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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 9, 2007

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I have a question for you.
Chico:  This is Chico Alexander... I hope I have an answer.
Gordon: What do you get when you take an Autobot Leader and transform him into a 7-up flavor?
Chico:  I don't know...
Jason:  Mr. Fudd...what do you get when you take an Autobot Leader and transform into a 7-up flavor?
Gordon: Optimus Lime!
Jason:  (rimshot)
Gordon: Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week.
Chico:  Waaa waaa waaaaaaaa... More bad puns on the way...Because from Somewhere in America... We Love to Interrupt... is... ON!
Gordon: Yay!
Chico:  Alongside Ironhide Pepper and Bumblebee Block, I'm Optimus Alexander...
Jason:  To be compared to a 2009 Camaro...sweet.
Gordon: Doesn't he get his legs ripped off?
Chico:  SPOILER!!!! As usual, we have a LOT to cover, so let's get right into it with a new game. Usually, new games are reserved for the middle of the show, but this is a short one. The new game, of course, is Camouflage, where you have to find words hidden in bigger words or phrases.
Gordon: Let me try an example.
Chico:  K
Gordon: THE CLUE - Annie is never fully dressed without one.
Chico: Ha.


Jason:  DING
Gordon: Jason?
Jason:  SMILE
Gordon: Very good! (DING)
Gordon: chicoloveSMIkefLEiss
Jason:  I am warm now.
Chico:  After a while to adjust your brain, it's very addictive. Let's start with the good....Addictive...Has "shout at your TV" potential.
Jason:  And this is a game show which I have been pining for...INTELLIGENT. MAKES. YOU. THINK.
Chico:  Creative. Like PDQ in reverse.
Gordon: Roger Lodge also does a credible job as the host.
Chico:  Good filler for the Lingo off-season.
Jason:  You know I don't think it's just filler. I think GSN has a hit on its hands.
Chico:  I wouldn't be surprised if GSN somehow manages to sneak in another 25 shows on top of the 40 already ordered. Full-hour? I mean, you don't want to burn it all at once, right?
Gordon: Hopefully, that will be enough - but there's also bad things about it
Chico:  Going into the bad. I don't think Roger Lodge is as solid or as consistent as you make him out to be.
Gordon: I didn't say solid or consistent, I said credible.
Jason:  He did say credible.
Chico:  Okay. Also, the game mechanic tends to repeat itself over time.
Gordon: There's not enough variation.
Jason:  It can be a one-trick pony.
Gordon: I agree with that - also there's no strategy to the game. All you do is solve puzzles or puzzles within puzzles. There's no interplay with the opposition.
Jason:  It's just you against the puzzles...which is not bad mind you, but needs a little work.
Chico:  It's just "whoever solves the most puzzles wins".
Jason:  If one of the contestants is a buzzsaw...its 30 minutes of boring TV.
Chico:  But all in all, the good far outweighs the bad, I think... Okay, time to grade! Mr. Block?
Jason:  B- with a lot of room for improvement. Best thing this summer so far.
Chico:  Mr. Pepper?
Gordon: B-. Solid show. Could be even better with some bells and whistles. I actually...agree with Jason? Wha?
Chico:  Like I said before... Good far outweighs the bad. GSN's got another hit on its hand. B+
Jason:  So applause for GSN. You guys are still on a roll....and wait till July 17th for Without Prejudice.
Chico:  Oh man... That'll be killer.
Gordon: GSN has a hit in the making with Camouflage. Does CBS have one with Big Brother 8?
Chico:  ... Umm... I withhold judgment for the mid to the end season... but so far... ehh.
Gordon: 14 people in a house. 6 of them know each other.
Chico:  And it all looks like Alice in Wonderland meets Dr. Seuss.
Gordon: A dad and daughter who haven't spoken to each others in years. A split up gay couple which one person says gave Gonorrhea to the other and two beauty queens in a squabble. And half of the people dumber than dirt (but then again, that's EVERY season of Big Brother).
Chico:  In other words, it's your typical Big Brother season. Squabble between b(^_^)s and someone comes out with a VD charge.
Jason:  I need a shower and a shot just reading this.
Gordon: This is the third time during the duration of the show that a sexual disease has had some play.
Chico:  So who are the first on the block this summer?
Gordon: Kail has the Head of Household. Up on the block is Carol (who is one of the Frenemies with issues with Jessica) and Amber (who doesn't have any faults except for having marshmallow for brains...
Jason:  That's Fondon....A malleable marshmallow used for decorating cakes. I learn stuff while recapping shows :)
Chico:  Good... and good for you.
Gordon: The Veto was won by Danielle, who isn't aligned with anyone, but there are people aligned against her, as Eric and Jen are calling her Daddy's little c#nt
Jason:  Whoa. The C-Word.
Chico:  That's a phrase that doesn't come up often.
Jason:  I don't use that. Bad word folks. Very bad word.
Gordon: Meanwhile, Amber, justifying the marshmallow for brains comment, has requested to Danielle to NOT REMOVE HER FROM THE BLOCK. Because she thinks to believe everyone, who says they are voting off Carol.
Chico:  Amber's either really smart... or really dumb. This being Big Brother... I'm guessing the latter.
Jason:  And when Amber gets out--there will be the requisite tears, crying and Paris Hilton deer in the headlights look.
Chico:  "That's hot."
Gordon: Hence Dani doesn't use the Veto, and all of the sudden, a crying Carol, who originally said she didn't care if she left, is canvassing the house to get votes. So quite frankly, both women have made 2 fundamental blunders of Big Brother Strategy (saying that they want to leave vs. convincing people to keep them on the chopping block) and whoever is the first person out truly
deserves to it.
Chico:  Big Brother has strategy? Other than "Do what the people on Survivor would do and keep your mouth shut about it"?
Gordon: Believe it or not, there's strategy. Big Board, please?

