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Episode 33.5 - Murder
July 1

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I accuse Chico...of MURDER!

(Thunder clap)

Chico: WhatdidIdo?

(Lights go out... lights come back on... knife is plunged into Chico's back)

Gordon: ...ok I guess he didn't do it.
Chico: (Gets up) Sorry didn't do what?
Gordon: (Examines the body)...wait a sec, it's a retractable knife. Guess I can't host the show by myself. Dammi...I mean oh I'm glad you're ok.
Chico: Yeah I was looking all over for that. I had to make sandwiches by hand. It was gross.
Gordon: For me, the only killing I do is making a profit at the casino.
Chico: Yep. He takes all the money. And so does ABC with a mystery hit on their hands. But is it any good? that... is what we are gathered around the parlor to find out. From somewhere in America, the case of the fatal death on WLTI...is... on!...the case.
Gordon: Sherlock Pepper here, along with Chico Watson as we start the show with a review. ABC gives us Whodunnit, a semi-awaited offering combining pieces of The Mole, Murder in Small Town X and the original versions of Whodunnit with Ed McMahon in the US and Jon Pertwee in the UK.
Chico: Who is better known for a) being Johnny Carson's comedic foil and b) being the third Doctor.
Gordon: Yes, them.
Chico: This time around we have 13 participants... well, 12 participants and a really bad actress who dies during the first 10 minutes trying to snuff out the killer amongst them. They will investigate three areas: the last known whereabouts of the victim, the scene of the crime, and the morgue. They will also be given clues from the Killer him/herself. Ultimately they will test the theories they come up with against the murderer itself. The people who come closest will be Spared. The two furthest away will be marked as Scared and should sleep with one eye open tonight. Now this just doesn't happen out of a bubble. There is actually a quiz that the sleuths take in order to determine who gets whacked at the end of every episode. But this being a murder mystery they don't show that, as to keep the mood of the show going. The last one standing wins $250,000. The others are dead or arrested. But not really because its all fake. And if you think its real.. sorry, but you're an idiot.
Gordon: It is funny that people thought they were really killing off the crew. Let's start with the good.
Chico: The good... the production is very meticulate.
Gordon: The production values are fantastic.
Chico: Its CSI level. And it should be because Anthony Zuiker, who created CSI, also created this.
Gordon: Every thing is meticulate, through the crime scenes. There's a major play at home factor here as you play along and try to figure the scene out.
Chico: Indeed. There is also a bit of murder mystery weekend mixed in, sort of done up big for the TV screen.
Gordon: There's 3 meta games in play.
Chico: Speaking of which, can we talk about the bad now daddy?
Gordon: I think we will agree and disagree here. However the one thing I know we will agree on - the acting is over the top cheesiness.
Chico: Anybody order the foot-long ham and cheese?
Gordon: I brought the crackers. They clearly had real contestants and not actors.
Chico: And one contestant was neither a contestant nor an actor. But yeah it seems like everybody was just so over-the-top on this production. We know it's a game. They know it's a game. I don't think they want us to know it's a game. In that, it's a little too meta for me.
Gordon: See this is where I completely disagree. It was EXACTLY the meta they needed. There's 3 games. 1. Find the killer. 2. The social game. You need an alliance to find enough clues to give your thoughts, but not too much. You can't play a loaner game here or you're dead. 3. Figure out the case and piece everything together.
Chico: Now I have no problem with this. Its just the way they go about it. I mean were i of lesser mind I would have thought this to be real.
Gordon: That's a good thing. The production values and this so good that you think it IS real. What's wrong with that?
Chico: I don't know about you but I like the whole less is more aspect that made Murder in Small Town X so compelling. I mean are we playing a game of who can solve the crime or who can soil themselves first?
Gordon: Why not have both? I think the murder is fair. i was able to solve both of them almost exactly
Chico: They're pretty easy.
Gordon: For now. I'm sure it will get harder. Small Town X didn't have that same feel for me because it was a social vote them out game and the contestants were idiots.
Chico: Fair point.
Gordon: the people here so far are players and the riddles are hard.
Chico: And they'll only get harder. That's the hope anyway. But you know what the sign says on the door... "We don't grade based on potential."

