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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 23, 2007

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and welcome to the dog days of summer. And if you were watching certain programming this week, you know the meaning of the word DOG.
Chico:  And not in the colloquialism sense, either.
Jason:  Who let the dogs out...WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!
Chico:  That is so summer of 2000, J.
Gordon: I blame ABC and GSN for that, but we'll get to that later on in the show
Jason:  I saw two gems this week.
Gordon: I saw some gems this week...but some big lumps of coal.
Chico:  We'll get to the gems and the coal and more BECAUSE...from somewhere in America, We Love to Interrupt ... is... ON!
Gordon: Gordon here, along wth Chico Alexander and Jason Block this morning.
Jason:  Good morning.
Gordon: We'll get to the debuts this week, but first, I must transform myself into....Rosieborg.
Chico:  *deadpan* What it do, internet.
Gordon: (Transforming...beep beeep beeep beep beep)
Chico:  Yep. We have a treat for you, J. We're starting with WLTI Theatre.
Jason:  (cue overture music)
Chico:  Starring Gordon as Rosie O'Donnell... and yours truly as a CBS exec. The time... Oh, a few weeks ago.
Chico:  Here we go...
Jason:  Can I play the Exec!
Chico:  You can play security if it'll make you happy.
Gordon: The play is called Pricewatch. And it's in 3 acts.

Act 1...Rosie-borg.

Executive:  Ahem. Thanks for meeting with us, Rosie.
Rosie-Borg: Hi there. Thanks for having me. I would loooooooove to be on your show and I'll do aaaaaanything to get the gig.
Executive:  Well, that's fine and good.. but can you do the job? What do you have to offer to The Price is Right?
Rosie-Borg: Here's what I have to offer. I want to spend more time with the contestants (who cares if we only have 5 pricing games an hour), I want to have musical new music and I want to make all of the Barker beauties male and have a gay old time!
Executive:  ... Do you have anything... ELSE to offer? I mean, this isn't going to require us to move house, is it?
Rosie-Borg: Oh yes, I want to move the show to NYC and I want to run the show.
Executive:  (beat.... blink... looks at other execs) ... The position has been filled.
Rosie-Borg: By my breasts?
Executive:  SECURITY!!!
Rosie-Borg: I will assimilate all of you!
Executive:  SECURITY!!!!!
Security:   (grabs Rosieborg and tosses her out!

(End of act I)

Chico:  That's all of act I... That's all that NEEDS to be of act I.

Act 2...Ryan-borg

Executive:  Thanks for meeting with us, Ryan. I know you have a busy schedule, what with the radio and the TV and everything...Listen... Chip, you want a chip? Have a chip. Take a chip.
Ryan-Borg:  Thank you. I'll try to eat the chip between gigs. You know about all of my background work.
Executive:  I think all of America knows about your background work.
Ryan-Borg:  I have been a game show host before and I would love to take the gig.
Executive:  I'd love to give you a shot at it.
Ryan-Borg:  I'll take it for...(Dr. Evil Borg) one...beeeeleeeeeion dollars.
Executive:  (beat... blink... looks at other execs)...We don't have... one beeeeleeeeeion dollars.
Ryan-Borg:  Then...I'll just have to take over the world. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Executive:  Little too late for that. See you in January for the Idol shows. SECURITY!
Ryan-Borg:  I've already taken over the television landscape! Next step - the world! You'll hear from me in January! You'll hear from my...
Security:   "come on Idol Boy" (TOSS)
Executive:  Sheesh... ... I wonder if the Power of 10 tape came in yet...

(End of act II)

Jason:  Act 3?
Gordon: Act 3
Chico:  Ahem...

