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Episode 33.4 - Hurricane Andrew
June 24

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and....why is there wind blowing on this nice Summer day?
Chico: Oh... oh yeah.. It's storming. This is no ordinary summer storm, though. This is a storm unlike anything we've seen before. It's... HURRICANE ANDREW!
Jason: (cue scary music)
Chico: No, not the superstorm from 1992, it's this guy.

Gordon: AAAAAAH!
Chico: Scared yet?
Gordon: I am.
Jason: You should be.
Chico: Another scary thought? From Somewhere in America, continuing coverage of Hurricane Andrew on WLTI... is.. .ON!
Gordon: Yay! Gordon Pepper here, along with Chico and our special guest this week, our own windbag, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: YO!
Chico: Yo yourself, bro.
Gordon: We get on to a very boring finale, but first, it's Game Show Storm Coverage.

Chico: Andrew Moore, a test prep teacher from Georgia, has gone where few people this season have gone before. We arrive on Friday's show at the cusp of five days and over $100,000. And if you've seen him play before, there's no surprise as to why or how he got there.
Jason: He's a Daily Double Hunter
Chico: And a floater. And a bouncer. And he's just plain smart.
Gordon: Yes he is.
Chico: Not since Chuck Forrest in 1985 have I seen a player exercise such speed, such skill, and such finesse. I need a Big Board AND a cigarette. And a cold shower. By the way, smoking is wrong.

The Perfect Storm

- 1) The Forrest Bounce
- 2) The Buzzer Beater
- 3) The Super Smart

Chico: This one's called "The Total Package." or, given the player... "The Perfect Storm". Let's take a look at the ghosts of Jeopardy! players past and see how they contributed to Andrew's success. First of all, there's Chuck Forrest, perhaps the first great Jeopardy! champion of our era. He created what we call the Forrest Bounce.
Gordon: And the first big jumper
Chico: You don't go column to column, you bounce from clue to clue seemingly random and it's a two-fold gambit. One, you find the Daily Double, and two, you trip your opponents up.
Gordon: If you're in the lead and its considerable, you want to get rid of those Daily Doubles.
Chico: And take advantage of them before your opponents do. Of the five games he's played, with 15 Daily Doubles, I guess he found half of them. AT LEAST. So there's that.
Jason: He's very good at that.
Chico: Then there's Frank Spangenberg and Jerome Vered, they were all quick on the buzzer in their day. They brought speed and pressure to the forefront much like Andrew did. But Andrew never did press on a Daily Double. The moment he does, though, watch out. And then you have people like David Madden and Larissa Kelly, who were cool under such pressure. when you're lagging behind, the best thing you can do is just play the game. And finally, the smartest of the groups, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings...simply put... the SMARTEST. You can't get anywhere in Jeopardy! without being smart. I'm guessing from watching this week is that Andrew answered 75 to 80 percent of his questions correctly
Gordon: Give me a final Jeopardy example of one he got right
Chico: Sure thing. This is from the Friday show. The category: Cartoon Characters

She first appeared in 1930's "Dizzy Dishes", along with singing cats in flapper outfits.

Chico: Jason?
Jason: My dad's gf would kill me if I got this wrong. What is BETTY BOOP?
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: Who is Kris Jenner?
Jason: ew lol
Chico: ... I don't even want to know.
Gordon: You can't get much dizzier
Chico: And he tells me yet. Betty Boop is right, and after this game, Andrew will go into Monday's show with $131,003. Now the question... where does Andrew rank in the pantheon of J1 players? Or is it too early to say?
Jason: Too early.
Gordon: Way too early to say
Chico: Okay, but we will keep an eye on him in the weeks (and the months) to come, because, hey... tournament. Speaking of tournaments, we come to a final that a blind albino cavebat could've seen coming.
Jason: Yeah...damn.

