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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

September 3, 2007

Gordon: Sure they can. They can be highly combustible.
Jason:  Ouch.
Chico:  Well, it's the end of the season, and you know what that means. It's time to look into the future...with either enjoyment or anger...
Gordon: (brings the crystal plunger over to Chico).
Jason:  Crystal?
Chico:  Thank you, Gordon.
Gordon: I couldn't find a crystal ball, so I figured this would do.
Chico:  It'll do. For whenever you see a show that you think the world will be better off seeing... You will push! And whenever you see a show that you'd rather avoid like the plague... you will flush!
Jason:  Got it.
Chico:  So is everyone ready?!
Jason:  Yes.
Gordon: yes
Chico:  We're starting with Tuesday and...

Tuesdays at 10p ET

Jason:  Well, I don't know why this is still on the air...mild flush
Chico:  Well, standards are already low because it was moved to basic cable, but they're putting on the whole fight on the Deuce. That has to be worth something. PUSH.
Gordon: Its on the air because ESPN needs winter programming until college basketball season starts. The added coverage on the deuce should bode well. Push.
Chico:  2-1 Push for the Contender.
Gordon: I don't believe I just did that :P
Chico:  I don't either. But it makes sense.
Gordon: It does.
Chico:  Next up, the next day...

syndication/MyNetwork TV
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Chico:  Rossi Moreale... if you mess this up, you will hear from me. Push... with caution.
Jason:  Push with Caution as well. It looks hot.
Gordon: I'm sorry. I cant say the Emperor looks good when I think he's naked. The Fame Game does not play the same, and Wipeout concerns me.  I don't see how it gets the ratings if it does not stay true to the format. Flush.
Chico:  All we can do is hope at this point.
Gordon: I severely hope I'm wrong, but...
Chico:  Yeah.
Jason:  I know.
Chico:  Next up...

Thursdays at 8p ET

Gordon: I'll push the show until November weeps, when we see celebrities. The second Kellie Pickler plays, there will be a shark fin appearing in the toilet bowl. Push until November.
Chico:  ... yeah, what Gordon said... Me too. Push.
Jason:  I hate hate hate the show....but I am going to push it because the show is good family entertainment. PUSH
Chico:  Royal push. *small case cue* Right afterwards...

Thursdays at 9p ET

Chico:  I think this is when we see the wheels come off. FLUSH.
Jason:  The worse of the two singing shows...FLUSH
Gordon: Thursday. 9pm. Against CSI. Against Gray's Anatomy. Buh-bye. Flush. And that would be a Plunge.
Jason:  ONE.
Gordon: Two...
Chico:  THREE!

(Toilet flushing sound)

Chico:  Ah, I love the smell of suck in the morning. Next up...

Premieres September 10

Jason:  How can you not push John O's 2nd season. He saved the show. PUSH
Chico:  John O'Hurley was the answer to many a prayer last year. This year, he keeps it up. PUSH.
Gordon: He can only get better. He has to, because they barely got the renewal. Push
Chico:  *Small case cue* Next...

Premieres September 10

Chico:  All together now...
All: PUSH.
Chico:  *small case cue* See how easy that was?
Gordon: Yes, daddy.
Chico:  Next one...

Premieres September 10

Jason:  I think this one is going to be on for a long time. I have a good feeling about this. MAJOR PUSH
Chico:  This was Merv Griffin's last gift to the world. It can't fail... PUSH.
Gordon: Sorry. I'm concerned about this show too. If they have to move it away from the big boys, that should tell you something. VERY cautious push.
Chico:  I think it's a smart move. Get people to watch. Besides.. could be worse... remember when Jeopardy! had a 1:30a slot?
Jason:  I do.
Gordon: I do too. Hopefully, it will grow. Next one?
Chico:  Next one...

Premieres September 10

Chico:  You do not flush a show that is celebrating its 25th year in syndication. PUSH.
Jason:  Not only I am going to push this, this is a big year. 25 will be huge for Harry and Co. PUSH
Gordon: I like the Mystery Wedge idea as well. PUSH
Chico:  *small case cue* Next..

Premieres September 10

Jason:  Coming off it's biggest year ever....PUSH. But the big story will be who, if any replaces Meredith in 2008-2009. That could be a major story later on.
Chico:  As long as it stays true to the game, we'll stay true to it. PUSH.
Gordon: I don't see any changes. Push
Chico:  Stay tuned, folks. We're going to be all over this. *small case* Next..

