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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

August 20, 2007

Chico: Today... Merv Griffin... the life and work and life's work of a legend...AND... We go to the winner's circle with Rock and Sabra...AND... we crap out on Power of 10...
Gordon: (flushes toilet)
Chico: AND... another lesson in how NOT to play Big Brother...AND... the week on the Schlam. It's quarterfinal time.
Gordon: Yay!
Chico: I'm Chico Alexander... an expert in using the word AND...Alongside Gordon Pepper AND Jason Block...AND from somewhere in America...We Love to Interrupt... is... ON!
Jason: Whoo-hoo!
Gordon: Yippie!
Chico: AND... we lead off with the life of another one of "The good ones" that now belongs to the ages. Last Sunday, Merv Griffin died of prostate cancer. He leaves behind quite a legacy as evidenced by what America saw on GSN yesterday morning.
Gordon: Merv is an amazing person who has left a wonderful game show legacy which will continue for many years far beyond his death.
Chico: Not to take anything away from the Jeopardy! marathon today, but there was a prize catch in the rotation... a 1976 ep of Wheel with Chuck and Susan.
Jason: You mean they (thud) :)
Chico: ... Gordon, it's your turn to pick Block's jaw off the ground.
Jason: I remember that...way back when...
Gordon: I can't. It, like his swelling head, is too heavy
Jason: Hardy har har. (picks own Jaw back up)
Gordon: There were a number of prize catches in that marathon. The shopping episode, as well as Wheel's 4000th episode celebration, the Pat Vs. Vanna episode, the last regular daytime episode, and... Vanna sings!
Chico: Woo!
Jason: Any ceramic dalmatians involved?
Chico: I remember the ceramic dalmatian...This was when I'd sit on the papasan chair with a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and my Optimus Prime and wait for Press Your Luck to air.
Gordon: Shopping. Hated It. I wanted to nail the ceramic Dalmation with a mallet.
Jason: Why are you on the haterade about the shopping? :)
Chico: What, I loved the shopping. Chuck Woolery ... was big pimpin' even back then.
Gordon: The shopping is great, if you don't mind spending 30% of the episode watching that instead of playing the game.
Chico: Well, you have to remember, G, that this was a different time.
Jason: Way different
Chico: This was like "okay, let's get a full half hour's worth and get the ladies to watch." And women in that or any time, love to shop.
Gordon: It reminded me of Bargain Hunters
Jason: Bingo...early version of the home shopping network.
Chico: Nah, Bargain Hunters was forgettable. A pinky-toe note in Peter Tomarken's career =p But you can't forget about what made the Wheel the Wheel, and several moments reminded us of that yesterday. TODAY, we see why Jeopardy! is what it is. Of course, one could argue *ahem*me*ahem* that every show is a testament to why J! is what it is. And if THAT wasn't enough for you, we see Merv on a special Black & White overnight with Play Your Hunch and To Tell the Truth with him guest hosting. That's going to be a treat.
Jason: As I have said, J! has the cultural impact of today, and the fact that the format of J! saved the quiz industry as we know it.
Gordon: Before we go on to that, kudos to GSN for selecting great WOF episodes for the marasthon, instead of haphazard episodes like in previous marathons.
Chico: You can tell that Merv meant a LOT to the guys at GSN. And I mean a LOT.
Gordon: Obviously
Jason: He flipped the switch for them in 1994. And Merv still means and will mean a lot to US, and the American culture.
Gordon: We'll be chatting much more about Merv later on in the show.
Chico: This is true. That's right. It's gonna be good stuff. You should stick around for that. One person who WON'T be sticking around for ANYTHING is Dustin.
Gordon: Waa waa waaaaaaaa
Chico: Or maybe he'll stick around to vote for the winner of Big Brother, because that's about as far from the finale as he's going to get. He's the first member of the jury of seven who will decide the winner on September 18.
Chico: What have we learned from this, Gordon?
Gordon: Note to Dustin. Never ever EVER suggest yourself to be nominated for eviction. Ever.
Chico: Never?
Gordon: NEVER!
Chico: Ever?
Gordon: EVER!!
Jason: Never ever?
Gordon: NEVER EVER!!!!
Chico: Not even as a patsy?
Gordon: Find someone else to be a patsy. When this dialogue comes up, you want to be the shrinking violet.
Chico: And now Dick is vindicated because a) he managed to "pull off the biggest coup in Big Brother history"... Sorry, I think Eric had you beat personally :) and b) Daniele is HOH... AGAIN. Which means that no way in hell is Evil Dick going on the block
