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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 30, 2007

Chico: Today!!!! The Price is Right: The Drew Carey era... the first week after... One more J! fest until summer vacation....
Gordon: And Drew Carey's first week as the host of Power of Ten. Jason and I went to the tapings and we'll give you a little insight on the game.
Jason: Yes. With NO SPOILERS.
Chico: But from the sound of it, it's going to be hot.
Gordon: We also talk about one of the dumbest moves in Big Brother history.
Jason: lol
Chico: From Somewhere in America, the Cleveland Rocks edition of WLTI... is... ON! Alongside Drew Carey's hair and Drew Carey's agent, I'm Drew Carey's suit.
Gordon: I'm Drew Carey's agent, and joining us is Drew Carey's microphone holder, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: Ha.
Gordon: As you can guess, we will be spending the first part of the show on Drew Carey, starting with...The Price is Right. The first question, of course - was this the right choice?
Jason: I am still going to say a qualified yes. But...I still think Todd Newton got hosed.
Chico: Given what Drew said about the show, I think this was a good choice. And me? I don't think Todd Newton was hosed, as much as he might've gotten Kerriganed.
Jason: Explain?
Chico: Read: He was good... Drew was better. Same could be said for Mark Steines... apparently.
Jason: Sorry I respectfully disagree. Todd absolutely everything right to be on the show...and he still didn't get the job.
Gordon: And Ian Ziering, if you believe the papers. But Drew was the best choice for the gig. He is a big name, he has the hosting experience, and most importantly, he has this ability to relate to the contestants, something that Newton and Steines, though ok at it, aren't nearly as good as Carey is at it.
Chico: Now another question comes to mind... Are CBS and Fremantle thinking long term?
Jason: I think they are.
Gordon: I would think they are as well. That's a major reason on why George Hamilton didn't get the position.
Chico: So you think we'll still be here... 15 years later... our kids being brought up on GSN... and we'll be talking TPIR's 50th Ann'y?
Jason: Brought up on GSN...not so sure.,...TPIR 50th ANNY...yes.
Gordon: I'm not sure if GSN will be here in 15 years either - or at least not under current management. We'll get to that later on in the show. In terms of Drew, he will be around for the 50th anniversary.
Chico: Meanwhile, how has the public received Drew Carey as host of TPIR, you know?
Jason: Cautiously optimistic.
Gordon: According to an AOL poll, with the options being Drew Carey, Todd Newton, Marc Steines or someone else, Carey got 64% of the vote.
Chico: Okay, I say that's an approval.
Jason: I don't. That's unscientific.
Chico: Well, that's true.
Jason: They have polls about Paris Hilton and Lindsay you put the same weight on that?
Chico: Not really.
Gordon: What makes it interesting is that second place, with 29%, was someone else, which means that Drew may have been the best choice because Todd and Marc may not have been the popular choice.
Chico: But you look at the result and you kinda realize why. Big Board, please?

Why They Weren't Right

- Mark Steines: Too Plastic
- Todd Newton: Todd who?
- Ian Ziering: No experience

