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Episode 33.8 - Our Forte
August 5

Chico: Hello, internet. Chico Alexander here. And it's that time of the year again... when a young man's fancy turns to what's going to happen during the fall season.
Jason: The weather gets colder
Chico: Football.
Jason: The TV get newer.
Chico: Football.
Jason: Season Premieres
Chico: And, oh yeah! FOOTBALL!
Jason: Damn son. :)
Chico: I like football.
Jason Block: Who doesn't.
Chico: But we're not here to talk football. We're here to talk quizzes, morons, and what happens when the two meet under the close scrutiny of the law firm of Alexander & Pepper.
Gordon: But Chico...North Carolina isn't exactly football country.
Chico: Ehh, we're getting there.
Gordon: (watches Snail slowly move across the football field) yeah, you're getting there.
Chico: Two words: Hakeem Nicks. Just saying. :)
Gordon: He's been playing more like Stevie Nicks.
Chico: Several other things are getting killed, traded, and otherwise dropped on its head (or the floor as the case may be... Kid the Wiz)... because from Somewhere in America... WLTI.. IS ON!
Jason: WHOO!
Chico: Great to have you alongside, and it's great to be doing the world's strongest game show show with our strength & conditioning coach, Jason Block.
Jason: Drop and read me 20!
Chico: I'll drop and give you 12. How about that?
Jason: Sure.

Chico: It was Forte's world, everyone else just sucked in it.
Jason: Ok...Gordon was ON fire this week.
Gordon: or as we said in the recap, Forte and 3 other acts that don't deserve the spots.
Chico: Yes he was.
Gordon: Big Bored please?
Chico: That's why Gordon is who he is. That's why he's the king.

Round 2: Forte... and the Other 11

- Marty Brown = Saved by Country Strong
- The Rest of the Field Didn't Even Come Close

Chico: This one's called... Forte and... Those Other 11. Quick rundown of the night.
Jason: The quicker the better :)
Chico: My sentiments exactly As a reminder if you really REALLY want to relive the night, the clips are on AGT's YouTube channel.: We start with Innovative Force, which wasn't bad, but it took a LONG TIME to get to the payoff point.
Gordon: Innovative Force: Not innovative getting to the stunts.
Chico: And during that time, it was just too much.
Gordon: Ciana Pelekai: Wrong song and wrong key.
Chico: I got a better one for you. SOUNDALIKE.
Gordon: Alexandr Magala: Made 2 slips
Chico: Yeah. But it's one act that slips equals shock.
Gordon: Struck Boyz; Sloppy and creepy.
Chico: Struck them from the record.
Gordon: Brad Beyers: boring
Chico: Not just boring, but very very safe. So far as "danger" acts are.
Gordon: Kid The Wiz: Dropped the hat.
Chico: Dropped the hat, dropped the ball.
Gordon: Forte: ONLY good performance
Chico: Thank you. "Somewhere's" a good song choice.
Gordon: Angela Hoover: Material was flatter than her boobs.
Chico: ... yeah. Dave Shirley.. POOR TIMING
Gordon: Completely uneven and horrific timing. Marty Brown: Gets a HUGE save from America, because he was putrid
Chico: Country votes. Ability be damned.
Jason: Bingo
Gordon: Aquanuts: Collision + uneven synchronization = bye bye
Chico: The Aquanuts... in time, but also unfinished.
Gordon: Tone The Chiefrocca: B-o-o-t-bye-bye.
Chico: And then... Tone the Chiefrocca... What can we say about that.
Gordon: One hit wonder - and you can't do any more with that joke
Chico: Going over the picks, Gordon, myself, Lee, and Lee's wife the lovely and talented Evelyn... got four of the five. No one saw Angela Hoover moving on.
Jason: Because you guys are awesome. :) But I have to say. Will the judges ever X someone
Chico: I was just about to get to that.
Gordon: She got in because everyone else sucked. HOWEVER... that leads me to this...does Marty Brown already have this won?
Chico: Enlighten me.
Gordon: Marty Brown has a HUGE You Tube base - MUCH bigger than anyone else.
Gordon: Who won the Voice again?
Chico: Country. And Youtube presence.
Gordon: Sounds good. Marty seems to have the same game plan here.
Jason: Could be.
Gordon: Is there any way he doesn't win this?
Chico: Well, 2/3 of the semis are not yet determined.  I think Marty does make the final cut. And my pick to win this is NEXT WEEK. Who's going to say no to 20 military wives?
Gordon: I will if they suck
Chico: Back to Jay's point though. No one seems to be hitting the X on the many MANY acts that suck, giving them the full 90 seconds. And this is actually something that goes back to the auditions.
Gordon: I think they may have been coached to be nicer.
Chico: I know that's no problem to one person.. Heidi.
Jason: Coached, pushed, same thing
Gordon: Its also sort of contradictory. You just can't turn on the acts YOU sent to Vegas.
Chico: But you kinda have to. Remember, you're there to judge. Part of judging on this show is knowing when the act is unsalvageable. That's what the X is for.
Jason: I agree. You have to be a (^_^) about it sometimes
Chico: Tone the Chiefrocca goes on stage. 30 seconds in to BOOTY, I hit the X. SOMEONE HAS TO BE THE BAD GUY. This is a million dollar decision.
Gordon: <--
Chico: And Gordon's mastered the emoji button.
Jason: He always is the bad guy
Chico: So here's what we have in store next week... Someone please hit the button, at least to see if it works. Anyway... The lineup.


