Dancing with the Stars
Season 4
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Today is

... and Just One Crumbles - April 24

After a group swing, the results show swings into action with one thing in mind: Get 1 couple out. Got it? Let's roll.

After a night of latin dances and some that aren't, we finally got a rewind that goes to......John & Edyta's mambo. And for a little bit of Mortal Kombat, Edyta kicked John in the back of the head. Ouch. Remeber when she was blonde and 17? I know that. Now she's brunette and all grown up, but still with no shoes on. Lucky we got Joss Stone here and on the floor, it's Tony, Elena and Julianne with her brother, Derek from her hometown in Salt Lake City. The audience loved a big night last night, and JC Chazea loved Joey's group swing performance, Gabrielle Carteris liked Ian in the swing and Geroge Wendt knew John was a fun dancer. But it's all fun to be the first 2 couples headed into next week. In random order.......Apolo & Julianne.....followed by......Laila & Max.

The members of the broadway play "DreamGirls," the title that was also an award-winning movie thanks to Jennifer Hudson of "Idol" fame, are here to dance and sing for you. If you check the numbers, there are 14 of them. After Joss Stone does a number from her new album, have you ever wondered what happens when the couples do crazy stuff? This next segment can. Let's see there's...Heather giggling in rehearsal, Billy Ray doing a dance, John showing magic to Edyta and Ian eating a bug. Ewww! But there were 2 more couples that didn't bug out staring with.....Joey & Kym....and in the bottom 2.....John & Edyta.

We get another segment on the stars preparing for show day. Billy Ray strums a guitar, Apolo jumps rope, Laila practices the steps and Heather kisses the lucky penny her daughter gave. But it wasn't lucky as Ian & Cheryl and Billy Ray & Karina stayed safe as Heather & Jonathan landed in the bottom 2. Who's unlucky to be out for good? It's...........................Heather & Jonathan. John stays safe thanks to the encore. On the positive side, she donated her salary to Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, and reminded us all to give up meat one day. She'll now take a funeral dance to "When Will I see You Again." And I will see you next week, as 7 more couples practice 2 more routines hoping for a title. See Ya!

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