Dancing with the Stars
Season 4
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Today is

Someone's Drowning on the River - April 10

It was a night of highs & lows and our results show knows it means everything for one couple who will leave with nothing. Let's see who it will be tonight.

What a down week for last week's 3rd placers. Leeza & Clyde sank near the bottom and Laila is losing her steam as fast as she could. Apolo & Billy Ray both picked up improvement, but it was Joey who stole the whole show, and he gets his 2nd rewind in a row for tonight. Big & Rich will be up doing "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy," and uses Cheryl, Tony, Edyta, and Alec dressed as cowboys using the same freestyle choreography that took Drew Lachey to a title. And speaking of him, he invited us to the ballroom to return one more time. Back in the locker room, Clyde knew that the competetion was harder, but knows it's all a lot of fun. The audience did have fun tonight. They offered up their opinions on the good and the bad, including Alfonso Ribiero telling Clyde to come alive. And he's about to if the public can vote him enough.

In random order, it's time for the first 2 couples to be safe. They are.....Apolo & Julianne....followed by....Billy Ray & Karina. More to be picked later on. Back in the locker room, Samantha had a rumor of her own. She is pregnant with a "little baby dancer" by her husband, Michael. Isn't that nice? Andrei Gavriline and Elena Kryuchkova, the Latin winners of PBS's America's Ballroom Challenge for a little samba. For a rumba, Brian & Julianne are up to dance accompanied by Big & Rich. Now a segment on the anatomy of a great dancer. Len knows fast feet and strong legs are necessary, and Carrie Ann said the flips are possible because of a strong abdomen. She also knows drama comes from the head motions, but the shoulders make a dancer nervous.

Here's another segment on the decisions and pressures the pro dancers face every week. Max knows they rely on the stars 100%. Julianne said, "If we make a bad decision on our wardrobes, it can affect the whole dance." Kym knows he should feel confident come show day, and he is confident because he is safe. Also safe....Ian & Cheryl.....followed by....Heather & Tony....and....Clyde & Elena....with.....Laila & max.....and.....Heather & Jonathan. Looks like we left out Heather & Jonathan and Leeza & Tony. Looks like it's goodbye for.............................Leeza & Tony. John survives another week. They must now take the funeral dance to "Miss you Like Crazy" by Natalie Cole. Might've gone with "I Miss You" by Blink-182, but oh, well. You don't want to miss next week, as the 8 couples will master the samba or the rumba. Don't miss a minute and we'll see you in 6. Bye!

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