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Episode 32.10 - The Chase Is On
April 15

Jason: LOL
Gordon: Co-sponsored by Kobe Bryant
Chico: Ouch. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours.
Gordon: Now Heidi Klum is a new judge on AGT. And I think it would be fun to celebrate her by playing some Are You IN Or Are You OUT
Chico: I LOVE that game. Start it up
Gordon: We start with....

Candace Glover, FInal 2, American Idol.

Jason: I am IN.
Chico: IN.
Jason: She has been consistent the whole way
Chico: She's the one to beat right now.
Gordon: She is, and I think she'll be seeing Angela Miller or Kree Harrison with her in the finals.
Chico: Candice vs. Angie.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one...

Bates & Anthony Battaglia, Top 4, The Amazing Race.

Chico: Remember, they have the Fast Forward.
Gordon: They do, but I'm not sure they will need it. At least not right now. IN.
Jason: Agreed. IN
Chico: Make it three. Just as an aside, this is the first time Gordon has rooted on a Carolina Hurricane vet for anything.
Jason: :)
Gordon: I base my assumptions on actual game play and not by biases, unlike other people here :)
Chico: Just pointing out facts. Next one?
Gordon: Next one...

Philip Sheppard, Survivor, FInal 3.

Gordon: IN but because this is the person you want to go up against for the million. He's out if the fans somehow get control.
Jason: I am IN. Only for the fact the other two will take him to increase their chances to 1/2 instead in 1/3
Chico: This. IN.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one...

Bet on Your Baby, ABC, full ride.

Jason: I will say OUT in 3.
Chico: I'm going to say IN. I mean, it's Saturday. Who cares WHAT happens to a show on Saturday?
Gordon: IN - for what Chico said. The ratings would have to be abysmal for this not to finish it's run. Next one...

Midas Whale, The Voice, Final 8.

Jason: You mean the Jon Peter group...IN. Folk is HOT right now
Gordon: ...folk is hot right now? Are you nutty? OUT
Chico: The Jon Peter group. With Adam as coach. IN
Gordon: Last one?
Chico: Last one.

Any GSN non-shiny floor show in development, GSN, series order.

Jason: OUT. They don't work.
Gordon: IN, but not the ones we've heard about so far.
Chico: They don't. But this is the network that gave the world DJ Games. They'll let the devil on their network if it'll put out ratings. IN. Sadly
Gordon: If they get out of the box and go for something original, this could work.
Chico: Getting into the box is what got them into trouble in the first place.
Gordon: Well no. Family Trade is not a game show. Give us a game show that's original and fun and something we want to watch
Chico: This game is out. When we come back, I deputize these victi... err, partners, and we go looking for trouble.
Gordon: And trouble will find us.
Chico: As it always does, man

(Brought to you by Hook Your Balls. We find the person that can hook their balls the best. All auditions will be at South Side Bowling Lanes. Yes we're talking about the people that can hook their bowling balls. What did you think we meant? Pervs.)

Jason: lol
Chico: Bowling night! Awesome.
Gordon: And a Shout Out to South Side Bowl in Scranton. Now Chico's going to shout out some good, bad and ugly.
Chico: I will, starting with this..

Jason's good, Gordon's bad, Chico is ugly. The subject: Ninja Warrior returns with a new side team and a new win-and-in format for the qualifiers.

Jason: The Good: This brings a new dimension to the physical game.
Gordon: The Bad: This gives people less time to work on the hard obstacles - which means they will have less chance to win the $500,000
Chico: The ugly: we're all going to have to learn to spell Matt Iseman's new co-host. Akbar Gbaja Biamila
Gordon: I'm not even going to bother to try to spell that. Next one....

Gordon is good, Chico is bad and Jason is ugly. The Subject: Maks coming back to Dancing With the Stars to perform.

Gordon: The good: Like him or not, he is a talented performer, and watching him is always fun.
Chico: The bad: not competing renders this as little more than a goodwill gesture between Maks and the show.
Jason: The Ugly - Kirstie Alley wants to come back again :)
Chico: That's not just ugly, it's obscene.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next...

Chico is good. Jason's bad. Gordon's ugly. The subject: The Face gets renewed.

Chico: Good...that leaves one less space for an even WORSE reality ripoff
Jason: The Bad...Naomi Campbell still has a job
Gordon: The Ugly - More hideous commercials by reality show contestants.
Chico: Caridee English?
Gordon: Does that even qualify as a commercial if you have booted out contestants hawking a product during the only time that your show airs?
Chico: I have no earthly idea.
Jason: Neither do I
Chico: All I'm wondering is how she got on that show in the first place. Anyway...
Gordon: Next one...

