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Episode 33.10 - I Remember Henry
August 19

Chico: Hello Internet. Chico Alexander here. People are still in the Big Brother house... that's all you need to know. Because we have actual stories of actual importance to get into this week. Including two rather big ones...
Gordon: Very big. This is Gordon, and without further ado, the 'Things Id like to see on my TV more than Big Brother' edition of WLTi...is...on!
Chico: One of the things I'd like to see on my TV... people who can play The Pyramid. Sadly, we are one less this week due to the untimely passing of one of the game's greats.
Gordon: That person is Henry Polic II. Polic was a frequent player on the Pyramid and Super Password series. He also hosted a short lived game show called Double Talk. Polic is known for being one of the brightest celebrities to play either game. This is someone that you WANTED to see yourself partnered with.
Chico: Strange thing. You know what all three have in common?
Gordon: Bob Stewart?
Chico: Correct. You almost want to say that if they weren't friends they could be friends and if they were friends they were really GOOD friends.
Gordon: Nice. But Polic, known for getting mad at himself if he didn't win, was a fierce competitor and a great game player.
Chico: He was. In fact if I can have a moment to grab a clip. This is Henry in the Winner's Circle...

Gordon: Great job by Polic.
Chico: Very much so.
Gordon: Polic succumbed sto cancer. Although he left the airwaves in 2004, he will greatly missed. Can I have a moment of silence please?
Chico: Moment of silence for Scarecrow... Of Batman TAS...


Gordon: Thank you
Chico: Also very affable host if I can dig up one more clip. This is the opening to the first ep of Double Talk with Betty White and Stuart Damon

Chico: Really good stuff. Good to know that Henry and Dick and Bob... Together again.
Gordon: He was a solid host also
Chico: As for the second big story. And this was one that broke late last week. You remember Gia Allemand, right?
Gordon: I do indeed. Former Bachelor contestant.
Chico: Model. Former Bachelor contestant. She also died this week at the tender age of 29. This according to her family. It was a case of suicide that led to her untimely passing.
Gordon: And that's a shame. It's hard to tell someone that life doesn't end after rejection - especially when the world gets to experience said rejection. You are in the medical field. Give me your thoughts
Gordon: And he's back
Chico: Well it wasn't necessarily a rejection. She was involved with a player on the New Orleans pelicans basketball. Apparently not as happy as appearance would dictate. And this would just be a guess as I am not a psychologist by ANY stretchy
Gordon: I mean what affect do you think being on TV had in this, if any?
Chico: As far as effects from being on TV. I don't know for certain about now, but in the infancy of what passes for reality TV nowadays, you did have people who would, upon elimination, prepare you or acclimate you to life after the cameras stop rolling. Not only that but there's the requisite psychoanalysis of people chosen to be on series. You have to wonder what became of all that.
Gordon: True. I just think the whole situation is a tragedy. So can we have another moment of silence please?


Gordon: Thank you. Let's shift gears to a very big talent show.

Chico: You saw the lineup... you knew which act was goiing to gget the vote... and save for one judges deadlock (again) the results spoke for itself.
Gordon: And as usual, I have blurbs. Big Board please?

Week 4: Unlucky Penny

- 3Penny Chorus... WRONG SONG!
- Chloe Channell... WRONG SONG! But good enough for top 5
- Champions Forever... went on forever
- SensEtion... No story
- Robotix... No lead vocal
- Timber Brown... Impressive
- Cami Bradley... Elevated her game
- Tummy Talk... No good for the sumo
- Taylor Williamson... WRONG!
- David Ferman... Boring...
- Jimmy Rose: Good, but not great.

