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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Quisla Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Ryan Seacrest
Judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Fuller
Packager: 19 TV, FremantleMedia North America
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Round of 8: From the Year You Were Born
April 7

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and to make up for yesterday's overrun, we're starting this show late by 10 minutes.
Chico: HA! Chico Alexander here. The picks are locked. Can we do a quick rundown?
Gordon: Sure
Chico: Okay, let's do it... Here comes...

SAFE, TROUBLE, OUT! (the abbrieviated version)

Danny Gokey

Chico: SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: That Danny was shear joy! You're really hanging in there. SAFE
Gordon: Nothing to worry about this week. Safe.
Jason: Good song channeling Taylor Hicks (in a good way). Great way to open the show. Safe.

Kris Allen

Chico: Bad song, bad arrangement. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: Kris Allen - There HAD to be better songs of the year of his birth. That was not the Kris Allen I look forward to. SAFE though.
Jason: Didn't like the up tempo jazz arrangement. it was too upbeat and happy, given the song subject. The judges were spot on tonight. TROUBLE
Gordon: This is looking like a typical 8th place finish for Kris. OUT.

Lil Rounds

Chico: SAFE. Her fans will bail her out.
Jason: Perfect song choice. It was a great comeback from last week. She was back. I believe the judges were wrong. SAFE
Grandma Pepper: I still think Lil has a great voice, but I have to agree. She IS losing impact! TROUBLE
Gordon: I've been liking her better than the judges. SAFE, but does need to improve.

Anoop Desai

Chico: TROUBLE. Too erratic.
Grandma Pepper: He's back from last week, but he's got to stay with it. I, for one, wasn't knocked out. I think that when he talked back to Kara, that's going to hurt him. TROUBLE
Jason: Interesting, risky song choice. While Kris' arrangement was a detriment to the song, this was an enhancement. I liked Anoop's softer side. SAFE
Gordon: I think he's a clear target for departure this week. If singing way to falsetto wasn't bad enough, he's losing his charisma, which is why he was on the show to begin with. TROUBLE>

Scott MacIntyre

Grandma Pepper: Scott can do better. And it's time he does! OUT
Chico: TROUBLE. Stratocaster does not look sexy on you.
Jason: Bad song choice. It just was out of place. He missed a ton of high notes. I think we know who's search is over. OUT
Gordon: If he survives this week, it's only because people forgot to vote for Kris. I think they will, but it will be close. TROUBLE.

Allison Iraheta

Chico: WAY SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Allison is all the good things the judges said about her. SAFE
Jason: What a major comeback from last week. This was just great stuff. SAFE
Gordon: Second best performance of the night. I'd like her to create a 'moment' though. SAFE.

Matt Giraud

Grandma Pepper: Luckily for him, Matt nailed it tonight. but he has to keep the momentum going. SAFE
Chico: Back in his element. SAFE.
Jason: Liked the arrangement. Basically sang in his wheelhouse. Good, solid performance. SAFE
Gordon: Hated the performance, but there were people who did worse. SAFE

Adam Lambert

Chico: If he wasn't the favorite before, he sure is the favorite now. SAFE.
Jason: I don't think anyone outside of video gamers who saw the Gears of Wars 2 ad would realize that the performance was absolutely fantastic. This is the third week in a row where Adam Lambert has stolen the show. I am predicting it now. Lock him in the finals. He is one of your final 2. SAFE
Grandma Pepper: What is there to say about Adam, except he's really up there!!!!! SAFE
Gordon: He's the frontrunner. Can he do enough to stay there? SAFE. So to sum this up...

Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Lil, Anoop. OUT: Scott
Chico: CA: Trouble, Scott, Anoop. OUT: Kris
Jason: Trouble: Lil, Kris. OUT: Scott
Gordon: Trouble, Scott, Anoop. OUT: Kris