How to Win Big Brother (And Leave Your Dignity Semi-Intact)

1) Don't Make Enemies
2) Align at Your Own Risk
3) Alliances are CRUCIAL
4) Power Positions Are Good
5) No Hot Button Topics
6) No Musical Beds
7) The Other Houseguests Control Who Wins

Gordon: Topic - How to WIn Big Brother...
Jason:  ...and leave your dignity semi intact.
Gordon: 1. Don't make enemies. Unlike Survivor, where you can piss off people as long as they are in the minority alliance, anyone you piss off, should they become the Head of Household, means that you have a week of hell to deal with.
Chico:  2. Align at your own risk. BB houseguests tend to be only as faithful as their options.
Gordon: Yes, but 3. Alliances are CRUCIAL in this game. You need to find 1 or 2 people to bond with - BUT - it needs to be on the OUTSKIRTS of an alliance and it needs to be secret. Being in a major alliance is safe, but get ready to jump when needed and don't pledge your loyalty to 1 person
Chico:  And do NOT call out one point in the game "You... Final four..." Pretty much dug your own grave here.
Gordon: 4. Be in a position of power. I don't mean in an alliance. I mean in the house. Being the chef is an excellent position because if you cook well, then people will want you in the house.
Jason:  Which is not that great in Survivor. Cooking goes only so far.
Gordon: Being the Den Mother/Father is another, because then people will come to you and let you know whats going on. That's how Jun and Maggie both won their games - when they sensed something was going on and made changes on it.
Gordon: 5. Religion? Poltics? Definite NO NOS
Chico:  The Mike Lubinski rule.
Gordon: You know that CBS is purposely going to throw in clashing personalities, so keep your mouth shut and play the game.
Jason:  Bingo. What about sleeping your way to victory?
Chico:  Musical beds?
Jason:  Yeah.
Gordon: 6. Don't sleep your way to're in the final 4 or 3 and need an angle.
Jason:  Ok then.
Gordon: If Joe, Nick and Dustin are in the Final 3. We may be seeing some bedding with the person who wins the HOH.
Chico:  And then it REALLY gets ugly Anyone who needs proof of the power of this rule... need only look at the game of one Alison Irwin.
Gordon: 7. FINALLY - Remember that like in Survivor, the other houseguests control who wins the game. Keep your cool at all times and don't go after people, cause those same people are the ones who will - or won't - pay you off.
Chico:  And will you win? Probably.  Will you keep your dignity? Well... depends on how you define it :-)
Jason:  Big Brother and dignity usually don't go together.
Gordon: But most Jeopardy contestants keep their dignity.
Jason:  Yeah.
Chico:  One kept it all the way to $115,000.
Gordon: Do tell.
Chico:  Lady by the name of Cathy Lanctot. Two of the best breeds of J! winners... Teachers and lawyers...She TEACHES LAWYERS. She lasted five days, won $116,102.
Jason:  Damn, son.
Chico:  Unfortunately she ran head first into Holly Owens, a physician from Tulsa... AND a famous sculpture...The Final Jeopardy! cue in "Sculptors".

