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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 19, 2005

Jason:  Yuck.
Chico:  I think I have the filet mignon, Gordon. No deal.
Rob: Well, i got some nachos.
Dan:  mmmm...castor oil
Chico:  We're back on the Big Show... Talking smack and backing it up since 2002 :) And now it's time for our favorite game of three on a non-match... Trios!
Jason:  Alright!
Brian:  Because 3 on a match is bad luck!
Chico:  You know how we play this: I'll give three choices and the question that unites them. If it was any easier, a three-year-old could play it. First up...

Judd from Survivor
Iron Flay vs. Two Hot Tamales
The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Gordon: Which one provides the most hot air?

The question: In honor of Thanksgiving... which is the biggest turkey feast?

Rob: Apprentice Stewart.
Brian:  Flay VS. the Tamales!
Dan:  Martha.
Jason:  Martha
Gordon: Flay and the Tamales. Martha isn't awful and Judd, compared to Jamie, is downright personable.
Chico:  Well... you got a point there. Who won that battle anyway?
Gordon: It was a TIE!
Dan:  Fukui-san!
Chico:  Nah. He didn't battle. Anyway, next up...

To have more time with Julie
A contract holdout tactic
To concentrate on inheriting J!

Question: Jeff Probst... What's the REAL reason behind that move of his?

Jason:  Holdout. This is a classic move.
Rob: He was ok on Rock Jeopardy, Julie is nice to look at, But this just smacks of Bobby Ewing leaving dallas in 1985.  He wants more money.
Brian:  Contract holdout.
Rob: Contract Holdout.
Gordon: Money too - though I'd be careful on doing it
Jason:  He doesnt want to be David Caruso.
Brian:  Or a Rob Lowe
Gordon: That's what concerns me on it. Next one?

Bai Ling
A screeching cat
Infamous Phone Jeopardy! clip

Dan:  hahaha!
Gordon: I protest this question.
Chico:  The question... oh, Gordon, you're going to love this one.
Gordon: PROTEST!
Chico:  At least let me ask first!
Gordon: Fine, then I'll protest
Dan:  C'mon Gordon. Let 'er rip, Chico.

Which of these is better to listen to than Carrie Underwood's new album?

Rob: Ouch.
Jason:  None.
Gordon: Ah. BAI LING!
Chico:  Still want to protest?
Gordon: I withdraw the protest, sir.
Dan:  Bai Ling.
Gordon: I love to hear my Bai Ling Sing!
Jason:  I protest.
Rob: Bai Ling is to music as to Don Johnson and Eddie Murphy is to Music.
Gordon: I liked Eddie Murphy's Party All The Time.
Chico:  Let's hear from the dissention. Jason, your thoughts...
Jason:  I have heard the first single...and Carrie can sing. Comparing Bai Ling or a screeching cat to Carrie's Underwood's singing talent is a total disservice to her.
Gordon: Did Bai Ling at least get the words right in her songs?
Chico:  Okay... But for something that isn't supposed to sound like country (per Carson Daly)... sure sounds like Leann Rimes (about "Some Hearts"). But again, different strokes. Okay, next up...

Sensitive puzzle
Sensitive audience
Sensitive producer

Gordon: Why we've been getting edited out of some WOF puzzles?
Chico: You're good, Gordon.
Brian:  Sensitive producer.
Rob: Producer.
Gordon: Sensitive producer - but I agree with WOF Uber-Producer Harry Friedman. I think that to get the whole idea of what the benefit is for, you need to edit out some puzzles.
Chico:  Actually, they all work in tandem. So any of the three would be right.
Jason:  I mean you dont want a trip to say...the Harrah's in Biloxi - which was blown away.
Chico:  But still, it's a testament ot New Orleans and Wheel of Fortune that we get to see these shows at all. And the WOF producers ought to be commended for that.
Jason:  I felt a little weird recapping the shows, but it was fun to watch.
Gordon: Next one?

The challenge
The attention
The hot Bob action.

Gordon: Why do women go on The Bachelor?
Chico:  Good question... but not right.

The question: What's up with all of this week's TPIR contestants?

Chico:  I mean, why are they there?
Jason:  The Hot Bob Action. They weren't there to win :)
Gordon: The attention - they all want to be Media hos!
Chico:  *plays Area Codes again*.
Dan:  Attention whores and all-out spacey. They should have spent more time paying attention to the game.
Gordon: hoes hoes hoes get yo hoes
Chico:  Just a reminder, out of 30 rounds played this week...10 were won.
Jason:  a 33% rating.
Rob: I do remember that there were a few bailouts.
Chico:  But still, a 33... that's pathetic. I sound like Trump!
Gordon: You going to fire all of the contestants?
Chico:  Thinking about it... Anyway....Final Trio!

The Bravest and The Finest (That first one, of course, would be NYPD vs. FDNY for you non-New Yorkers)
The Apprentice
Two underperforming sitcoms

Chico:  Question: What special week should we see on the Feud next?
Brian:  The Apprentice
Rob: They did it in the past with Freaks and Geeks Vs. Popular.
Dan:  I remember that one.
Rob: Which almost realized our dreams early.
Dan:  I'd go with the Sitcoms.
Gordon: Well, we just experienced the Bravest and the Finest and I don't really need any more Apprentice exposure, so I'll go with the 2 underperforming sitcoms
Chico:  And as for sitcoms, I nominate How I Met Your Mother and The War At Home. :)
Rob: I nominate Stacked Vs. Rodney
Gordon: Family Guy Vs. South Park
Brian:  They're cartoons!
Gordon: So?
Brian:  Hello!
Gordon: They had Beavis and Butthead give out MTV Awards. Why not this? And they'd be vastly more entertaining than Stacked Vs. Rodney
Rob: But who doesn't want to see Pamela Anderson anywhere.
Gordon: Make her a cartoon too, then you can magnify her...assets.
Chico:  We want to know what you think, America. E-mail us. Please?
Gordon: Let us know your preference.
Chico:  Time for a break. This is your WLTI. Stick with it.

(Brought to you by ADVERB, from the makers of VERB. ADVERB: It's How We Do).

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