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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
Judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
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Round of 11: Grand Ole Opry
March 18

Chico: Hello, gang, he's Gordon Pepper...
Gordon: He's Anoop Desai.
Chico: I wish.
Gordon:'re not?
Chico: Sorry. I only have one thing to say about Anoop Desai... Welcome back to the family. All we share are an alma mater and a mutual love of the music. Which is why WE'RE here today with the Idol review of the results. First up, let me say this...last night was infinitely better than last week, in that no one really blew llama chunks. Not saying that everyone was good, but no one blew llama chunks. Apparently country, the flu, and pianos will do wonders. Your thoughts, Gordon?
Gordon: I think that my Arabian camel found a few people to mate with last night.
Chico: Heh. Gross.
Gordon: On THAT note, let's go to...


(baseball music)

Chico: You got the list of singers/songers?
Gordon: Sure do. And we start the list with...

MICHAEL SARVER - "Ain't Goin' Down ('til the Sun Comes Up)"

Chico: (mumbles quickly)
Gordon: (mumbles)
Chico: (mumbles back angrily).
Gordon: (mumbles) Safe
Chico: (mumbles) Trouble
Grandma Pepper: I like how he sang, but I couldn't understand him. Trouble.
Jason: Out

ALLISON IRAHETA - "Blame It On Your Heart"

Grandma Pepper: She's a nice young girl. I just didn't like it as much as the judges did. Trouble.
Chico: Back last week on WLTI, I said that Allison was in trouble from the word go in that she's really not done anything to warrant being out of it. I'm prepared to stand by that and say trouble.
Jason: Trouble.
Gordon: Too many rockers here. I think a bunch are all going to be down here. Trouble.

KRIS ALLEN - "To Make You Feel My Love"

Chico: Tender and almost flawless. It wasn't Garth. It wasn't Billy Joel. It wasn't Bob Dylan. It was Kris. SAFE
Gordon: I didnt like it as much as the judges, but I think he'll be fine this week. Safe.
Jason: SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: He is amazing. I think he'll go really far. SAFE

LIL ROUNDS - "Independence Day".

Grandma Pepper: I don't know why the judges are nitpicking on poor Lil. She did a great job on the song and I loved her risk. Safe.
Chico: Okay, she didn't do that well... but she KNEW she didn't do that well, and didn't try and hide it. She's genuine... SAFE.
Jason: SAFE.
Gordon: I thought that she did very well - and I think that's going to help her fan base in the future. Safe.

ADAM LAMBERT - "Ring of Fire"

Grandma Pepper: Some people like that sort of performance. I didn't. But I think the people who liked the performance are going to outvote me. Safe.
Chico: Hey Adam, Criss Angel called, he wants his image back. But at least he stuck with his strengths. He didn't hide behind any pretense...That's going to SAVE him. Not to say I liked it, but I liked what he did.
Jason: SAFE
Gordon: I may be the only person in the group to actually like it, but I did. I think a polarizing performance may eventually cost him the Idol title, but it keeps him in this. Safe.

SCOTT McINTYRE - "Wild Angels"

Chico: This is where we have a point of contention....One, he know what to do and he does it... On the other hand... there's no growth. He's a good performer, though. He's safe, but he needs to raise it up if he wants to have any staying power.
Grandma Pepper: I agree with the judges. I want to see something different from Scott. But I do like it. Safe.
Gordon: I'm starting to get bored with him. I don't think it hurts him yet, but I need to do something different. Safe.


