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Season 4
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Today is

When Worlds Collide - April 23

A stumble by Heather Mills didn't trip when she stayed out of the botom two. That pratfall meant it's time for the other 7 couples to master new routines including a swing dance. One more fall down and a couple will hit the highway. Let's go!

Now up first, Joey & Kym. After a slip down from the top spot, will they climb back up the top rung of the ladder? As they samba, Joeydid some goodsolo moves, and both did a merry-go-round move. Let's go around the judges table for the first time tonight. Carrie Ann said it was the best performance thus far, Len said he's like a swashbuckler, and Bruno said it went for it like a fighting cockroach. Can they fight back on top? Only the numbers will tell:

LEN: 9
Total Score: 27
That'll give them a head start.

And up next is Heather & Jonathan. Last week, a fall meant a narrow bottom 2 escape rose again. They'll paso doble to "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" by madonna. Heather did a high leg hold and a kick around while Jonathan did a slide-through. Heather did a big dip to end it. There was no fall, thank god. Now the judges. Carrie Ann said she threw more tricks than anybody else, Len loved the opening and Bruno said it useed drama very well. Right now, we use the numbers to total them up.

LEN: 8
Total Score: 23
It will be 2nd place for them.

John & Edyta will be up next. A samba captured the carnival spirit, and now they'll mambo to "The mambo Swing." Edyta tossed John's hat and both did a shout gesture.
Edyta tumbled back and splitted to end it. Did that had swing? Carrie Ann said it was cute, Len said the routine was awful and Bruno said it reeled "The owl & The Pussycat." Reeling in the scores now:

LEN: 6
Total Score: 19
Not good, but not bad for 3rd place.

And Laila & max will be next. One samba pile drived to a better score. Will a cha-cha bulldoze them to safety? Find out as they dance to "Hold On, I'm Comin'" by Sam & Dave. Max did a kick and Laila took some support from the crowd and did a funky dance. Wasn't that enough to keep their hot sreak going? Carrie Ann said it was fantastic, Len said that was pure gold, and Bruno said it tuned into a magnificent obsession. Turning in the scores now:

LEN: 9
Total Score: 29
And now they have the lead.

Okay fans, it's time for Billy Ray & Karina to dance. Let's see how well they do as they jive tonight. Billy Ray danced around Karina and when she started to dance, Karina did kicks there and Both did twists and Karina did a kicking butt gesture. After a back dip kick, Billy Ray went crazy by the end. Well? Carrie Ann said it had feel good moves to it, Len said it was always entertaingin and Bruno said the crazy bear is loose at a cheerleading convention. If only we can ring in the scores:

LEN: 7
Total Score: 24
And they snatch up 2nd place.

And Apolo & Julianne are up. They scored a 30 last week, but can they repeat again? They'll rumba to "Cool" by Gwen Stefani. Apolo did a balance on the chair, got up to dance and Julianne did a dip on the chair. She also did a floor spin & split and Apolo did a leg up and Julianne sat on the chair to end it. Now let's stand and fact the judges. Carrie Ann said it did psych himself out, Len said it enjoyed the performance and Bruno said it was like a choreographed poem. Line up for the scores:

LEN: 9
Total Score: 28
And they take the tie for 1st.

Ian & cheryl will be last up. Will he bring more performace glory this week? They paso doble to "Waiting for Tonight" by Jennifer Lopez. Cheryl rose up and Ian did a drag move. Cheryl rotate 1/2 of a 360 and she also did a go-through. Now the judges one last time. Carrie Ann said it had moments of brillance, Len said it was a little bit dissapointed and Bruno said the posture wasn't right. The scores last time now:

LEN: 8
Total Score: 24
And it'll be a tie for 4th place.

Going into the group swing, here's how they stand:

28 -- Laila & Maks, Apolo & Julianne
27 -- Joey & Kym
24 -- Ian & Cheryl
23 -- Heather & Jonathan
21 -- Billy Ray & Karina
19 -- John & Edyta

Now the group dance. They rehearsed with Christain Perry. Laila went next to a cardboard Heather and sat next to Joey who hold "10" paddles. Yikes! Did they take those without asking? Anyway, they'll now dance to "rock This Town" by the Stray Cats. The ladies smush around Billy Ray and the guys try to stop that. After that they pair up and Apolo & Julianne did jump overs and John & Edyta did a carry. 2 more couples were in and a impromptu fight, no fists were thrown was on. Thankfully, they went back to dancing. 2 more couples danced, and all came in a circle when they fell down and some left the floor. Right now, I'll leave you to remind you that in 22 1/2 hours, someone will leave for good. See you guys on the results.


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