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Today is

You're a Rat - November 30

Somehow Yul is still holding on to his hidden immunity idol? After two seasons of the idol being available, it has never been used. Will tonight be the night?

After Nate’s ouster, Jonathan is talking to Candice and makes it clear that the idol is his biggest fear. He knows Yul might have it, and he is willing to work with Aitu in order to save his hide. Candice doesn’t seem to completely get this, but she realizes that the game has changed.

Yul on the other hand is ecstatic but cautious. He realizes that the power of the idol worked even though he didn’t have to use it and feels great that old Aitu is whole.

Parvati is sick to her stomach realizing that she is now in trouble and old Raro is not solid. She attacks Jonathan for flipping, and doesn’t believe Jonathan when he says that Yul has the idol and he shifted his vote to protect his own hide. Parvati can’t contain herself and Jonathan walks away before she explodes.

On to reward. It’s time for the survivor auction.

Everyone is given $500. You can borrow money but you can not share food.

1st item is a mystery. Jonathan buys it for $100 and gets… A Hot dog, fries and a beer.

Next up, a piece of chocolate cake and a hot bubble bath. Jonathan drives the bid up and Parvati trumps him at $360. She enjoys her cake and bath and has no cares in the world

#3: an additional power in the game. Bidding begins and Candice quickly bids $500, Becky borrows from Yul and bids to win at $620.

Becky reads the power and now must send someone to exile immediately taking all of their money. Yes, it has happened again. Boom! CANDICE!

For the fourth time, Candice is sent to exile and Becky takes her $500.

Of course this is magnified by the fact that Yul tells everyone that he is not worried about Candice finding the immunity idol because he has it. Yul show the idol to everyone and Parvati, Adam and Candice look like idiots. Jonathan just sits quietly being smug.

The auction continues to give away a pizza, ice cream and a sea cucumber, (Sorry Sundra) but as fast as the auction started it is over.

Not much time passes and it is time for immunity.

Math Quiz!?

Yes, today immunity will be based on the survivors’ mathematical ability. By answering questions about their Survivor experience they will fill in the numbers to an equation and the answer to that equation will give them a key to raise a flag. Round 1 will advance three survivors to round two where the winner will bear immunity

Round 1:
Total # of piece used to construct the stepping poles in the 5th immunity challenge
Number of plaster boxes smashed by each tribe to release keys to win the catalogue reward
Number of days since AituTaki mutiny including today
Current number of jury members.

And the first with the correct answer?


Then Jonathan and Adam. Candice barely missed it.

Round 2:

This time the key unlocks an obstacle course.

# of immunity challenges so far including this one
# of survivors at the lamb shank feast tribal council
divided by
Number of underwater flags collected in the barrel rolling competition.

First right…Adam!

And this is quickly becoming no contest. Adam tears through the obstacle course and non-chalantly releases his final flag to win immunity.

Let the campaigning begin. Adam and Parvati are pushing Yul hard saying that he is the leader and that he should get Jonathan voted out first. They accurately point out that Yul would still have the numbers after doing so, but Yul is very hesitant to make such a move as he describes Jonathan as rational and predictable.

Later, Jonathan and Candice enter the whining and Parvati begins a confrontation saying that Yul is only using Jonathan and does not actually respect him as a player. Yul rebukes this but the pot has been stirred.

Then possibly in a move to prove solidarity, when Jonathan is cleaning the fish, old Aitu along with Jonathan decides to eat the fish without Adam Parvati and Candice. Ouch!

On to tribal council.

The fireworks start from the get go. The auction is brought up and Becky has to justify why Candice was sent to exile for the 4th time. Becky says that Candice went because she was a strong competitor and something smells from a mile away. Then the fish incident is raised and no one even cares to justify their actions.

Glances from both sides make it clear that the battle lines are quite clearly drawn and on the jury, Nate seems almost unable to contain himself.

Jonathan begins to defend the assault brought upon him by Adam and Parvati, and Candice slices him back by outing that no one likes Jonathan. Adam calls Jonathan not only a rat but also a cancer and tells him that the truth hurts.

The only thing that is truly going to hurt is the vote…

Jonathan votes Candice

Candice votes Jonathan

and the final tally…

With 5 votes, Candice, the tribe has spoken.

For Candice

For Jonathan

Parvati and Adam clearly have their backs against the wall can they survive? Only one show will let you know. Check in next week.


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