Gordon: That would be Danielle winning the Voice. Who did Jason the Blind Albino Cavebat say was going to win?
Jason: The blind albino cavebat said The Swon Brothers
Chico: Perhaps they should've won. and I don't blame you one bit. Same way I thought Michelle Chamuel should've won. But didn't. You could've made a case for all three. But Gordon, you correctly called this one. Why did Danielle end up winning?
Jason: Aside from the whole boring, safe, and commercially marketable thing. I mean, she sounded as she looked. plain, pale, and uninspired.
Gordon: Bitter, party of one. Paging bitter, party of one.
Jason: Ha ha.
Gordon: Seriously, she won because she was the best country artist. And this season, country voted. Hard.
Chico: Her fans lit up for her.
Gordon: America liked country to the point there were 3 acts in the top 6 thing.
Chico: Country votes. Country didn't vote for the Swon Bros. Granted, they were more folk and rock as well. Danielle was pure country.
Gordon: You could even make an argument that the other 2 acts split the vote.
Chico: Yep
Gordon: So congratulations to Danielle for winning the voice. She can share a room with Jermaine Stewart and Javier Colon when she fades into obscurity.
Jason: BURN. Question though: Can Anyone but Blake win?
Chico: I know anyone but Blake can win. Adam did win season 1. and Usher was damn near close to taking him this season.
Jason: So the champ is beatable. So what do Christina/Cee-Lo/Adam have to do to beat him again?
Gordon: Keep in mind its not about the stars. Its about the talent. We called every winner of The Voice early on in the season and who it was repping them had nothing to do with it.
Chico: This is true, but the coaches that won had an innate sense of what their talent wanted to do. This was ANOTHER perfect storm. Danielle wanted to go Nashville. Blake was already there. Not since season 1 and Adam coaching Javier did we see that coming. And after Judith Hill was eliminated earlier than expected, the competition was blown wide open
Gordon: Very true. But to answer the question - I think anyone can win, but Blake has the edge.
Chico: So congratulations to Danielle. Enjoy your summer in the sun... until the next one comes along.
Gordon: Now I think she needs to get married. Because then she could go on The Price is Right.

Chico: (hums the Newlywed Game theme) It's the wedding shower to end all wedding showers on The Price Is Right on monday, and it offered the wedding to end all weddings. One of the prizes offered was a DREAM WEDDING IN ARUBA worth more than $47,000. That includes airfare for the couple and 20 guests AND a three night stay in a hotel for all 22 people and the ceremony.
Jason: That is doing a wedding...LIKE A BOSS.
Chico: I want that wedding, daddy. And the couple WINS it in Cliff Hangers. Now get out there and find me a woman and 20 guests. Anyway, Hawken Vance & Ari Alius don't have to worry about paying for it. TPIR is footing this bill thanks to said win. However, the Showcases ended in a divorce. First is a wedding shower with appliances, dinnerware, cookware, bedding & bath linens, and a Jeep Patriot Sport. Gordon, your sisters are married. Bid or pass?
Gordon: All 3 of them are, and I'll bid $22,222
Chico: Jason, your Showcase is the ultimate honeymoon... a digital camera
package and trips to Paris & Italy
Jason: 21,000 for me/
Chico: Okay, Jason, your Showcase is.... $26,432, a difference of $5432. Gordon, your Showcase is... $24,633, a difference of $2411 Gordon, you get wedding shower gifts!
Jason: Nice job!
Jun 22, 2013 5:55 PM
Gordon: YAY! Where's the gifts?
Chico: You're only getting those if you find someone to marry by
the sundown of the third day after this gets online
Gordon: Hey Jason!
Jason: What?
Gordon: Want some free gifts? I can pull a Kardashian
Jason: That's Kim's job for Kanye


Chico: I thought it was Kanye's job.


