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Season 4
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Today is

Oops, You Broke a Headlight - April 3

Someone's about to be crashed into the wall. The Results show is our only hope. Let's get crackin'!

What a night of the better dancing. Clyde & Elena are the worst, but the highlight goes to 4 couples tied in first and 3 couples tied for 3rd. It's time now to honor the rewind of the week, and it goes to Joey & Kym's tango inspired by Star Wars. Way to go, guys. Atlanta's own Ciara is up to perform her smash hit, "Like A Boy." I don't know if that sounds juvenile or not. In the locker room, Ian wants to look harder despite a 24, and Laila apologized for breaking a rule. In random order, we reveal the first 2 couples who did rule. First up, Joey & Kym....and....Apolo & Julianne. Now Survivor doing "Eye of the Tiger" and to know that next week is the paso doble, they resemble the movie "Rocky." Sounds like a connection here.

Jimmy Kimmel has a segment on how you, too can do the paso doble. It has 27 steps. One too many. He raised you up when...well, you know. It's Josh Groban doing a song accompanied by Tony & Julianne. Now we get a a clairvoyant and a numerologist on this season's predictions. The numerologist picked Laila & Maks, while the clairvoyant chose Ian & Cheryl. Me...Heather & Jonathan. Others included...Heather will cry by week 5 and Joey is going to drive Kym to a breakdown. Sounds like a soap opera.

Here's a segment on how horrible and scary the Results Show is. The stars share why they face the fear of the red light and Shandi has already escaped last week. Will she do it again? Maybe not. Or maybe....She's in the bottom 2. Let's see who else is safe starting with.....Billy Ray & Karina....followed by.....Laila & Max.....and....Ian & Cheryl....and up ahead is.....John & Edyta....and surprise, it's Clyde & Elena....and Heather & Jonathan are safe. Leeza & Tony is left all alone. Will she fall out? Nope. Shandi & Brian are gone and Leeza is safe for now. They take the funeral dance to "Careless Whisper." So, that's it for now. Tune in next week when our couples will take on the waltz or the paso doble. I'm Pierre Kelly. See you later.

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