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Episode 33.6 - Newsmakers III: Revenge of the Slow News Week
July 8

LISTEN HERE!Chico: This is Chico Alexander... and if you're reading this, you've probably had a nice safe 4th of July. Hoping the rest of the weekend goes just as swimmingly. Taking advantage of the slow news week to just chill...at least that's what we WOULD'VE been doing except it was ...a SLOW NEWS WEEK ... and things just had to happen. From heroes to villains to a gutsy move here and there, we're going over all of it.
Gordon: And we had many things bursting in air - such as bombs and contestants bodies.
Chico: Gve proof through the night that a body was still there. We'll go over that as from somewhere in America, the Revenge of the Slow News Week on WLTI... is.. .ON.
Gordon: Yay! Gordon and Chico here, along with special guest Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: Hot enough fo your all?
Gordon: You know what would make it hotter?. A burning body.
Jason: Poor Dontae
Gordon: Dontae's Inferno.
Chico: Ouch. It's a new segment we call...

(cues NBC Mystery Movie theme)

Gordon: DUN dun dunnnnnnn
Jason: Well, when we left the morons at Rue Manor, Dontae was burned to a crisp and floating in the pool. (PS he didn't REALLY DIE)
Gordon: I still can't believe people thought they killed the contestants off. Really?
Chico: And this... is how it was done. Dontae got a different carpet, a different set of pajamas, and a different room than everyone else. Everything was sprayed with benzene, and his socks created a static charge.
Jason: Combined while wearing a medal of St. Agatha...BOOM.
Chico: St. Agatha, the patron saint of fire. At 4:38am game time, the Killer turned on the fire alarm. Everyone ran outside, including Dontae.
Jason: Once he grabbed the door knob...
Chico: That running created static friction, which created a spark when he touched the door knob, which created... Baked Dontae. Whether Dontae "died" by fire or by drowning (he couldn't swim) still remains unsolved, but is largely inconsequential.
Jason: After some detective work(and some incredibly lame boo hoos by Dana) we had two people who were scared. Adrianna and Dana
Chico: Ulysses nailed it perfectly... almost. He was spared. After Cris, Dana, Ronnie, and Ulysses pinned it on Adrianna, she took a fateful ride on a go-cart and...HIT THE DECK!
Jason: After seeing something in the kitchen, she runs and hits the go-cart, then BOOM! Adrianna becomes the Killer's next victim
Chico: So let's follow the interaction. Sasha, who was impressive in case 1, thought that Adrianna was the Killer. She isn't. Ulysses, who scored the most in episode 2 ALSO thought that Adrianna was the Killer... She isn't. The killer can be someone who's scared or spared. But by game mechanic, they cannot be murdered.
Gordon: So far I have 3 leading candidates for who the killer is.
Chico: Let's hear'em.
Jason: Detective Gordon
Chico: Shall we retire to the parlor then?
Jason: Let's.
Chico: *puts on fancy detective hat*
Gordon: Suspect #1: Kam.
Jason: Smart, aggressive, leader type and vigilant.
Gordon: The only person who was outside when the explosion happened for the first episode.
Chico: He WAS outside, wasn't he?
Jason: You do pay attention, don't you.
Gordon: I do
Chico: Remember, the Killer killed our plant with a slingshot.
Gordon: Adrianna was also outside, but she's now sort of decomposing.
Jason: With stage makeup, yes :)
Gordon: Suspect #2: Ronnie.
Chico: Ronnie seems to be in the business of diversion.
Jason: He does that a lot.
Chico: Think about this... He was suggesting that Dontae was the killer in episode 1 and Adrianna in episode 2.
Gordon: The only person who's accusations of the killer are also the corpses. Ulysses did the same thing, but as he won challenge #2, according to the rules, you can rule him out.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: Finally, Suspect #3 (and who I think IS the killer)...Lindsey
Jason: The blond with the hooters
Gordon: Blond with the hooters.
Chico: I got another blond with the hooters.
Gordon: In episode 1, she wasn't anywhere near the murder scene or the weapon, yet she managed to be safe, In addition, the last person she was with in both episodes during the clue gathering were the victims.
Jason: Ooooh suspicious
Gordon: Both people she was tagging ended up barbecued - and you're seeing her trying to infiltrate the other group on episode 3.
Chico: Interesting. Well see how this plays out in the later episodes.
Jason: Can't wait.
Gordon: Tell me your suspect, Chico
Chico: I still think it's Cris.
Gordon: Why do you think it's Cris?
Chico: Former beauty queen with something to hide? Gotta be hiding something. But you can rule out Kam right now. Adrianna thought it was Kam, now she's not doing much in the way of thinking, now is she?
Jason: The confession (or the test) is an aggregate. It's not just WHO is the killer...but HOW it's done.
Gordon: But maybe that's why Kam is the killer. Saw Adrianna was after him and decided to take her out. Which means...Geno needs to be concerned.
Chico: To be continued, folks. To be continued.
Gordon: One more thing. Whoever was the killer obviously needed to know a lot about science and trajectories. Lindsay...is an engineer.
Jason: For at least the first two
Gordon: If there's anyone who would be able to figure out the scientific ways to off someone of, it would be an eingieer.
Chico: This is true. Now how about we engineer the perfect Jeopardy! champion.