Act 3...Drew-Borg

Executive:  Welcome back Drew. Nice to see you again.
Drew-Borg:  I would like to be the host of the show and I would love to carry the culture of the show.
Executive:  Well, you're up against some stiff competition. Mark tested well... and Todd knows the games... What do you think you can offer?
Drew-Borg:  Well, I am a huge fan of the show. Im also a huge game player. I won $500,000 on Millionaire and I hosted a Who's Line show that's lasted 18 gazillion seasons. I also come with a name and reputation.
Executive:  Okay. That just leaves me with three questions. 1... Are you looking to make any drastic changes to the show to make it less about the game and the players and more about your fat-ass ego?
Drew-Borg:  No. I want to keep everything the way it is and continue The Price is Right culture.
Executive:  Okay. 2... Are you going to ask us for a billion dollars? And free hair product?
Drew-Borg:  Definitely no hair products. As for the price lawyers will call your lawyers.
Executive:  Sure you want to do that? Heh. Kidding.. We love our lawyers. We try to keep them on leashes.
Drew-Borg:  I never talk salary in a job interview
Executive:  Third question...Are you aware that you already have a show that tapes in New York and could be the next quiz show hit of the season?
Drew-Borg:  Yes, and it's...oh, it's on CBS, isn't it?
Executive:  YEAH! August 7, baby!
Drew-Borg:  I could do both things. I could certainly spend a week in New York and roll off 2 months worth of shows, then go to CA and work on TPIR. Heck, Howie Mandel is going to do the same thing with Deal or No Deal, so why not me?
Executive:  Wny not...*pushes button* Claire, clear the next couple weeks..  Drew, we want you to test. But you do realize that if you get the job, it could create a problem with Power of 10.. Just putting that out right now.
Drew-Borg:  No problem at all. I made the Drew Carey show and Who's line work with my schedule. I'll make this work. Heck, I moved Power of 10 so I could watch David Beckham play, I can move it around.
Executive:  Okay... you hungry? You want lunch?
Drew-Borg:  Sure!
Executive:  Let's get lunch. Hey Security, we're getting lunch. You want to come with or what?
Security:   Sure. I like steak.
Drew-Borg:  I'd love a piece of Rosierump
Executive:  You and everyone else. Heh.

(This was a representation of what happened in the World of Price this week. Any similarities to persons living or dead were purely coincidental.)

