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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

September 3, 2007

Chico:  Welcome back... Baby...Sunrise...
Jason:  New game
Chico:  A new game has been born... into this world.
Jason:  cool :)
Gordon: I replaced the crying baby effect with the Amber crying sound effect. I wanted a big sound ;)
Jason:  Very cool.
Chico:  Ah. Big sound for a big game. It's called... What's! My! Zinger! Here's where all of our worst puns go to die.
Jason:  oh boy.
Chico:  We'll bring up an instance, and you come up with your best punchline, or zinger, for it. If it's funny, the others give it a bell (DING!). If it's wack, the others give it a buzz. (BZZZ!) Three of us, six rounds... Optimum score is 12 dings. Whoever has the most bells wins. And yes, you have to be fair about the judging.
Gordon: Awww
Jason:  got it
Chico:  First up..

Among the players announced for "Celebrity Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader".... Kellie Pickler.

Gordon: Kellie knows her A, B, C....cups.
Jason:  They should have called this episode...have you GRADUATED from 5th grade.
Chico:  Her next challenge: "Are You Surgically Bigger Than a 5th Grader?"
Jason:  I ding Gordon and Chico
Gordon: Ding Chico and Jason
Chico:  Ding for each. Next?

Gordon Ramsay gets sued for staging a restaurant and bringing in actors for Kitchen Nightmares.

Chico:  Next thing you're going to tell me is that Hell's Kitchen isn't even a real restaurant!
Jason:  I guess that's what you get for f****ing around with the f****ng show.
Gordon: What do you mean I'm bringing people in? You don't think that Sanjaya isn't a real waiter?
Jason:  Buzz Chico Ding Gordon
Chico:  Ding Jason, Buzz, Gordon.
Gordon: Ding Chico, Ding Jason
Chico:  Sanjaya can't be your go-to =p
Gordon: I've only used Sanjaya once.
Chico:  Just warning you...Next subject.

The BB Houseguests questioned if Drew Carey was the new host of The Price is Right.

Chico:  You think they're rattled now, wait until they figure out that Big Brother is nothing more than a monkey spinning a wheel.
Jason:  The BB Houseguests were part of the group who thought Drew Carey was a presidential candidate
Gordon: Of course, these were the same people who have already gotten their brains spayed and neutered.
Chico:  Dings all around.
Gordon: Ding Jason, Buzz Chico. It's hamster, not monkey.
Jason:  Dings to Gordon and Chico
Chico:  Not that kind of wheel, G.
Gordon: And they've done the Wheel Before (See Big Obnoxious Boss, MY)
Chico:  Nuts.
Gordon: Now if you said a Monkey spinning a wheel with a producer attached to it or a producer spinning a wheel...Next one...

CMT's New Show - I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again!'

Jason:  They forgot the subtitle--"When I was the most popular I have ever been in my life!"
Chico:  Coming soon, the spinoff series, "I want to have zits, braces, puberty periods and awkward social hangups!"
Gordon: Sorry Lindsay and Britney, but if you want to be on the show, you DO have to wear panties.
Chico:  ... what the hell, let's ding'em both.
Jason:  I'll ding you both!
Gordon: Dings all around. Next?
Chico:  Next!

Donald Trump will play Banker on the season premiere of Deal or No Deal.

Gordon: They are replacing the penny case with a spot on the Celebrity Apprentice.
Chico:  He promises that the humiliation of finding a left-side amount will be hyoooge, the biggest disappointment that I've ever seen.
Jason:  Cranky, arrogant and judgmental....typecasting, much?
Chico:  Deal... err. ding both of youse.
Gordon: I'll go for that
Jason:  Ding Gordon, Buzz Chico. Sorry...didnt like the HUUUUGE thing.
Chico:  Goodnight, everybody. Last one?
Gordon: Last one...

Efren Ramirez's uhhh...performance...on Rap Superstar

Jason:  Not only do I NOT want to Vote for Pedro, I want to see Napoleon Dynamite Dance.
Chico:  Someone wrote "Please" on my "Vote for Pedro" shirt.
Gordon: Apparently, DMC is Pedro's daddy.
Gordon: Dings for both.
Jason:  Dings for Both.
Chico:  I want to see Jon Heder dance, too. Dings for both.
Gordon: So the winner, with no buzzes, is....Jason!
Chico:  Alrighty. Jason. The floor is yours.
Jason:  I just want to say that it wasn't totally a summer of suck....and this fall is going to be huge for shows.
Chico:  Cool.
Jason:  I want you guys to support both Temptation and Crosswords. Because even if one succeeds, we get more shows in syndication...and that's what we want, right?
Chico:  That's right.
Gordon: Yepperz
Chico:  WLTI is back on the other side.

(Brought to you by Beauty and the Reek. Six beautiful women. Six smelly men. One tiny room. Can they become so much more?)



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