Charles Niehaus sculpted McKinley for Canton, Ohio; Farragut for Muskegon, Michigan; & a record 8 men in this collection. Any takers?

Gordon: What are the 8 men that Allison Irwin bedded to get to the Big Brother finals?
Jason:  LOL
Chico:  Not right, but true. :-) And if Ali is reading... Not true, either.
Jason:  What is the Statuary Hall of Freedom?
Chico:  Bingo.
Jason:  Thats what I meant
Chico:  This is one of those cases where conservative betting won, because this was  a triple stumper. Holly only bets a little to win $7501. Cathy bet enough to win, should she get it right. She didn't, meaning that she won only $1000 for that game. But when you're sitting on $116K, what's another $1000. I guarantee you we're going to have a ToC next year.
Gordon: Is she the favorite?
Chico:  Hmmm. No.
Jason:  But she is up there.
Chico:  She's gotta be.
Jason:  Have you blocked who would be in there so far, Chairman?
Chico:  Let's see.. I have Cathy... Andrew Rostan... Mehrun Etebari...Cliff Galiher's a dark horse...Steve Unite... also a deep favorite. Best part of these tourneys... Equal footing. Looks like we'll see.
Jason:  November of this year, we hope.
Chico:  I think it's time for a snack. Let's go to the Next Food Network Star. Good show. Changed it up this year to be fresh.
Jason:  Most of the changes are good.
Gordon: And it may be a bit fresher than usual - for the wrong reasons.
Chico:  Not on the show, mind you... but rather behind the scenes.
Jason:  May I take this one.
Chico:  Sure
Jason:  JAG (a/k/a Joshua Adam Garcia) is in the final four with Amy Finley, Rory Schepisi and Paul McCollugh...sounds good right?
Chico:  Right.
Jason:  Except for one problem.
Chico:  Problem.
Jason:  He just might have padded his resume a wee bit. According to an Article in Broadcasting and Cable...Joshua claimed he was a corporal in the Marine Corps, a grunt who served in Afghanistan as an infantryman before moving to food service. After leaving the corps, he attended the New York Restaurant School and is now the chef de cuisine at a popular North Carolina restaurant. Sounds great, right?
Gordon: Sure
Jason:  Except...according to the Army Times of June 25...."Touted as a graduate of the New York Restaurant School, a former corporal and a grunt-turned-cook who served in Afghanistan, Garcia's record is actually much less stellar. He didn't spend nearly two years in the infantry, he didn't deploy to any war zone, and while it's unclear whether he was ever a corporal, what is clear is that the Corps showed him to the door nearly eight months early, as a private. Oh yeah, and he never finished culinary school in New York."
Chico:  This could turn the game on its ear.
Jason:  Well, everything is in the can except the voting.
Chico:  The part that can be turned ... on its ear.
Gordon: This could be disaster for Mr. Garcia.
Jason:  And also...According to that same B&C article he also upset Paul Reickhoff, executive director of The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. This is the worst example of padding his resume. But the question has to be asked...should Food Network have checked this out? How far do you have to go?
Chico:  You don't mess with that sort of thing. I think background checks should've been in place. I mean, they're in place everywhere else, right? Someone royally dropped the ball here.
Jason:  That I agree with.
Chico:  And it happened at the worst possible time, meaning serious damage control.
Jason:  Especially after wigging out now 2 weeks ago at...a military base. The Fort Dix Challenge.
Chico:  As some hosts always say, the credibility of the competition is always hurt when one of the combatants is not being honest.
Gordon: Now there's still hope if JAG didn't make the finals.