Gordon: Daniele is HOH, and Amber and Jameka are both nominated for eviction. However, the plan is to get rid of...Jen.
Chico: Because, and I've said this before... Daniele is dumb. Or maybe naive... or maybe a little bit of... Wait... I take that back :)
Jason: No, you said she was dumb.
Chico: ... Well, that depends. If this move is anything like the famous five-finger plot to oust Jase back in season 6 or whether it's just another case of well-timed micromanagement.
Gordon: Actually, its the right thing to do. It's also the rationale of why people decided to keep Dick instead of Dustin. You know what Dick was going to do. You did not know what Dustin was going to do - especially since he betrayed Kail and voted to evict her. The rest of the group decided to get rid of Dustin before he did that to anyone else. It's the same reason why Jen will be next. You know what Amber and Jameka will do. You also know that Jameka can't compete for the next Head of Household. You do not know what Jen (who can compete) is going to do, so it's better to get rid of a Wild Card. All of a sudden, now that we're in the jury phase, it's a matter of not who you want in the house, but who you want to face at the end of the game.
Chico: It's also not too early to think abou jury-stacking, you know? Who do you want in your pocket to snare the money at the end.
Gordon: You do not want to face Jen, Amber or Jameka at the end. However, you may want to be up against either Dick or Eric, both of whom have started to make more enemies than friends.
Chico: All of a sudden, you have to pick you battle VERY carefully.
Jason: And you have to much did I upset person X when I put them on the jury.
Gordon: Keep this in mind - who is the only person who hasn't pissed anyone off?
Jason: Eric?
Gordon: nope
Chico: Eric's very being in the house is antagonistic.
Gordon: Though CBS, who knows that to remove Eric or Dick from the house will also mean a removal of ratings, have done everything in their power to keep them both in there.
Chico: Jameka?
Gordon: Miss Bible thumper? Nooooooo
Chico: Funny. I thought Miss Bible Thumper was voted off first week. Perhaps a Bible thumper lite =p
Gordon: No. Jameka has prayed to got for 30 minutes every day. The one person with no enemies is...Jessica.
Chico: That was my third guess. I do not want to be next to Jessica on finale night. Unless we're both in the jury.
Gordon: That makes her a favorite to win the whole thing. That will also make both her and Zach (who has been floating under the radar) late targets.
Jason: Has she played well?
Chico: She's been playing under the radar. She hasn't done anything to raise the ire of the house. Of course she's played well. Zach... same thing.
Gordon: She hasnt done anything to piss anyone off amd she has a pact with America's Player to get to the end. I would say she's in a great position - right now.
Jason: Which can change in a game like this.
Chico: So let's say you are HOH in the final five... and Jessica, Zach, Dick and Eric are still left in the house... Who do you get rid of (this is all hypothetical)?
Jason: Dick or Eric....Simply put they are the biggest targets and getting them out are huge to me winning the money.
Gordon: It also depends on what Alliance I'm in
Chico: One, maybe. Both, no. You want to close off any and all routes that will separate you from the check.
Gordon: I don't think Eric is as much of a threat as you think. Dustin already knows that Eric is responsible for his demise. I am also sure that other people will realize it when they get booted that Eric has been playing all sides. Dick, on the other hand, has been playing the game hard. Oh sure, he's Evil, but he has never in this game backstabbed anyone. If he goes up against someone like an Eric or Amber/Jameka, he has a shot to win it.
Chico: But against Jessica.. you might as well just hand her the money. So that's the state of play on Big Brother as it stands now... unless something, you know... changes during the Veto process.
Gordon: Yep. Eric may realize this too. It should be very interesting to see how he handles that.
Chico: Very interesting indeed. Meanwhile, we have another big loser!
Gordon: One that has set history
Chico: Which is more than what Kathleen Decker got on Power of 10 last week.
Jason: what happened to Ms. Decker?
Chico: Her total prize money... Bupkiss.
Gordon: Waa waaaaaah
Jason: How?
Chico: That's the what. Here's the how. Big Board will help me.