Chico:  Next up on our programming schedule... Ab Fab. (stereotypical ident music) Okay, gents, it's capsule review time.
Gordon: We're not DOING Ab Fab. But we're going to be going from A to F in ratings this week.
Chico:  We'll go in chronological order... First up... Without Prejudice...The newest of GSN originals gives five people a chance to... play God and give $25,000 to one of five OTHER people.
Jason:  ok
Chico:  As with four of every five reality shows out there, it's based on a British format. Let's start with the good. It's different. That's one good thing. We need some different up in here.
Jason:  This is very different.
Gordon: It's addicting. I taped the show to watch. I got in that night at midnight and was just going to watch the first segment. I wound up watching the whole thing and didn't get to bed until 1:30 am.
Chico:  Another thing, it doesn't pull any stops. This is humanity at its most basic level, at it's rawest. Both on the side of the players and the panel.
Jason:  Actually, I thought it did -- just a lil
Gordon: I think it was more of the editing. From what I read, the episode actually lasted 5 hours, but they had to edit to fill.
Chico:  About 75 minutes, yeah.
Jason:  The editing did look a bit choppy.
Chico:  Yeah.
Jason:  But thats a nit pick
Gordon: I liked the episode. I just hope that the person who gets the money isn't always the do-gooder choirboy, or it's going to get old quickly.
Chico:  Correct.
Jason:  Right. You need someone who is a porn star to win, for example.
Chico:  I remember one episode of the UK version that showed that the person who eventually got the money planned to spend it on "fast times and hot women."
Gordon: Nice!
Chico:  That ep actually aired over here on BBC America.
Gordon: Which I dont get :(
Chico:  Awwwww.
Jason:  Oh btw...a little J-Note for you. Remember the balding older-African American Gentleman?
Chico:  David Rhodes, yes.
Jason:  He was in my group of 5 when I auditioned.
Chico:  Did they take you for the panel?
Jason:  Nope. They never did.
Chico:  Drat. Okay, it's compelling, provocative, gritty, and Jason cant' fly out to judge it. Now to the bad. Is it me, or did Dr. Robi Ludwig seem a mite too robotic?
Jason:  Editing maybe?
Chico:  I mean, as with anything that is based on the original, the onus is on you to be as good as the original... Liza Tarbuck.. she had the delivery down. But that may be editing.
Gordon: It could be editing. I also thought that in this role, she needed to be robotic. The focus needs to be on the panel, not the host, who is really just there to be a conduit.
Jason:  Gordon is on the money there.
Chico:  She's just there as mediator.
Gordon: I actually prefer someone like Robi than someone who could be emotionally involved and maybe influence the panel.
Chico:  Good point.
Jason:  That why they got a psychologist.
Gordon: Yep
Chico:  Experts on neutrality.
Gordon: My biggest complaint is that I'm hoping they don't put up the sane 'sort' of people each time up. The choir boy, the porn star, etc. I want to see an episode with 5 'normal' people. The computer programmer, the mawg, the milf, etc.
Chico:  Another SMALL thing... They don't need to add post-prod lighting flares and superfluous sound effects to, in essence, make it look and feel like a post -million primetime game show.
Jason:  The set is fine as is. The show can be small.
Chico:  I agree with that, yeah, but I noticed that there were a few superfluous things added in post. The light flare...
Gordon: I sort of agree. I do like a jazzed up set. I just don't want it looking like the same sort of lighting on every other show...
Chico:  The "ever-so-dramatic" music.
Gordon: ...Or having the same dramatic music on every other show.
Chico:  Okay, anything else?
Jason:  I want one guy/girl who has a prejudice to stay that way. I felt the Polynesian conversion was "forced" but again that was editing...maybe.
Chico:  Give him the benefit of the doubt...Or maybe another episode. But this is a VERY player-driven game.
Gordon: It could also be that he really didn't like the other contestant.
Chico:  Almost like she had something to hide.. Even though after all that, I'm sure she didn't.
Gordon: What I liked the best was that this was a real panel and it didn't feel like they were actors.
Chico:  Oh yeah. Like they're just to get their 15 minutes on the telly and brag about it to your friends.
Gordon: it felt like 'ok here were 5 real people who had to give out money' and not 'ok, here are 5 actors who had nothing better to do with their lives'.
Chico:  Big Brother!
Gordon: Exactly.
Chico:  Heh.. I had to.
Jason:  Totally agree. The pay is $400 bucks here.
Chico: Okay, time to grade... Jason?
Jason:  Best show of the summer. A
Gordon: I agree with Jason. So far, it's the best show of the summer, and if they play it right, could be a staple of GSN programming. Grade: A
Chico:  ... People... this is what you should be watching Tuesdays at 9... not that other show... THIS ONE. A. Okay, now to go over the other show that premiered this week, ... after a LONG delay, ABC's "Set for Life".
Jason:  Ugh.
Chico:  Where one person... in one evening.. can win a monthly check ... for the rest of their lives... Starting with the good...Umm...

(crickets chirping)