ABC - 9p ET Sundays
B+ C- B-

Gordon: No we don't. I am very entertained by this show. I think we're going to have the first disagreement in a long time. If the acting was better, this would be a slam dunk for my favorite summer game show this season. It may still be by the time the summer is over. B+
Chico: The way I see it... a great game element marred by the fact that people are taking this WAY too seriously and way out of context. C-
Gordon: See what you hate about the show is exactly what I like about it.
Chico: Interesting ain't it? Not as interesting as Andrew Moore getting what to on the Jeopardy! Score. It's our...

... divided by 8

Gordon: He got knocked off in his own way
Chico: Two fold. One... the challengers were playing Andrew's game and keeping pace. Especially Padraic Scanlan, who poured it on in Double Jeopardy!
1ordon: And you have to do that to knock off a great champ
Chico: Yep. As a result, he has $21,000 to Andrew's $26,400. Then there's Final Jeopardy!, where the game is either won or lost.
Gordon: And in this case, both
Chico: Yes sir. The category: Plants. Who is Sheri from Whodunnit?
Gordon: Cute
Chico: The clue...

Economically speaking, this plant family with about 10,000 species is by far the most important.

Chico: And no it is not "What is hemp?".
Gordon: (puts on Ulysses outfit) What is the GRASS family (which is close to hemp)
Chico: It is close to hemp.
Gordon: (puts on burnt Dontae pajamas) What is the Robert Plant family?
Chico: We don't need no education... That's hot man.
Gordon: So what happens, sir?
Chico: Everyone gets it wrong, Padraic plays conservative ball. Andrew... not so much. He leaves with $139,803... Padraic returns the next day with $11,400... and then gets thumped himself.
Gordon: What happens to Giant Killers? They usually get killed on the very next show.
Chico: Yep. So question. How does Andrew do in the Big Money Round we call the Tournament of Champions? He could take it all I think.
Gordon: He could. I think he does very well. He has a strategy that works and he can take people off guard.
Chico: Again not since Chuck Forrest have we seen finesse coupled with broad based knowledge like that. Chuck Forrest, perhaps the first great Jeopardy! champion. About as great a champion as Ian Terry was a Big Brother champion last year.
Gordon: But the guys playing now...not close.

Chico: Its a house unlike any other. Where 42 cameras catch your every moronic move and 69 microphones capture your every brain fart. And this year America has a stake in it by virtue of the Big Brother MVP. Please explain how this is a game changer, G
Gordon: If you are the MVP, a few things happen. 1. You get to nominate someone to get voted off. 2. This is all in secret so you can see everyone playing their game. In this case, it comes into MASSIVE play this week. Elissa blurts to McCrae that she is indeed Rachel Reilly's sister. That in turn convinces him to make her a replacement nominee as McCrae wins veto in order to back stab her out of the game.
Chico: D'OH! Moving on, it's the end of the season on TPIR, and that means making good on a lot of preempted product. If you ask me though... some of these episodes would have been better off not airing at all.
Gordon: Do tell
Chico: Okay when you think about the hardest game to win a car on, what comes to mind?
Gordon: That's Too Hard
Chico: What else?
Gordon: Temptation or Pathfinder
Chico: We had a bailout on Temptation and a loss on Pathfinder but what about... Stack the Deck?
Gordon: If you get 2 or 3 items, it's easy.
Chico: If you know where to play the free money
Gordon: Right
Chico: They don't know where to play the free money.
Gordon: Well then it's hard.
Chico: So this week we end up with the following stats... a skunk, a double overbid, a record of 12-16-2, and a take of $255,412.
Gordon: meh
Chico: The only decent game was the proper season finale on Monday, when we went 5-1 because of... STACK THE FREAKING DECK.
Gordon: Heh.
Chico: The prize was a 2013 Chrysler 200LX. The deck: 0 1 2 5 6 7 9. You get one free hit.
Gordon: That's not the 2 or 3 numbers we were talking about.
Chico: Use it wisely.
Gordon: 4th number
Chico: $--,-6-.
Gordon: See if you gave me 2 more, it would be easier.
Chico: You know what... I'll do it because its you.
Gordon: Awww.
Chico: First, second, third, or fifth?
Gordon: the 3rd and 5th please
Chico: $--,561 Here's what's left: 0 2 7 9
Gordon: First number has to be a 2. That leaves the 0, 7, 9, and as they don't make 27,000 versions of these cars, I'll go $20,561
Chico: You played that masterfully.
Gordon: YAY!
Chico: Now as they're wrapping up season 41, they're also getting ready for season 42, and they're doing something...interesting for it. More later. Right now time for two rounds of stupid human tricks. First one...