- Chicago Boyz
- Deanna DellaCioppa
- Mitsi Dancing School
- Brandon & Savannah
- Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show
- Jim Meskimen
- Kenichi Ebina
- Kelsey & Bailey
- American Military Spouses Choir
- Illusionist Leon Etienne & Romy Low
- David "The Cobra Kid" Weathers
- Jonathan Allen

Chico: Next week... Chicago Boyz... Deanna DellaCioppa... Mitsi Dancing School... Brandon & Savannah... Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show.. Jim Meskimen, ahem, repeat offender.... Kenichi Ebina... Kelsey & Bailey... American Military Spouses Choir... Illusionist Leon Etienne & Romy Low... David "The Cobra Kid" Weathers... and Jonathan Allen.
Jason: Oh boy
Chico: And hopefully... NO DEADLOCKS. For the love of all that is good, just make a decision.
Gordon: Can I call it now without seeing the show?
Chico: Call it now.
Jason: AMSC
Chico: Deanna, Brandon & Savannah, AMSC, and in the wildcard, Jim Meskimen.
Gordon: Kenichi Ebina, Brandon and Savannah, Jonathan Allen and Chico's Future Wife in a sea of choir,
Chico: I like purple. :)
Gordon: Just going on how the audience has voted so far - they like gay singers and bands and dancers.
Chico: And one comic. Who honestly needs work.
Gordon: I don't think a comic has gotten through yet
Chico: Angela Hoover on a wildcard deadlock.
Gordon: As I said, I don't think a comic has gotten through yet.
Chico: OH I see what you did there. Something else that isn't funny..
Gordon: and I see wat kids did on Jeppardy! So we have a BIG WIN... and a big mistake to end the season on.
Chico: We'll start with the big win, because... ahem.. I have seen the future of quiz competition... and his name is Skyler Hornback. He not only beats the kids' week record for winnings, he demolishes it and comes damn near close to beating the adult record.
Gordon: Nice!
Chico: Setting the stage. Skyler has $36,600... his opponents have $16,000 COMBINED.
Gordon: If he goes all in on Final, he'll have $73,200
Chico: Well, Skyler has a history, albeit a small one, of betting BIG. So he's flirting with history. The Final is "The Civil War". Clue...

Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, "a fit and necessary war measure".

