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Episode 33.9 - The Chase Is On
August 12

Chico: This is Chico Alexander, and with apologies to Dan Valentine, I'd like to offer the following: America, I bequeath to you today one quiz show with a snappy host, three eager contestants, thousands of dollars at stake, and a British giant who never misses a question OR a meal. I trust you'll treat her well.
Gordon: You can have that. I'll take Brooke Burns.
Chico: Because I'm all about the game, Gordon's all about, the ladies.
Gordon: I'm all about the game, too. I just like to appreciate everything.
Chico: And we appreciate GSN's latest entry so much that we are devoting two sections of the opening round to it! That said, from somewhere in the Pleasure Pit, the Chase...is on!
Gordon: (Plays theme). Gordon Pepper here, and lets start right into the show that most of us trivia geeks have been waiting for - The Chase. Let's start with the actual show. We had 2 episodes back to back for it's debut. Episode #1 goes to Mark LaBett, as he dispatches his first set of challengers.
Chico: James, Lisa, and Clyde, who does NOT make it to the Final chase.
Gordon: Episode #2 goes to the players, as Jonathan, Heather and Cory 'Pacdude' Anotado helms his team to a huge $180,000 win.
Chico: And this is perhaps the strongest, gutsiest team of players on EITHER side of the Atlantic, and Mark Labbett has gone on record as saying that this was one of his favorite episodes.
Gordon: Now Chico. I believe you have footage of the Final Chase from episode 2?
Chico: Surely.

Chico: There it is, $180,000, a new record for GSN winnings, and frankly, one of the BEST Final Chases ever.
Gordon: It was. And that leads to us grading the show. First, the Good. The show plays almost like the UK version. There's one less player, but there's more money to be won.
Chico: If you've seen the original British series, with one less player and one more zero, it plays EXACTLY the same.
Gordon: What did you think of Brooke?
Chico: Meh. I'm on the fence about Brooke. She's a born interactor (I guess that comes with hassling the Hoff all those years ago), but when it comes down to business, she's a tad robotic. She likes to talk with the contestants and with "Beast-y".
Gordon: Not just robotic, but slower. She slows down the pace of the show. You won't get final chasing high score because of the lack of speed.
Chico: I'm not going to fault her for that because if you remember, Bradley Walsh was the same way the first time out.
Gordon: I can, because this wasn't the first episode they did. This was 106 selected to play second.
Chico: Fair enough. The real test is the second season. As for the game, give it up for the show letting the game be the star. Sure you have Brooke, and sure you have THE BEAST, but they play second banana to the game. This is a show where everything knows where its place is.
Gordon: Well, sort of. I would have liked more playing and less yapping. It plays better with 4 challengers. With only 3 of them, there's noticeable time lapses and pausing and slowing down of play.
Chico: Yes, it could have been paced aa lot better with three contestants instead of four, but if that's the worst thing you can think of, it is still a solid show.

GSN - 9p ET Tuesday
B+ B+ B+

Gordon: It is a solid show. And although I like the UK version better, if you're an American Fan, you'll be very happy with what you get. B+
Chico: The game is what you expect from the Chase, and if you are a fan of the British series, you will appreciate what ITV and GSN have created. B+
Gordon: You sure will. Kudos to GSN for not only taking a chance with the show, but for making the money tree acceptable for U.S. standards. I'm hoping they'll take more risks in their future programming.
Chico: Another friend of ours is due up next week. We will cover ALL of The Chase on this show.. and to plug our sister podcast, The Chasecast over at CLW83.com, a rotating panel of game show experts and their play-by-play
Gordon: It's going to be fun. Please join us. As for AGT, at least it was more fun than last week.

Chico: Well, it didn't take much
Gordon: True. Big Board please?