Jason:  There was no good here.
Gordon: Actually, there was one good thing about the show.
Chico:  What would that be?
Gordon: The one good thing is that they were smart enough to move it out of a prime time slot and they moved it to Friday night, where they can burn it off instead of sticking it in a prime time money spot and losing tons more money.
Chico:  That's worth something, right?
Jason:  Yeah.
Chico:  We all like Jimmy Kimmel, right?
Gordon: Not on this show, we don't.
Chico:  On his own show?
Jason:  I don't watch his show so I can't judge.
Gordon: I like Jimmy Kimmel. It seemed like he was forced to do this show at gunpoint.
Chico:  ABC was holding the contract to a puppy's head. "One false move and the dog gets it, Kimmel."
Jason:  Maybe Sarah needed the money.
Chico:  Maybe... or maybe they had the casting directors of Show Me the Money looking for caricatures perhaps?
Gordon: Dear ABC - If you really feel like throwing your money away on a crappy clone retread game show (since you've now done this twice), what about giving US the money?
Chico:  We went over what good we could... Now.... cue the bad. There's... NO GAME. It's simply a test of will. An excruciating... hourlong... test of well.
Gordon: Nothing worked on this show. Nothing. Everything was wrong, from the awful and lackluster premise to the caricature contestants to Jimmy being deadpanned all the way through. I have one word for this show, which described my feelings when I was watching it. Painful.
Jason:  It was generic...there was nothing new here.
Gordon: And we don't even see the whole show, as we actually start with the show in progress. Each contestant starts with a different amount of money. We have no idea how they got that money.
Chico:  This was made, I should remind you, as a result of and by the same people behind Deal or No Deal.
Gordon: The white male had over double the amount than the black female. That's all we know.
Chico:  And we have no idea how it got that way. Come on, ABC... give us an idea.
Gordon: The white male (and I'm going to withhold the name to save him embarrassment for being on a piece of dreck like this) walked off with more than $200,000
Chico:  Better yet. Beg to Michael Davies for his old gig back.
Gordon: It could have been over $500,000, but his 'angel' stopped him right there. The woman (who's name I am also going to withhold) comes on with a tiara on her head. Sure, we're not looking for caricatures, are we?
Chico:  Another thing you hate, Gordon... when you have NO control over your ultimate fate.
Jason:  Right
Chico:  At least with chance-based games be it wheel-, card-, or other-... you have some control over your actions. Here... there's literally nothing.
Gordon: Right. the players aren't playing the game. All they are is human sized cursors. It's actually the angels who are playing the game of 'when do I stop'.
Chico:  Then it gets to the point where we're like.. okay, what's the point?
Gordon: The show is non-compelling to the nth degree, there are way too many times where there's no excitement, and the pacing on when we see what the Angel does is ridiculously...wait for it...slow. Anyone surprised by that?
Chico:  Not really. Trying to create faux drama.
Jason:  And we hate faux drama.
Chico:  More than we hate New Coke.. and that was worth a tattoo removal. Okay, gents. I think I know where we're going with this, but just to say we did. Let's grade. Jason?
Jason:  I just think this was nothing new and nothing original. But this grade is not for the badness of the game, just because it was not new. C-
Gordon: But my issue is that even if we didn't get the clones before it, is this a watchable show?
Chico:  Did it seduce you?
Gordon: Not even close.
Chico:  Did it make me want to root for the player? No, not really.
Gordon: Jay - Is this a watchable show to you?
Jason:  No