Gordon: And that's not taking away anything from Todd and Mark, who are both very good hosts in their own right
Chico: That's right, but you kinda get why the AOL voting public didn't really feel them. This is called "Why They Weren't Right" Let's start with... Hey, why not Mark.
Jason: Mark was too Hollywood. Too Plastic.
Chico: He tested VERY well, and according to some, he HAD the job before Drew came in. So why wasn't Mark right?
Gordon: The contestant relatability factor - zero.
Chico: So he was too much of a Hollywood type. And seeing him on ET... I can't disagree.
Gordon: Bob Barker, despite being in Hollywood and a host, had this relatability that he was an every-man. Steines doesn't have that.
Jason: Nope. Not at all.
Chico: Also didn't hurt that he had Truth or Consequences or his DJing. How about Todd Newton.. Undoubtedly the fandom's favorite. And he did have the experience hosting the live show, among other projects.
Chico: What's wrong with him?
Jason: q Factor = zero unfortunately.
Chico: Made in the USA didn't do it for him? Heh.
Jason: lol
Gordon: I don't think that this is the right vehicle for Newton to be on. Todd made his debut on Hollywood Showdown and he seems to excel in the trivia part of shows, and he did a good job in the question part of Whammy!. What the critics hammered him on was the second part, where he didn't have the contestant relatability or the play-by-play /improv skills for the second round - something that would be crucial in a Price is Right setting. If you wanted me to make an example, he would be a perfect host in a game like Camouflage. Something like Quiznation...not so much.
Chico: I can imagine that being the case. Also, and Jason brought this up, and this probably counts more than can't ignore the "no familiarity" argument. I mean, you could go up to the average Joe or Jane and bring up Todd Newton's name, and more than likely, someone would say "Who?"
Gordon: And that's a problem. The last thing that Newton has done in Prime Time - Game Show Marathon.
Chico: And only in 30 second bites.
Jason: If he would have hosted GSM...and done well. He is the host.
Chico: Yeah, he could've handled the hosting...
Gordon: If Newton did Game Show Marathon instead of Ricki Lake, then not only is he the favorite for TPIR, but Game Show Marathon is probably looking at season 3.
Chico: They say no one person could host seven different games at once? Two words (and one letter)... Ant 'n' Dec. :-)
Gordon: Two more words. Jason Block. Or Chico Alexander. Or Yours Truly :-)
Jason: Bingo.
Chico: The point is, love... doesn't necessarily equate ability.
Gordon: You needed a game show freak to host that sort of show.
Chico: Okay, here's a curveball for you... Ian Ziering. Why not him?
Gordon: Simple answer - no experience.
Jason: Thats it. He did zero. He has the q factor and the relatability...but
Chico: Can't argue with that.
Gordon: You can't allow someone with no experience to helm your morning jewel. Ask Doug Davidson about that.
Chico: No need. The evidence is on tape.
Jason: (shudder) Yes it is.
Chico: So basically what we gather from this (because the Big Board is, if nothing else, a learning tool), that hosting TPIR is like building a stool. You need three legs... Relatability.... Ability... and Q rating... Drew Carey had all three... and now he has the gig to show for it.
Jason: Yes he does.
Chico: And that stool also gave him another high-profile gig, premiering next week, the Power of 10.
Gordon: You could even say that the Power of 10 gig gave Drew the shot at TPIR
Jason: And Gordon and I were at the Kaufman-Astoria studios for a taping.
Gordon you were with someone else as well?
Gordon: I went with GSNN's Eric Pierce for the first taping.
Chico: Okay, without giving any spoilers, how's the game?
Jason: I like it. This will be water cooler talk.
Gordon: Its pretty much Card Sharks questions, but more current and political. For instance, which would you rather watch - the 2008 Primary Debate or the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition?
Jason: May I give a rules explanation?
Chico: The Chairman allows it.
Jason: In the elimination round, two contestants have to answer questions such as that within a 10 second period. The contestants can't see what the other's answer is. Getting 3 questions right wins the game and you get to play the bonus round for 10 million dollars.
Gordon: Ooooh. Aaaaah
Jason: Here's how that works. You start off with a question for one thousand dollars. You have to guess what percentage of the survey will answer the question. have can put in your first guess. Second...the audience in studio votes. 3rdly, you have your family member to discuss with. and Drew will guide you...somewhat. The range for the $1000 question....40 points. If you get it go up by 10---$10,000. Wrong...$100 and out.
Gordon: Drew will help you on the first 2 questions if you pay enough attention. Then you're on your own.
Chico: A 40-point window. Understandable for $1000.
Jason: The $10,000 question....30 points. 100,000, 20 points. $1M, 10 points...but Gordon...explain the way you get to $10M.
Gordon: Here's how you get there. If you get the one million dollar question right, the question won't show you the right answer - just the fact that you got it within range. They will then show you the range. If you guess the EXACT number on that range, you win the ten million dollars. If you go for it and lose, you drop from one million to $100,000.
