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Today is

Flirting & Frustration - September 28

Like Sands through the hourglass, these are the days of Survivor. Last time, Billy Fell in Love, Ozzy threw a challenge, Hiki started fire and Yul found hidden immunity. While Billy found love he also found his torch snuffed out. How will the sands fall this week?

Cao Boi is still spinning yarns, telling stories from the old school, but he is not tickling the humors of his tribe. Brad wishes that Cao Boi would shut up, but he keeps rambling about Vietnam, Iraq and everything else controversial.

So before we all get bored, here comes the challenge. Aitu is feeling positive as the riddle alludes to an intelligence challenge, but only Jeff Probst holds the key.

Immunity is reclaimed and now we know something is up.

Drop your Buffs! Boom! The tribes are going to integrate.

By drawing tiles randomly, the tribes have been reorganized, kind of.

Cecilia, Parvati, Jonathan and Brad all have X’s so they are the captains.

Schoolyard Pick! Men choose men, women choose women. You must choose a tribe (race) not already represented.

Cecilia Parvati Brad Jonathan
Jessica Jenny J.P. Yul
Sundra Cristina Nate Ozzy
Becky Rebecca Adam Cao Boi
Candace Stephannie

Now the captains select eggs. Red, matches Red, Blue matches Blue. Here are the final tribes

Aitu Raro

Jonathan Brad
Yul J.P.
Ozzy Nate
Cao Boi Adam
Cecilia Parvati
Jessica Jenny
Sundra Cristina
Becky Rebecca
Candace Stephannie

With that done the tribes take some time to meet, greet, integrate and celebrate. Brad seems to be the only one thinking on a cutthroat manner realizing that all of these smiles will soon fade. That the Raro spirit!

Over at Aitu, the big question is being popped. Cristina is asking Candace about Billy’s affections and true love at first sight and Candace is flabbergasted. What a shock! Candace never meant it that way and Billy is surely at home crying as he watches this episode, but it’s all in good fun and there is no reason to be ashamed.

Parvati on the new Raro is loving all the meaty men on her tribe and has decided to make it her job to flirt with all of them stating that flirting is what she does best. The vixen has identified herself, let’s move on.

Trust is the topic over at Aitu. Everyone fully trusts Yul, so Yul, Becky, Jonathan Candace and “Flicka” (Jessica) are pulling together as an alliance.

News flash! Becky and Yul are talking and Yul drop the bomb that he has found the idol. Risky move but he may have solidified a great partner. Time will tell.

Raro is fishing and Nate manages to catch a squid meaning the whole tribe will be eating. He’s very proud and feels that he may have proved something to his tribe by making such a catch.

Immunity Challenge!

Sandbag race!

Everyone will have to carry 15lbs around a race course of knee high water. They will be chained together and the only way to bow out is to pass your sand to another team member. The first team to tackle a member of the other team will win.

Aitu quickly drops down to all of its men and quickly the Raro women drop out doing the same. Rebecca outlasts the rest of the girls to be the only woman left in the challenge. Raro is closing in on Aitu and Raro lets Rebecca drop out in aims of making a final chase. It’s all over! Raro takes immunity.

There is still a note up for grabs. The winner will have to send a loser to Exile Island. The person sent to exile will be safe from the vote and Raro unanimously selects Candace.

Aitu must now make a pivotal decision as they lose ground in the numbers game. Maneuvering begins and Flicka wants to get rid of Becky because she doesn’t feel a good vibe.

Jonathan is working Flicka hard and Yul is trying to convince Cao Boi that Candace is the weak one not Becky. After the lemmings have been talked to, Flicka (Jessica) and Cao Boi talk and realize that there is a numbers game in play here and they may have to do something that they do not want to do. What does the parchment hold? On to Tribal!

Yul votes Cecilia

Cecilia votes Becky

Becky votes Cecilia

Ozzy votes Becky

Jonathan votes Cecilia

That’s all we see up front…

Here’s the tally. With 5 votes… Cecilia, the tribe has spoken.

The Vote Chart:

For Becky:

For Cecilia:
Cao Boi

Next time Candice will return and the heat will surely turn up. Check back to see who gets burned.


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