Playing Power of 10 Revisited

- Think nationally, not locally!
- Think ACTUALLY, not honestly.

Chico: In this case, we're recycling the board from last week's show. Kathleen dialed in a guess of 12-52% on this question

What percentage of married Americans said they do not currently love their spouse at least as much as they did on their wedding day?

Chico: Everyone said a little higher. Kathleen went a little higher. Turns out she should've gone a little LOWER. America gave us 9%. And she's on the road to Llamatown.
Gordon: Ironically, we have the Jamie Sadler million dollar intro right before Kathleen wins a million less than that. Her friend John is a 'game show expert'. Shame on you, John.
Chico: And even worse for John... His favorite game show is "The Price is Right".
Jason: (losing horns)
Gordon: If john gets called to Contestant's Row, he's probably going to bid $9,999 on a popcorn maker.
Chico: $1,300, dammit!
Gordon: Another show. Only another $1,000 given out. The budget department must be a lot happier.
Chico: Anyway, if you think back to our crib sheet for Power of 10, you'll remember one rule that stands out in this case. Especially in cases of "Correct answer vs. Truth." Human nature suggests that not too many people will admit to a perfect stranger that they don't love their husbands anymore.
Gordon: Also in the first answer, go completely low if it's a poll that forces someone to admit something that could hurt them down the line.
Chico: "You don't love me anymore?"
Gordon: That would be said line.
Jason: Hell to the no.
Chico: "You just admitted to some GUY on the phone calling from God knows where that you don't love me anymore!" Not gonna happen. Unless you know... you're married to a complete ... well, you can finish that sentence in your head.
Gordon: Let's show everyone what did Mandy in and dropped her down to $1,000
Chico: Let's do that.

What percentage of Americans think girls should be allowed to try out for and play on the boys football team?

Gordon: A guess, Jason?
Jason: 23%
Gordon: That would have been off.
Jason: really
Gordon: The right answer is 42%
Jason: wow.
Chico: And the kicker... Mandy was on the cusp of getting it right. She dialed in 22-42.
Jason: Ow!
Gordon: However, her 'Lifeline' told her to go lower, and she moved it, knocking her out of the game.
Chico: Part of that can be attributed to another strategy. You see, Mandy's from Alabama, where they take Friday Night Lights seriously.
Jason: Way seriously.
Chico: (and if Jason E and other Alabamans are reading this, apologies if you don't take high school football seriously). Mandy and said power line... We can use that phrase, right? Power line?
Gordon: Yes. Lets use Power Line.
Chico: Okay, Mandy and said Power line went lower than the original guess. They thought regionally instead of globally. Had they thought globally, that would turn out to be a 50/50 split. You'd go for a 50/50 split, right?
Gordon: I would. and a 40-60% range would have been good for $100,000
Chico: Hopefully Dewey Moorman will be a hero man. He's going for $100,000 next show. And all I can say is PLEASE use the strategies. They're there for a reason.
Gordon: While we're at it...let's look at the last question that ended the show.
Chico: Will do.

What percentage of Americans think Mormons should be allowed to practice polygamy under the First Amendment of the Constitution?

Jason: Holy Romney?
Gordon: That would be a Romney question.
Chico: Dewey's range: 2-32... Actual: 29...Very interesting.
Gordon: 29% of the people think Mormons should do it. 1 very angry letter writer to our show calls foul.
Chico: Ah ha.
Gordon: This comes to us via Linda King. Thanks, Linda!

From: Linda King

Recently I watched "The Power of 10" for the first time. I was infuriated at one of the poll questions that was asked: Question: "What percent of Americans think that Mormons should be allowed to practice polygamy?" What makes you belive Mormons (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) practice polygamy at all? Where did you find this piece of information? MORMONS DO NOT PRACTICE POLYGAMY! There is a group of people who have broken away from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to form their own fundamentalist group. Why did you not state, "What percent of Americans think that Baptists should be allowed to practice polygamy"? Or, "What percent of Americans think that Methodists should be allowed to practice polygamy"? Or, "What percent of Americans think that Buddists should be allowed to practice polygamy"? In all fairness, these faithful people are about as likely to practice this disgusting life as the "Mormons".