Jason: You have to have some serious stones to go for the 10M
Chico: That you do. You have to be pretty sure of yourself to go for it.
Gordon: But according to Chico's formula, you go for it, right? It's a 1 out of 10 crapshoot.
Chico: Let's see. You get it right, you win another 9mill. You get it wrong, you lose $900,000.
Jason: And by the way....the phrase "Lock It In" will be in the lexicon come next month.
Gordon: 10 to 1 shot to win 10 times the money. An even 50% gambling point.
Chico: So yeah, one in 10 chance at a 10 million payday, shot of a lifetime... You go for it.
Gordon: So the question is - are you satisfied with $100,000? If you're satisfied with $100,000, then you go for it. If you would hate yourself forever if you give $900,000 back, then you quit.
Chico: This show will say a lot about the collective AND the individual, I think. Another equally as important question... Did you think that Michael Davies has another hit with this?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Yes
Jason: Drew is very capable in this.
Gordon: I don't think its going to be as big as Millionaire, but it should get medium rankings and should warrant another season
The set is amazing. Davies with a warmer touch. It's a Card Sharks for this generation and it's definitely family talk about material. This is probably the best Michael Davies set that I have seen.
Chico: Sounds killer. Again, that's Power of 10, call your friends, tell'm it's August 7.
Jason: at 8PM. Lead in for Big Brother I think.
Gordon: Speaking of which, we have seen dumb things on Big Brother.
Chico: Nooooo... Really?
Jason: Yes we have...
Gordon: But this may be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.
Jason: Do tell.
Chico: Has to be quality dumb to warrant that distinction.
Gordon: Let's set the scene. Kail and Jen are both put up for Eviction.
Jason: (writes notes)
Chico: Got that.
Gordon: It's Veto Time. It's an endurance competition. The two people left are Jen and Dick, who is the head of household.
Chico: Saw that.
Jason: (nods)
Gordon: Mike, in order to prove his loyalty to Kail, starts talking trash to Dick.
Chico: Got that. If I recall, he was the ONLY one doing that.
Gordon: Right.
Jason: Dick is the "evil dad"?
Chico: Evil Dick, yeah.
Jason: ok
Gordon: So Dick, pissed off at Mike, purposely throws the challenge, letting Jen win immunity. Jen, of course, takes herself off the block. Dick then puts Mike up in Jen's place. And Mike gets booted off, by a vote of 7-2.
Chico: Yeah. That's quality dumb there. You don't cut your nose off to spite your face.
Jason: Whoops.
Gordon: First of all, you should NEVER make yourself a target at ANY time.
Jason: That's dumb.
Chico: But unfortunately, Mike just had to prove his loyalty to Kail.
Gordon: But SECOND of all, and more importantly, why would Mike be taunting Dick? The person who he SHOULD have been talking trash to is Jen, because if Dick wins, then he probably leaves the nominations the way they are and it's Jen that goes home, not Kail or Mike.
Jason: Bad gameplay.
Chico: No foresight. Which has really been a problem all season, if you ask me. What's the rule in chess? You see a move, make the move that follows it.
Gordon: Bad gameplay, bad emotional play, and just non-thinking.
Jason: Joker, Joker, and eviction.
Chico: Heh... that's a good one, Block.
Gordon: is this the dumbest Big Brother move ever?
Jason: No.
Chico: That would be knife to the throat.
Jason: Putting a knife to someone's throat is.
Gordon: I would put this under that and Marcellas not taking himself off the block and promptly getting evicted.
Chico: But yeah, this is up there.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: So this week, Dustin is the new HOH. Do you foresee any power shift?
Gordon: I don't. The elimination of the Mrs. Robinson Alliance will continue as planned. Jen and Kail are once again on the block. Jameka has won veto, and if one of the women get taken off, then Zack or Nick will be put up.
Chico: Please veto Kail. Anything to rid ourselves of Jen... ANYTHING!
Jason: Is she that bad? :P
Chico: Take the worst woman you've ever met... and multiply by 10.
Jason: (shudder)
Chico: or the most vapid woman you've ever met.
Gordon: I don't think she's worse than Holly. She's pretty close though
Chico: True. Holly was just... oh God, the less said the better.
Gordon: This isn't going to help Jen's acting credentials
Chico: Okay, moving from dumb women to smart women with this question... How do you go from zero to champ in 30 minutes? Answer: By playing like you mean it.
Jason: Explain
Chico: Meryl Friedman did just that on the Friday final of Jeopardy!'s Teen Tournament. She had ZERO carryover from Thursday's show. Then she stepped her game up. As a result, she had $22,000 going into the final to her opponents' 6000 something and 9000 something. Worst case scenario, she had to bet $18,000 in order to win the tournament. She did, she won. Just goes to show you that math is very important on the Jeopardy!
Jason: Yes it is
Gordon: This is the second excellent kids Jeopardy Tournament this season
Chico: This is the clue that did it: the final in Landmarks.