Chico: Ben Ingram has been on fire this week. He has a killer knowledge base and a killer strategy. A few people, perhaps because it's so removed from Andrew Moore's game, have been able to figure it out, but Ben has held MOST of them off. I say most because on Wednesday, we had a tie. Hunter Sandison matched Ben dollar for dollar and wagered himself into a co-championship on Final Jeopardy. He had $15,800 to Ben's $10,200. The Final Jeopardy! category: 20th Century Music.
Jason: Let's hear it.
Chico: The clue:

European music has "3 Bs"; 20th Century American music's "3 Cs" were John Cage, Elliott Carter & this composer/conductor

Jason: Who is Aaron Copland? (one of my personal favorites)
Chico: I like "Fanfare for the Common Man". Gordon... is a music aficionado.
Gordon: I am
Chico: Certainly he has a clever response to that.
Gordon: I do.
Chico: Let's hear it.
Gordon: Who is Bill Clinton? As a saxophonist, he composes conferences and he conducted oral recitals in the oval office.
Jason: (holds up a 6.9 sign)
Chico: Play my music, Billy!


Gordon: I hear he's a good teacher in that category.
Jason: lol
Chico: Yes sir. So Ben gets $11,200. Hunter has $11,200. If Hunter wants to win, he bets $4601 AND gets it right. He did not. He bets only $4600. And misses. That's how HE gets to $11,200.
Gordon: There's a logical reasoning for that bet.
Chico: Indeed. Because the category is so wide swathing. But even better than that is how Ben played it.
Gordon: Which in this case worked. Because all Ben has to do it bet $0, watch his opponent get it wrong, and win.
Chico: Ben's actually HOPING that Hunter misses. He thought that Hunter was going to play to win. So he ended up playing to match. He bet only $1000. He was right. That number, that $4600... that was the tie. But Hunter wouldn't repeat. Ben would. The question now, does Ben get to $100,000? TIME MARCHES ON... Final on Friday is US Presidents. You can't answer Bill Clinton on this one, G. You'll see why.

The only 2 men who were US President 10 years to the day after their first inauguration.

Jason: Who are Grover Cleveland and FDR?
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: Who are Bill Pullman and Michael Douglas?
Chico: Sorry, we were looking for Bill Pullman and Jamie Foxx... Jamie Foxx, Gordon. Went from musician to fighter pilot to president.
Jason: I believe I am right.
Chico: I believe you are as well. Grover Cleveland was elected four years after he left office and FDR was president during WWII.
Jason: Third term and skipped term.
Chico: Right. So the question... how much does Ben have... and how much will he have when all is said and done? The answer... $115,632 And he's coming back for more on Monday.
Jason: lol
Chico: Just scary this guy is. Also scary... the Big Brother House this year.
Jason: Scary dumb.
Gordon: Scary in one of the wronger ways possible.