Gordon: Hey Chico!
Chico: Yyyyes Gordon?
Gordon: I see a llama!
Chico: I see a llama dressed like Dolly Parton. One problem with that, Gordon, you know what it is?
Gordon: What's the problem?
Chico: I would've distinctly remembered voting in Dolly Parton into the top 13... I don't recall such a thing taking place!
Gordon: She has the Dolly Parton do.
Chico: And the face. And the wardrobe... sans boobs. But this is not who she is! She's basically giving her fans the one-finger salute... and her fans are smarter than that! And I'm going to be bold.... and say she gets punished justly for that. OUT.
Gordon: I'm not going to go that far, but she's a llama mama in trouble.
Jason: SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: I hated the performance, and I don't know why she's dressed like Dolly Parton. OUT.
Chico: I'm glad I'm not alone on this.
Gordon: I would put her out...BUT...There's a report out saying that the producers have already decided that the Final 4 is Danny, Lil, Adam and Alexis, so I will give VFTW the benefit of the doubt. You've seen that, right?
Chico: I've seen that. But it could be just someone spouting smack, you know? Like an overzealous fanboy bragging about his bracket (guilty).
Gordon: You don't revere Vote For The Worst?
Chico: Nah.
Gordon: Next one...

DANNY GOKEY - "Jesus Take the Wheel".

Chico: We have the Double Whammy at work here. The guy sings a woman's song... and it's a former Idoler's song. I think Danny might've beaten the Double Whammy, though. SAFE.
Gordon: He's safe. VFTW say so.
Jason: SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: I love Danny! I think he did a great job with the song. Safe.
Chico: They need to make a show called "Everybody Loves Danny"

ANOOP DESAI - "Always On My Mind"

Gordon: Needed an amazing performance and got it. Safe
Chico: Welcome back to the family, Noop Dawg. I think he was the man of the hour. SAFE.
Jason: SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: I knew he had it in him. Nice job! Safe

MEGAN JOY - "Walkin' After Midnight"

Chico: I think she'll get the flu-sufferer's vote. Good thing it's so large nowadays. And even for a person with the flu, she was pretty good. SAFE.
Gordon: So then why is a llama grazing on your front lawn?
Chico: You don't think for a moment...
Gordon: You actually liked that?
Chico: It wasn't BAD... But there were a couple that were worse. I think she escapes BARELY.'
Gordon: No there weren't. You just like her flu-ridden Mounds.
Chico: Besides, you said yourself, Megan's fans will rally behind her after last week.
Gordon: I did say that, didn't I?
Chico: You did say that. Her and Anoop both.
Gordon: I think they will. but I hope they don't. OUT on principle.
Grandma Pepper: I love me some Megan! I'm sorry she has the flu. Feel better! Safe.
Chico: I love that GP agrees with me this week.
Gordon: She's good like that.

MATT GIRAUD - "So Small"

Grandma Pepper: I loved this. He is my favorite performer this week. I want to hear more. SAFE
Chico: The only thing small about that was his inhibitions. Matt's SAFE.
Jason: Safe
Gordon: Best performance of the night for me. Safe.
Chico: So let's review...

Chico: TROUBLE - Michael & Allison. OUT - Alexis.
Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Michael & Allison. OUT: Alexis
Gordon: TROUBLE - Alexis & Allison. OUT - Megan
Jason: TROUBLE: Scott & Megan. OUT: Michael.