Gordon: My favorite group got on this week
Chico: Was it the stand up comic? The Irish hiphop dancers? I know, it was the 6-year-old metal singer, wasn't it?
Gordon: Yep. It was the 6 year old screamo artist.
Chico: Seriously that's all I remember. Thank you!
Gordon: Who was your favorite?
Chico: I liked the Hammerstep.
Gordon: It was cute, but I question if its a million dollar act. They could get far though.
Chico: It was different, out of the box, something for everybody. A little hip hop mixed with a little Irish step dancing.
Gordon: I liked the gospel choir
Chico: Could be a contender. Still think that the Military Spouses Choir is your frontrunner. Could be clash of the choirs 2.
Gordon: Could very well be.
Chico: On the other hand you have someone finally beating the $25,000 level of Minute to Win it Every Second Counts.
Gordon: $25,000 level - but NOT the $100,000 level
Chico: Which is what we all came to see. We all apparently also came to see sob stories of life changing eye surgery and how one person, who is legally blind in one eye, got that far.
Gordon: Well, you did. I came to see good gameplay.
Chico: I was making a point. You know how watery thin the actual game is so they have to pad it out with stories that make you want to root for the player, but anyway, they can't get the 50 Gs on Punch Your Lights Out. But they do have $25,000 after completing CD Dominoes.
Gordon: Yeah. the hamsters were sobbing when they saw the clip about the baby hamster who had to drink all of her water off of a petri dish.
Chico: There's an idea. Another idea... news for a news heavy week.
Gordon: Very true. Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you Dougie Mo. First up, I'm going to need the Plinko stick. And another. And another. You know what, (^_^) that (^_^) give me ALL the Plinko sticks!
Gordon: (Gives Chico 6 Plinko sticks)
Chico: Six Plinko sticks.

They are shooting the start of season 42 of TPIR and on Friday of Premiere Week, they are going to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Plinko. By playing it for the first game. And the second... and the third. And so on. It's all Plinko all day baby.

Gordon: The interesting thing is that they will have variations - aka Plinko for a car, etc.
Chico: Its not strictly cash Plinko. Now there will be variations and I'm all for this as long as they keep it to a one-time thing.
Gordon: It probably will be. It's a cute idea though
Chico: Very cute. For anyone who thinks otherwise, I have a question.. where's YOUR Emmy?
Gordon: I don't have an Emmy. I do have a datebook though
Chico: With a lot of Ninjas.

Sunday is the game no one wins..I mean Ninja Warrior challenge, Sunday is Food Court Wars. One more note - Monday is also the debut of Reality series turned horror show Siberia on NBC

Chico: And we have a few added bonuses. Monday is the family edition of LMAD. And Thursday is the TPIR sixth annual 4th of July spectacular...
Gordon: And of course, the Nathan's Hotdog eating contest - made so much more boring by Joey Chestnut cheating the past 5 seasons.
Chico: Family, fireworks, and fighting forces, forging our freedom.... 'Murica. And Canada on Monday.
Gordon: Everyone's going to get fully loaded.
Chico: Hot dogs and bacon strips. Who wants to see Wheel of Fortune in Vegas?
Gordon: ME!