Chico: Going over the action so far this week...
Gordon: (Sits back. grabs popcorn)
Chico: *inhales*.... Elissa as MVP nominates David to join Candice and Jessie. McCrae wins Veto, saves Candice, and puts Elissa up in her place. By a vote of 7-5-0, DAVID is evicted. hen Aaryn wins HOH and nominates Elissa and Helen. Elissa, still MVP, adds on Jeremy.
Jason: Ah the surfer dude goes bye bye.
Chico: And.... now you're caught up.
Jason: You are forgetting something
Chico: But Jason... give us some really really big.
Jason: Well here's the deal. A few of the houseguests for lack of a better term are bigots and homophobes, Aaryn and Ginamarie being the worst offenders. Do you want the quotes?
Chico: Go ahead. Try and clean it up as you see fit. But we will say this... language used may be graphic. Reader discretion is advised.
Jason: I have about 10 of them.
Chico: Well, just the big ones.
Jason: GinaMarie said that, because of her income level, she receives “n-word insurance” Aaryn said about Candice, who’s black, “be careful what you say in the dark; you might not be able to see that b****. And then there's Aaryn stating that Andy will be MVP because "everybody loves the queers." And that Helen should "shut up and make some rice." Spencer called Andy “Kermit the fag”; Amanda called Andy “Faggoty Ann”. Spencer said that the medical torture conducted by Nazi doctors was beneficial and praised Hitler’s speaking abilities, even while acknowledging that he’d be criticized for that.
Chico: And it just goes on from there. But perhaps even worse than ANY of that.
Jason: CBS doesn't SHOW any of this.
Gordon: But the audience sees it - which is why it's no wonder that Elissa wins MVP again
Jason: Because all this is from the live feeds.
Chico: Not only do they don't show any of this. They release the boilerplate disclaimer basically washing their hands of all of this.

"Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 — and seeing every moment of their lives. At times, the HouseGuests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by several of the HouseGuests on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a HouseGuest appearing on Big Brother, either on any live feed from the house or during the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program."

Jason: Legal CYA BS.
Chico: Basically The thing of it is... CBS is basically underestimating the intelligence of its audience.
Jason: How do you mean?
Chico: I mean, make no mistake, it's the youngest skewing show on the network, but.. I have a few comments made from message boards. If I can share one..
Jason: Sure.
Chico: This was left on CBS News' story covering these remarks. They won't publicize the remarks on TV but they have no problem making a news story of it.
Jason: Right.
Gordon: Well here's my thought. First of all, the whole point of Big Brother is to let them say what they want at any and all times.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Right.
Gordon: That being said, I'm sure that the contestants don't want to be perceived as haters because 1. it won't help them from the audience and 2. it could (and in 2 cases will) affect them once they leave the house.
Jason: It already has.
Gordon: And of course it will affect CBS, because people are not going to watch a show if they don't like any of the chcracters in it.
Jason: Aaryn and Ginamarie have already lost their jobs
Chico: Aaryn lost TWO. And that's the thing about this show. I mean, it's about as far from reality as you can glean, but at the same time... these are real people acting in a way that they would act as if it were their own home.
Jason: Yup.
Chico: This is not your own home. This is a soundstage on a Hollywood lot.
Gordon: It's their home for the next 3 months, And to survive, you do have to get into that gang mentality,
Chico: And right now, people are seeing this whole tribalism aspect and seeing others for who they truly are. What I want to know is that now that CBS has put these people who, according to this comment.... "interviewed and chosen for their diverse views, prejudices, hatreds, proclivities, and attitudes and then thrown together with some over-riding theme in order to watch the fireworks"... how are they just going to wash their hands of this and say "Hey! We didn't sign off on all of this." The thing is... you signed off on every one of this when you signed on to do the series. Now you have an issue, and you have to handle it. That is... IF you want an audience to keep watching. Because, in all honestly, I wasn't feeling this crowd of goldfish to start, now I actively take a side in hating each and every one of them!
Gordon: So you're looking for the Whodunnit killer to come into the house and off them all.
Jason: With malice aforethought
Chico: And I'm half thinking about taking Julie with them. CBS is taking the clown move instead of actively trying to quell the problem.
Jason: Julie is in on the coverup, but hey she is Mrs. Les Moonves.
Chico: And all for the sake of reality. This is not reality. If this were reality, all of my friends would be hotties and hunks and one really wacky guy, hi, how you doin'. This isn't reality. This is entertainment. This is a high-stakes version of The Real World post-Hawaii... Portland, maybe. Real reality? The reality where what you said on TV costs you your job? That's coming around the bend, and I hope you're ready for it.
Jason: You have NO idea how the karma hammer is going to smack you guys upside the head.
Chico: Laser guided karma, we call it. Any parting thoughts before we move on?
Gordon: Nope
Jason: Nope
Chico: Think we pretty much nailed that one. Anyway... Let's talk about something that makes me smile. People using other people as jump ropes.