Jason: She is right
Chico: That's right... What does one say to that.
Jason: Well, honestly...I have to call foul on this. I think there are agendas to any poll... these included.
Gordon: There's a fine line between entertainment and crossing the line. I think that The Power of 10 may have gone over it on that occasion. I think they were trying to make a political funny without thinking of the ramifications.
Chico: Honestly, some questions have to be rooted in truth. Obviously this one wasn't. It was based on a widely-misregarded viewpoint.
Gordon: I dont think targeting anyone's religion for entertainment is funny.
Jason: No it isnt.
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: How many Buddhist or Jew jokes have been made in the past based on misconceoptions?
Chico: I couldn't begin to count.
Jason: Jewish ones...tons.
Jason: Buddhists...tons
Chico: Don't even get us started on Baptists. But yeah, to center a question around a misconception hurts the credibility of future polls. It also hurts the people being "marked" as prepetuating a lie. One can only hope that we don't see similar questions in the future.
Gordon: Im sure Drew wouldnt appreicate a poll on Ohioans
Chico: I don't know. Maybe he would. That's how he rolls. But still, the point is valid.
Gordon: What percentage of Americans believe that people from Ohio should drink beer for breakfast?
Chico: ... I defer to the Ohioan among us who isn't among us right now. And thank you for the letter, Linda.
Jason: Very much so
Chico: Okay, it's time to celebrate big winners!
Gordon: YAY!
Chico: Fox has two of them!
Jason: Yay!
Chico: Monday, Rock Harper took control of Hell's Kitchem, meaning that he'll take control of Green Valley Ranch in Vegas.
Gordon: Not a surprise there. Despite the temper, Rock was hand above everyone else there.
Chico: That and Bonnie ran out of ingredients. One thing you NEVER do in a kitchen is run out of stuff.
Jason: Never...
Chico: EVER.
Gordon: Never ever?
Chico: Never ever.
Gordon: Ever never?
Chico: Ever never. Like cooking risotto without rice. You just don't do it.
Gordon: Was there any episde where the chefs didn't make risotto with rice?
Chico: No, but you figure that risotto was in every episode so I have to make the reference :)
Gordon: Moving from cooking to dancing, congratulations to Sabra for winning So You Think You Can Dance
Chico: I'll miss Cat Deeley saying "jedges".
Gordon: Someone who isn't as happy - Nigel Lythgoe, who says that the best dancer didn't win. oops.
Chico: Well, Nigel could spot a mistake or two away, now couldn't he? So is this particular case of "ability vs. likeability" justified you think?
Jason: Could be.
Chico: I mean, we know Nigel's a trained dancer.
Gordon: True
Chico: But he's also a production exec. He knows how to sell stuff.
Gordon: If youre looking at did the best dancer win, the answer is obviously no. If youre looking at it as did the person who wanted it the most win, then maybe you have the right result.
Chico: So it all depends on which way you're looking. Me? I tend to root for the underdog. Because I can so relate. So in my eyes, at least... the right person won. You can't argue that the final four didn't earn their spot. They didn't Sanjaya their way through the competition.
Gordon: True. Of course, you have the stop gap of the judges deciding who leaves until the final 8.
Chico: Also true. While we're on the subject of Final 8s...It's Grand Slam time... (plays "Slam" by Onyx & Biohazard)
Gordon: And someone who will not be seeing the semifinals - Brad Rutter, as he is shocked by Ogi OGas.
Chico: Shocked and awed is more like it.
Jason: This was the shock of the tournament so far. Big Upset here.
Chico: Brad was just thrown in the numbers round. Downhill slide from there.
Gordon: Unfortunately, Rutter's assessment of his math skills is correct, as he gives Ogi 36 seconds in the math round, then after cutting the deficit to 6, proceeds to gets every math question in the last round wrong.
Chico: Just another one of those instances where you cannot count on luck of the draw and you have to be ready for every question that comes at you. Simply put.. Brad wasn't ready for it. Ogi was. And for the second time this year, I get to say "Ogi Ogi Ogi!"
Jason: Oi Oi Oi
Gordon: Ay. Ya. Yai.
Chico: Thanks for playing :) Next match was David Legler vs. Leszek Pawlowicz.
Gordon: Ogis opponent in the semifinals - Dave Legler, as he dispatches the person who dispatched our guest from last week.
Chico: The equivalent of David beating the tar out of Goliath. Because, if you remember... David was only on one game show that I remember. Leszek, you name a quiz show from the past 20-some-odd years... He was on it! Also, Leszek lost one round in the prelims, whereas David won all four rounds. So this was a pretty even matchup, but at the same time... It really wasn't.
Gordon: In his first match, Leszek was on his game. This match, not so much, as he made a number of silly errorsa.
Chico: But you know, many small errors can be worse than one big one.
Gordon: Only one error probably wont hurt you. Lots of silly errors will drain your clock
Chico: And if it's in the math portion when you have to really think long about it, David was obviously thinking about the question Leszek switched to him.
Chico: He had the answer right on.
Gordon: That math round seems to have done a number of top seeds in. #1? Gone. #3? Gone. #4? Gone.
Chico: Ken Jennings probably doesn't worry about such things..
Gordon: We'll see if he has to when he gets Phyllis Harris
Chico: Not to play favorites, but I really hope Phyllis takes Kenny Gameshow to school :)
Gordon: Oh Chico, did you know that the Hamsters have made a Grand Slam bracket?
Chico: Okay, hamsters are in the special silver orbiting brackets and....
Gordon: The quarter finals are....Chairman Vs. Cheeseball, Gordon Jr. Vs. J. Fat., Cookoo Vs. Fluffy and Eve Vs. Chen-bot
Jason: lol
Gordon: I didnt realize we needed 7 hamsters and 1 cat to run Brainvision
Chico: Make Brainvision Go Now.
Gordon: Roll that beautiful Brain Footage