Gordon: The Subject: Week 4. 3Penny Chorus & Orchestra: COuld not possibly have picked a more, overplayed, annoying song to sing.
Chico: Yup.
Gordon: Chloe Channell: Could not have picked a more dull, scale limited, song to sing.
Chico: But it was good enough for top 5, whic says something about the voters
Gordon: Well it says more about the rest of the acts, like Champions Forever, which went on forever.
Chico: And ever. Ultimately you have to ask, was there a point?
Gordon: ...nope. SensEtion: Loves the electronics. Would have preferred if there was choreography or a story behind it.
Chico: Didn't learn a thing from earlier acts. Didn't elevate.
Gordon: The Robotix: The band brought it. The lead vocalist didn't.
Chico: Yep. And when you're the vocalist, you ARE the band.
Gordon: True. Timber Brown: VERY impressive act of crawling and balancing on shiny things that spin.
Chico: The spinning is what did it. It was the elevation of act that made it the hit of the night
Gordon: He did what you needed to do, and thats to elevate your game.
Chico: I just said.
Gordon: Cami Bradley: She, however, elevated her game the best. Believe as an Adult Contemporary song was genius.
Chico: Very nice indeed
Gordon: is she a threat to win the whole thing?
Chico: Finals yes. Winner, no
Gordon: Tummy Talk: You need to mainstream your act. A sumo wrestler doesnt do that.
Chico: I was begging for a buzz out
Gordon: The act itself was solid. The sumo wrestler does nothing for it,.
Chico: Now I KNOW the fix is in because if this was any other season, there would be a buzz out.
Gordon: Taylor Williamson: The completely wrong material. He gets bailed out by the judges, but he needs better cleaner stuff for the next round.
Chico: Agreed. He clearly did not care that he was working with a family audience instead of post watershed stuff.
Gordon: There is a difference between square dancing the line and walking over it. Granny Lee danced all the way to the finals. Taylor is clumsily tripping over it. Aerial Ice: Too much stuff.
Chico: Way too much. Needed to simplify... Small... Smaller
Gordon: David Ferman: Juggling over a vat of flammable oil was never this boring.
Chico: Said it before. Will say it again... Too much foreplay, too little payoff. Why even bother
Gordon: Finally, Jimmy Rose: Good, but not great. Has to go bigger into he next round.
Chico: Good enough. But he has some stiff competition... Say hi to Marty Brown. And next week, we have...

Sprice... Catapult Entertainment.... The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale... Dangelo & Amanda.... Dave Fenley... Duo Resonance... John Wing.... Ruby & Jonas... 2Unique... Sam Johnson... Selena Mykenzie Gordon... and a late-game substitution for the injured Rong Liu, Melody Caballero.

Gordon: I think Catapult and D'Angelo are in. It's a fight for the other 2 spots.
Chico: I'll even give a shot to Sprice.
Gordon: I think they all have shots. Ronnie had one too many shots of ricin. Now he's just a stiff.

(cues NBC Mystery Movie theme)

Chico: That's just bad. But relevant Ronnie Pardon became the Killer's latest victim after he took a sip of some tea laced with ricin, one of the deadliest poisons known to man.
Gordon: That kills him. Then the killer pumps liquid nitrogen in the pool to shoot his body into the big adjoining pool.
Chico: And this is how one can be hot and cold at the same time without channeling Katy Perry.
Gordon: So now, it's something that we like to play called...WHO WINS IF... Now usually we say if ___ wins immunity, etc, they win. But this is a different dynamic. So WHo WINS IF...Lindsey / Melina is the killer?
Chico: If Melindsey is the Killer, Kam wins. Further, if Cris decides that she wants to be the Killer, then Kam wins.
Gordon: I agree. I'll even say that if Cris is the killer, Kam wins. Kam has been playing a masterful game.
Chico: Basically the only way Kam doesn't win is if he's the Killer. And we've pretty much ruled him out at this point. I guess the sexier question is... who's the Killer?
Gordon: Well first, let's say if we screwed the pooch and Kam IS the killer. Who wins?
Chico: If Kam IS the Killer... and its a BIG if... Lindsey wins.
Gordon: I'm actually going to go with Cris winning.
Chico: So we basically have it down to the two people who, up until recently, have not been scared. But something to think about that may just blow this whole Lindsey is the killer thing wide open. Flash back to the final scene. Smoke is everywhere....we hear TWO voices distinctively...Kam... and Lindsey.
Gordon: Right. No Cris.
Chico: Or Melina, who is presumed to be missing. Not saying, just saying.
Gordon: The arrows are pointing to Cris if we find a dead Melina. And I'll be pissy. Meanwhile. a bunch of people were never heard from again after going into the Beast's Lair. Hedunnit.