Chico: And now... we're live! And in the house: Mario Lopez. Why? Dunno.
Gordon: Maybe we'll see dancing Idols next season.
Chico: Before we get to the results, we have Flo Rida and Kellie Pickler. Not together, but that'd be interesting.
Gordon: That would be real interesting.
Chico: We say hello to Randy, Paula, Kara... and Darth Vader. They were really disappointed last night. With a couple of exceptions. Kara says that there are a couple frontrunners, and that it's very unpredictgable. Paula brought an older picture... of her with Simon... as little kids.
Gordon: So was I, to be honest. This has been the second straight week where the singers have free reign on their song choices, and the second week that tmany of the singers have expressed zero creativity.
Chico: And of course... it's doctored.
Gordon: Simon is babysitting Paula. Art resembling life, here.
Chico: And we have a clip: Did you know, Gordon...Did you know that #1 on the day Simon was born was "Venus" by Frankie Avalon? And speaking of... It's Frankie Avalon!
Gordon: I didn't. But I do know Venus hit the charts in 1959...which makes Simon 48 or 49.
Chico: That's about right. He was in his 20s when he was on Sale.
Gordon: Who purchased him?
Chico: Who would WANT him?
Gordon: Good point
Chico: The year was.... 1959. Good guess, G.
Gordon: I do know my music
Chico: Simon says that Ryan and Frankie look like twins.
Gordon: Ryan says that it's about the hair.
Chico: And now, the top 8 lipsync to Kylie's "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
Gordon: I say its more about the LA sun that bakes everyone's skin to make them look like they are 40 and bronzed.
Gordon: You know, Chico...I preferred it when they were live.
Chico: Me too. This from the year Idol was born in the US, 2002.
Gordon: Because at least you knew they were performing.
Chico: That was a good year. I graduated from college.
Gordon: Not a good year for many New Yorkers. So as the Stepford Singers finish up their performances, what do we got?
Chico: We have the making of this week's Ford video. Everyone's all glammed up. We go to the Palace Theatre. The concept is a magic show... that looks strangely like one did by Fall Out Boy. Seriously, watch this Ford video for "Circus", then watch the video for Fall Out Boy's "Thnks fr th Mmrs"
Gordon: You dont think we stole concepts, do you ?
Chico: I'm gobsmacked! There is sin coming from my television! Now, let's talk to the players. Anoop didn't own the glitter. Not his thing. Adam is the recipient of a Simon Cowell Standing O. He's NEVER seen that before, and he's very flattered. And in the audience, the mayor of Matt's hometown, Kalamazoo, MI. Proud moment.
Gordon: I'm sure the Michigan taxpayers must love that he's spending his money hanging out in Los Angeles.
Chico: And now... BUSINESS. Lights are down. Adam, Kris, and Anoop are up. Randy said that Adam was the bomb and was consistent. Kara and Paula agree.
Gordon: safe. no shocker.
Chico: Nope. No shocker.
Gordon: That leaves us with Kris and Anoop, which sucks for both of us, because we had them both in the bottom.
Chico: Judges thought Kris was indulgent. Judges thought Anoop was original and flawless. One of them is in the bottom. That person.... ANOOP.
Chico: Apparently his fanbase are still in that contact high from Monday night.
Gordon: Since we both had both of them in the bottom, this clearly is not a surprise. I have a few reasons why he's in the bottom.
Chico: So do I. It all boils down to him being too erratic. He's a yo-yo. He's not consistent.
Gordon: He also went after Kara. America doesn't like singers who attack the judges - especially when they are right. And finally...Chico, let's say you are a UNC fan.
Chico: Of course.
Gordon: Not saying you are, but let's just say for the heck of it, you are.
Chico: Of course!
Gordon: You see a UNC Alum wear...the colors of the OTHER team in the NCAA finals. Are you voting for him?
Chico: That depends. ARe we talking about Jason Capel? =p
Gordon: No. We're talking about Tom Izzo and the MSU Spartans.
Chico: Green is not sexy, especially the day after championship Monday. You need to get back into the Carolina Blue... Hell, if you can get away with it, wear one of those championship T-shirts. BTW, I'm sending one to you with the DVD from TPIR :-)
Gordon: Grazzi :P
Chico: okay, let's get back to the show. We have two empty stools. They'll stay empty for a bit, because we have a performance. Performing his hit "Right Round"... it's FLO RIDA! And his entourage of hoes! =p
Gordon: Woo hoo. Now Chico, I have another question for you.
Chico: Ask away
Gordon: What style of music would you consider this?
Chico: Hip hop R&B. Blazin hip hop R&B.
Gordon: Would you say rap, even?
Chico: Of course.
Gordon: When does American Idol get a rapper?
Chico: When they're obviously not trying to skew a result. Or attract an audience.
Gordon: Isn't rap music just as current as any other style of music?
Chico: Oh yeah. And here comes the confetti. Why? Because he's Flo Rida...
Gordon: I think Rap Week could be much more entertaining than uninspiring songs choices from the year you were born.
Chico: You a fan of Flo Rida?
Gordon: Flo is cool in my book
Chico: Hmm.. I noticed that they censored some of his props. Interesting.