Chico: And it's SHOWTIME! Okay, results are in... Over 31 million votes came in. What did they do?
Gordon: Hopefully, they voted out a llama
Chico: We'll find out in a moment, but first, Brad Paisley, Randy Travis & Carrie Underwood want to sang. We'll get to them as well. The BUTTON is still in play.
Gordon: What about yesterday's recap, Chico?
Chico: Randy Travis said this was as strong as a group as he's ever seen. As demonstrated by Kris "Tender Dawg" Allen... Megan "Don't Call Me Corkrey" Joy...Michael "Mumbles" Sarver... Allison "Precociously Dope" Iraheta...Alexis "Grace" Grace...Lil "Little" Rounds...Scott "The Wild Angel" McIntyre...
Gordon: Does that mean we can call her Megan 'Almonds' Joy?
Chico: Yes. Adam "The Darkness" Lambert...Danny "Parka in 78* weather" Gokey...Anoop "Zero to hero" Desai
Gordon: Mush, Chico, Mush!
Chico: And Matt "I Can't Stop Coming Up with Nicknames" Giraud... And now, the group number, which is guaranteed to be ... "Trouble". Okay, question... Does this image strike you as a portent of things to come... seven guys at a piano singing?
Gordon: No, because I think it's going to be Lil with 6 guys singing.
Chico: K. I can totally dig that. You smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
Gordon: But they may went to go back to 'Ain't Nothing Like a Dame'.
Chico: I smell B-A-C-K-I-N-G T-R-A-C-K.
Gordon: I smell M-i-l-l-i V-a-n-i-l-l-i, because Alexis just blew a line.
Gordon: And Anoop sings when the group isn't singing and nothing is coming out of his mouth. A-s-h-l-e-e S-i-m-p-s-o-n
Chico: W-E-N-T-Z. Oh, he's not the only one, I assure you. Allison... yeah.. talking at you, lady.
Gordon: And now, the Ford Commercial - Water Balloon fight!
Chico: YAY! The song - the completely uncountry "Here It Goes Again".
Gordon: Which sounds exactly like their 'live' performance.
Chico: By OK Go. I want to buy a Fusion now.
Gordon: Meanwhile, Ryan throws a water balloon at Simon - and misses, dowsing a fan.
Chico: Simon: "You just soaked our audience". Let's talk to the finalists... But first... let's look at what happened LAST WEEK... as Jorge and Jasmine were voted off.
Gordon: And now we get footage of the post-executed Idol party.
Chico: Tears were shed, of course. Hugged it out, of course. Now dinner at the bar.
Gordon: And you can clearly make out Allison and some of the other idolists in the background. get used to this scene, Allison. You may be joining them.
Chico: Sooner than you'd like. And an interesting thing... everyone has kept their number... and everyone has signed all the numbers.
Chico: That's nice.
Gordon: Alexis says that it's emotional. Don't get too comfortable, Alexis, you may also be next.
Chico: She says Jasmine has a career ahead of her.
Gordon: Michael is asked about the kids. He says that her daughter wants to know why he doesn't want to be there anymore. Don't get too comfortable, Michael, you may also be next.
Chico: Ryan asks Bruce to turn on the jib cam... on loan from TPIR, no doubt...Michael says hi on the camera shot... Awww. That's kinda nice. Megan is feeling a lot better. She should, because everyone on stage today... wore a mask!
Gordon: Megan is still sick and they are wearing masks. Why aren't they wearing masks now?
Chico: It's SARS city!
Gordon: Yay SARS! Time to dim the lights.
Chico: Results!
Gordon: Ten people go on the Idol tour.
Chico: Survive this week, and you're on the bus. Danny Gokey is first... judges loved the vocals...SAFE!
Gordon: Danny Gokey...gets to be on the bus. Lil Rounds...gets to be on the bus.
Chico: Independence Day split the panel, girls loved it, guys didn't. Anoop Desai went from zero to hero with "Always on My Mind"
Gordon: Anoop Desai...gets to go on the bus.
Chico: Concert at the Dean Dome!
Gordon: What. Ever.
Chico: Allison and Michael are up next.
Gordon: Allison and Michael both stand up.
Chico: Allison had a rock solid performance. Michael was fun and personable... but Simon didn't understand it. Paula's put on the spot...Which means we could theoretically be here all day.
Gordon: Simon wants Paula to answer the question.
Chico: She says (eventually) Allison. After the vote.... Allison is IN THE BOTTOM 3.
Gordon: As can be expected.
Chico: She doesn't go to the center, she goes to the silver stools.
Gordon: Michael...gets to join Allison
Chico: Tight shot on the empty stool, and.... COMMERCIAL!
Gordon: No surprises here so far. (mumbles to Chico)
Chico: (mumbles back) aingondowntilthesuncomesup.
