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Today is

It Takes One To Know One - April 30

Heather Mills' falldown put a curse on elimination the past 2 weeks, and an encore from John snipped out of the bottom 2. But that can all change, again as the couples do 2 more routines. Let's get it going.

For the first time this season, I took all 6 couples and combined the ballroom and the latin round into 1 paragraph....or maybe 2. Laila & Max will go first in the ballroom doing a quickstep to "Part-Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder and she put her good boxing skills to use. Here's what the judges said....Carrie Ann quoted one line from an old LL cool J song, Len said she's turned the gas up, and Bruno said she's opened the door to ballroom heaven. Combining the judges scorecards, we have a first round total.

ROUND 1 Score: 29

For their Latin round, they did a samba, and looked more better than ever all with a solo by Laila at the end. How did that go? Carrie Ann said that was amazing, Len said he hopes her dad's is proud. And I'm proud to see the scores:

ROUND 2 Total: 30
Overall Score: 59

After one narrow escape, John & Edyta will be up. In the ballroom round, they did a fox trot to "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. John took up the entire floor for that dance. Now let's see if the judges are worth it. Carrie Ann said it's his best dance thus far, Len said he would be in a hospital if he keeps this up, and Bruno said he's been to dance rehab. Maybe the scores would feel better, perhaps?

ROUND 1 Total: 23

Maybe a rumba felt better as they danced to "Under Pressure" by Queen. (or was it Ice Ice Baby by vanilla Ice?) John proved that he's the senior citizen showing a sexy dance to the people at home. But did the judges in the ballroom see that? Carrie Ann said he's the best mover despite being old, Len said he's not the first old guy to seduce a young girl....maybe it was Jerry Springer.....and Bruno said his footwork is improving incredibly. Did a score improve?

ROUND 2 Total: 22
Overall Score: 45

Apolo & Julianne will be up. In the ballroom round, they did a fox trot to "Steppin' Out." It was very classy all the way no matter what. Let's step aside with the judges. Carrie Ann said she was amazed by that musicality, Len said it was in no way great and Bruno didn't see where the badness was. But there's a good thing we have the scoreboard, and here it is:

ROUND 1 Total: 26

What's more good is that they took a mambo, and did more moves with caution. But did that throw any caution to the judges wind? Carrie Ann said it was a little off this time, Len said he couldn't call it great and Bruno said he's selling it with such ease. Now the scoreboard, with class....

Round 2 Total: 28
Overall Score: 54

Ian & Cheryl are up. In the ballroom round, they did a tango to "Holdin' Out for a hero" by Bonnie Tyler, and with his best tango, it made the former cast of "90210" proud. Were the judges proud, too? Carrie Ann said he had the drama, Len said it had fire & passion and Bruno said it was the revenge of Ian. Was revenge sweet to the numbers?

Round 1 Total: 27

The latin round gave him even more as they mambo to "Gimmie The Light" by Sean Paul. He took a shirt minus the sleeves and danced all the way like crazy. Now let's see if the judges shed some light on him. Carrie Ann gave him a nice attitude shift, Len said he's got great rhythm and Bruno said it's his night for a breakthrough. But let's conquer the numbers, shall we?

Round 2 Total: 27
Overall Score: 54

We got Billy Ray & Karina ready to dance. In round 1, they did a waltz to Neil Diamond and let Billy Ray have Karina at it. Did the judges have at it? Carrie Ann said it was enough content, Len said it was a smba step in the routine and Bruno said it was like Vanna White on "Wheel of Fortune." Where will the numbers land?

Round 1 Total: 17

Round 2 gave them a chance to turn them around as they samba to "Living In America" by James Brown. That samba step in the last round, gave them more feeling with Billy Ray and his motorcycle boots. Now the judges. Carrie Ann said it managed to pull it out sometimes, Len said it didn't get those shoes off Master P and Bruno said it managed to pull yourself through the dance without respect of anything. Did it turn around?

Round 2 Score: 21
Overall Score: 28

Joey & Kym will go dead last. In the first round, they fox trotted to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel." Joey performed a little magic, and it turned out to be magical. And now for the next trick, the judges. Carrie Ann said it finally pulled the stops out, Len said it had attidude, belief and confidence and Bruno said it was dazzling. Here's the numbers:

Round 1 Score: 29

To end the night, They did a jive. It was all with kicks, and a whole lot of fun. Now the judges one last time. Carrie Ann said he's flexible, Len said it was totally N*SYNC, and Bruno said a smashing showcase of talent. Let's end it with a smash, shall we?

Round 2 Score: 30
Overall Score: 30

What a smashing night. Here comes the final tally:

59 -- Laila & Maks, Joey & Kym
54 -- Apolo & Julianne, Ian & Cheryl
45 -- John & Edyta
38 -- Billy Ray & Karina

It turned out to be a smash hit alright, but tomorrow, one will get smahsed. For real. Smash you later.


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