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Today is

How We Bring Sexy Back - April 16
Many news anchors tried, but failed. Kenny Mayne, Tucker Carlson, Gisele Fernandez and now, Leeza Gibbons. Is there any way we can end that streak? We'll leave it for next season, but our 8 couples will now master the rumba or the samba. And next week, the 7 hopefuls will do a group dance and learn 2 dances in 1 show. But right now, we're off and running.
Out of the first gate is Ian & Cheryl. Will he get more oxygen than last week? They'll samba to "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira.   Some of the highlights were Ian doing a solo before he pretended to take a break while Cheryl broke it down solo. To the judges for the first time tonight. Carrie Ann said the shimmy worked for him, Len said he wants to go to the next level and Bruno said it was like a power tool. Let's hammer in the numbers for the first time:
LEN: 8
Total Score: 24
That'll give them a good start.
Now, 2nd in line, Clyde & Elena. After a bad score, did a trip to China bring out the good karma in him? They'll rumba to "What's Going on?" by Marvin Gaye. Elena did a solo and a leg hang carousel for her best.  Now let's see what's going on with the judges. Carrie Ann said he's the worst dancer on the show, Len said the footwork wasn't correct and Bruno said it was so polite. Maybe it was the sprit of him in Yao Ming. Anyway, here's the numbers:
LEN: 5
Total Score: 14
Way in 2nd place, way down in last place.
Goign for 3rd, Heather & Jonathan doing a samba to "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" by Tavares. Heather took off some of Jonathan's jacket and she also did a catch & hang. Both did a hi-5, and Heather did a foot touch to fall down to end it. Did that happen? Carrie Ann said the fall was amazing, Len said it came out and really sold it, and Bruno said it was Studio 54 limbo dancing again. Here come the numbers:
LEN: 7
Total Score: 21
And they steal 2nd place.
Now up, Joey & Kym. If you look in the record books, they earned 2 encores in a row. Let's see if they can earn another as they rumba. Kym did a kick and Joey did a music box spin. Both did a balance act, and Kym did a leg hold spin. At the end, both did an engagement gesture. Did that had a nice ring to it? Carrie Ann said it attacked it too hard, Len said it was a bit feminine and Bruno said it was strong & softer. And the numbers say:
LEN: 8
Total Score: 25
And they now have the lead.
We're halfway home and John & Edyta are up. Can they regain the magic lost from last week? They'll samba to "Love is In the Air." John did a conga drum solo and Edyta did a solo, a kick over, and a plain kick. Both did arm rolls and John played drums on Edyta's belly to end it. Please. The judges....Carrie Ann said it was good, Len said it captured the carnival and Bruno said it tapped on the inner child. Here's the numbers now:
LEN: 6
Total Score: 18
And it's all but 4th place. 
Now Laila & Maks are ready. Can they rise again after a bit a last week's fall? They'll rumba to "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Rae. It was everything sexy and sultry including a break-up by both at the end. Let's see if the judges were keeping records. Carrie Ann said she's the comeback kid, Len said it was the best performance and Bruno said it was so sexy. So, here's the scoreboard:
LEN: 10
Total Score: 28
And they score for 1st place.
Who's up next? It's Apolo & Julianne. They'll samba to "I like to Move It" by Reel 2 Reel. It shook up the energy of the ballroom including a kick over Apolo by Julianne. How did that go? Carrie Ann said it was perfection, Len said they got a great show and Bruno said it possessed tonight. Let's go to the numbers:
LEN: 10
Total Score: 30
Perfect score and the lead.
Billy Ray & Karina will be last doing a rumba to "What's Love Got to Do with It?" by Tina Turner. Karina sat on Billy Ray's knee and got up to dance. She also did a ballerina move. How did that go? Carrie Ann said it arms was positive, but the foot weren't, Len said it was a couple having hanky-panky in the back of a Chevy......okay and Bruno said it turned into a pillar of salt. Time to collect the numbers and the empties for this round.
LEN: 6
Total Score: 17
Not good. 6th place.
Justin Timberlake was right. We got our sexy on. Here's the final tally:
30 -- Apolo & Julianne
28 -- Laila & Maksim
25 -- Joey & Kym
24 -- Ian & Cheryl
21 -- Heather & Jonathan
18 -- John & Edyta
17 -- Billy Ray & Karina
13 -- Clyde & Elena
Is Clyde's time finally ran out, or will Apolo & Julianne get an encore to end Joey & Kym's streak. Tune in 22 1/2 hours from now and see. Nighty-night.


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