Premieres September 11

Gordon: Tuesday nights are not as ultracompetitive as they have been in the past. NBC will benefit from that. Push.
Jason:  It's one of the best reality shows out there...getting back to it's roots. MILD PUSH.
Chico:  I agree with Jason. It's getting back to what made the show so great in the first place.. Gumption and will. Push that bad boy. *small case cue* Later that night...

Premieres September 11

Jason:  Unfortunately, I am going to flush this one...because of the errors in season 1...not acceptable...even on GSN. FLUSH.
Chico:  I told Gordon this before... but season 2 is how season 1 should've wound up like. Not a recycled set with recycled writers. I'm going to PASTRY on this one.
Gordon: It looks better than Season 1. I don't like the idea of this show. I'm only pushing it because it will be better than the 8,000th viewing of Dog Eat Dog. Barely. PASTRY Push
Chico:  I can only stand so much Brooke. Wait until we get to the second season To Tell The Truth... I'm going to have a fricking coronary.
Gordon: Next?
Chico:  One more until next week... Hold on. It's become tradition that I do this... *riot gear on*

Premieres September 17

Chico:  I'm actually going to PASTRY and I'll tell you why. Six million dollar cases. Why don't you just GIVE me the money!
Jason:  I'll give you one better. I am FLUSHING this. Too much stunts and not enough real people playing for real money.
Gordon: I agree with...Chico. Push...but barely. Too many gimmicks will sink this show. Is that it for this session, Chico?
Chico:  That's it for now. Be back with more pushing and flushing when sweet sixteen begins next week. Meanwhile, we've got one more break, and then the big finish. See you soon!

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Gordon: Yum Yum yummy.
Chico:  Nummy!
Jason:  Yum-o.
Chico:  Well... here we are again... for the 15th time... Another season takes its place in antiquity. We'll be back next week with a new one, but first... we can't leave... without...
Gordon: Big Finish Time!
Chico:  Bingo! Big Brother: Is Jameka really and truly doomed?
Jason:  Yup.
Gordon: If they are smart, she is. Ken Vs. Ogi - who wins?
Chico:  My heart wants to go with Ogi. Ken is not invulnerable.
Gordon: Rap Superstar - is Efren doomed?
Chico:  Yep.
Jason:  Yes.
Chico:  5th Grader or Big Brother...which are you watching on Thursday?
Jason:  Neither.
Gordon: 5th Grader, but taping Big Brother.
Chico:  Watching 5th Grader, record BB.
Gordon: Same. For the last time this season., its time to answer mail. Do you have any?
Chico:  No. You?
Gordon: I have email from Bobby McBride. Thanks Bobby!

From: Bobby McBride

I think I now know how people are supposed to be playing for the big money on Power of 10. On the $1,000 and $10,000 questions, the players should rely on the audience. But starting with the $100,000 question and thereafter, the players should go out on their own instincts. Do you think the players' over-reliance on the audience is what is causing these frequent losses on the $100,000 questions?

Gordon: Thanks for the e-mail, Bobby. Actually, if you have seen this week's episodes, if the contestants went with the audience, they would have won the $100,000.
Jason:  But remember...the audience is NY...the poll is NATIONAL.
Chico:  It's a good guide, but nothing is a substitute for your best instincts, thinking how the WHOLE of America thinks.
Gordon: It really depends on what audience you get in there. During Jamie Sadler's run, the audience was right on the money on every question. If Amber listened to the audience, se would have won $100,000. Then again, if Amber just listened, she wouldn't currently be in the Big Brother sequester house.
Chico:  Amber has a problem with listening, doesn't she?
Gordon: I think she does.
Chico:  Good thing we don't. If you have something you want to say, we'll listen to every single word. Just drop us a line at or our Myspace at
Gordon: And on that note, we end season 15. A special thanks to Jason Block for joining us.
Jason:  Thank you. Thanks to all the fans out there. Without you guys, we would haven't have the voice.
Chico:  Gordon, thanks again for putting up with my retarded work schedule.
Gordon: Chico, thanks for putting uo with my bowling schedule
Chico: Awww....Barf.
Gordon: Heh. For Chico and everyone at GSNN, this is Gordon, telling everyone Game Over and Spread the Love


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