Gordon: I believe said props would be considered unsuitable for little kiddies who aren't quite aware of the bodily anatomy.
Chico: Right. Okay, back to business. Serious lights and serious music, please. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanny Gokey. Judges thought it was sung very well, Kara thought it was his own.
Gordon: safe.
Chico: Come on, you know he's safe! Next is Matt Giraud. Judges thought it was incredible on every level.
Gordon: I hated it.
Chico: Well, America loved it. He's SAFE.
Gordon: Boo, America.
Chico: Scott is next.
Gordon: I sense bad things for Scott.
Chico: Paula liked the guitar. The other three... not so much. The risk... didn't pay off. He's in the bottom three.
Gordon: There's a non-surprise.
Chico: Ryan leads him there personally.
Gordon: And hands him over to Anoop.
Chico: Allison is next. Lil is also next. Judges loved Allison.
Gordon: One of them will be in the bottom. I doubt it will be Allison on a rebound week.
Chico: Judges thought Lil was the k-word. She's getting a bit vulnerable.
Chico: Lil has NEVER been in the bottom three... Allison has been in the bottom three... once or twice. Allison will be back..... NEXT WEEK. Lil is in the bottom three.
Gordon: Also not a major surprise.
Chico: Simon thinks that this is the first week that the save matters. There is one person in particular that he would consider saving.
Gordon: You have to save Lil.
Chico: Obviously.
Gordon: That's a no brainer. If she leaves, so does your R&B Audience.
Chico: Unless people tune in for Matt.
Gordon: Matt isn't really R&B.
Chico: Business has to wait a bit more, because we have a roller-skating waitress from Albemarle, NC., who's also not smarter than a 5th grader.
Gordon: And likes the calamari.
Chico: Here she is... Kellie Pickler.
Gordon: Do you feel pickled?
Chico: Hey now... Kids reading...I will say this though... She's had some... enhancements. Unfortunately, not all of them vocal, as she sings to Simon.
Gordon: Or fortunately, depending on how Vlasic your pickle is.
Chico: Ha. She could NEVER get away with that as a contestant. The song is called "The Best Days of Your Life", co-written by Taylor Swift... Oh, THAT's why it sounds so good.
Gordon: So talent may have nothing to do with it?
Chico: Prrrrrrrobably not. And... Paula, sit down!
Gordon: Paula wants to be pickled
Chico: And Kellie once again decides to give WAY MORE INFO THAN NEEDED. Someting about busting out of her seams and "Does this mean I have to go now?" Nice to know she hasn't changed one bit.
Gordon: Ryan directs Kellie to the calamari
Chico: Okay, time to send one person back to safety. That person... is... LIL.
Gordon: Ryan directs Lil to saferty
Chico: Okay, time for the results. 34 million votes put Anoop and Scott in the bottom two.
Gordon: 30,000 separated the 2.
Chico: That's some pretty chose shavage. And in the bottom today.... SCOTT. Anoop will be back next week.
Gordon: Any shot that Scott gets saved?
Chico: Not with THAT song.
Gordon: You have to hold onto that save.
Chico: With "The Search Is Over", Scott is singing for his life.
Gordon: You cant burn it on Scott, when you have Danny and Adam (the 2 self-proclaimed finalists) still up there.
Chico: And it looks like the judges are REALLY thinking it over.
Gordon: 'Looks' being the operative word.
Chico: The girls give the standing O...And it seems like we have a deadlock. Two judges want to save Scott. The other two don't.
Gordon: The problem is that you need 4. I actually don't think 2 want to save him at all.
Chico: Which do you think, G?
Gordon: I think it's pandering.
Chico: You think it's all keeping up appearances.
Gordon: I do.
Chico: Alrighty. He was no better tonight than he was last night, if it matters. The verdict...Simon says it's not just based on Scott, it's based on the others as well. The bottom line... This was not the right song. And this is the end of the line for you.
Gordon: And he says what we've been saying. You can't save Scott when there are people who are performing better who need the save.
Chico: But the question now remains... with two weeks remaining, will the save EVER be used?
Gordon: It could be. Just don't know yet.
Chico: Stay tuned. Paula has the last word. He's been an inspiration to the entire world. "You are one classy gentleman. God bless you. We love you."
Gordon: Scott may be blind, but America isn't deaf.
Chico: Wrong, but not incorrect. And let's see the standings...

Grandma Pepper: 23
Chico: 21.5
Gordon: 19
Jason: 16
Don: 8

Chico: Okay, now the question remains... Who does this help? I can see Danny getting some of Scott's vote. Anoop definitely needs a solid effort next week.
Gordon: I think the vote goes to Danny and Matt Giraud - the other piano player left.
Chico: Cool cool. But it all comes down to Anoop and Kris. Both need solid efforts next week. We'll see who's more solid then.
Gordon: I think Anoop is in deep, deep trouble next week.
Chico: Just hope he doesn't sing Usher again. He needs every advantage you can get.
Gordon: I'm not sure it matters what he sings
Chico: But that's... why we play the game.
Gordon: True. And we'll see what he sings - and what everyone else sings - next week.
Chico: Remember to support your local singers!

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