Gordon: However, that means that either Megan or Alexis is safe, which means that Flu girl is going to be here for another week. So you thought Megan's Almonds were joy, huh?
Chico: Didn't you? I mean... I got my shot, where's yours?
Gordon: They were sashaying like candy.
Chico: Ha...
Gordon: And we music!
Chico: Performing his new single "Then"... Brad Paisley! Is that the official Grand Ole Opry mic stand he's using?
Gordon: I have no idea. Haven't been to the Grand Ole Opry. Would be neat if they brought it though.
Chico: I mean, it has the whole WSM Grand Ole Opry stand thingie on it. I just thought it might be, you know?
Gordon: Time to dim the lights.
Chico: Scott is up. The judges want to see him up his game.
Gordon: He'll be able to do it...on the tour.
Chico: Next is Corkrey...Megan Joy there... She had Flu B. Simon says she should catch it every week. In a good way. Feel better... because you're touring.
Gordon: I think most of America had the flu this week by voting her in.
Chico: Matt was heart-piercing.
Gordon: Matt gets to go on tour.
Chico: Kris is next... Judges loved the choice and the performance. He's in the top 10. That leaves Adam and Alexis.
Gordon: Can we just send Alexis there now?
Chico: Alexis was pitchy in parts. Adam left Kara confused but happy, while Simon called it.. and I love this..."horrific indulgent rubbish." Very Jeremy Clarkson there, Simon. Randy gets put on the spot...And sends Allison there...Sorry, Alexis.
Gordon: Which is a pity that Randy called her Allison, because Allison is already on a stool.
Chico: And guess what? Now so is Alexis.
Gordon: Someone goes back to safety.
Chico: It's Alexis... Sorry, Allison. Allison is safe.
Gordon: Eventually, Randy will remember the singers. He can remember Allison's name next week.
Chico: Yes he can. But meanwhile... SONG TIME!
Gordon: Do you think that we will see either of these people saved?
Chico: Hmm.. After what I saw last night... nope.
Gordon: I thought they would have saved Allison.
Chico: I mean, they'll have to do a LOT better than they did last night.
Gordon: But not either Alexis or Michael
Chico: So you agree then. Okay, let me take you back to 2005 and a farm girl from Checotah, OK. She's had 9 #1 singles... 40 ACM nominee for Entertainment of the Year...and two game show geeks arguing over who'll take her waxwork home with them. Oh yeah, and she's been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. She's Idol #4 Carrie Underwood.
Gordon: She sings with Randy, who admits that he didn't have any technical knowledge.
Chico: But he had fun doing it. Now Carrie Underwood (Wee!) and Randy Travis (Yay) sing "I Told You So". (aka Gordon Pepper's Song)
Gordon: :D Her voice has matured vastly since Idol.
Chico: Oh yeah. If she sang like this five years ago, what would you say?
Gordon: I would have liked her a lot better. Also would have liked her if she didn't forget or mangle the lyrics, which was my main beef against her.
Chico: We all still remember that, eh?
Gordon: The only person who's gotten away with it.
Chico: Ha.
Gordon: It's a very nice song.
Chico: Amazing.
Gordon: Back to the show. The judges say that they would consider saving one of them. Based on the feedback, it would have to be Alexis.
Chico: Dim the lights, please...After the nationwide vote...Michael... is SAFE. Which means it's time for Alexis Grace to sing for her life. Simon says that she was the one that he would consider saving. Let's see how she does tonight with a reprise of "Joleen"
Gordon: She's more passionate than last time. Still flat though.
Chico: Would you fire the trigger or push the button?
Gordon: Way too early to use the save. Fire the trigger.
Chico: This still isn't her. I don't buy it for a second.
Gordon: No offense, I don't consider her a front-runner to win this. You have to save this for someone who could legitimately win this competition.
Chico: True. I still see a Lil/Danny final.
Gordon: And if she sang it like this yesterday, she wouldn't have had a problem today.
Chico: Yes she would've. Okay... Head judge Simon? "It was good... but it wasn't good enough."
Gordon: She learned a lot about herself.
Chico: That's always good.
Gordon: (Takes Vote For The Worst Report. Puts it in Hamtaro Shredder)
Chico: Ha. Okay, so... notes about next week. As Gordon calculates the scores...

Grandma Pepper: 10
Chico: 9
Gordon: 8
Don: 5
Jason: 4

Chico: We're playing for the Belt... Next week, the Idol train rolls through Hitsville USA. Remember to support your local singers!

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