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Season 4
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Today is

And To Have Someone Lose One - April 30

It's the results show. Do I need to explain what it is? Probably not. Let's go.

What a day it turned out to be. 2 couples were tied 1 away from a perfect 60, and Laila continued to flow while John kept his mojo and his work going. However, we promote the rewind not to go to John, but to......wait a sec. There were 2 perfect routines. One on Joey & Kym's Jive and the other on Laila & Max's samba. The coin flip decided it was........Laila & Max. I guess Joey & Kym got the bad news that they lost. Meat Loaf has been in the rock business for a long time, and now he takes the stage to "Bat Out Of Hell." While all 6 dance pros including veteran Louis Van Amstel danced, we head to the locker room, where Ian calls Joey the golden boy and he knows he's the driving force behind N*SYNC. EVeryone including JT.

We take "Sportscenter," combine the show and you get.......Dance Center. Kenny Mayne broke it down along with Jerry Rice and Len Goodman to give you an in-depth perspective of the couples who have made it so far. Talk about "Cold Pizza" turned hot in the microwave. The next performance went to the young people with the help of Alec Mazo. Even there's on couple who are both 9 years old. Uh, "Fifth Grader" anyone? Last up, Jonathan Wilkins & Katusha Demidova -- accompanied by Meatloaf. They've won "America's Ballroom Challenge" and they sent a message telling Billy Ray & Karina to sit up and take notes on the waltz. Last night, the audience loved a great night and 90210 members chose Ian & Cheryl as their favorite. And in random order......they did pick them as they moved on. That's followed by.....Apolo & Julianne......and.......Laila & Max.....and.......Joey & Kym.....which leaves us with Billy Ray or John. John's been to the bottom 2 before, and escaped. Did he escpae again? No, he did not, meaning Billy Ray did escape. As they did the bunny hop to Paul Young's "Everytime you Go Away," we hop out of here to remind you that next week, all 5 couples will do it again. Hop to ya later, bye!

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