this one. OUT.
Chico: Umm... Out. Didn't do anything for me.

Stevie Wright

Grandma Pepper: Stevie may have goofed in her song choice, but you never know. OUT.
Don: Ick. Out.
Jason: This was the 2nd worse performance of the night....OUT.
Chico: Hey Gordon!
Gordon: Yes Chico?
Chico: I just heard a bomb drop.
Gordon: Boom
Chico: OUT.
Gordon: I want a pony. Out.

Anoop Desai

Grandma Pepper: I think the judges were a little hard on him, but we'll see. Bubble.
Chico: Okay, that was a lackluster performance, but at least he had a connection and was memorable... I'm going to say IN, but just...
Gordon: I don't think he was one of the Top 3 performers. I think America gives him a hand. IN.
Don: I'd like to say he's in, but with that performance, I'm saying Bubble.
Jason: The pre-top 36 favorite stumbles. I thought he was GOOD...but not that good. BUBBLE.

Casey Carlson

Grandma Pepper: And so it goes...too bad. She had the looks and personality. OUT.
Chico: Talk about a disaster.
Don: OUT.
Jason: There's your BOMB. Out.
Gordon: That would be more like a BOOB than a bomb.
Chico: BOOB!
Don: lol
Gordon: Either way, it was a boob job. OUT.

Michael Sarver

Chico: I'm going to go bubble. He was good.. not GREAT, but good.
Grandma Pepper: Didn't think his personality came through on that performance, but I like him. Bubble.
Gordon: I don't think he did enough to get in. Bubble.
Jason: Your surprise of the night. He beats out Anoop Dogg for the male top spot. IN.
Jason: Male
Gordon: If America judges more on sob story than performance, Michael gets in. If America judges more on good performance, then Ricky Braddy gets in. If America judges on screen time, Anoop Desai gets in.
Don: I'm thinking Out, but I'm kinda unsure.

Ann Marie Boskovich

Grandma Pepper: I'm with Paula on this one. I loved it. But I don't think I'm in the majority. bubble.
Gordon: Um...Yuck. Out.
Jason: I don't need someone with the voice of a 6 year old singing that BIG of a SONG. Out.
Don: Eh. Out.
Chico: See above. Bubble. But I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't make it... It was just meh, you know?

Stephen Fowler

Chico: Oh dear.
Grandma Pepper: I'm sorry the judges were so rough on him, becuase I like him as a performer. I thought he had potential, but he shouldn't be crucified for selecting the wrong song. I hope the voters agree. Out though.
Don: I didn't like his performance. Out.
Chico: There are some songs you just don't do. "Rock With You" by MJ... is one of them. OUT.
Gordon: First he destroys a keyboard. Then he destroys a Michael Jackson song. Out.

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro

Grandma Pepper: Tatiana can sing. Nerves will do funny things, but hopefully she will get to settle down if she gets to stay. Bubble
Jason: She can sing...but she is scary. BUBBLE.
Chico: Quoting from my sister here, "And Tatiana was also a disaster with her yellow teeth and hot pink lipstick, which only seems to draw attention to her yellow teeth. And by the way... DON'T DO WHITNEY!"
Gordon: I would call her out...but...the other women were bad. Second best female performance of the night. Bubble.
Chico: I'm going bubble, because America likes to humor her. But still... how many times do I have to tell you... Don't do Whitney. I'm not going to tell you again.... DON'T SING WHITNEY (^_^)ING HOUSTON! DON'T DO IT! DO YOU WANT TO GO HOME? YOU CAN GO HOME AND SING ALL THE GODDAMNED WHITNEY HOUSTON YOU WANT IN THE SHOWER, BUT DON'T SING IT HERE!
Don: I can't believe I'm saying this... I think the people will go ahead and vote her In.
Gordon: Finally...