Some of its pieces, which weighed up to 50 tons, were quarried at Marlborough Downs, about 20 miles away.

Jason: What is London Bridge?
Chico: You.... are wrong. Gordon?
Jason: Wow.
Gordon: What is Big Ben/Tower of London?
Chico: Also wrong. But in the same country. What is Stonehenge... Stonehenge. Stonehenge... Again, Meryl bet enough to win the tournament by a dollar. and she reigns supreme as J!'s Teen Queen.
Jason: I should have know that.
Gordon: Congratulations to Meryl, who deserves it.
Chico: Not to be outdone by Kyle Neblett, who takes home $36,400, and Greg Peterson, who pockets a cool $38,600. College? Heh. Not even an issue with these three.
Jason: Or at least a year or two. This is college after all :-)
Gordon: Also congratulations to David Goldhill, who is the new president of GSN
Jason: He has his work cut out for him.
Chico: Yep. You know, I couldn't help but notice that he was president of Fun Technologies, of whom GSN is a major client...
Jason: Coincidence?
Chico: Now I don't profess to know this sort of thing... but ... cronyism much?
Gordon: You don't think that nepotism had anything to do with this Chico, do you?
Jason: A scotche
Chico: I'm sure Mr. Goldhill was the most qualified candidate that was available at the time...  But let's keep it real here.
Gordon: I think this also has a lot to do with the direction that GSN is going. Obviously, the internet pay to play games have to have some sort of success rate.
Chico: Obviously. If Prison Life was on GSN, it'd be their most popular show.
Jason: But right now the interactive stuff is in free fall...courtesy of the BBC/ITV scandals
Gordon: That could be a major problem. The 0.3 ratings average for GSN can't help either. Without Prejudice, their 'Major Hit', had a 0.5.
Chico: 0.5... GSN would kill for a 0.5 right about now.
Gordon: Before Cronin came into power, the average show...0.7
Chico: And now GSN would die and go to heaven for a 0.5.
Gordon: The fact that many cable stations moved GSN to the premium echelon didn't help, but the fact that we had the 'Dark Ages' of GSN which sent it there didn't help either. Can I have a Big Board please?

Mr. Goldhill's To-Do-List

1) Get Eyes By Any Means
2) More Shows
3) Retool Playmania
4) Continue building the Internet
5) Build on your strengths
6) Start a Relationship with the GSC