Chico:  Agreed. That goes under the "Of course, JAG could be voted off an this will all be moot".
Gordon: HOWEVER, if he does....should he be able to compete, or should he be removed?
Chico:  Little too late to do that.
Jason:  You can bring back the third place winner to be in can ALWAYS post edit.
Chico:  That's true.
Jason:  It would make Food Network look really good. Because This is Food Network's crown jewel right now. When you have 5M people watch a show. Thats massive.
Gordon: And they do have a week and a half to recut the final so that JAG comes up and admits to what hes done and no one would know the wiser.
Chico:  Let's hope he does the right thing.
Jason:  Because...on the opposite end of the scale...IF JAG makes the finals...and IF he wins the vote...and IF they give him the job...then Food Network looks real bad.
Jason:  Which I honestly don't think they will do.
Gordon: So..let's say you are the head of NFNS. Do you allow him to be in the finals?
Jason:  I don't. Sorry.
Chico:  Given the chance and the opportunity... No.
Jason:  In the same way I would kicked Jeffrey Sibelia's sorry ass out.
Chico:  This is a job application. And falsification of job requisites is grounds for dismissal. I don't care WHO your daddy is.
Gordon: And I think the falsifications are how he got on the show in the first place, so I agree with both of you.
Chico:  You're very agreeable this morning. Something wrong?
Gordon: Well...yeah.
Jason:  Whats that?
Gordon: I wasn't able to get my full Haterade out on the contestants on QuizNation this week, because I couldn't see a show, due to a computer glitch.
Jason:   Aw :(
Chico:  I hate it when those happen.
Gordon: Did anyone see this weekend's shows?
Chico:  I was at work, so... no.
Gordon: They kept the money down - and there may be a reason for it.
Jason:  The lack of winners...or are people not watching/texting?
Gordon: Actually, something a little bit more of a cause for alarm, if you are a Quiznation fan. You see, the UK version of the show went off the air just recently in the UK.
Jason:  Another casualty of the early 2007 scandal?
Gordon: I don't know why exactly. I do know, however, that the company that runs both the US and UK versions, Optimistic Entertainment, just went into administration.
Chico:  Definition?
Gordon: Administration is the UK term. The US equivalency is 'Chapter 11'.
Jason:  Uh oh. Bankruptcy. No money. Broke.
Chico:  Yah, that's... that's clear enough for everyone. Intake is less than it used to be. Again, a casualty of public confidence... or lack thereof.
Gordon: The industry whispers say that the reason why Quiznation is losing a show on Tuesdays is because if GSN takes over from Optimistic, the budget will be going down, and July 15th is the supposed day that everything will be figured out.
Jason:  If GSN takes over...that's a good thing. That's fine. As long as the integrity of the show is there, you know?
Chico:  I looked at the TV Guide listing, and from what I saw, it looks like the show itself isn't going anywhere, there's just... less of it. But yeah, we won't know anything until the 15th.
Gordon: As always, anything current like this is always subject to change, so stay tuned with us as we will get you the news when we know it. This does not exactly bode too well with Take the Cake, does it?
Jason:  What is Take The Cake?
Chico:  Depends on who's running it... But then again, I saw who's running it...Endemol. Three words: Midnight Money Madness.
Jason:  Is that the BET Show?
Chico:  Yep.
Gordon: I'm smelling another 8 weeks and out here.
Chico:  We'll see.
Gordon: Let's we play a little game.
Jason:  Another game? yay!
Gordon: Can I have a big Board please?

Nick Cannon Vs...