Chico: All we can say from last week's show... Christian Carrion was robbed...
Gordon: He wasn't robbed. He played a good game. He just needed some help. Now of course, we have the disclosure: GSNN is VERY good friends with Christian and we were fortunate enough to have him as our guest on a podcast.
Chico: Yeah... you'd think a Mensa member and... whatever the heck Alton van Pelt was would've helped him.
Gordon: Fast trivia is a strange beast. you either know it or you don't
Chico: Yep. Seems like Christian was doing all the leg work. BIG BORED, please.

It Wasn't One on One, But It Might As Well Have Been

- Took A Step Forward for $60,000
- Others took a set back
- Got more than one right in the Cash Builder

Chico: This is called "It Wasn't One on One, But It Might As Well Have Been"
Exhibit A. Christian was the only runner to take the step toward the Beast for $60K. I believe he ended up running out. Exhibit B. He was the only player to get more than one right in the Cash Builder. Exhibit C. The other runners took the chickenspit offer. I so wanted to see the negative money come out.
Gordon: I was surprised when it didn't and they only had 2k. But yes, that was one issue they had. The second issue they had: How many did Christian get right in the Final Chase?
Chico: I believe they started with 3. Not-Christian got 1. They ended up with 10. So it was 6. And that wasn't counting the extra one they got in the beginning when Mark Labbett missed the first question. Moly, the proud international law expert and Mensa member... how did she contribute to the team outside of surviving her Chase?
Gordon: Not much, which means that Mark only has to get 11 right in 2 minutes.
Chico: And as Mark said. It was all about the pushbacks. Too bad he didn't give them much of a chance to push back. Still, it was a close Final Chase, only 19 seconds left when they were caught.
Gordon: Sort of. I still think it wasn't much of a challenge. Mark clearly put on the brakes when he was close. Mark's record now: 2-1.
Chico: On pace to match your prediction of either 7-1 or 6-2.
Gordon: I'll say 6-2. I can't imagine that they would put the first episode as Mark's only win.
Chico: Now how about another prediction... how about FIVE predictions. Answer: this quiz show is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2014. The Gordon response: What is A Dollar a Second? The real response... What is...

Chico: First for $200...

$200: The spelling gaffe from a few weeks ago... lasting impact or temporary rage?

Gordon: Temporary rage from CT. Everyone will get over it.

$400: Is this Alex Trebek's last year?

Chico: I want to say it is. He's been mulling it over and it seems like he wants to go out on the top of his game as it were.
Gordon: I don't know. I still think he has something in the tank. This is not the last year in his contract and I think he's going to at least finish that out.
Chico: He may but as we've seen with Bob Barker... better to bow out gracefully than to overshoot your welcome. I think the moment is silently being prepared for.
Gordon: I do, Mr. Watcher. Thank you, Tom Baker. Logopolis Episode 4.
Chico: Ah. For $600....

$600: Will Sony treat Jeopardy! With the same amount of reverence that they did with Wheel's 30th?

Gordon: Of course they will. Them asking all of the champions to make their voices heard will be known with something like that - maybe a montage for Alex's 30th season at the helm?
Chico: I'm saying a tournament IN the NYC, a new set and a new music package
Gordon: That would be nice. Next question...

$800: Will we see a $200,000 winner this season?

Chico: Yes. Yes we will.
Gordon: I think so also. Last one?
Chico: 10 days. $200 grand. Mark it. Last for $1000 ...

$1000: Last year, Jeopardy! rated a 5.9 and was second in the games. Answer: this is the rating J! gets this season.

Gordon: What is 6.1? I think you'll get a slight resurgence
Chico: Ill go with that. Anniversary season. Event television all year long.
Gordon: The Hamsters have decided they are going to donate their fur so Alex has enough for an afro and mustache, like he had during season 1.
Chico: Awww. I heard Eve was going to donate some hairballs so he could reenacted his High rollers years. And a box of wine too. How nice.
Gordon: Very. Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Gordon: Thank you Doug Morris. Now I see Chico has a bloody bat.
Chico: (looks at bat) ...Yick
Gordon: Why is it bloody?
Chico: .... why IS it bloody?
Gordon: I'll tell you then.

