Dancing with the Stars
Season 4
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Today is

... Then One Must Fail - March 27

What a mouthful of dancing we had on "Dancing With the Stars" the past 2 weeks. Only one couple will spit out the ballroom as we get the results show started.

Where do we begin? After reminiscing through the good, the bad and the downright ugly moves, we go LIVE and hand out the season's first fast forward arrows going the other way to...Laila & Max's mambo. You get to see them once again tonight. And now we get in random order the first 2 couples going to next week. Up first.......Heather & Jonathan.....followed by......Clyde & Elena. We'll have more couples picked later on.

It's performance time! Dionne Warwick does "I say a little prayer" and on the floor we see Cheryl Burke, Anna Trebunskaya, Jonathan Roberts and Pasha Barsuk doing a Latin routine. So many fans were out there to know what they thought of the show, and how should go, including Brian Austin Green loving Laila, Sela Ward liking Billy Ray and of course, a few remarks from Mr. Love Connection himself, Chuck Woolery. Hold everything! We got another 2 couples picked. First up.....Ian & Cheryl....followed by.....Laila & Maks. But we still got more, so hang in there.

Next week will be the Jive and the Tango, and the pros will now Jive to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." The pros took it took the audience, in the band area, on the floor, back in the crowd, and ended on the judges table. Talk about a falls count anywhere match. Now it's Jimmy Kimmel with his friend Guillermo in a dress demonstrating the Tango, along with it's history, the steps, and how they do it. Guys, it's not how you do it. Looks like the stake has struck on our first bottom 2 couple and it's.....Paulina & Alec. Who else is the other couple joining them? You'll find out after Dionne Warwick doing a Latin remix to "Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?" And if you pay attention on the left side of the floor, it's Yesenia Adame and Claudia Velasco dancing. Oh wait, wasn't that the same Yesenia from 2 seasons ago? Or maybe it was because of her "Show Me The Money" gig? (C-Note: Yep, it was money) I liked that show. Oh, and by the way, Claudia & Julianne were on that show. Now where am I? Oh yes.....we get a segment on the surprise of the new season. Heather felt like a "drag queen" when she's made up for show day. But Ian's partner knew she wears so much glitter, she's slippery. Watch out. Shandi said, "You could bathe in bacon and you would never gain an ounce." That explains how she stays so thin. Reminds me of eating fast food.

Trista Sutter, Kenny Mayne, and Tucker Carlson shared the ups and downs in this segment about why they were the first to be eliminated. Maybe who will join them? It's not....Billy Ray & Karina.....not.....Leeza & Tony....and it's going to be....Apolo & Julianne.....and it ain't....John & Edyta....and it won't be.....Joey &'s Shandi & Brian. So it's down to either Shandi or Paulina. T

he lights have been turned off for..........Paulina & Alec. Shandi survives another week. Talk about an upset. They must take the funeral dance to "One More Night," but we got another week to kill. Next week, 10 couples remain. Who will have their last night here in the ballroom? I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out

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