Gordon: Subject - The tasks that Mr. Goldhill needs to achieve.
Chico: I can think of one... Get More Eyes. More eyes = more money.
Jason: But...I think...more original GSN shows would be nice.
Gordon: 1. Not only get eyes, but relegate GSN back to the normal cable package instead of the premium package.
Jason: right
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: 2. More shows. The highest shows they have are simple ones.
Chico: Lingo. High Stakes Poker..
Jason: Chain Reaction
Chico: Without Prejudice...
Gordon: If GSN created newer versions of old shows and did them the RIGHT way, then you would have hits. Password, even at a $5,000 Jackpot, will get eyeballs.
Chico: Of course. IT was simple and easy.
Jason: Yes
Gordon: Don't reinvent the wheel. Just get good simple remakes.
Jason: See: I've Got A NOT to do it.
Chico: I've Got a Secret was a good game on its own. No need for a gimmick.
Gordon: 3. Retool Playmania. Get an interactive game that is GOOD to play.
Jason: More variation on the interactivity.
Gordon: Get Endemol involved if you have to and Bring Midnight Money Madness to Playmania.
Chico: It'll bring more ... umm... originality.
Jason: sort of
Gordon: 4. Continue building the internet brands
Chico: If anything, we're going to see more topical games. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if one's in the works involving Lindsay Lohan drinking. A lot.
Gordon: They have discovered an internet cash cow. Keep using the money and getting a budget to create viable TV properties.
Jason: (hic)
Chico: Not yet, Block :-)
Jason: ok. Sorry I was doing my Lindsay interpretation
Chico: You gotta stretch your face out like you're trying to think of something, but you can't. =p Back to the matter at hand.
Gordon: Continuing the gambling aspect... 5. High Stakes Poker gets eyeballs. The World Poker Tour will also do well. Keep building those brands.
Chico: If I can add.. 5a) Use those shows to promote OTHER shows. it could work, right?
Gordon: Absolutely. especially with the WPT, which will get people to watch
Chico: Creative scheduling and captive audiences watching commercials.
Jason: And I have a personal one. If you don't mind... 6) Start a relationship with the Game Show Congress.  If you do that and bring the fan base in...the circle will continue. You can edit that out if you want.
Gordon: NBC did the same thing with the Sci-Fi Conventions, and they are crediting it to one of the reasons why Heroes is a hit.
Chico: See? Synergism! It's wonderful!
Gordon: I've got a great new show idea for GSN
Chico: What's that?
Gordon: Are You Smarter Than a BrainVision Hamster? Starring Fluffy, Cheeseball, Cookoo Clock, Chairman and Gordon Jr.
Jason: lol
Chico: You remember our deal... Look into the camera, and say to the world...
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage!

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks Doug. First on the Brainvision Roster... Who wants to play the Newlywed Game?
Gordon: I do!
Chico: ... because it's coming.. in reality show form.
Jason: I do.

ABC has ordered six eps of "Here Come the Newlyweds" where seven couples will compete against each other for an escalating cash prize.

Jason: Cute. But done before.
Chico: Challenges will test their relationship while a couple is voted off every week.
Gordon: Definitely been done before.
Chico: It's The Newlywed Game + The Mole + any other reality show.
Gordon: NBC. Race To The Altar.
Chico: Oh yeah! Completely forgot about that. Heh.
Gordon: When they did it, it got banished to Saturday nights. I expect this to do the same.
Chico: Well it only has six, so expect at least a Friday showing.
Jason: It has to be better than Set For Life.
Chico: Watching Constantine smolder is better than Set for Life.
Gordon: Having a date with Jennifer Harmon is better than Set For Life, isn't it?
Jason: Isn't she married?
Chico: I believe so, yes
Gordon: I have a date with her on August 27th
Jason: Oh you do. You lucky dog. She is hot, and plays poker.
Chico: Player.... okay, next?

High Stakes Poker 4, with a $500,000 minimum in the middle of the season, is August 27. On September 24th we get Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor, a show I know Chico will be Tivoing.

Chico: Piss off. :-)
Gordon: You watch every episode of The Bachelor at least 3 times, don't you?
Chico: Piss... off.
Gordon: A show that we will be seeing again - The Next Food Network Star.

The season finale episode on Sunday (9p) delivered 3.4 million total viewers and a 1.7 A25-54 rating. This final episode is the highest-rated and most-watch telecast in Food Network's history.

Jason: And in a weak season (talent wise), that is huge.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: HGTV's Casting Special for the second season of HGTV Design Star on Sunday (10p) drew in a 0.7 A25-54 rating and 1.5 million A18+ impressions and 1.2 million W18+ impressions. Those are also good numbers for them.
Chico: It's a good week for the Scripps Networks
Jason: And in that vein, congrats to Amy Finley for winning Next Food Network Star.
Gordon: But is it a good week to get Fully Loaded?
Chico: yes it is. And now, Jason...
Jason: (hic)
Chico: Very nice. This week, it's ... a Haterade crossover.

The bad news: for the 42 fans of Pirate Master watching? CBS canceled it. The good news: You can see the rest of the series on CBS Innertube.

Chico: ... You're still thinking about the cancellation, though..
Gordon: I'm thinking about October 31st, and serving Haterade out for Halloween
Chico: Gee, I wonder what you could be serving then.

Trick or Treat! Maybe Tricks for the TV Industry, as October 31st marks the end of the agreement with the writers guild and a start date to a potential strike.