Round 3: The Rundown

- Aerosphere... Bore snore
- Chicago Boyz... Judges pick
- Mitsi Dancing Show... esoteric
- Kelsey & Bailey... Old trick, new dog
- Brandon & Savannah... appropriate song choice
- Leon Etienne & Romy Low... Everything wrong
- Deanna DellaCioppa... Looked wrong
- Cobra Kid... ???
- Jonathan Allen ... May have grouping issues
- Kenichi Ebina... dark horse
- Jim Meskimen... wrong material
- American Military Spouses Choir... playing to the crowd

Chico: Its Week 3: the rundown.
Gordon: Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show: They had balloons. And people twirling with them. Borrriiiiing.
Chico: (Snores)
Gordon: Chicago Boyz: They get in via the judges, but they lose someone for the season with a busted leg. Sort of like the NY Yankees.
Chico: Who by the way are also missing something sort of grandish.
Gordon: The Mitzi Dancing Show: This is the group that SHOULD have won the judges vote. We've seen Dunking and Jump Rope acts before. We haven't seen anything like this and I would have loved to have seen what else they can do.
Chico: Indeed. But here is the thing, I think the judges think that its a little too esoteric for America to get.
Gordon: Kelsey and Bailey: The new dog needs to learn old tricks.
Chico: I think the term for this season is "the safer the better"
Gordon: Brandon and Savannah: 'Radioactive' was a good choice of song, because I wanted to send them to Chernobyl.
Chico: Dude!
Gordon: What?
Chico: I know they were weak but Chernobyl?
Gordon: Have you seen Russia lately? They need more entertainment.
Chico: True. Leon Etienne and Romy Low...
Gordon: They did everything wrong.
Chico: Said it before! say it again, Too much buildup, not enough payoff.
Gordon: Nick Cannon was the highlight of their act.
Chico: That's what Mariah said.
Gordon: Deanna Dellacioppa: She looked like a giant marshmallow and sung like she was muted.
Chico: Which is a shame because she had a genuine chance
Gordon: She did. She picked the wrong song AND the wrong stage set up.
Chico: Nerves just got inside her head.
Gordon: David 'Cobra Kid' Weathers: I think David's cobra wanted to slither offstage and mate with Howie's rubber snake.
Chico: See Gordon? This is what happens when you play with your snake on a New York stage
Gordon: I'm not playing with my snake in public
Chico: Remember kids. In the state of New York, if you play with your snake in public, it will get you 5 to 10
Gordon: Joonathan Allen: His singing is good enough to get in. I think he's in trouble if he goes up against either Braden OR Forte.
Chico: Agreed. He is the Chris Bosh of this year's popera field.
Gordon: Kenichi Ebina: Best dancer in the group and a good threat to make the finals.
Chico: I agree with this one. He took the dance and told a story and elevated his game. Going to be hard to top
Gordon: Very. Jim Meskimen: Wrong material. Benjamin Franklin impressions? Really?
Chico: Tom Cotter called. He wants his schtick back. Swagjacker.
Gordon: Finally: Chico Alexander's Lonely Hearts Club Band: It was good, but it wasn't great. They'll have to do better than that to get to the finals.
Chico: Obvious Power ballad. Patriotic overtones. Almost militaristic harmony. Playing to the NEW YORK CROWD.
Gordon: Very. Now what else do you have?
Chico: What else I've got is next week's lineup,

3Penny Chorus & Orchestra, Chloe Channell, Champions Forever, SensEtion, the Robotix, Timber Brown, Cami Bradley, Tummy Talk, Taylor Williamson, Aerial Ice, David ferman, and Jimmy rose.

Gordon: JImmy Rose screams at me as an obvious choice, as does Taylor Williamson. I think the other 2 spots are a coin flip.
Chico: Sight unseen predictions: Jimmy Rose, Taylor Williamson, SensEtion, and Cami Bradley. Of course this all depends on what they do and how they do it. And how they done it and of course.. Whodunnit. You see what I did there?
Gordon: Yah

(cues NBC Mystery Movie theme)