Jason: That makes you happy?
Chico: Made Chicago happy.
Jason: ok
Chico: What can I say, I'm not right. Anyway. This week's America's Got Talent search takes us to the Windy City, where we find a metal group made of Marine veterans... an opera singer... and another dog act. But the star of the night... The Chicago Boyz.
Jason: The jump rope dudes
Chico: They will be this year's acrobats with attitude. Jump roping, acrobats, tumbling, and then... the human jump rope. If this was seen on AGT before, we haven't seen it in a while yet. It's that unique.
Jason: Been a while
Gordon: Yawwwwwwn.
Chico: Hater. But you also want to keep an eye on American Hitmen. Two reasons... one... they're a band. Gordon. :-)
Gordon: Keep going.
Chico: And two.... they're American service men... Jason. :-) See? Something for everyone.
Jason: Who will get it more...the military chorus or the military band.
Chico: I've already called the winner, but this ep had those two contenders.
Gordon: It's nice...but I haven't seen that million dollar act in this episode.
Chico: I really want the Chicago Boyz to elevate their act a little. I mean, what else can they do before they peak... and the American Hitmen have a diverse repertoire to cull from. Use that.
Chico: Whether America buys in is yet to be seen, but the judges have. Any standouts on your ends?
Gordon: Bands?
Chico: Non-bands? How about an opera act? Branden James?
Gordon: Let's see where have I seen this before...oh yes, every season. ZzZZzzzzzz.....
Chico: So this episode... didn't do it for you?
Gordon: Nope.
Chico: Should we cut to the Chase?
Jason: Nice Segue
Chico: Here's another newsmaker-worthy item. GSN has greenlit "The Chase" for season 2... one month before Season 1 airs. This is something that has NEVER been done in GSN's history.
Jason: This is HUGE. They must REALLY like the first 8 episodes.
Chico: There have been renewals for multiple seasons, but this is the first greenlight with no advanced showing. Now Gordon, you've brought this up last week. It's either a sign of how well the show is going to do or how well Mark Labbett is going to do. Any thoughts?
Gordon: I stay with my prediction of Labbett goes 8-0 or 7-1.
Chico: As for how the show does on GSN? Fair or reasonably well?
Gordon: Reasonably well. Let's put it this way - as Jason can attest, if a radio station, say WPLJ, puts up a Beat the Block promotion to offer a car, and no one beats the Block, then a second season is real easy to greenlight because you lost nothing.
Jason: NODS
Chico: There's a new model in the TV universe based on what's called the "10/90" rule.. orchestrated by Mark Itkin, a Game Show Congress honoree...for use on Tyler Perry's sitcoms... you get the show previewed, and if the network likes what they see, they renew for a whole glut of episodes. Obviously you can't do that with an unscripted game show unless you plan on shopping it for syndication. But you can get GSN brass to watch the finished product and see what they will do based on that. And no show, not Lingo, not Baggage, not even the American Bible Challenge, which has become GSN's diamond in the rough, has gotten this order before. Is it a good move by GSN, and could it mean that the show is going to be a quality show?
Jason: We don't know. It could be that they just like what they see.
Chico: Obviously.
Jason: Is it a good move by GSN? Hell yes
Gordon: We'll see if its a good move. If they didn't lose any budget, then yes it is. Snowball has an offer for you Chico. If you take a step away, Snowball will offer you 2,500 pieces of hamster feed. If you take a step closer (takes a step closer.. Smells snowball)...you don't want to take a step closer. (holds nose)
Chico: How about I step to the clock.
Gordon: Lets do some replay...starting..now!
Jason: (Hits the button)
Chico: It's Family Day on Let's Make a Deal. The Carratts win a trip to Smuggler's Cove worth $11,592. BUT they trade that in for a shot at the Big Deal. They pick door #2. Behind Door #1... a trip to Riverstone Resort & Spa worth $10,300. Behind Door #2... a Wii Fit Plus package worth $3400. Behind THEIR door.... THE BIG DEAL... A Kia Soul+ and EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL! Great trade, great way to end the season. One episode of Figure It Out this week, but two big winners going to Vermont. We had Ronnie Willis, who is a COW CHIP TOSS RECORD HOLDER. Angelina Stahl won hers when she revealed that she BEAT BROTHER TO WIN TABLE SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP.
Rob the Cash Cow: mooooooo
Jason: MOOOOOO Indeed.
Chico: Among the top 30 from the Venice Qualifier of American Ninja Warrior: some familiar names: Jesse La Flair, Shane Daniels, David Campbell, James McGrath, Brent Steffensen, Paul Darnell, Dan "The Tuxedo Speedo" Mast, and.. the first woman to ever make a city final.. by the skin of her teeth no less, Jessica Graff.
Gordon: Good for Jessica
Chico: Carlos & Brittany are out on So you Think You Can Dance, Leyvonna & Daniel and Liliana & Delba both win $10,000 on Minute to Win It.
Gordon: Any Supercoin yet?
Chico: Not yet. Teenagers invade the Chopped kitchen, but Mikey Robbins, a 14-year-old from Philadelphia turned kettle potato chips, black currant jam, red Anjou pears and Japanese mayo into $10,000 with his mayo mousse and currant compote. Josh wins $5000 on Total Blackout. Our final three on American Baking Competition... Brian, Darlene, and Francine. All three have been on the radar at some point in the competition. Darlene and Francine more than Brian, who just woke up.
Jason: Francine is going to win it all. They have been editing it that way the whole way.
Gordon: I agree with Jay
Chico: TPIR holds its 6th Fourth of July show... Tara & Derrick Reyes win the lot in the Showcase with a trip to NYC and a sailboat. With their sunglasses it comes to $32,163. he final five survive elimination on Hell's Kitchen after going up against five former champions.
Jason: And According to CBS...Season 42--starts 09/23.
Chico: That's also when we see season 5 of LMAD. And... I thought recapping Big Brother was hard this week. *hits buzzer*
Jason: (hands Chico water)
Chico: thank you. *splashes his own face* Snowball, I need a towel!
Jason: You don't where that's been!
Gordon: I told you not to take a step forward.
Chico: I... Fair point. Gordon, get me out of this!
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, doug. Let's kick it off with a greenight A very SMALL greenlight.
Jason: Do you need a small bat?
Chico: I need a small bat.
Jason: (hands Chico a 1/8 size bat)
Jason: Hows that?
Chico: Perfect... Stop me if you've heard this one before.