Jason: That could be really really really bad.
Gordon: Its still a few months away, but we will be keeping an eye out for it.
Chico: Better hurry up on those season orders... You MAY not get the chance later. And I want my Heroes, damnit.
Gordon: You may have to go to another part of the world to get it. Can we go global, Chico?
Chico: Save your game.. Save the world. This week, we're headed to China.
Jason: Long trip.
Chico: Peanuts?

Bringiton is developing a shopping game for Chinese TV entitled "Big Time Spender".  The show will feature 32 players given budgets, a time limit, and shopping challenges of increasing difficulty.

Chico: If you remember Spend it Fast! on WEtv five years ago... It's kinda like that.
Jason: Sort of Survivor meets Shop Till You Drop
Chico: Sort of yeah. Who wants to bet we see a US version =p
Gordon: If it does well, we will. On a side note, Fox Reality will get the UK's VERY controversial show There's Something About Miriam.
Jason: What was this?
Chico: It was a show about Players courting unintentionally... a transsexual.
Jason: Yow. I remember that.
Chico: The reveal made many a "Most Outrageous" clip show. It was cruel.. it was outrageous... it was surprising... It was GOOOOOD television. And if you want to make goooood television, we've got just the furniture for you.
Jason: Ah...the Casting Couch
Gordon: I sense a casting couch...if you're into gospel singing.

BET has launched Sunday Best a national competition show which will determine the next great undiscovered gospel singer in America. The show will debut on the network October 2 at 8p. Sunday Best will audition the first 500 persons at each stop and 20 judged finalists will travel to Los Angeles to begin the competition. The ultimate winner will receive cash and prizes for themselves and more for their home church. The first audition location will be The Renaissance Montura Hotel in Los Angeles on August 4 at 9a, followed by Atlanta on August 11 and Chicago on August 18. For more information, visit or call 888-PSALMS-95.

Chico: Or if you're not into heavenly noise, we have Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen is casting for season 4. You can head to or

Gordon: Anything else?
Chico: Why yes.
Gordon: We have a casting notice from the "Jason Block's an old fart" file.
Jason: Oh?

TV Guide Channel is casting a new game show that'll test players' smarts about celebs and entertainment.

Jason: Oh yes...and you have to be 25-35
Chico: Exactly. Info at
Gordon: Any more?
Chico: That's it for this week.
Gordon: So moving on to the hoes...
Chico: (playing "Pimpin'...)

Whoopi Goldberg may be coming to The View, Nigel Lythgoe admits they made some mistakes on Idol this year...

Jason: You think, Nigel?

Kelly Clarkson apologizes to Clive Davis, Laila Ali hooks up with Curtis Conway, Kristy Swanson is called a Homewrecker, and we have a BABY HO, as Trista Sutter sires a boy - Maxwell Alston Sutter.

Chico: Awwww. We like babies around here.
Jason: That's true.
Gordon: But none of them are the ho of the Week. The Ho of the Week - The So You Think You Can Dancers, as they announce their 49 stop national tour. You can get tickets starting on August 11th at 10:00 am.
Chico: 49 stops... That's a lot of dancing shoes.
Jason: and foot massages
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: Great job. Okay, That's Brainvision. Shut'er down.
Gordon: Boooooop
Jason: Shutting down)
Chico: Okay, later in the show, we're going bargainhunting and we name the noms for Game Show Awards 2007. But first...  Last week, we asked who would walk off with the Emmy for best reality show. 62% give it to... The Amazing Race. Top Chef and Idol get 15% each. And 8% think that Survivor was robbed.
Jason: lol
Chico: Gordon, what should our loyal audience muse over this week?
Gordon: Muse over this...

Drew Carey. Price is Right Host. Thoughts?

Not a Double Showcase Win, but still a win.
Breakeven. Newton/Steines would've been better.
A skunk and a Double Overbid (TPIR Losing Horns)

Gordon: We'll get the results on this one next week
Chico: Next up, your noms for the GSA07. This is WLTI... Five years... still got it, baby.

(Brainvision is brought to you by the Power of π. Contestants answer survey questions for a chance at $3,141,592,653,589,793....)

Jason: lol

(... ,238,462,643,383,279...)



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