Gordon: This is not even close to being a watchable show in its own right. Whoever greenlighted this piece of 'Me Too' should be canned and sent to Juneau to build igloos for the Eskimos. This was painful to watch. They need to retitle the show Suck For Life, because it will suck for the Lifetime that it's on the air - which hopefully will be just that one episode. F.
Chico:  Chairman's Warning: Watching this show could potentially be hazardous to your health. F. Even the Bachelor had redeeming qualities... or the appearance of them at least.
Gordon: We were mean on this show. it felt good.
Chico:  Want to be mean some more?
Jason:  I just think you are being too harsh on it. It's nothing new.
Chico:  Yeah, but did it have anything to redeem this?
Jason:  No.
Gordon: Jason. Name me ONE good thing about the show. ONE.
Jason:  I can't.
Gordon: So the F is justified. Chico, what's next to be mean on?
Chico:  Jen Johnson. Head of Household. Nanny. Model. Superficial beotch. Hated by everyone.
Gordon: And unfortunately, safe this week, as she wins the Power of Veto.
Chico:  All we can hope for is Eric to rise up and be our champion. He's America's player after all.. and he seems to think like we do.
Gordon: Joe (he of the Dustin gave him Gonorrhea) is out of the house. Evil Dick is the new Head of Household, and going up on the block is Jen and Kail. Unfortunately for Kail, Jen won the Power of Veto and her time in the house is probably over - although Jen is probably dumb enough to keep herself on the block.
Chico:  Probably. Remember Carol?
Gordon: Barely. Blip.
Chico:  If you don't play any power social... or if you're just different (see Lubinski, Mike)... you're gone. So yeah, Tuesday night, we may see if Jen's a Jenius or just jenuflecting a bunch of non-jense. Okay, I've exhausted my pun allotment for this entire episode on that one... line.
Gordon: Thank goodness. This was a clash of styles. Carol didn't play the game at all. Joe played it too hard and too quickly, trying to build alliances and animosity without trying to create friendships. Kail also played the game too hard too early, and it's going to results in a busted alliance and her going bye-bye.
Chico:  True. Remember, you may be in this for yourself, but everyone else will choose whether you go home $500K richer... or whether you just go home. So it's important to just get a feel early, then when power starts becoming an issue (and you will know this, because if you're a fan, you know once jury building starts... or what we call "stacking")... make your move.  So it remains.. Is ANYONE in the house capable of said stacking?
Gordon: Not stacking in terms of who to put in as the jury, but Im sure stacking in terms of who to not see in the jury.
Chico:  This is why frenemies fail. Two of the six are gone already.
Gordon: Pretty much, though I will say this - the personalities in the house do make this a fun season to watch so far.
Jason:  How are the ratings holding up
Chico:  Let me see..
Gordon: it started down a little, but the ratings have picked up. More importantly, its winning its time slots.
Chico:  ... accurate assessment.
Gordon: This season, you actually have a combination of fun personalities and good gameplay (with the exception of Jen, who just needs to be put out of her misery)
Chico:  I will say this, though, Gordon. More people watched "Don't Forget the Lyrics" than the HOH competition. 8M vs. 6M.
Gordon: Well, DFTL is the hot show from FOX. It's still doing well. Both singing shows - still going strong
Chico:  Very well. In fact, and we'll get to this when Brainvision starts, another season of both shows are ordered. One show that NEVER gets old, though... Jeopardy!. Especially this week =p Accidental pun intended.
Jason:  Teen Tournament...summer style.
Chico:  And something I don't remember seeing. The entire lineup of TWO shows coming back for the semis. Monday's players are coming back... and Friday's players are coming back. Probably won't face each other, but still nice to note from time to time. So now that we're down to nine, let's handicap. Because... well, what else can we do here? Fire up the Big Board, please..