Jason: By the way, what kind of name is North?
Chico: Moving on, Good news.. and bad news... maybe.. on AGT this week

Chico: The good news... We may yet have a winner They are a group of American military spouses... and they're a choir.
Jason: A ha
Chico: They are called... the American Military Spouses Choir. All of their husbands have been deployed for some time.
Jason: And they can sing?
Chico: Oh.. They can sing. They sang in front of a packed Chicago house. It was the Diana Ross version of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", which was just the absolute perfect song to sing. A) given the urban crowd, and 2) given that they're all military wives, I'm calling it right now.
Gordon: If they get there, they are a HUGE favorite to ein it.
Chico: Who will say NO to a military wife let along at least 20 of them?
Jason: Exactly.
Gordon: I don't know if the judges will let them in for that reason. #1. They are a slam dunk, as you say and #2. it IS a singing act. But you said there was BAD NEWS.
Chico: POTENTIAL bad news. Rewind to the first week. We met a country singer by the name of Marty Brown. He was a tilemaker from Kentucky. BUT... he may not be completely and totally honest with America here. He did not tell us that he was a recording artist back in the 90s.
Jason: Successful?
Chico: Not terribly. But he did chart on the country charts way back when. Cut a record. You know, the nine. Now this was a story that came out in the National Enquirer, so we had to do due diligence.
Jason: I'll be damned, it was right. But this show is about 2nd chances.
Gordon: Oh you mean THIS Marty Brown?


Chico: I mean THAT Marty Brown. And yes, the show is about second chances. After all, look at All That last year.
Jason: But you have said on many occassions, if you dont have a deal, you are fair game. And he doesn't.
Gordon: I actually have no problem with this, He didn't make any sort of waves in either the country or pop music scene.
Chico: No he didn't. It could be problematic down the line, but ... probably not if it didn't raise an eyebrow from brass before. After all, LOOK AT ALL THAT.
Jason: From Radio.com... It was 22 years ago that singer and songwriter Marty Brown released his debut album, High and Dry, on MCA Nashville. A fearless album from a new singer whose sound was more akin to Hank Williams than any of the era's "hat act" superstars, High and Dry earned rave reviews and sold enough to earn him two additional releases on MCA–then one more for indie label HighTone Records in 1996. After that, though, Brown seemed to disappear from the music scene. Fans of his honest honky-tonk style were left wondering if he'd simply given up on music. Last week, the Kentucky native reappeared, seemingly out of nowhere, during an audition for the TV reality show America's Got Talent. And he blew the audience–and all four judges–away. If this was 15 shades of wrong...this is about a 3.
Chico: So he made a little wave. It's a soft 2.
Jason: We don't have a problem with it. It's not the same as a lie of commission, Tim Poe...
Chico: So if the brass is cool with it, we're cool with it. We're through with pretending that this is all about finding NEW talent. This is about making a good show. And Marty's good.
Gordon: Again, I don't have an issue with this. He didn't make a splash and he didn't lie about a medical condition or his past history. Non-disclosure from the producers on an edit (for all we know, he may have said it and it was edited out) is not a sin.
Chico: No sir.
Jason: Nope. The NEW undiscovered talent thing went out a while ago.
Gordon: Hey Chuck from the Bronx is undiscovered talent
Chico: Just like a NEW idea for a TV show. Instead, let's just combine the Voice with something.
Jason: Like
Jason: For good reason
Chico: The Voice... meets The Ultimate Fighter.
Jason: Meets Bellator
Chico: The end product: Fight Master: Bellator MMA, he answer to Spike's "No Ultimate Fighter, No Problem!" problem. But that creates a problem.
Jason: Which is?
Chico: It's a ripoff of TWO shows!
Jason: Do they do them even well?
Chico: Well, here's the thing. There are four coaches: Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, Greg Jackson, and Joe Warren.
Jason: All legends in MMA
Chico: They're going to field a team of four. They fight tournament style, and the winner gets into the fall welterweight Bellator MMA tournament. The toughest tournament in sports not named the Stanley Cup Final. The fighters are allowed to pick their own coaches. They fight in preliminaries, and the winner gets their choice of coach. From there on, it's tournament battles until there is only one.
Jason: Sounds xerox-y.
Chico: The good... it's as exciting as TUF. The bad... it's as exciting as TUF.
Gordon: It is as you say it is - if you like this sort of stuff, there's no reason why you won't like this. If you don't like this sort of stuff, there's nothing here that will make you change your mind.
Jason: Thats not totally bad
Chico: Nope, but aside from the Voice-ish take on the selection of coaches, there's nothing really new here.