Gordon: For the first time in a while, we have a murder that didn't include poison. Cause of death was silencer bullet combined masked by falling chandelier.
Chico: But which one killed Geno?
Gordon: The bullet killed Geno. The lack of an alliance killed Ronnie. Melina is on the hook as the last non-alliance member left, unless, she's the killer.
Chico: Which would not be a surprise. But again.. neither would ANY of the Final four.
Gordon: Well if the producers played fair, it's Lindsey. I have a nagging feeling though that it's going to be Cris or Melina and I'm going to be calling foul on the producers. Melina didn't get a vote against her until Kam accused her in this episode. Kam may be on the right track.
Chico: Right. But is Melina left handed?
Gordon: No. But they could both be ambidextrous. She AND lindsey both have used their left hands.
Chico: So its either Lindsey and we are right or it's someone else and Gordon gets all sort of pissy
Gordon: Lindsey with a glass before the toast and Melina with her left hand during the toast in episode 1.
Chico: Like its hard. But we have talked enough. Giles?


Gordon: Based on what the producers have said, I have a feeling they let a few production issues slide and I'll be pissy.
Chico: We will see. In the meantime, Ronnie suggests a trained monkey carried out the kill, and then the killer went bananas
Gordon: If you look at the video, who is the closest to the drawer when the lights went out?
Chico: Melina?
Gordon: No. Melina is on the other side of the room.
Chico: My bad.
Gordon: LINDSEY is by the drawer.
Chico: The drawer with the gun inside.
Gordon: And when Giles has the flashlight on, you can see Lindsey running behind Giles away from said drawer and curtain with the lever.
Chico: So for all intents and purposes we should be looking at Lindsey.
Gordon: Everything makes perfect sense that it's her.
Chico: Cool.
Gordon: Which means it won't be.
Chico: We shall see. Meanwhile from people playing dead to...you know I'm not even going to finish that sentence.

Gordon: And here, with the 30 second recap version, is Chico Alexander.
Chico: We begin by evicting Candice unanimously. Then America's psychobitch sweetheart wins HOH and puts up Jessie and Spencer. Then America's psychobitch sweetheart wins Veto and saves Jessie, puts up Judd instead. Because there is no way Aaryn is going to endanger her honeybunny, Judd gets HAMMERED! Next day, Andy wins HOH and is going to try and get rid of Ball 1 and Ball 2 again. And now you know all you need to know.
Gordon: But I bet we want to know more about Wheel of Fortune?
Chico: We do. Time for 5 Questions on America's game.

Chico: Gordon, lead us off.

1) Rumor has it that the Jackpot Wedge is going to be retired, replaced by something we're not allowed to talk about yet. What's your thought on the Jackpot wedge going bye bye?

Chico: Well you don't hit it so much, its got to give.
Gordon: I liked it, but it doesn't add that much to the viewers experience. The question is - is what's going to replace it better or worse?
Chico: Read my mind,

2) is what's going to replace the Jackpot wedge better or worse?

Chico: I think it almost HAS to be better. After all, any addition tto the Wheel pantheon is going to enhance the game, right?
Gordon: Based on what I know, worse. But we'll chat about it in a future episode.

3) This past season we had a million dollar winner. Are we going to get another one this upcoming season?

Chico: No. Not for lack of trying though.
Gordon: I think we will.
Chico: Okay,
Gordon: I'm not going to say it's not hard. It IS hard. Im just going to say its not as hard as you think it is.

4) Mark Corwin died over the summer recess. Will Wheel find someone who can direct to his level?

Chico: First of all, our thoughts and our prayers go out to his family and colleagues and friends,
Gordon: I think so. I think it's going to be harder, but yes, I think so. Finally,

5) Last season, Wheel of Fortune had a rating of 6.2. This season, Whee; of Fortune's rating will be:

Chico: I think it holds steady at a 6.2.All of its competition, Judge Judy and Big Bang Theory, do not air in that same slot. Wheel's been unaffected by so many time shifts that its almost impervious to anything else.
Gordon: I'll say 6.2 also. I don't see anything stopping this show. The hamsters, however, have built an effigy to the jackpot wegde. They created one made of cheese.
Chico: That's cute.
Gordon: It is. So is this: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you Doug. Let us get right into the business of GSN.