The Summer Games

- Monday: Andy
- Tuesday: Aiden
- Wednesday: Greg... or Jeffrey

Chico:  I have lineups. Here we go.

Monday: Rachel vs. Andy vs. Kyle.

Chico:  Rachel is a wild-card from Friday. Andy is Monday's champ. Kyle's Thursday's champ. Now Monday, they lead the prelims with strength. That was a very good day for Andy. If he keeps the momentum up, I see him in the Final.
Gordon: I agree with you
Chico:  Okay...

Tuesday: Meryl vs. Aiden vs. Lisa.

Chico:  Meryl's a Monday wild-card. Aiden was the dominator on Tuesday. Lisa knocked out the bubble players as a wild-card on Friday.
Gordon: Aiden looks like a walk
Chico:  What I said about Andy can easily be applied to Aiden. Meryl could be a dark horse, though. She has a wily trigger-thumb. But all things considered, looks like Aiden. Finally....

Wednesday: Jeffrey vs. Kriti vs. Greg.

Chico:  Friday's champ, Wednesday's champ, wild-card on Monday... I'm going to give this one to Greg. He comes from a tight Monday match. He had to work to stay competitive. He knows how to work.
Gordon: Just to disagree, Im going to say Jeffrey
Chico:  Explain yourself, disagreer.
Gordon: Friday's match was also competitive, as all 3 players made the semis.
Jeffery, I think will be a little bit stronger than Greg, but it should be a good match-up.
Chico:  Well, it'll be a good matchup whoever it is. Speaking of good matchups. Pop Culture finals baby!
Jason:  I have to say that this two week tourney was amazing! First of all Pat Kiernan had his breakout moment this year. Last year, he was Mr. Ambien. This year, he let himself go and he had a great time. We had an 8 tie break game. We had a 0-0 category.
Chico:  The tournament had everything, then.
Jason:  And the returning champs got bounced in the first round. But the finals were Team Wocka-Wocka v. Twisted Misters. The Twisted Misters swept and are $250,000 richer...have a spot in the 2008 show.
Jason:  And the trophy
Chico:  The world's coolest trophy. Next of course... to the Stanley Cup :)
Jason:  Yes. I do have one nitpick with the show this year.
Chico:  What's that?
Jason:  I think the questions were a bit potty mouthed. Last year they weren't as much.
Chico:  It's VH1, what do you expect?
Jason:  I know. But still.
Gordon: I thought the questions were easier than last year, so I was disappointed on that.  But I still thought the tournament was solid, and I thought the team that won it all - Twisted Misters, was just as solid.
Chico:  So all in all, a good time...Can't wait for next year? "Gamer Trash" gonna take it all :-D
Jason:  Are you going for it?
Chico:  I'm going to see what I can do about it.
Jason:  Let me tell you. I also  made it as far as 23/25 in the TriviaDome.
Gordon: I'll do it
Chico:  It's not the same, though, unless Burton Richardson is there saying "Alter-Cockers" or "Beeyotches"
Jason:  Pat Kiernan comes close.
Chico:  I don't know... =p Meanwhile, we have our own team ready here... "Hamsters in Heat"
Gordon: Which 3 hamsters are we sending? Fluffy, Chariman and Gordon Jr.?
Chico:  They're the three smartest ones.
Gordon: Works for me. Go Hamsters!
Chico:  I put Cheeseball in the lead wheel two weeks ago, and look how that turned out!
Gordon: Not too good.
Chico:  Back to the rear for you, my cheesy friend. Okay, Gordon, make news go now.
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico:  Okay, ... umm... who's first?
Gordon: I'm first this week. Wanna go out on a date with Tyra Banks?
Chico:  Yes. Yes I do.
Jason:  Oh yeah.

Tyra shows up on September 19th for the latest series of America's Next Top Model.

Jason:  And I believe she is coming to our neck of the woods this time around.
Chico:  Yes. Yes she is.
Gordon: She is - NYC, to be exact. Also -

Beauty and the Geek shows up September 18th. Survivor: China debuts September 20th.

Jason:  With WWE Diva Ashley Massaro
Chico:  Yep. An exotic woman... in an exotic locale... with the same post-modern reality goodness. Game on, b(^_^)es!
Jason:  Pretty much.
Chico:  Speaking of, next story... Survivor... snubbed.

The noms are out for Outstanding Reality Competition... The nominees are.... The Amazing Race... American Idol... Dancing with the Stars... Project Runway.... and...wait for it...wait for it...Top Chef.

Gordon: Well deserved, in my opinion, for Top Chef. It's a solid food show which has had two very good seasons.
Chico:  And a third one on right now...AND...AND... a fourth one on the way.
Jason:  Top Chef 4 : Chicago
Chico:  Believe it.
Gordon: Now...does Top Chef have a prayer of winning?
Chico:  Not with Amazing Race in the running.
Jason:  No.
Gordon: I actually think that Dancing With the Stars will win it
Chico:  I think it's a three-way race between Dancing, Runway, and
Race...With Race edging out.
Jason:  Dancing will Win.
Chico:  Well deserved, whoever it is. From love, we go to hate.
Jason:  It's hot in NYC. I need a big shot
Gordon: Ok, For Haterade, we're going to play a game. Playmania's Word Slam!
Chico:  But that takes forever! :)

  _ O W
  _ A T
P _ T
  _ E L T

Chico:  CHEF?
Gordon: (WRONG BUZZER) Good guess, though. Keep trying
Jason:  chip
Gordon: (WRONG BUZZER) Good guess though, Keep trying
Chico:  Chop?
Jason:  SHOP
Chico:  crop?
Chico:  hmmm...
Gordon: (Stares at Chico and Jason and doesn't say anything for 5 minutes)
Chico:  ship?
Chico:  uhhh...
Gordon: Now imagine doing this for 2 hours. That's right. 2 hours of Playmania. 1 game.
Jason:  Oh my goodness.
Gordon: It would be bad enough if we had 1 night of this.
Chico:  You mean there's mooooore?
Gordon: But we get 2, and I'll let Roland D. Smallwood tell us more in his email.