Spike - 10p ET Wednesday

Jason: So a C for Copy?
Chico: A C for COP-AY! MMA fans will eat it up, the rest of us, not so much
Gordon: C for stale.
Chico: C is for cookie, that's not good enough for anyone. But what is good... a Replay. Jason, the clock, please.
Jason: 5:30 on the clock. Here is your first recap. GO!
Chico: We start with the Gordon Ramsay two-fer.
Chico: Not yet. On MasterChef, we're cooking for the cast and crew of Glee.
Gordon: Not much Glee on the show though.
Chico: Nope. The losers end up cooking for their life in a Pressure Test of No-Lemon Meringue Pie. Krissi, who captained the losing ship, exempts herself from the test.
Jason: Nice.
Chico: And chooses Bime Cruz to bake to his doom. He ends up mixing up cornstarch for cream of tartar. And as a result, his pie is liquefied... and so is he. On hell's Kitchen, the five-remaining chefs have gotten their black jackets on. But they'll have to fight five of the best chefs Ramsay has worked with in the past in order to keep them. They don't reveal who those chefs are, but we're more than willing to guess former HK Champions.
Gordon: Why not? Not like they're doing anything right now
Jason: BURN.
Chico: On the Hero, the heroes have to find the Battery Stanley on Devil's Beach, find a case underneath a bunch of snakes, and Athena ends up taking a monkey of a buyout, $35,000. Meanwhile, Figure it Out returns for at least another week or so of secrets, celebrities, and slime, and this week, we have a bit of star-for-a-day action. Remember earlier this season there was a watch & win contest on Nick.com? We got four winners on the panel this week, and all four of them got slimed.
Gordon: NICE!
Jason: YAY!
Chico: We could find out yet if FIO is better suited as a summer show. I think it is, but that's just me. Moving on. We have the top 20 of SYTYCD revealed, BUT one of them had to medically withdraw, Out comes Emilio Dosai. In comes Aaron Turner.
Chico: And an all-star is going down on Top Shot. say goodbye, Kyle.
Jason: Goodbye, Kyle
Chico: Say goodbye to Kolette too. She literally can't bake bread to save her life. Elisa & Renee win Exit for $10,000. Rich Landau wins Chopped for $10,000. And Taylor & Stephanie win Total Blackout for $5000. That's a Replay.
Chico: And now the hams have boarded up the Choppler cages in preparation for Hurricane Andrew. And they're begging me not to fly this thing into the heart of the storm.
Gordon: You know you want to.
Chico: I do. Eve says "Do it."
Jason: Eve is a cat. You know how cats are.
Chico: Evil at the core? Yeah
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks Doug. First things first... I need a bat. A BIG bat.
Jason: How BIG? Are we talking the one outside the studio?
Chico: ... that'll work
Jason: (shows Chico the BIG Bat) Why do we need it that big?

We have a date for The Chase. Mark your calendars for August 6.

Gordon: It is said marked.
Jason: Oh...This is a BEAST sized bat.
Chico: Tell your friends. Tell your mom. Tell your friend's mom. Eff it, tell EVERYBODY!
Jason: Seriously. If people watch, it will come back.
Chico: We may decide to livecast that baby.
Jason: That will be HOT.
Chico: Something else that's hot, what's in this week's playbook.
Gordon: And here it is...