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Just be glad we don't have a squirrel in the mix to function as "Evil Squirrel."
Jason: America's Squirrel...
Gordon: I don't need an evil squirrel.
Chico: The only rodent we don't need :) Okay, first article... Get your calendars out, guys...

Mark as follows... September 5: Temptation preview on MyNetwork TV. September 8: Merv Griffin's Crosswords preview on NBC.

Chico: Probably a first for syndicated game shows, but that's what happens when your production arms own a network. Temptation is co-produced by 20th TV, owners of MNT, while Crosswords is making debuts on NBC O&Os all over this great country of ours. So it works out fine. Corporate synergy.... game shows in primetime... everyone's a winner.
Jason: Thats going to be cool on both counts...and smart as well.
Gordon: Lets hope the audience that shows up justifies that programming, so we'll see more of it in future events.
Chico: And if it works THAT well (although I can't think of anything on MNT that would work THAT well)... it's not outside the realm that we see more in primetime (please please please)..
Jason: can get up now, Chico
Chico: Okay. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

FOX has picked up 'Nothing But The Truth'. If you can be truthful, you can win $500,000. Of course, this is FOX we're talking about, so you can be sure the questions aren't going to be 'What is your favorite ice cream flavor'.

Jason: ...unless the question finishes off with '...when you are licking it off your sexual partner'.
Gordon: Thats Fox for you.
Chico: It's probably going to be along the line of "What's your favorite flavor... in bed." Just play the "in bed" game and you have questions for Nothing But the Truth. "What's your favorite color... in bed." "What celebrity would you most like to meet... in bed."
Jason: Yes, but I got out of middle school.
Chico: Which is more than what can be said for Fox's target demographic. Hi-yoooo."
Jason: (rimshot)
Gordon: After being in bed for all that time, I feel exhausted...and happy. Time to get Fully Loaded.
Jason: (hic)
Chico: And I've got a good one for y'all. Not necessarily new game show technology, but rather something I came up with completely on accident.
Jason: whatcha got?
Chico: This week... It's a Youtube find.

Say you can't wait to see what all of this hoopla is about re: Crosswords... and you haven't seen ANY of it in action. Well, thanks to some guy in Miami, we have a promo for said show. A better version can be found at

Chico: I do believe the headline speaks for itself.
Jason: Good deal.
Chico: All I can say is... Bring it on!
Jason: Oh yeah.
Chico: Now if only someone out there can record a Temptation commercial to go with it.
Jason: :( ok
Chico: If anyone out there knows where it is, drop us a mail. We'd love to see it. Please please please...
Jason: Ok can get up...again.
Chico: I ain't too proud to beg, J.
Gordon: Are you begging for some Haterade?
Jason: I am. I need some.
Chico: Please please please...
Gordon: Since you're begging, I'll give you THREE Glasses!
Jason: Triple shot!
Gordon: Glass #1 -

Either it's too gory or its not getting enough ratings, but one of our personal favorite shows, Murder, is already yanked out of it's 10pm time slot and banished to midnight.

Jason: guess is the is a touchy subject...even at 10PM
Chico: Yeah, it's probably something to do with the gore. If it was ratings, it would be at 2a. See: Hey! Spring of Trivia.
Gordon: I can't see it anymore.
Chico: Exactly.
Gordon: Ah. Glass #2 -

The N is going to be a 24 hour station. The casualty of this - Nick Games and Sports, which will now be banished to Broadband starting next year.

Jason: Booooo
Chico: Reason #325 to switch to DSL.
Gordon: Finally, I want to have a toast!
Jason: A toast?

A toast... to Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst for their weddi...oh..they've broken up. Never mind.

Chico: But they swear they're still together...
Jason: yeah right.
Chico: Anyone who believes that speak now.