From: Roland D. Smallwood

On a Thursday night some weeks ago, Iím sure some of us remember this exact  game running for the entire two hours, only for Shandi to end up giving the  money away at the last second after TWO hints on a three-letter word. The  moment I saw it tonight [Saturday night/Sunday morning] ten minutes into the  program, I turned my TV off; I was convinced that the game would last pretty  close to the end of the show.

Currently, Iím right: itís 1:45, itís still  on, and that droning music you can equate to Ben Steinís voice (when he can  get that Ferris Bueller boring tone) is playing in the background.


Jason:  Can I pull what little hair is on my head off of it?
Chico:  Me too?
Jason:  You don't have hair. That would hurt.
Gordon: Not to be too confusing, I played Crossword, but it's the same effect - it's lame that only 1 game is playing throughout the show. And if you've been following current events (the financial problems with the major company behind Playmania), you know they have to cut down the budget. Unfortunately, I am guessing that this trend will continue for awhile, because it stops them from giving out your money. Keeping in mind that both Midnight Money Madness and MyGames Fever did the same sort of things before they got yanked off the air, this is not boding too well for Playmania.
Chico:  Nope.
Jason:  Not at all.
Chico:  Especially given that one night was taken away for WP encores.
Gordon: I dont think it was unintentional, either. If GSN loses this show, they are in deep, deep trouble.
Chico:  Didn't this happen back in the days when GSN was doing the Wheel Bonus and the final Jeopardy! as well?
Gordon: I wonder if Rich Cronin is leaving because he sees the writing on the wall and doesn't want to go down with the ship.
Chico:  Wouldn't put it past him. Remember TV Land?
Gordon: Yep
Chico:  TV Land ain't hardly worth watching no more. Same with ABC Family. A) the Power Rangers reruns moved to Toon Disney and b) anything worth watching on ABCFam will be repurposed to ABC proper. Corporate television, don't you love it?
Gordon: I dont - and if they lose Playmania, then they are in deep trouble.
Jason:  Very deep trouble.
Chico:  So deep they have to dig UP for oil.
Gordon: Or call Endemol and plead with them to come over and pick up the slack.
Chico:  Yeah, how's Take the Cake doing? =p
Gordon: You tell me, Mr. Ratings man. How IS Take the Cake doing?
Chico:  ... You know something... I have NO IDEA. Of course, the situation in the UK... isn't helping.
Gordon: Sounds like a segue-way. Lets go to the UK.
Chico:  ... you want to go Global?
Jason:  Yes :)
Chico:  Okay, here's the thing...

The BBC has yanked ALL... of its interactive programming. And by that, we mean all phone-ins. All TV and radio contests of that sort? Gone. Senior editorial staffers? Gone. BBC's reputation for that sort of thing? Gone. They've been trying to build back public trust by apologizing and announching plans to prevent further abuses of said trust. Repercussions... many.

