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Today is

I Have an Advantage... For Once - December 14

We are down to six and after Aitu cut Jonathan loose, Parvati and Adam have to wonder if there might be a crack. Can the old Raro members sneak into the finals? Let’s find out.

Everyone seems to be happier now that Jonathan is gone. Aitutonga is a lot more peaceful, but the happiest members are Parvati and Adam. They both feel like they are finally back in the game and surely will plot and try something by the end of the episode.

Parvati is thinking (A survivor first, just kidding) and is wondering how to make Aitu flip without feeling as if they are betraying their old tribe.

Note: Betrayal is a part of reality TV. Betrayal is accepted and is sometimes necessary. Just dangle 1 million dollars in front of someone and they will feel a lot better about betrayal.

Tree Mail!

Yul comes back with a message and a bucket of mud. Apparently getting dirty may earn a clean bed and great eats.

What does it mean? It means if Raro does not win that Adam is going to exile. Parvati recognizes this. Finally some strategy.

Reward Challenge

Survivors will cover themselves with mud and scrape the mud off their body into a bucket. The most mud in 10 minutes wins a luxury spa reward.

2 twists:

1. Winner sends someone to exile

2. 2nd and 3rd place will both join the winner in the reward.

Let’s see some dirty, dirty survivors! Parvati seems to be enjoying this too much and Jeff says that watching this is like looking at bad performance art. Ozzy seems to be owning the competition yet again and as the time expires, it seems like it will be a battle for 2nd and 3rd.

Ozzy’s bucket is full with 45 lbs.

Here are the other scores:

Parvati 24
Adam: 22
Sundra: 20
Becky: 20
Yul: 22.5

With that, Ozzy, Yul and Parvati prepare for the spa, and Ozzy sends Adam to exile.

(As if Sundra or Becky was going.)

The rains come to Cook Islands and Becky and Sundra arrive back at camp. (At least they get a shower of sorts)

And now the talk. Becky is worried that Ozzy will be too hard to compete (well, he only beat you by 20lbs of mud). Becky thinks his competitive drive has nothing to do with the rewards but rather with winning in general. She is on the verge of flipping. (Lucky for Aitu, Adam and Parvati are not there)

At Spa Survivor, the threesome gets lei’d and then strips down for a hot steamy shower. (Easily the dirtiest sentence ever written about Survivor, Sue Hawk aside).

After the shower come massages. Parvati, Yul and Ozzy at this point are barely paying attention to the game.

Adam, however, can’t think of anything but the game. He is suffering out on exile in the rain and just trying to nourish himself for the upcoming immunity challenge.

Back at the spa, Ozzy, Yul and Parvati are dining and then the power goes out. (Parvati please stop the witchcraft.) Mind you that is only a half joke and she is trying to break Ozzy’s loner exterior to work her way back into this game.

Flirt Alert!

In the hot tub, everyone is naked! Children cover your eyes. Ozzy, is thinking with his head and now the only question is which one? Time will tell and if Ozzy’s past says anything (do a google search, again children cover your eyes) then we might already know the answer.

Becky is awaiting the arrival of the spa goers simply so that she can get a chance to talk to Yul. It seems that she has made up her mind and she believes that Ozzy will need to go sooner rather than later.

She talks it over with Yul and Yul admits that ending up with Ozzy in the final two would likely be a kiss of death.

Ears must be ringing with all the vote off talk. Let’s try to solidify some of the pieces to this puzzle…

Immunity Time!

Adam returns from exile and the challenge is delivered.

The Survivors will have to carry four bundles of puzzle pieces over a balance beam they will then assemble the puzzle into a maze and roll cannonballs through it, labyrinth style, into two corner pockets.

As we start Ozzy moves fast and jumps out to a 2 bundle lead. Becky has 1, but Adam doesn’t jump across the line and has to go back. Becky takes a hard fall, and Ozzy gets his fourth before anyone else gets 3.

Yul finally gets 4 and starts to catch up with Ozzy. Parvati does the same. Ozzy is having trouble putting the maze together, but still starts rolling his balls first. Yul in a rush begins rolling his balls, but finds out he put it together incorrectly and has blocked himself. Parvati isn’t even close to putting it together yet and as a result, Ozzy continues to dominate.

Ozzy wins immunity! (Broken Record.)

Adam comes over to Yul to find out what the vote is going to be and Yul says that he thinks Adam will be safe. Adam thanks the puppet master and is ready to move forward.

Yul then creates a story telling Parvati that she is the lesser threat and as a result Parvati thinks she is safe.

Now that we know Yul clearly can’t be trusted a chess game begins. Adam and Parvati work over Ozzy and Yul goes over to run interference. Then just before tribal, Yul grabs Jonathan’s hat to return it to him.

Tribal Council

Yul gets called out for sucking up by returning the hat and we now have the theme for Tribal council. Yul puts this away quickly by admitting that there was a strategic angle to returning the hat.

Parvati tells about her party in the hot tub, Adam is warned to worry about Parvati’s alone time, and Ozzy decides to keep his necklace.

The Vote:

Parvati votes for Sundra…

…and that is all we see.

Jeff tallies…
Sundra… Parvati… Parvati… Sundra… Parvati… PARVATI!

Parvati is gone but the game continues.

For Parvati

For Sundra

3 days to go, who will take home the prize and who will fall ever so painfully short. Find out all the answers Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


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