- ... Bigg Snoop Dogg: L
- ... Ne-Yo: L
- ... Lloyd: L
- ... Steve-O from Jackass: L
- ... Fabolous: L

Gordon: The Subject. Nick Cannon Vs...I'll give you who he played so far this
season. You tell me how he fared. Nick Cannon Vs. Snoop Dogg.
Jason:  Lost.
Chico:  Owned.
Gordon: Yes (Ding) Nick Cannon Vs. Ne-Yo
Chico:  Owned.
Jason:  Lost.
Gordon: Yes (DING) Nick Cannon Vs. Lloyd
Jason:  Spanked.
Chico:  I'll go with spanked.
Gordon: Spanked it is (DING) Nick Cannon Vs. Steve-O
Chico:  Humiliated.
Jason:  Embarrassed.
Gordon: He lost to a man who plays with poo (DING) Nick Cannon Vs. Fabolous
Jason:  Not so fab.
Chico:  STOOOOOOOOP at a Whammy.
Gordon: Waa-waaaaa (DING) Nick Cannon this season so far...0-5. What happened?
Jason:  Two things...what's the name of his amazingly smoking hot girlfriend he is with now? :)
Gordon: Leonid the Magnificent?

(And if Leonid is reading this. We're only kidding. We know you are really going out with Jason Block)

Jason:  Bite me.
Gordon: Seriously, I have no idea. Chico?
Chico:  And the answer, I think, is Christina Milian.
Jason:  Wrong. Selita Ebanks...his fiancee.
Chico:  My bad
Gordon: I think Christina was 2 girlfriends ago
Jason:  That is where is improv skills are happening. Look at this -

Jason:  And be honest...the gameplay is a little well...stale.
Gordon: I actually think the gameplay is fine. I think this season is one of the better ones. Here's why I think he's 0-5. 1. On the Black Squad - Mikey Day, Corey Holcomb and Biz Markie. Nick no longer has Nyima Funk or Katt Williams. Instead he has...Shawty and Brandon T. Jackson.
Chico:  Point, Gordon.
Jason:  That is a huge point.
Chico:  Against Nick, You have the FUNNY white guy... the dude from Last Comic Standing.. and Biz Markie.
Jason:  Where is Nyima now?
Chico:  Begging NBC for another season of Thank God You're Here.
Jason:  And begging Nick to come back :)
Gordon: She'll have a better chance begging NBC to be one of the women in Age of Love 2
Jason:  Me-owch.
Gordon: 2. This season, it feels less like a competition and more like a showcase. Steve O used a jumper cable on his tentacles, while both Snoop Dogg and Fabolous scores multiple points for running down the Red Squad during the Wild Style.
Chico:  Almost makes you wonder what Brooke Hogan will do next week,
Gordon: Nick can't possible lose to Brooke...can he?
Jason:  (self-edit)
Gordon: I'll say what Jason was thinking. Almost makes you wonder WHO Brooke Hogan will do next week.
Jason:  Thank you Gordon.
Gordon: Was that accurate, Jay?
Jason:  Totally.
Chico:  ON that note ....As I put my cat in her position in the choppler...she's totally gonna hit Taran, I know it. Okay, Gordon, make news go now.
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage!

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico:  Okay, here's the first story...Summer love it ain't. (playing "Summer Love")
Jason:  Not having a blast are we?
Chico:  No.

Wayne Brady and his wife... DONE.  Padma Lakshmi and her husband... DONE.

Jason:  Double ouch.

Wayne's wife cites irreconcilable differences, while Salman Rushdie, who you may remember for his "Satanic Verses"... just said that Padma wanted out.

Chico:  So apparently the fourth of July weekend... Not good on your relationship.
Jason:  Well, when a part of the Islamic World wants your husband dead...that can put stress on your marriage.
Chico:  And Mandie Brady's excuse? Being married to Wayne Brady...
Jason:  Oh my.
Chico:  That's excuse enough.
Gordon: meanwhile, the relationship between David May and On The Lot, Joy McElveen and Pirate Master - also over.
Jason:  Eliminated this week, right?
Gordon: Yes. On the other side, No one gets eliminated from Hell's Kitchen, while we get no new episodes of America's Got Talent 2 or Last Comic Standing 5.
Chico:  or So You Think...instead, we get a movie. Which wouldn't be bad... except that it was Anger Management.
Jason:  Thanks...but no.
Gordon: Next article...