Chico:  Amongst them the sudden downturn on our side of the ocean for Playmania. This comes as BBC is staring at the business end of a $100,000 fine for Ofcom breaches. Coincidence? Doubtful.
Jason:  And also this effects every other channel who does this sort of thing in the UK and here.
Chico:  This could signal.. and I hate to be alarmist.. but this could signal... the end of participation TV as we know it.
Gordon: It's amazing what happens when you have a bunch of money and people with the moral quota of a walnut.
Chico:  Funny, I thought they all went to Washington :)
Jason:  Pretty in the blue hell do you think you can get away with FAKING a game show?
Chico:  That's pretty much like... and I'll use a quote from "Quiz Show"... "plagiarizing a comic book" Chairman's homework to all IPTV programmers.. watch "Quiz Show"... over and over again.
Jason:  This I think will get deeper...and i dont think BBC will be the only one who does this.
Chico:  They're not. Channel 4 was already fined... BBC just got hit. And these are just the ones we know about. Fear is a very vicious animal. And it cares not whom its dinner is.
Jason:  Right on.
Gordon: I think its going to get worse before it gets better - and woe to anyone in the US if they find anything on these shores.
Chico:  I've seen that ep of Quiznation with the ONE game.. Trust me. They don't have to worry ... YET. But if these regulations come stateside.. Watch out.
Jason:  Yup.
Chico:  Could mean that Dancing and Idol can't play anymore... and it could mean that there are no more media hoes.
Gordon: We'll never get rid of media hoes - no matter how hard we try.
Chico:  Okay, Gordon... You have your work cut out for you. There are a lot of hoes this week.

We start with the departing hoes. Jupiter Mendoza, Hilary Graham, Shalini Kantaya, Lia...all gone Paula Abdul insists that she's sober, Bruno and Carrie Ann from Dancing With the Stars will be bringing 'Dance X' to the states, Merv Griffin is being treated for prostate cancer. get better soon, Merv.

Chico:  We love you, man.
Jason:  We do. Please get well soon.

Wink Martindale gets his Game Show Awards at the Game Show Congress (Yay!), while  Noel Edmonds loses three million pounds on a bad deal.

Chico:  Six million dollars. 3 million pounds.
Jason:  Exchange rate. Bad exchange rate.
Gordon: And because Noel may need a rest, we have a big comfy red sofa on the way.
Jason:  Cool. The Casting Couch(Tm)
Chico:  Let me get a throw pillow for you.
Gordon: We start with more...5th grader.

In the southern California area? Check it out here -

Gordon: If you want to try a new game show, then try Do You Trust me.

The show is looking for, and I quote, 'big characters with interesting life stories'.

Gordon: I'm personally looking for the ad for people with good gameplaying skills.
Jason:  Me too.
Gordon: Finally, one of my favorite shows is being renewed, Pros Vs. Joes 3
Chico:  Sweet
Jason:  Way Sweet. Want to get your butt kicked by pro athletes?

If you do, go here -

Chico:  And if you prefer something less strenuous. Bingo is still casting. it's pushing a button on TV. Go to for that.
Gordon: The ho of the week - Asia, who won the Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. Asia has decided that she no longer wants to be a doll and is going out on her own as a soloist.
Chico:  Good luck with that. No, really...
Gordon: Chances of succeeding?
Jason:  Zero
Chico:  *stifles laughter*
Jason:  (snickers)
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico:  And finally, let's get Fully Loaded!
Jason:  Hic
Chico:  This week... Practice for Hoes in Training..

Ludia has signed on to produce a new TPIR PC game. That should be heading to shelves soon. Meanwhile, you like the Feud? You like cash? You like to play the Feud FOR cash? Go to and you'll get a chance to do just that.

Chico:  So practice for TPIR and Feud. Two games in one.
Jason:  Yup.
Chico:  How cool is that?
Jason:  Very cool
Gordon: And thats it for Brainvision. Shut it down.
Jason:  Shutting down
Chico:  Okay, more fun in a moment, but first. Here's the last YLTI. We asked what you have your boxes programmed to last couple of weeks. 64%... World Series of Pop Culture. 28% go with the Singing Bee. 8%... Don't Forget the Lyrics. And a whopping ZERO for Leonid and Man-Kira. Sorry, Gordon.
Gordon: Aww
Chico:  This week, an Emmy question...

Which reality show is going to take Emmy home soon?

The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway
Top Chef
Survivor was ROBBED!

Chico:  Answer next week. Up next, we go bracket hunting.. and find some premium brackets. This is WLTI. Five years... still no Emmys.

(Brainvision has been brought to you by The Singing Beef. The Next Food Network Stars, for their first challenge next season, must sing a Britney Spears song while cooking a pot roast).



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