June 25 has Minute to Win It. June 26 has our guilty pleasure - big Brother

Jason: Cant wait for Big Brother.
Chico: Yes another summer full of has beens, would bes, once weres, and never weres cohabitating at CBS at Radford for fun and profit.
Jason: And Chenbot. Don't forget Chenbot
Gordon: I heart me some CHenbot...which reminds me. it's time to get Fully Loaded
Jason: Hic
Chico: And we're going global for a moment.
Jason: So this is a DOUBLESHOT

Spin-Off, Mark Burnett's new game for CHCH, is going second-screen up in yourself. Canadians can play along via laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Jason: It's the way of the future.
Chico: Just ask Big Brother
Jason: The big test of this I think will be Million Second Quiz. Because you KNOW people like us are going to be on that.
Chico: Yup.
Jason: And since G and I are in NY...we can see the bubble.
Gordon: And we can see that it's a smart idea
Chico: You can. By the way as we record this, our friends at TCONA will be hosting MSQ auditions. Deets at TCONA.com
Gordon: And maybe there, they will be using these. (Rolls in Whiteboards)
Jason: Uh oh This is never good.
Chico: Multiple whiteboards... this is NEVER good
Gordon: Well I was going to, in the spirit of the Emmys, roll out possible candidates, but I feel they are all worthy. Starting with This...

Are YOU Smarter than...Jeff Garlin, who lets a little road rage come between him and his freedom with society.

Jason: I read this...wow.
Chico: Yikes.
Gordon: But we have more.
Jason: Oh no.
Chico: Oh yes!

Are YOU Smarter than...Carrie Fisher, for a rambling speech on her being on drugs that conviced people that she was on drugs during the ceremony.

Chico: And George Lucas was in the audience to see it...
Jason: (Shakes head)
Gordon: Finally...

Are YOU Smarter Than...Paula Deen, for saying the N word and losing her job because of it.

Jason: And many endorsements.
Chico: Technically she lost her job due to allegations of creating a hostile work environment. The n-word was just the easy sell.
Gordon: And he's never easy.

Jason: AH! Augustus!
Chico: Yo.

Head Games has been turned into head cheese and eaten by Augustus. On a sadder note for geeks, Thundercats has been sent to the great Thundara in the sky.)

Chico: Awes. Reruns still air on Toonami for what its worth...
Gordon: Send Lion-o to a place where he can play game shows.
Chico: How about France?
Jason: (plays Le Marseilles)

Its a show created by Sony Pictures. It has a Joker in the title...

Gordon: ..no, please no...

... but it is NOT The Joker's Wild.

Gordon: ...oh good.
Chico: I just wanted to see you sweat a little.
Gordon: You funny guy.

Its called "Avec ou Sans Joker," and it features contestants answering trivia questions posed by holograms as riddles.

Jason: Interesting
Chico: FR2 has ordered 36 shows.
Gordon: Avec Ou Sans Hoes?
Chico: http://youtu.be/RZm24FMxfUs Looks like that (LUDA)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Alex Trebek visits The Talk, Chris Hardwick does Midnight, Adam Levine hawks perume...Danielle Bradbury gets signed by Big Machine Records, Bret Michaels is involved in a car crash, and Kanye's new kid is...wait for it...North. So his name is North West.

Jason: Her. North West.
Gordon: But none of them is the ho of the week.
Chico: What have you sir?
Gordon: I have Elissa Slater
Jason: Who?
Gordon: She is going to be a Big Brother contestant. And if she looks familiar, she should.
Chico: Genetically.
Jason: Oh yes...Rachel Reilly sister...PANIC lol
Gordon: We get the whole Summer with her. Isnt that great?
Chico: Not if shes voted out early
Gordon: we can only hope. And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that be Brainvision. Jason please.
Jason: Shutting down
Chico: Thank you sir. Still to come, fruit sells! But first, get out your legal pads and your sharpies, its five Good Reasons time again.
Gordon: Youre reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 relatives who we want to see on Big Brothers. Like Jason Block, representing the Leonid family.
Jason: For the last time...Leonid and I are NOT related.
Chico: Well you both hang out at all the hipster joints in Brooklyn.
Jason: (sighs)

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Game Show Apocalypse. All of the game show creations go wild and wreak havoc upon the Earth. Starring the Rabid Man -Eating Rapping Dragon and the Gauntlet of Villains.)