Big Brother 8's ratings places them in second, behind Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader - which was a REPEAT. On the bright side, it was one of CBS's bigger shows of the Summer, easily getting better ratings than the soon to be moved Pirate Masters. Also moving - Last Comic Standing 5, as it goes to 10pm on Wednesdays while we get a double dosage of America's Got Talent 2.

Chico:  Arrr
Jason:  #1 show of the summer so far. AGT2 that is.
Chico:  Agreed. Why? Is it the judges? Is it the Springer? Is it the crazy acts?
Jason:  It's Leonid.
Chico:  Is it the not-so-jolly antics? Is it the fact that it's the only non-Fox show on Wednesdays?
Jason:  Yeah. All that.
Chico:  No, man.. It's all about Sideswipe. Side... swipe...
Jason:  Sideswipe?
Chico:  Not All That... Sideswipe... Taking it all the way.
Gordon: Go MANKIRA!
Chico:  No...
Jason:  NOOOOO.
Chico:  Heh. Okay, next up... We're going global with a singer who's... going global.

Paul Potts, who recently won Britain's Got Talent, will be releasing his first album worldwide, including the US.

Jason:  That is the feel-good story of the year so far.
Chico:  The album will be titled "One Chance".
Jason:  I heard his stuff. That is a buy for me.
Chico:  Really good story this is... He won the show, signed with Simon, performed in front of the Queen, and now has a tour and an album lined up. Not bad for beating out the UK equivalents of Quick Change and Leonid the Magnificent.
Jason:  He was an unpaid amateur opera star...had to stop in 2003...and now--world superstar to be.
Gordon: Maybe he'll be the 4th singer for Il Divo
Chico:  5th, unless one of them quit. One of them quit, didn't they?
Jason:  He worked as a manager for a mobile phone store....and went to Italy and paid for his own opera lessons to get better. I love this guy's story.
Gordon: How much do you want to bet that he will show up as a special guest on America's Got Talent?
Chico:  Finale.
Jason:  Bet on it.
Chico:  Believe it.
Jason:  He was on the Today show already. The booking is done. We just don't know it yet. And he is going to blow away the crowd.
Gordon: Well, here's something that just blew me away, and it goes right into the Haterade section.
Chico:  Can't wait to see what this is.
Gordon: Anyone that knows me will know exactly what I felt when I read this.
Chico:  Wait.. I know what this is...

LOOKING FOR TRAINED ACTORS TO PARTICIPATE IN BOWLING GAME SHOW! We’re looking for men and women between the ages of 18-28 who will play the role of crazy college co-ed contestants willing to do anything (and we mean anything!) in a bowling game show.

Jason:  Oh. My. Goodness.

Actors will play contestants who are in debt and in desperate need of cash, and should be able to bowl. Email (bleep) and tell us about your bowling experience and why you're the perfect person for this role. Please include a current headshot and resume. Women are highly encouraged to apply! This is a paying job.

Jason:  (bangs head)
Chico:  So which one gets the haterade, the "trained actors" or the "bowling"? Quick disclaimer: we have nothing against actors... we just don't like casting directors.
Jason:  Oh no...actors are fine...
Chico:  And if any casting directors are reading... WE JUST DON'T LIKE CASTING DIRECTORS. WE DON'T LIKE YOU. YOU SUCK.
Gordon: Deep seeded anger there, Mr. I passed the Millionaires Exam 5 times and I'm still not on the show?
Chico:  It was only twice, thank you.
Jason:  Hold on...there is a difference between contestant coordinators and casting directors...although the line is blurring sometimes.
Gordon: The whole point of this is that since WHEN do we need people to be PAID to be on a game show as a contestant?
Chico:  ... All New 3's a Crowd.
Jason:  We don't. I just think it's horrible. You have 1,000,000 people trying to be on Wheel. 100,000 to be on J! You dont need to play people.
Gordon: When do we need actors to actually act and not be a contestant. There is a difference between actors being contestants, and actors acting AS contestants.
Jason:  Burt Luddin's Love Buffet...sort of.
Chico:  But seriously, the only reason that this is acceptable is if you're making a pilot to sell a show.
Gordon: Yes and neither Burt nor 3's a crowd lasted for too long.
Chico:  Other than that... No.
Gordon: Even if youre making a pilot, this is NOT the right way to do it. The only way a show will work is if you actually test it to see if it plays well.
Chico:  Agreed.
Jason:  Just as a note...people do get paid to be run through contestants.
Gordon: Yes, but they get paid to seriously play a game, not to act like someone they are not.
Jason:  I know that. Trying to explain for the folks out there :)
Chico:  Okay.
Gordon: I think people SHOULD be paid to try out shows. Don't get me wrong - but only if they are playing it seriously. Lets move onto the next one, before I spontaneously combust.
Chico:  Next up... Load up. And as a bonus, there's a red couch involved.
Jason:  Oooo...two themes in one.