Next week, the latest book in the Whodunnit Series, Murder on Mystery Island, comes out. If you want to save the show, you need to buy the book.

Chico: Is it available as an eBook?
Gordon: I believe so.
Chico: I am SO in. I betcha a whole lot of people would watch if season 2 was on an island. Just think... all that T & A...
Gordon: Yee haw.
Chico: I mean, everyone just lied out like that when... bang! The first murder!
Gordon: I have a datebook with a built in camera.

No premieres this week, but we see the end of the first round on AGT and a lot of wanna be ninjas starting the main obstacle course,

Chico: I'm guessing 10 get through stage 1. That's the average. Meanwhile I have an above average number of stories for Fully Loaded. The first...

GSN is getting in on the VOD game. Expect a rollout forthcoming. Now I can watch the Chase whenever! And so can you!

Gordon: yay!
Chico: The second...

The Million Second Quiz has begun.. albeit in cyberspace. There's a nifty little app out that you can okay against your friends... and if you score high enough, you could find yourself IN the Money chair for real playing for up to $10 million!

Gordon: I already qualified.
Chico: The Million Second Quiz begins September 9. The game show event of the fall, I PROMISE YOU
Gordon: Then we have people who won't come close to qualifying for the quiz.
Chico: Not even remotely? I want to say it goes to GSN for trying to redoubt Just Men (more on that later).

Are YOU Smarter than...'Pink' on Cutthroat Kitchen, who doesn't even get to her Pork Chops before getting...cut (Chopped is another show)

Chico: Ba dum TISH. We'll review that on next week's show... But yeah... Pink aside, it's... Really, Food Network?
Gordon: If that's your main meal, you sort of need to remember to get it.
Now as for the Haterade...we have a conga line of zombies showing up for the season finale of Whodunnit.

RuPaul's Drag U, Repo Games, Bunk and Picked Off will be joining them out of Rue Manor and into the woods to rot and decay.

Gordon: zzz
Chico: Wow. No more repo... What a shock...
Gordon: I sense sarcasm
Chico: After all a weak game, and... Well... Getting shot at. Seriously, though, Those concepts... Done. Now it's all about fake reality.
Gordon: The repo guys get to go on vacation. Where are you sending them to?
Chico: The Netherlands

A Dutch broadcaster is signing on for "No Brainer". You remember that idea right?

Gordon: I do, but recap it.
Chico: Basically a quiz show where the dumbest person's answers are worth the most money.
Gordon: We'll see if it plays in Europe
Chico: Probably will. It's a clever idea.
Gordon: Media Hoes play everywhere.
Chico: (Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Justin Guarini's fallen on hard times, Brian Cox does a BBC Game Show Pilot, Derek Hough does a Dance Off (but keeps his pants on)...

Chico: Sorry ladies.

AGT's coming up with 4 wild cards, Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul reunite for the MDAs, Kim Johnson takes a break from Dancing With the Stars to go to Australia...Kelly Clarkson releases a Christmas Album, J-Lo will go back to American Idol, and Katie Couric is a 'Fake Media Friend'. Becausde Kim Kardashian says so.

Chico: Because if anyone is a bastion of knowledge of being fake...Wink wink.
Gordon: But none of them are the ho of the week.
Chico: Who you got?
Gordon: I have Demi Lovato, who may be doing an arc in Glee. And her fan club may have some glee if they see her alleged pictures of her nekkid on the internet.
Chico: Wait what?
Gordon: Shes BUTT NAKED. 20 naked pics.
Chico: Obviously we can't show those...
Gordon: ..no. but you can dream about it. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Gordon, please.
Gordon: (Shutting Down)
Chico: Still to come, if it was heard, were going to say it, but first, we salute Mr. Polic by playing our version of HIS game.
Gordon: We salute the talkers and the double talkers. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 videos of Polic taking someone to the promised land in Pyramid.
Chico: We miss you Henry...

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Nitrogen Hot Air Spa Rides. It's even better than Batman the Ride! Makes you feel warm and cool all over.)