First off, to the surprise of no one, GSN has renewed American Bible challenge for 2014. This will be season 3 for the show. Meanwhile, Over 1.5 million viewers tuned in for GSN's new Tuesday night with almost 600,000 for Minute to win it, a series high, and a combined almost 1 million for the two episodes of "The Chase"

Gordon: GSN is getting a nice collection of hits. Now they need to build on it. Fortunately, I have a Datebook to help them out.

This week, we have Face-off Season 4 on August 13, and new seasons of Family Game night and the Great Food Truck Race on Sunday

Gordon: I'm hungry. Im going to get Fully Loaded while I head to the fridge
Chico: Nice. Here's one for you, television schedules dictated by memes.

You know last week was Shark Week. Personally we could give a toss about it. ABC is counterprogramming the Million Second Quiz with, Shark Tank. Goooooooood luck with that.

Gordon: I sense chum. I also sense stupid people to go with stupid programming (drags nWhiteboard)
Chico: Nice

Are YOU Smarter than, Simon Cowell, who gets Lauren Silverman Pregnant for his first child. That would usually be all good, but maybe you should wait until Lauren gets DIVORCED FROM HER CURRENT HUSBAND before you do that. Because now Simon is chargeed as a co-defendant and could feasibly lose a chuck of change.

Chico: (Plays Naughty by Nature's "OPP") That's all I can say about that. Apparently someone is not down with OPP.
Gordon: Nope. Now for some Haterade.

Kourtney Kardashian has released a pregnancy test saying that Scott Disick is Mason's father. Model Michael Girgenti doesn't believe it (or want to see his gravy train leave) and demands a paternity test be done in front of his lawyers so nothing's faked.

Chico: Too many of OPP if you ask me.
Gordon: And in the story of locking the barn doors after the horses have eaten the children, the judge in the Paula Dean case has thrown out the suit that wrecked Paula's life. Verry little concolation for Paula.
Chico: Again we can get into intent vs. Impact another time, instead lets go on another trip.
Gordon: Where ar we going?
Chico: Only in Hong Kong can $46,000 get you $350,000.

That's what a pair of siblings paid a production engineer for tips on how to win on a game show. In a move that should.come as a surprise to no one, they're busted for it.

Gordon: (Plays Cops Theme)
Chico: Whennnnn Sheriff John Brown comes for you,
Gordon: He's a media ho, isnt he?
Chico: He is NOW! (Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Geek Wee goes online, Cedric wants Millionaire to be more energetic, The Perfect Score gets yanked,

Chico: It'll be back on Friday,
Gordon: Not for long.

Abby Lee Miller has another ultimate dance competition, Spencer from Big Brother talks about Child Porn, Cassadee Pope goes to CMT...

Chico: This is your career.

Usher's son is safely out of the hospital, Kim and Kanye are planning a secret wedding, and The Winner is... Katie Ohh, who wins The Winner is. I figured I'll give Chico a break from The Bachelor. Isn't that nice of me?

Chico: Thank you.
Gordon: But none of the are the Hoohhhs. of the week.
Chico: Beat me to it.
Gordon: Your hoes are Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, who are hosting the CMA Awards. Expect them both to win things also.
Chico: I'd say so. Carrie is an award magnet.
Gordon: And those, are your hoes.
Chico: The only thing she hasn't won is an Emmy...SOON. That is Brainvision. Switch it off, G
Gordon: (Shutting Down)
Chico: When we come back, we are going to make ourselves better.. but first, we go Bargain Hunting.
Gordon: You are reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 shows that GSN can order from the hits that they have that we suggest they look into. Like Solitary 5.0.
Chico: Pointless.
Gordon: Whodunnit Season 2 if ABC kills it off. Only Connect
Chico: Blockbusters!
Gordon: Tipping Point!
Chico: You wish. I'll counter that with Joker's Wild.
Gordon: Now now.

(Brainvision is powered by Crystalline Chandeliers, America's most perfectly made chandel... *CRASH* ...never mind)