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Today is

Plan Voodoo - October 19

Cristina is scorned, but feelings aside, the game will continue. Can Cristina turn things around? Can Raro stop their losing slide?

Cristina sits at the fire after tribal and notes that everyone has been treating her rudely. She is hurt that it took tribal for the truth to come out and she now feels as if she is completely alone. She is committed to surviving, however, and shows no signs of wanting mashed potatoes.

Ozzy continues to catch fish and Jonathan continues to be impressed. At a rate of 10 fish an hour, with the ability to hold his breath for 2 plus minutes, Ozzy is important, but also a big threat. Jonathan is worried and rightfully so.

Tree Mail!

It looks like there will be a feast on the line in the next challenge. Cao Boi is so excited that he wants to bring the immunity idol to the challenge and Jonathan disagrees saying that doing that would be throwing it in the other tribe’s face.

Cao Boi relents but is very disappointed.


3 members will hug poles and each member will have to be removed by 2 members of the other tribe and drug through the sand to the finish line. The first team to drag all 3 opposing members across will win.

Either way, tonight will be a double tribal council. The only bonus is that the winning team will feast while watching the losing team’s tribal.

This match is crazy as the kicking and fighting is violent. There is choking and scratching, but the star is Candice. Candice literally holds on for as long as it takes her team mates to remove 2 opposing members and Aitu rides her strength to victory.

Aitu is thrilled with their victory, but worries about the added surprise the Jeff mentioned. Cao Boi wants to cause a tie between Candice and Jonathon to force out the immunity idol and Yul agrees that this is a good idea, knowing that he has the idol and this will do nothing.

Cristina is begging her fellow Raros, Parvati and Brad, to give her a chance. Her martyr strategy is nice, but no one seems to be overly receptive. Nate seems to be the only one who might work with her as he talks to Rebecca and suggests bringing her in. This would throw Jenny on the chopping block.

Jonathan is worrying the girls of Aitu. Yul is considering if their alliance is strong and Cao Boi wants to cut down the old Aitu for fear that the Caucasian tribe member may re-align come merge. Can Yul, Candice, Jonathan, Becky and Sundra hold? We’re about to find out.

Aitu Tribal

Jonathan votes Cao Boi
Jessica votes Jonathan
Cao Boi votes Candice

The Final tally: With 6 votes, Cao Boi is gone.

For Cao Boi:

For Jonathan:

For Candice:
Cao Boi

Now Aitu can eat and eavesdrop while Raro duplicates the dirty deed.

Raro is pining while watching Aitu eat but they lick their wounds considering that they have now lost yet another challenge. It may not have affected immunity.

Addressing the Cristina issue, everyone says that they can understand how she felt, but no one is suggesting that for her efforts that she should stay. In fact, no other targets we identified during questioning, so you have to wonder if Cristina will get that second fighting chance that she requested.

But First, Aitu gets to kidnap a member of Raro! Surprise! The kidnapped member will be immune and will be a member of Aitu until the end of the next reward challenge.

Aitu now has a big question to answer: Aid Cristina or sabotage Raro’s next reward opportunity. They aim for the latter and kidnap Nate who is greeted with open arms and a plate of food.

The Vote:

Adam votes Cristina
Brad votes Jenny
Cristina votes Jenny

And now the final tally… With 4 votes, Cristina can not survive.

For Cristina:

For Jenny:

Cao Boi and Cristina will be leaving us tonight, but surely more will follow. How will Nate’s kidnapping shake up the game? Looks like it will be much harder for Raro to break their losing streak.


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