Jason: Locks IN.
Gordon: (Locks)
Chico: Jason?
Jason: Whats is the Emancipation Proclamation?
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: What is the script to the movie Birth of a Nation?
Chico: I'd called that fit and necessary. Wouldn't you?
Jason: Pretty close and accurate, G :)
Gordon: Either that or Our American Cousin
Jason: TOO SOON :)
Chico: Not soon enough.
Gordon: Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
Jason: But check the cojones on Skyler.
Chico: Check the cojones on Skyler indeed.
Jason: May I?
Chico: hit it.
Jason: He doesn't have to bet a thing
Chico: No.
Jason: But you know what he bets... THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! He leaves with a one day kids day record of SIXTY-SIX THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!
Chico: Forget Mark Labbett for a second, THIS GUY is beast. $66,600.
Jason: Doesn't he also have a full ride scholarship as well?
Chico: I believe so. So that's pretty much walking about money.
Jason: So dude...when you get the check...put most of it away. And pre order the PS4. Have fun :)
Chico: We did have ONE really big mistake. It wouldn't change the outcome if it was rectified, but it caused a BIG stir online.
Gordon: Apparently, I don't need to present any Haterade, because we have more than enough flowing in the house.
Jason: OK
Chico: Thomas Hurley had $9600 going into the Final. He wrote... "What is the Emanciptation Proclamation." Normally, spelling does not count against the player, but since this in essence changes the pronunciation of the world, it ends up as an incorrect ruling.
Jason: It changes the meaning of the word. The judging was correct
Gordon: I don't consider it a mistake either
Chico: That makes three of us. It was an honest mistake, but very costly. But rules are rules.
Jason: Oh and BTW...congrats to J! on an awesome 29th season. We didnt think Alex would even be there. Re: the heart attack
Chico: Cannot wait another six weeks for the beginning of what promises to be an AMAZING 30th anniversary celebration. Meanwhile, I feel like celebrating for Howard, in getting kicked out of America's House of Love..

Chico: Gordon, you were saying something about Haterade?
Gordon: First of all, congratulations to Howard, so he doesn't have to hear any other racist garbage for him while he's in the house.
Jason: Thats true.
Chico: We have a new champion, and America has a new patsy... Amanda. Give the folks at CBS some credit, they're using the controversy to generate ratings. Numbers are at an all time high, but seriously...
Gordon: If you've been looking at said ratings though, it's not much. And expect them to go down now that the protagonist is out.
Jason: Not yet.
Chico: Elissa is still in play.
Gordon: Its not remotely close to an all time high. It is a season high though
Chico: And as ... Rachel Reilly as she is, she's actually one of the good ones.
Gordon: Well she's in trouble, because Ginamarie (one of the racist sister) is the HOH.
Jason: No kidding. She is playing it well
Chico: Grrr... Me no likey. BAD MEDICINE/.
Gordon: Jessie and Elissa will be going up for sure - but neither of them are the target. The target is the last ramaining African American in the house, Candice.
Chico: And guess who's nominated. Jessie... and Candice.
Gordon: No surprise. We'll get to the Haterade later, but it's nasty.
Chico: Meanwhile the rest of us will just bide our time until GinaMarie and Aaryn get out of the house and find that they are no longer employable.
Gordon: Notice we're not mentioning anything about...oh..strategy and gameplay,
Chico: Because honestly... who gives a crap?
Gordon: Oh we're adding 2 more people to the unemployment list.
Chico: But we'll get to that.
Gordon: Lets get to a game that actually uses gameplay. imagine that.

(cues NBC Mystery Movie theme)

Chico: So... Sasha & Dana... Both stuffed and mounted with a piano.
Jason: By a piano
Chico: In what has to be the creepiest death scene on television.
Gordon: or in this case, drained the blood out of them. Kam makes an alliance with Ronnie and Melina to drain the life out of Geno by withholding info from him.
Chico: ... and by golly it works. Death by chandelier. But if you ask me... he was dead before the chandelier hit him. We'll get to that too. But first, here's the butler.