If you want a chance to go to New York to be a contestant on Millionaire, it's now as easy as downloading the new Millionaire Music Edition on your cell phone. The only catch: you have to be a Sprint subscriber. BUT if you're not, "no worries" as Dylan loves to say. Just go to for complete rules and free-route entry.

Jason:  You think the Brits would learn with the Free Route thing?
Chico:  They better. But yeah, if you're into music, if you like Millionaire, if you want a free trip to New York... Maybe bug these two... :-) Go check it out.
Jason:  Absolutely.
Gordon: Do you think the Music Edition will have Ludicris on there?
Chico:  Probably. (plays "Pimpin All Over the World") Gordon... the big red couch is all yours.

We're still looking for Temptation Players. Check out Reality Wanted to apply. However, the red flags are up as we see that FEMALE players are preferred...

Jason:  Uh oh.
Gordon: Either we have too many guys or we are already pigeonholing the demographics. Already. And the show isn't even on yet.

In other Ho news, we see the 10 new Superheroes from Stan Lee (a drop from last year's 11), there's a buzz on whether Dan Patrick will be the new TPIR host, The Donald may have the Apprentice back on NBC, Kelly Clarkson's 'My December' debuts in a strong #2, while Jessica Sierra pleads not guilty to a plethora of charges against her.

Chico: Update: Apparently the Apprentice is back on for one more go...
Gordon: But none of them are your Ho of the Week. The ho of the week is...Clay AIken!
Jason:  What?
Gordon: Remember the campaign to save Jericho via sending them nuts?
Jason:  Yeah
Gordon: Taking credit for that - Clay Aiken's Claymates. Aiken says that he got the idea and posted it on his MySpace.
Jason:  Oh boy. He is nuts
Gordon: By the way, Aiken also says that he would LOOOOVE to pitch shows to TV, as he has 15-17 neat-o ideas to pitch, including a variety show.
Chico:  That's like taking the credit for inventing junk e-mail....
Gordon: What about credit for inventing the internet?
Jason:  Taken. That was Gore's.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico:  And that's Brainvision... Shut'er down.
Jason:  Shutting down.
Chico:  We'll be turning on another WLTI machine in a bit, the wrong-o-meter... but first, last week, we asked you who your favorite guest host of Millionaire was. 2 out of 3 of you... go with Tom Bergeron... Good choice. 30% say someone else... and 3% go with the flying Welshman, Tim Vincent.
Jason:  No one liked Al?
Chico:  No one liked Al.
Jason:  Wow. Ok.
Gordon: The question this week...

Your turn to be the critic. We have a number of shows coming out this week. Which one is on the top of your must-see list?

Don't Forget the Lyrics!
Rock of Love with Bret Michaels
The Singing Bee
Take the Cake
World Series of Pop Culture
I'd rather watch Celebrity Dancing Starring Leonid the Magnificent and Man-kira

Chico:  You know when you get the result....Speaking of Man-Kira... 15 Shades after the break. This is We Love to Interrupt, celebrating 35 dog years...Dawg.

(BrainVision has been brought to you by The World Series of Pup Culture 2. What breed was Lassie and Rin Tin Tin? Who were the members of 3 Dog Night? What's Alpo's Slogan? If you know, then you could win $250,000! Ooooh)



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