Gordon is Good, Jason is Bad and Chico is ugly. The Subject: The Iron Chef Tournament

Gordon: The Good: It's fun to see Iron Chefs competition against each other for dominance.
Jason: The Bad: Without Past Chefs like Batali, Cora and Flay, this is not a TRUE tournament.
Chico: The Ugly: Flay is judging the finals, not battling them. I CALL SHENANIGANS!
Gordon: That silly Flay.
Chico: Maybe in a surprise twist the winner fights him. Sort of an M. Bison thing. Anyway. Next one...

Jason's Good. Chico's Bad. Gordon's Ugly. The Subject: The Price Is Right's Big Money Week.

Jason: The Good: To see Big Money and prizes offered is awesome! Nice new twist!
Chico: The bad: Gimmick. In a show that doesn't need gimmicks. It's good as it is. Why even bother with it?
Gordon: What's the subject and what's my role?
Chico: You're ugly. Price Is Right Big Money.
Gordon: The Ugly: Gwendolyn driving the Ferrari right into the Lucky 7 Door.
Chico: That would just be... so sad.
Jason: *cries*
Chico: I mean heartbreaking.
Gordon: Last one....

Chico is Good, Gordon is Bad and Jason is ugly. The Subject: Sean Lowe's Dream Bachelor Wedding.

Chico: I feel a lot of LOVE here.
Gordon: Oh I'm sure you do. :)
Chico: The good: a Bachelor pairing that doesn't end in disaster
Gordon: The Bad: If Sean's friends are right, we may not see a wedding.
Chico: And finally, here's Ugly Jason Block
Jason: The Ugly: If we all pray....there wont be a wedding :)
Chico: Boys, we need to pray up in here. But first we need to break. When we come back, it's a Speed Round.
Gordon: Let's pray for a Speed Round - after this!

(Brought to you by It's a Sorta Kinda Not Really Mad World. An emo, a hipster, a born-again couple, a guy who only speaks in metaphor, and a group of game show fans race to find a treasure in the desert... every episode of Hollywood Squares with Jonathan Winters on it. We'll miss you, Jonathan...)


Gordon: Thank You. Now we solemnly start a Speed Round...now. Idol - do we see a Save used?
Jason: Only if it's Candace
Chico: I think so. We're overdue for something interetsting to happen!
Gordon: I think the latest they can use it is the Rounf of 5, so yes. Survivor: Who's toast?
Chico: Reynold.
Jason: Reynold is done.
Chico: And he should've seen it coming if he was a REAL fan.
Jason: He HAS TO WIN immunity
Gordon: I would say it's a must win for Reyonld and then they can both pay their immunity and hope to knock out someone like Philip.
Chico: Race returns this week. Who lands last?
Gordon: Country singers will be crooning a sad tune.
Chico: Yep.
Jason: i agree.
Chico: Back to Nashville with you. Kids appear on TPIR this week. Do they do better than the adults?
Jason: I say 3-3.
Gordon: They can't do worse.
Chico: This is true. Do we have any mail?
Gordon: I don't but I think you do
Chico: I do. This is from Daniel Benfield. Hi, Daniel!


Daniel Benfield
Regarding the This, That, or The Other game of March 25...how about Todd Alan Crain, the guy who hosted Watson's practice games and got Alex's seal of approval?

Gordon: This is a great choice and I have no idea how we forgot him. Sorry Todd! This.
Chico: If Todd is reading this... Sorry, bro. We're idiots. THIS.
Jason: We're Idiots and dumbasses. THIS.
Chico: Good letter. Thanks Daniel. If you have a good letter to send us, where does it go? It goes to WLTI@gameshownewsnet.com. Or if you're on them Twitters, so are we @wltiongsnn/
Jason: Or our Facebook wall
Chico: And our podcast is up on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. We're all up and down on this here internets.
Gordon: We are - thanks to you guys. And that ends another episode. Special thanks to Jason Block for joining us tonight.
Jason: Thank you!
Chico: Next week... five women. One title. It's not the next viral video. It's the next......zzzzzzzzzzzzIDOL. Sorry.
Jason: WAKE UP! We have a close to do!
Gordon: For the sleeping Chico, this is Gordon Pepper saying Game Over and Spread the Love.