Jason: This was a complicated double murder
Chico: Gizmos were involved.
Jason: Elevators, chloroform, a handtruck, a 2nd morgue...YUCK
Chico: Size 13 shoes.
Jason: Which were stuffed.
Chico: Exsanguination. And the cold room advanced rigor mortis.
Jason: Bingo.
Chico: The next day, a luau that turned into a murder, but that is another case for another week. Right now, let's look at the five remaining.. Kam, Ronnie, and Melina... Teaming together to off Geno by cutting off information. This is actually the first time we see Melina really playing the game.
Jason: Gameplay was great
Chico: Downright spectacular.
Jason: including a note passing moment of hilarity
Chico: Sounds like middle school.
Jason: It was
Chico: Because we all know in middle school, you cheat from tests, you pass notes, and in the end, the smartest kid in class ends up dead.
Gordon: A couple of notes and thoughts here.
Jason: Sure.
Gordon: 1. Kam is trying way too hard to be the killer.
Chico: That's just evident to everyone. And it's not really the first time that's ever happened.
Gordon: 2. The only people on the colored horses that match the killer are Ronnie and Lindsey, who are still in the game.
Chico: And don't forget... the killer held the knife with... the LEFT hand. Who here is left handed again?
Gordon: 3. If Melina is the killer, I will have an issue with the producers.
Jason: I know you will
Chico: AND... we know the killer has small feet. Because they make mention of a size 13 shoe, but "with tissue stuffed, ANY size is possible."
Jason: Right
Gordon: The only person who the killer makes complete sense now is Lindsay, though I'm not counting Ronnie out either.
Chico: So we know that the killer has small feet, is left handed, and if Melina, then Gordon will write a strongly worded letter to Anthony Zuiker. I'm going to second Lindsey.
Gordon: 5. I think Kam's win severely hurts him.
Chico: Because now he's a target?
Gordon: Because now Kris, who told Kam everything, now knows that Kam didn't tell her everything. Kam is turning into best player #1, and if I'm everyone else, it's time to end the alliance and freeze him out.
Jason: I would.
Chico: Sounds about right.
Gordon: Here's the other interesting element - with 5 people left, unless they are all allowed to check out the crime scene, only one of them will have access to a place all by themselves.
Chico: Which would make for very interesting play. Can't wait to see how this will turn out.
Jason: Well, if you go by the book. You will have multiple investigations.
Chico: Again, Jason Block, the legal mind talking. But is this by the book investigating or TV by the book investigating?
Gordon: So they will all see all the scenes now?
Jason: The Book being the Whodunnit Novel. It might be this week or next week
Chico: Well, there's two episodes left.
Jason: Three I think
Gordon: Three.
Chico: Sorry, three.
Jason: 5 to 4 to the finale
Chico: Who wins, who dies, and who's the killer. We're getting close ... I feel icky, I need to pick something up at the market.
Gordon: What about some quick reviews?
Chico: You're reading my mind. First up, a show that premiered last week on Lifetime that, in my mind, if you've been reading news, already needs help.  It's Supermarket Superstar, which is, if you remember Made in the USA or American Inventor... something like that.
Jason: (puts on the Xerox gas mask)
Gordon: It's Shark Tank with the contestants putting up food to be marketed in supermarkets.
Jason: It's not original at all
Chico: Winner sees their creation marketed to the masses. Not only that, each winner gets $10,000. Yes... it's Chopped ... in the Supermarket.
Gordon: More cupcake wars, since each person has a chance to perfect their creation and take back creative construction.
Chico: The judges: Debbi "Mrs." Fields, Chris Cornyn of DINE Marketing, and celebrity chef. Michael Chiarello.
Gordon: The Good: it is a demystification into the world of marketing and what the people on the back end want.
Chico: Not only that, the judges know what they're talking about without going too inside baseball about it. As for the production itself, it's actually surprising well paced. Beginning.. to the middle... to the end... Simple. And three of the winners move on to the final, where someone will see their wares in the supermarket.
Gordon: oh it wasn't well paced to me. That would be the bad. I was bored by the ten minute mark., This could have been a half hour show.
Jason: Exactly. And it's not new.
Chico: Not even in the slightest bit new.
Jason: Not an original idea in the box
Chico: Imagine a Field Challenge from Masterchef... extended to an hour cut into three rounds. And Stacy Keibler is nice to look at... in fact, I can look at her all day...
Jason: Who can't :)
Chico: Hurt me baby.