Danny Gokey

Chico: Best of the guys. IN.
Grandma Pepper: Danny is my #1 male singer tonight! IN!
Don: IN for sure.
Gordon: Best male singer by a mile. In.
Jason: Danny was the best male by Far--IN.
Gordon: And now...we're...LIVE! Ryan says don't take anything for granted. Are you taking anything for granted there?
Chico: Nope.
Jason: Never.
Gordon: 24 million votes last night. More than 10 million more from last year.
Chico: But what did they do? Randy says he was pleased with last night. Some people stepped up. Kara thought it was a good show with a few standouts and a few disappointments. And she names names.
Gordon: Kara says that Stevie, Casey and Stephen and Simon.
Chico: Dude...
Don: Yipes!
Gordon: Paula says Simon and Simon and Simon.
Jason: Whoa! :)
Chico: Simon thought Kara was amazing in the first live show. Meanwhile, we get a retrospective of the first group's AI Journey (TM, R, patent pending, member FDIC).
Gordon: We get a montage of the 12 people's original audition.
Jason: I really think we are having a Michael Jackson week eventually.
Gordon: You think?
Chico: Heh. Okay, now we have the first group number of the season.
Gordon: And we have...our first group sing with I'm yours. And if anyone's wondering if the group sing is going to be any good this year, on cue, they all start in on different times.
Chico: The song, Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"
Jason: I love the song...not this way, however.
Chico: And this, by the way, is why early results shows should only be half an hour.
Gordon: The choreographer needs to be sent to the Neverland Ranch. They should make it like the Golden Globes and just read it off and make it a 10 minute press conference.
Chico: But Fox needs to make money, so... here we are.
Gordon: It wasn't awful. There were some questionable musical melodies in there, but there's been worse. Much worse.
Chico: It wasn't half bad. It wasn't half good either. ka-PIE-ya :-)
Jason: It was Meh.
Gordon: The vocals were good. The movements were sea-sick inducing.
Chico: Back live. The group is on the mighty couch.
Gordon: Ryan calls the show 'Raw'. Good assessment.
Chico: And we roll the recap reel. Jackie had "A Little Less Conversation" and a little more crazy. Ricky started the show properly with "A Song for You".
Jason: Michael Sarver wants to be
Chico: Then... there was Stevie Wright, which was oh so wrong.
Jason: Casey Carlson had no magic
Gordon: Stevie, Casey and Stephen...issues.
Chico: Stephen Fowler wanted to rock with us... Brent invited us to a Hick Town...Both blew it. Anoop called on an "Angel of Mine". Ann Marie was a "Natural Woman". Alexis "Never Loved a Man". Simon says... reminds her of Kelly Clarkson. But the night belonged to Danny Gokey. He was the night's "Hero". But who will be the first three in the Final 12?
Gordon: The votes are in...but its chat time first. Jackie says she got a B+/A-. Anoop says that everyone's relaxed and they did what they could do. Ryan makes Anoop tell the truth - and he's nervous. Tatiana is humbled to be here.
Chico: Tatiana... with the hot pink lipstick again..
Gordon: She's relying on Paula's rung and a plea to the American people. Stevie says they were confused by the judges comments. I was confused by her lack of pitch.
Chico: Okay, here's how tonight works. We have three seats. Each one goes to a finalist.
Gordon: I'll bet Casey Carlson, who gets called up first, is not one of said people.
Chico: Let's see. Judges say "weirdly karaoke" and "atrocious". It was not the right song.
Gordon: Casey agrees and agrees with the judges. Randy says that she should not stay in the competition. America...agrees with Randy.
Jason: Smart.
Gordon: Now keep in mind that it may not be the permanent end. The judges get to save 9 of the singers who don't make it in and invite them back to the Wild Card round.
Chico: Stephen is next. The Judges thought he chose the wrong song.
Jason: So do I.
Gordon: Stephen says that he should have stuck with what got him there.
Chico: Kara says he didn't do enough to stay in. America voted... and he's out.
Gordon: Not out. Just not in the Top 12 right now.
Chico: Alexis is down now. Judges thought she found the dirt and soul, and Simon says that she is a dark horse. Alexis... FASTTRACKED! She is in the top 12!
Don: Sweet.
Jason: She deserved it.
Gordon: She's not crying - but mom and dad are and she gets to sing a reprise.
Chico: And she gets an encore of "Never Loved a Man".
Jason: She has that IT that could get her far in the competition.
Chico: A better job tonight than last night.
Jason: She has that SOUL...that no one else showed last night.
Chico: Of course, it doesn't mean anything right now. She's already in. She's just putting the exclamation mark on right now.
Gordon: So Alexis gets the female vote. No surprise there, right?
Jason: Not at all.
Chico: Nope.
Don: No surprise.
Jason: We are back.
Chico: And Alexis is officially on the stool. That's one less stool for either Ricky or Jackie, who are down. Ricky lacks star quality. Jackie played the clown too much.
Gordon: Jackie says she would have done the same thing again.
Jason: And Jackie has too much arrogance.
Chico: Simon: "We'll see." Ricky... not in the top 12. Jackie... ALSO not in the top 12.
Gordon: And...Simon wins.
Jason: Bingo.
Chico: Five down, seven to go.
Jason: Don't argue with the man. He knows.
Gordon: Next up...Anoop and Michael
Chico: Judges thought Anoop wasn't at his best. Randy and Kara think Michael can do better. BOTH are sentimental favorites. One is going through...Michael!
Jason: Told You So.
Don: Wow.
Gordon: Michael is in. Anoop will probably be invited back to the Wild Card round.
Chico: No doubt.
Jason: I agree.
Don: Definitely.
Chico: He reprises "I Don't Wanna Be".
Gordon: If not, North Carolina will be upset.
Jason: So who is left?
Chico: Tatiana, Danny...Ann Marie...Stevie...
Gordon: What...if...Tatiana took the third spot?
Jason: That would be the shock of the night.
Chico: Oh yeah. Not outside the realm of possibility, though.
Gordon: Only 20,000 separated Michael with Anoop.
Chico: WOW.
Gordon: That means a few things.
Chico: Tell us what it means, daddy.
Gordon: 1. That means that Michael won the Wild Card. Because if Michael won the men's vote, then Anoop would have won the Wild card.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: 2. We have only the men's spot left to award, since Alexis is not a man.
Jason: Definitely not :)
Gordon: 3. So Tatiana does not get the third spot.
Chico: And it's safe to say that Tatiana... we don't see her again.
Gordon: And neither will we see Stevie. Since they are not men. So either Brent or Danny get the last spot. And I would say that Danny gets it.
Chico: I'm going with Danny.
Jason: Danny it is.
Gordon: Sort of a real anti-climactic way to end the evening, no?
Jason: Pretty much.
Chico: And now, a report on the American Idol Experience at Walt Disneyworld. All seven winners were brought together for the first time. You can read about that on the official website.
Gordon: The next 2 contestants...Carly Smithson and Michael Johns?
Jason: Huh? :)
Chico: Yikes.
Don: Whoa.
Chico: They have mikes. I wonder if they're going to sing.
Jason: I bet they are.
Chico: Michael's got an album coming out in May. And now... Jason Wuthrich's theme song. "The Letter". Michael and Carly singing together.
Jason: Jazzy...nice
Gordon: Jazzy, yes. Nice, no. They are horrifically off beat
Chico: Live television. Don't you love it.
Gordon: Though they sound nice.
Chico: They've definitely worked at it.
Gordon: They need to work on it more, apparently.
Chico: Idol's back to business... We hope. Ann Marie is next.
Gordon: Ann Marie is next. She's a woman. She's done.
Chico: Judges thought she blew it. Brent was criticized on song choice. Stevie disappointed. Rough going for all three. All three are done for now.
Jason: Ouch.
Gordon: That leaves us Danny and Tatiana.
Jason: Uh huh.
Chico: True.
Jason: Interesting
Gordon: And again, if you've been following along, you know who wins.
Chico: Let's go to the panel. Paula says... Danny wins. And... we go to break!
Gordon: If Tatiana loses, do you think she is going to strangle Ryan?
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Probably.
Gordon: Wouldn't that be entertaining television?
Jason: Oh yes!
Chico: Yay!
Jason: Danny was ready to strangle Ryan.
Gordon: Now if somehow Tatiana wins this. That means that Michael outsung Danny and Tatiana beat Anoop by less than 20,000 votes.
Jason: I don't buy that.
Chico: Hey Gordon! While we're in break, tell us who's singing NEXT WEEK!
Gordon: Next week...