Chico: Nope, nothing? Okay...Moving onto a Global trip. We're going to the UK. But I swear to you that this particular trip... is big.
Gordon: How big is it?
Chico: It's so big... Chris Tarrant needs three armed guards to protect it from his (BLANK)
Gordon: Simon Cowell's ego?
Chico: I wrote "Ex-wife who complains that he can't get it up."
Gordon: Uh oh.
Jason: oh boy
Chico: In probably the biggest overhaul to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire since we got rid of the ring of fire back in 2002...

The next season of the UK's WWTBAM will feature fewer... and harder... questions. The new money tree... and I need another Big Board. Because even though it's smaller, it's still big...

The New Money Tree

£500 - (£1,000) - £2,000 - £5,000 - £10,000 - £20,000 - (£50,000) - £75,000 - £150,000 - £250,000 - £500,000 - £1 million.

Chico: That's the newer, more top heavy money tree.
Jason: Which I don't like at all.
Chico: But the questions are harder, so if you make it to the 50K, you probably would've earned it.
Jason: ok
Chico: Me, I'm thinking red flags all over the place.
Jason: Fire away.
Chico: Fewer, harder questions for more money.. More players in the hot seat. More drama. They're trying to create more drama, because it's not a secret that the show has gotten on a bit of a slide.
Jason: Yup.
Chico: It's why they're going out in the world to look for players. Instead of, you know, the phone line.
Jason: Are we talking auditions?
Chico: We're talking auditions. Almost filling the contestant pool to dilution. And if I'm wrong.. Then I'm wrong. I won't be shamed to admit it.
Gordon: You may have a better chance to be on the UK version than the US version, Chico. Speaking of said contestants, they are starting to look again for the U.S. Millionaire version. Check the website for details.
Chico: Next casting call goes out to all the hot moms out there. I know a lot of hot moms like to read this site... This one is for y'all... TV Land is looking for a supermodel... aged 35 and over. Interested parties can submit an application and pictures to, where they can also find about the competitionís rules, audition sites and other info. That's all the ones I got.
Gordon: Ok.
Chico: But I will say this... People have been asking me how to get on the Power of 10... Go to and click casting. :) It couldn't be any simpler.
Gordon: Want some media Hoes?
Chico: I want some hoes.
Jason: So do I.
Chico: (plays "Pimpin' All Over The World."

In this weeks Media Ho Report, Jordin Sparks finally signs, Jerry Springer signs up for Nothing But the Truth (Both the US and UK editions), Clay Aiken will try to be Smarter than a 5th grader, while Drew Carey is healing himself after hurting his arm on a Grocery Game Turntable. Heidi Klum picks up a Jordache Jeans contract as well.

Gordon: But none of those are your Ho of the Week.
Chico: OH! OH! OH! I KNOW! I KNOW!
Gordon: Chico?
Chico: Is it Donald "I fired the old banker" Trump?
Gordon: Survey Says.... (DING DING DING DING) Number One Answer!
Chico: YAY!
Jason: WHoo-hoo!
Gordon: The Donald is the New Banker for the first episode of Deal Or No Deal. I actually will be looking forward to it. That should be fun - and THAT could be a way to incorporate celebrities in the show.
Chico: But The Donald playing banker... as brash as he is... worth the price of admission alone.
Gordon: See, The Donald adds something to the game without distracting it from the Game Play.
Chico: Are you looking forward to the whole "six million dollar cases" thing?
Chico: Didn't think so.
Jason: Heck no...stunt city.
Chico: This is going to be the moment when the show turns, I think
Gordon: Im waiting for this....You have 3 cases left, and they are all worth one million dollars.
Chico: ... woohoo.
Gordon: The offer is....$250
Jason: lol
Gordon: Or maybe $1.98...$516.32? The Money in the Piggy Bank?
Jason: Nice references.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes. And thats Brainvision. Shut it down.
Chico: Shutting it down. Okay, more in a bit, but first, last week, we asked whether you preferred less good shows, more bad shows, or a little from each pot. 65% of you said ... fewer good ones. The rest of you said you can't have one without the other.
Gordon: So Ed Toutant, who posed that question last week - that's your answer.
Chico: What's this week's question?
Gordon: This week's question is...simple.
Chico: YAY!!!!11

Is it better for the game show genre to have few good shows on the air or more crappy ones?

Don't Forget the Lyrics
Grand Slam
Power of 10
The Singing Bee
Without Prejudice?

Chico: Results next week. On the other side, we revisit Merv in Six Things We Think You Should Know. This is WLTI, celebrating five years... of Haterade.
Gordon: Yay!

(Brainvision is brought to you by Risotto-a-Roni, the Hell's Kitchen treat).



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