Tickets are now available ar wheeloffortune.com/lasvegas. They're kicking off season 31 in style.

Chico: That's using the Internet for good. Segue coming... here's someone who uses the Internet for evil.
Gordon: More for stupidity
Chico: Mind if I kick off the segment?
Gordon: You may

Are YOU smarter than Krissi Biasello of Masterchef? You know the one word that no one should be using in the national dialogue on race that we should be having but aren't? Because it's too icky a topic and no one wants to touch it?

Gordon: Let me add this...

Are you also smarter than most of the cast of Big Brother, who have put in more racial, sexist and gay slurs to make a group of sailors blush.

Chico: It's a bad time for beer muscles, keyboard courage, and diarrhea of the mouth. If I may get on my soapbox here. We have straights hating on gays. We have whites hating on non-whites. We have men hating on women. And they're all tossing around this word and that word and whatever and what have you. And I'm sorry... but if you get off on that sort of thing... you're a willful ignoramus. You are the absolute worst kind of human imaginable and I absolutely feel sorry for you.
Gordon: The other problem of course is that if you're not likable, then people won't watch you. See this Summer's season rating of The Bachelorette for proof. If I'm CBS executives watching the contestants savage the show, I'm getting concerned.
Chico: Also why MasterChef beat Big Brother this week. Can't stand any of them this year.
Gordon: Are they even more unlikable than Big Brother 9?
Chico: I'll have to get back to you on that. You have any haterade that we can safely print?
Gordon: I do.

When the Taste comes back, they will do so without Brian Malkarkey, who gets dumped from his position as judge.

Chico: No loss for me. He didn't bring anything to the party.
Gordon: Did the show do anything for you?
Chico: Nope
Gordon: Send Brian on a vacation
Chico: How about UK? We have two British zombies to discuss.

"Prize Island", hosted by Pointless star Alexander Armstrong, and "Revolution" with Countdown hostess Carol Vorderman have reportedly been axed before airing a single episode!

Gordon: Whoops.
Chico: Both high profile high budget projects. Both were probably doomed to fail anyway.
Gordon: True, but better that than spending a ton of money for bad shows.
Chico: Just ask Fox.
Gordon: And with bad shows, you get bad hoes.
Chico: (Plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, hold up on the All-Alumni Idol panel, Wayne Brady goes to Central Washington, Ted Allen gets engaged to his partner of 20 years...

Chico: This after DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court.

Bob Eubanks does America's greatest Game Shows, Steve Tisch and Paul DeJonia join the sharks in the Shark Tank, and James Case says he wants to be the next Bachelor. Chico is a big fan.

Chico: Says you dude.
Gordon: Says me. but none of them are the hoes of the week.
Chico: What say you?
Gordon: Mark Labbett and Brooke Burns says me. Their show gets renewed even before a single episode of The Chase airs. Now this can mean one of 2 things. 1. It's very easy to renew a show when your executives love what they see.
Chico: Which explains the 10/90 rule on cable sitcoms.
Gordon: 2. It's also very easy to renew a show if none of the prize budget goes out the door because Labbett went 8-0 or 7-1.
Chico: Guess we'll see next month.
Gordon: I have a feeling its a little from column a and a little from column b. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that is Brainvision. Shut it down sir.
Chico: Still to come on the show... we channel our inner Allen Ludden. But 2:45pm
Gordon: First, we look at the peaks and valleys for the past few weeks. You're reading WLTi. you give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 people we'd like to see them use as bodies for the second season of Whodunnit. 16 of them are currently in the Big Brother house.
Chico: Burn. And stab. And shock. And a'splosion.

(BrainVision has been brought to you by The Zom-bachelor. We need to find a mate for Augustus. Because zombies need love, too.)