Lifetime - 10:30p ET Thursdays
C C- C- C-

Gordon: You guys can look at her. I'll be looking for a faster paced show like Chopped. C.
Chico: BUT honestly... she's a glorified TelePrompTer reader. No real interaction whatsoever.
Jason: It's a C-. Yawn.
Chico: C- is right. Gordon, you're too generous.
Gordon: The other new show this wee is the CW's Capture. The premise here is simple. One team is a chaser who has to capture 2 teams in 2 days, If they succeed, one of the 2 teams captured gets voted off. If they fail, then they can be voted off if they can't catch anyone.
Chico: Hence the name... "Capture".
Gordon: Yes. now the Good: The aesthetics are beautiful.
Chico: They are.
Jason: That's all that's good. I remember a show like this
Chico: And the game itself plays well.
Jason: Ever remember Manhunt?
Chico: I was going to get to that. But wait! Plays well.... beautiful... Luke Tipple fits in the role as the host of this show... Which is basically an over-the-top version of hide-and-seek. The execution is also spot on. But... BUT!!!!
Gordon: BUT...
Chico: The bad.. There's a book! It was made into a movie! The movie was a breakout success! And now the movie's a reality show without the bloodshed of said movie. You see where I'm getting at?
Jason: What? :)
Chico: NOT ONLY THAT. NOT. ONLY. THAT... Who remembers "Manhunt"?
Gordon: We've seen this before, when it was Manhunt.
Jason: I do. It introduced John Cena to the world.
Chico: Who remembers "Cha$e"? Or as we have to say now, thanks, ITV... Cha-dollar-sign-e?
Jason: right.
Gordon: I do. I liked Cha$e because you had the social game in the art of Chasing. I like the social aspect - BUT not in voting off someone. Can't we come up with something more creative?

CW - 9p ET Monday
C D+ D+ C-

Chico: That just screams sloppy development. "Okay, we have to create a longform series, but we have to find out who gets eliminated every week? .... I'm out of ideas, let's just go with voting." That really dings this game hard for me. D+
Jason: D+ is exactly right
Gordon: Te better play would have been make oneperson on each team and hunter and one a chaser and whoever catches the first one loses.
Chico: This could've been more than just glorified hide-and-go-seek.
Gordon: I like this better, but I will get disappointed with the execution. C.
Chico: Now the arena of play gets smaller as the time goes on... not unlike... WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. Guys... it's Fall Preview Time.
Jason: But But...it's August :)
Gordon: Exactly,. Whats the first game?
Chico: Come on, Jason... We've been doing this four years now. You know what's about to go down.
Jason: I do :)
Chico: Okay, kids. For the fourth year in a row, it's time to ask...

Chico: Gordon, hit it.
Gordon: Question #1:

1) They have a new host, in the form of Cedric the Entertainer. How is he going to do?

Jason: Terribly. He was the worst choice they could have made.
Chico: Obviously we know what the play was with this choice. Hey! Steve Harvey has done wonders with "Family Feud!" Drew Carey breathed new life into TPIR! Let's get a comic!
Gordon: I think he will be entertaining, but I don't think this is going to translate to sustainable ratings.
Chico: The problem... this is not a comic show. This is serious business. Cedric's going to entertain the crowd, but in the end, he's got to know when to turn the silly off. You needed another Regis.And Jeff Foxworthy was busy at the time.
Gordon: And apparently, so was everyone else., Next one?
Chico: For the record, yes, Jeff is developing into quite the emcee. Next...