A hidden-camera game show where people are dared to pull a prank on their companions.

Jason: STOP.
Chico: Right on cue.
Gordon: Stop...at a Whammy (waa waaa)

The show has been greenlit for TBS by Howie Mandel. It's called "Deal With It", and it premieres July 17. Theo Von hosts.

I saw the previews for that...Yipe.
Chico: I predict Deal With It will be dealt with by episode 3. And by that I mean moved or cancelled or something.
Jason: Nods.
Chico: But that's next week. Gordon, what do you got for us THIS week?
Gordon: This week...I haeve a playbook
Jason: Let's see it

Lots of debuts this week. Get Out Alive is Monday, Wild N Out is Tuesday, Hollywood Game Night and Summer Camp officially start on Thursday.

Chico: I can't wait for TWO of those. I can for the other two. I'm curious as to how Jane Lynch will handle the role of game show host... though she is... well, she likes everything she does.
Gordon: I'm not as high up on Hollywood Game night after seeing the promo.
Chico: But we'll see this week. We'll also see something interesting if you're in the LA area and are looking for something to do tonight that COULD end up with a $100,000 payday. Let's get loaded.
Jason: (HIC)

Madame Tussaud's in Los Angeles is hosting "America's Greatest Game Shows" with Bob Eubanks, Wink Martindale, Jamie Farr, and Peter Marshall starting... well, it started July 4. Tickets available at madametussauds.com

Jason: I have seen this in Atlantic City. I did an interview with Peter Marshall. It's FUN.
Chico: You should go check it out.
Gordon: See THAT'S a smart idea. Though I would suggest to not do it outside. Wax does melt.
Chico: And on the flipside... tee hee. I bet Gordon has a naughty person.
Gordon: I do, and I bet you all know who it is.