Megan Corkery, Kris Allen, Mishavonna Henson, Matt Breitzke, Alison Iraheta, Matt Giraud, Jasmine Murray, Kai Kalama, Jesse Langseth, Adam Lambert, Jeanine Vailes and Nick Mitchell.

Chico: Thank you. We're back, and now it's decision time. Tatiana... blabbers on about faith and love. Danny just wants to find out. And America... sends....DANNY!...But you knew that!
Don: Of course!
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: And Tatiana looks predictably shattered.
Chico: Yikes. Danny does his encore of "Hero". Okay... Chances, fellas. Who gets further of these three? Who has the best chance of being the American Idol?
Gordon: Danny.
Don: Of the three, I'd say Danny.
Gordon: Though I'm guessing Noop Dawg also shows up in the Top 12.
Jason: I am going to go against the grain and Say Alexis.
Chico: J going against the grain for once. Wow.
Gordon: Which means my guess of Danny sure looks good.
Jason: lol ok
Chico: Okay, follow up question, who gets called back for Wild Card?
Gordon: I think Anoop gets the call back - but is the only definite.
Jason: Agreed.
Don: Yeah, definitely Anoop.
Chico: That's all for this week. Next week: 12 more singers. And a programming note. Next week, we're on Wednesday and Thursday. Set your DVRs accordingly.
Jason: Wednesday night and it
Chico: Guess we wrap it up for the night. Remember to support your local singer.
Gordon: Game Over - and Spread the Love.

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