2) Are there going to be any more changes made to the game?

Jason: I hope not. I dont think so. Because the game isn't the same anyway...
Chico: I think Ced's the biggest of the changes to be made. And honestly, a big gamble.
Gordon: It is. I don't see too many changes made - maybe a new Lifeline, but that's it. next one...

3) Will someone win a million?

Jason: Nope.
Chico: Not this season. Next season? Who knows. ;-)
Gordon: I'm going to say yes. If you want Cedric's crowd, you need his audience, and that measn the playlong has to be better. It wouldn't surprise me if they made the questions easier.
Chico: Interesting note there... Next...

4) So no one's going to be a Millionaire, but how far does the average player go in any given week?

Chico: Let's say you have 10 or 12 players in a given week. One of them will make it to the Classic round.
Jason: Possibly two
Gordon: I'll go with that. FINALLY:

5) Last year, Millionaire held with a 2.3 average, holding steady from last season. how does it do this season?

Jason: 2.0
Chico: you're going to see a bump at the start of the season.
Jason: Agreed.
Chico: Curiosity factor. But 2.0 will be the standard.
Gordon: I'll say 2.3 Bump up plus the erosion will keep it the same.
Chico: Good enough to renew for another season, but you have to wonder how long it'll last. Meanwhile, guess what I got for Drew the bookworm?
Gordon: What did you get?
Chico: A tiny looking pimp suit ... with a swass hat to match. Now he's Drew the entertaining bookworm.
Gordon: Here's another way tp be entertaining - Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you, Doug Morris. First up, I'm going to need the Slinky bat. Because we have a lot of moves to announce.
Gordon: (Gives Chico the Slinky abT)

This week was TCA, and Fox used it to announce that a) Keith Urban will return to American Idol and b) the prize money for 'The X Factor' is lowering to $1 million from $5 million. RED FLAG. Kids are invading the kitchen in TWO shows: Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off and Masterchef Junior. Both launch in September.

Gordon: You'd think that the lack of 5 million comes from the lack of dividend both winners have made for the show so far.
Jason: Big time.

And as far as moves on the schedule go, USA's Summer Camp heads to Mondays after Raw, and Lifetime's Supermarket Superstar heads to Thursdays after Runway.

Gordon: For the record, NONE of ANY X-Factors songs have broken the top 80 on Billboard.
Jason: Yipe
Chico: Yeesh. In fact.. the last BIG reality talent show winner? Phillip Phillips. Nothing from Voice winners, nothing from X Factor winners.
Jason: Thats Pretty much it.
Chico: I want to say Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 are on the rise, but I haven't heard anything of theirs on the radio.
Gordon: Well one specific show in the datebook is on the rise.

August 6th has this little GSN show called The Chase that no one is remotely interested in and I don't think will see YouBoob within 30 minutes of it's being broadcast.

Chico: Yeah. Little show. LITTLE LITTLE SHOW. Who's gonna watch it?
Jason: UM...ME!
Chico: Just you me and half a million of our friends.

And Sunday is the premiere of Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen, from Michael Davies with Alton Brown hosting.

Jason: Yes.
Chico: But we'll get back to what's important, like Tuesday nights... GSN... 9p... Brooke Burns... Mark Labbett... and three challengers looking for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We will have a FULL ON REVIEW next week.
Gordon: I'm looking forward to that - and the soon to come GSN electronic version.
Chico: But spoiler alert... We're going to LOVE IT.
Gordon: ...or are we?
Chico: *evil smile* Let's talk more electronics. Fashion Star was a grand and glorious experiment in interactivity. The contestants design looks today... You buy those looks tomorrow. Grand and glorious experiment....

NBC cancels it after two seasons. Sorry.

Gordon: Don't be sorry about that. Be sorry about this (wheels in Whiteboard)
Jason: Uh oh. What do we have in the dumbass department?
Chico: It's what Gordon's been teasing all show.
Gordon: well not yet.
Chico: Working UP TO IT.
Gordon Pepper: First I have this...

