Dancing with the Stars
Season 4
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Today is

... and Have One Lose It - April 17

Well, it was a sexy show to see it, but only one will get ousted by the end of the program. Who is it? Let's roll!

What did we learn last night? Clyde dancing like a wallflower, Laila not giving up, Billy Ray faltering, and Apolo & Julianne got their first perfect score of the season. That earns them a rewind for their best efforts. Next week, a group swing dance will be in effect. and to make sure they know what they're exactly doing, the pros from this season along with Annette Nicole and last season's Slim-Fast Dance Challenge pro Christian Perry will demonstrate it for you.

Back in the locker room, Heather knew how to recover from a fall down by saying, "Just Jump Up." So many stars were there to witness it last night, including Lance Bass getting impressed by Heather's stumble, Sugar Ray Leonard rooting on Laila, and Florence Henderson from "The Brady Bunch" goes for Apolo. Whoa there, Flo. Now in random order, we got the first 2 couples going on. They are....Laila & Maks....and...John & Edyta. There's more to be picked later on.

Staying here in the ballroom, John wants to have fun in the ballroom....and the baby boom.....yeah. And Max wants to earn a perfect score one 10 at a time. Please. Wait until the finals if you're lucky. From the "So You Think You Can Dance" files come Lisa Rinna doing a Broadway number who sang and danced and is starring in the play "Chicago." Nice work, Lisa. Macy Gray is back. I believe it. And she sings "Finally made Me Happy." Nice shining mic stand. And now, a day in the life of the makeup artists and hair stylists. They make new looks like the costume designers and the couples must arrive at 8 a.m. to get 3 hours worth of makeup. That's a lot of time. The men get the shortest amount of makeup than the women. Why? We just don't know, but we know there are 2 couples moving on. They are....Apolo & Julianne....and....Joey & Kym.

Now a segment on the stars about the judges. Ian make sure that he ate like a bug. If only I didn't see that. Heather wants them to fight amongst themselves, and Billy Ray wants an 8 badly, but we get a 10 for making it through. Ian & Cheryl are next. That means Heather or Clyde is eliminated. Who's time is up? It's..............Clyde & Elena. Heather falls to dance another week. They must now take the funeral dance to "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men. Next week, only one couple will face the dead end. Who's it going to be? You'll see why next week. It's the end and I'm Pierre Kelly. See you soon, people.

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