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Today is

Mutiny - November 9

Aitu finally bit a bullet and ended up choosing to send Jessica home. Will frontrunner Ozzy be next, or will Aitu regain its challenge supremacy?

Aitu is scheming again. Jonathan is talking to Becky, Candice and Yul, and is pushing that in the event of a loss that they get rid of Ozzy.

Candice isn’t happy with her current alliance and wants to go back to her old alliance. She misses Adam and Parvati and wishes that she would get the chance to go back.

She pulls Jonathan aside and tells him that she is worried that their current alliance may turn on them. Jonathan wants to work both alliances as long as possible and does not want to flip until it is absolutely necessary.

Candice is completely unsure of Jonathan allegiance and thinks that it may be best if he goes now.

Raro is wondering when the merge is going to happen and Brad says that the game is right now everybody for themselves. Nate takes offense to this and so does Parvati. They both feel as if Survivor is a team sport right now, and think that Brad may have to go if he feels that way.

Reward Time?

Not quite yet.

Chance to mutiny. You have 10 seconds to step off your mat if you would like to join the other tribe.

10, 9, 8,7,6,5…

Candice Steps off. Jonathan follows!

They will now both join Raro Leaving Sundra, Becky, Yul and Ozzy to fend for themselves.

On to the challenge.

Each team will put 2 members in a barrel. The barrel will be rolled down a course and floated through the water via collected buoys. They will then unclip flags and bring them back to the beach where they will attach them to a post dig for and axe and chop a rope sending the flags up the pole. First team done wins.

Aitu simply rolls away with this one. They take the lead early, hold on to it and frankly drub Raro.

Their reward, they get to send someone from Raro to exile and they will get a great breakfast with letters from home. They quickly send Candice to exile (revenge is sweet) and Sundra is crying because she is so proud of her tribe.

She cries again when she gets a letter from her son. Ozzy does the same looking at pictures from his home. The remaining Aitu tribe feels recharged, and committed to seeing their 4 through to the end.

Candice is loving the irony that she mutiny-ed to rejoin her friends and now she is Exile Island. She makes fire, eats coconut and reads the clues, but does little more.

Jonathan is working things over at Raro and is trying to reform his group of 4 with He Candice, Adam and Parvati.

Nate is convinced that Jonathan must go, foregoing Brad’s ouster as someone that would ditch their tribe can not be trusted.

Immunity is on!

Tribes will row out glass bottom boats and drop cannonballs into targets releasing puzzle buoys. They will bring the buoys back to the beach and using a clue unscramble a word to win.

Raro must sit those who played in reward so Jonathan, Brad, Parvati and Rebecca will play.

Aitu misses 3 times and Raro strikes first. Then Raro keeps it rolling getting their 2nd set of buoys.

Aitu needs to catch up and bad. They do and finally get on the board.

Then with Raro having trouble paddling, Aitu ties it up.

Each tribe is on their last target and Raro misses. Jonathan yells at Jeff Probst for pointing out the miss and in that time Aitu gets their 3rd target.

Aitu is paddling back and Raro keeps missing.

Aitu now has a significant lead.

The Clue: The most famous mutiny in history occurred on this ship.

Aitu shouts out bounty, spells it and wins immunity.

Raro is now amidst one of the oddest potential votes in Survivor history. They are headed to tribal with 2 brand new members. Who will go?

Raro is shuffling for position and Parvati asks Candice how tight she is with Jonathan. She says not tight at all. Nate is indifferent. He just wants Brad and Jonathan to go as quickly as possible, but fears Brad may be a vote for Becky and Yul come a merge.

Nate decides Brad should go first and goes and tells Brad that Jonathan is the target to deceive him. Time will tell if Nate’s plan works.

Candice begins to backstab Jonathan by telling Adam that Jonathan was responsible for sending Adam to Exile Island saying that Adam would be scared to go. Adam finds this funny and Jonathan has been kissing his butt for votes. Now Jonathan is heavy on the radar with Brad.

Tribal Council

Nate calls out Candice as being the strongest lethal female competitor and says Jonathan tends to be a leader and in this tribe that will get him cut up. Brad when asked if he trusts this tribe says a firm no, saying that trust is a big word. Does he have reason?

Jonathan votes for Brad
Brad votes for Jonathan

Tally the votes…

The Vote: By a vote of 7 to 1, Brad you have been evicted from the Big Br… I mean the tribe has spoken.

And Brad is the 9th person voted out and the first member of the jury!?

Everyone is shocked, but Jeff reminds that this game is full of surprises.

So, it is clear that we will be seeing more of Brad, but how will a message in a bottle shake things up next week? Time will tell.


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