Are YOU Smarter than...Kurt Angle, for being arrested for DWI. This would be arrest #4 and I would tell Lindsey Lohan to save a spot in whatever clinic she's in.

Jason: We talked about this is on NAWC. He is in rehab
Chico: So he's gotten in on the ground floor. Now he has to go up.
Gordon: And NOW for the Haterade...

Glass #1...AMANDA, who now is in the Racism war, adding her attacks against Candice, etc.

Jason: Lovely.

Glass #2. Candice, who wants Jesse to be gang raped and forced to perform oral sex. This according to jokersupdates.com

Jason: NASTY
Chico: DUDE!
Gordon: Which would surprise no one that America put up Amanda
Chico: You should've thrown us a warning so we could get the disclaimer up! You know GinaMarie is going to be campaigning for her to stay. And the show will just become that. Much. Less. Watchable.
Jason: Is it watchable now?
Chico: No, you want to talk about disasters? Let's go to France.
Jason: Oui :)
Chico: You remember the French version of Survivor, which featured the death of a contestant and its subsequent cancellation?
Jason: I do.

TF1 has announced that it will return in 2014.

Jason: Are you kidding me?
Chico: Apparently when you get the ratings, you can overlook this sort of thing. Even in France, bottom line is dollar signs.
Jason: (shakes head)
Gordon: I have no cute segue for this one.
Chico: There really isn't one. This is something that, and I think I'm not the only one to say this... should not have happened. I'm guessing some controls will be put into place and business will be reevaluated, but to continue with this does a disservice to the family and the franchise.
Jason: I think so too. It should have gone.
Chico: It's just not a good mix. Now let's talk about what Gordon's got.

In this week's Media Ho Report, Apaolo Anton Ohno does the Winter Olympics as a color man, J-Lo doesn't do the Voice FInale, Matt Rogers will infiltrate the WWE to support the now moved to Monday Night Summer Camp...

Nick Cannon reaches out to Amanda Bynes, Chris Castallo is CBS's new reality chief, SUpermarket Superstar gets moved to Thursday nights...

Chico: how about the big ups to Aisha & the crew for the Whose Line? renewal?

Curtis Holland says he is NOT dating his dance partner Hayley Erbert, Kim Kardashian is going to show off her new baby body on her mommys show, and Keith Urban is coming back to American Idol.

Gordon: But none of them are the hoes of the week.
Chico: Who've you got?
Gordon: I have Robin Thicke, who's :Blurred Lines' have sparked a mountain of imitators on YouBoob. But that's not what makes him the media ho. This 'Unrated' version is. (DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK)
Chico: Or maybe anywhere else.
Gordon: It's safe in my boudoir
Chico: I've seen your boudoir. Nothing is safe there.
Gordon: This IS really Robin Thicke.


Jason: Right.
Gordon: Whats missing between this and the other video - the ladies tops.
Chico: Yes... Yes it is. We get it, dude. Your dad's a hashtag. And you like boobs.
Gordon: Whats wrong with boobs?
Chico: Nothing's wrong with boobs. I love boobs.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: By the way, if you ever are bored on the YouTube, find the parody by Bob Baker. It's funny because it's true.
Chico And, Media Ho Bonus, an American Idol alum makes an appearance as TI.
Gordon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3twwafch4g
Chico: Thank you. That's Brainvision, shut this bleep off and CONDEMN IT!
Jason: Shutting down and fumigting LOL
Chico: Still to come, fun with pictures, but first... we have good news... and BAD news. The bad news... going to a break. The good news... coming right back afterwards. This is WLTI. You give us 22 minutes....
Gordon: ... and we'll give you 22 Robin Thicke parodies.

(Brainvision is presented by the Hall of Fame Game Game. It's the Cowboys vs. the Dolphins. Tony Romo is going to sit on his behind while both teams fight for a shot at the $25 Money Card.)