Are YOU SMarter than...Aaryn on Big Brother, who may need to win the money to ereplace the money she just lost after being fired from her 2 jobs for spouting off things in the Big Brother house that would get most of us fired.

Jason: Or beaten up
Chico: And aparently CBS is indeed trying to quash any uprising by warning the guests about their language.
Chico: I'll believe that one. Which probably means that the chances of us hearing about how hateful the houseguests are will be slim to none... and slim just left on the last plane out with the last keg of Haterade. Give it back, Slim.
Jason: Which is sad and pure censorship.
Chico: Sad indeed. See? This isn't reality. I betcha it continues, though. I mean, you can only hold up so much before it slips out. Next thing you know, "AAARYN, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM."
Gordon: THey'll have a fresh crate of Haterade for her.
Jason: (puts down mug)
Chico: Yep

The Paula Deen fall out continues. Her new book has been canned and most of her merchandise has been yanked off of most stores.

Jason: Not surprising.
Chico: I'm sure she can wipe her tears with most of the money she's sleeping on.
And it's a crying shame that she does.
Gordon: Well that's not the point. I think she does care and she made a mistake. But that's a pretty big error.
Chico: Pretty big? Try mammoth.
Jason: Yeah. But look at other stars who have made the same type of "errors" and have not been fired. This is SELECTIVE.
Gordon: I don't disagree.
Jason: I am not taking away what she said.
Gordon: Well, keep this in mind: It depends on the situation and the person and the network.
Chico: Of course if would help matters a LOT if she just owned up to what she said and did.
Jason: Right.
Gordon: Ironically, this doesn't happen if Paula's sons settled the case against them out of court.
Chico: Yup
Jason: Correct
Gordon: Paula needs another trip. Where's she going?
Chico: We're back in the UK this week...

Stars are teaming up with their children in "Big Star's Little Star" for ITV later this year. Meanwhile there's a Sikh version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in the offing.

Gordon: Nice
Chico: Yep. Stephen Mulhern's a busy guy. He also has the reboot of Catchphrase, which, if you ask me, is really good.
Gordon: Very nice
Chico: But he's not the only busy guy in the game, is he, G?
Gordon: Big Ho Little ho?
Chico: (plaus Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Demi Lovato starts a charity, Jenny McCarthy may join The VIew, Brooke Hogan gets engaged to Phil Costa...

Jason: Costa is a Dallas Cowboy...the jokes just write themselves :)
Chico: Someone's about to mess with Texas.

Kim Kardashian turns down a 3 million dollar baby photo deal, Eva Longoria announces she's dating a contestant in a show she procured, and John Barrowman gets married.

Chico: Good for John. AS for Eva, can I be the first to say... Ew?
Jason: Yeah ew.
Gordon: But none of them are your hoes of the week.
Jason: And who are the hoes?
Gordon: Your hoes are the Fabulous Beekman Boys, who get married over the weekend in New York.
Jason: $1M Pays for a wedding. :)
Gordon: Sure does. AND those...are your hoes.
Jason: Shutting down.
Chico: Thanks Jay.
Jason: Got to work on the AC in the Choppler...it's a little warm.
Chico: Still to come, we're going on a road trip to Whammyville, where they have this theme park. They take your money and you don't really do anything. But first... one of our favorite game shows EVER is turning 40. We celebrate with Daddy. This is WLTI. You give us 22 minutes...
Gordon: ...we give you 22 new jobs that Aaryn from Big Brother would be perfect at. Like Sanitation Engineer.
Jason: Pig Slopper
Chico: Street walker.
Jason: Medical Waste dumper
Gordon: NBA Gatorade Girl
Chico: Errand girl for this show. I said I wanted a SWEET TEA!
Jason: Two SUGARS!

(Brainvision is presented by Big Brother House of Cards. What happens when a group of unruly contestants become even MORE unruly? You bring in a network head that doesn't have time for BS.)