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Today is

People That You Like Want to See You Suffer - November 16

A Message in a bottle looms and the Jury continues to build. Can the Aitu Fantastic Four hold together strong?

Jonathan is out scavenging for food, but is fully aware that he has the time to do all this because his new Raro tribe is not accepting him. Thus he has a lot of spare time. Candice is realizing that her move to switch tribes is hurting her as well, but feels that Adam is straight forward and will provide her an opportunity to get back in the game.

Then again, when she and Adam are spending their time playing kissy face, she is probably right.

Tree Mail arrives and it is a code with different flags representing every letter. Aitu is cramming hard admitting that they have no option other than to win.

Reward Time!

The teams will have to dig for chests buried underneath the points of a compass in the sand. When the find the first box it will give them the coordinates of the location of the next box. Once they have all 4 boxes, they will open them and find 7 flags that will spell out the word victory (via the code in treemail). First team to spell victory wins and will be flown out to an island feast. They also will send one loser to Exile Island.

Aitu jumps out to a lead when Jonathan on Raro forgets the first coordinate and needs to be corrected by Candice. When Raro catches up and gets their first chest, Aitu gets their second. They then get their 3rd while Adam and Candice struggle. Aitu gets chest number 4 and Aitu has a big lead. Can they remember the flag code?

No Doubt. Aitu is 3 for 3 since the mutiny and Raro is looking weak and depleted despite their numbers advantage.

Without thought Aitu sends Candice back to Exile Island. Call it revenge, call it strategy, but it is pretty funny. Of course, Candice does not agree. She is mad because it seems as if people that she likes want to see her suffer. She looks at it as a character building experience.

While Candice starves, Aitu departs for their feast. Each member is carried in by local tribes folk like Cleopatra and they are all soaking in the experience. Ozzy accepts this as a warrior’s welcome and Sundra is amazed by the beauty of the Panamanian culture.

Then Yul gets seduced by a 300 lb local woman. He goofs around and loves it and then shakes it while being sandwiched by two of these ladies.

Raro is not so joyous. Jonathan thinks the reason they are losing is because Raro is not a tribe; they don’t compete as a team. He goes fishing and brings back 10+ fish as a way of encouraging them to keep him. No one says a word.

Tree Mail. The clue comes packaged with a map of the islands which Raro believes will be important to study. They start to get on Rebecca because she has not been an aid in any of the previous challenges. Parvati helps Rebecca study, figuring that it may be important.

Challenge time!

Candice returns from exile and Jeff points out she has spent 72 hours on exile and 24 hrs with her tribe since mutiny. Candice says that she is holding strong.

The teams will have to swim out and dive under buoys to grab bundles of island names. They will then have to bring them back to the beach where they will solve a map identification challenge. First team done wins immunity. Losers will go to tribal but will also receive a note that will be opened only after the vote at tribal council.


Ozzy races out to the far Pontoon putting Aitu in the lead and Nate swims out for Raro and achieves the same task much more slowly. Yul heads out while Nate is coming back and only as Yul is coming back does Nate finally finish.

Jonathan is quick but Becky is at the 3rd pontoon for Aitu. Jonathan gets back and Parvati tries to make up some time. She does, but Aitu still ahs a lead.

Sundra heads for the last pontoon, but runs out of air on her first dive. Sundra does maintain the lead and Aitu gets first crack at the puzzle.

Rebecca finally gets the 4th bag for Raro but by the time she gets it back Aitu is done with their map. Jeff checks it, they are right, and Aitu is safe!

Raro gets the bottle and prepares to head to tribal. This can’t be good.

Raro starts to pontificate on what the message in the bottle could say. They have no clue, but they think that they are going to be sent to live with Aitu, merge or not.

Jenny is pushing for Candice to bite the bullet. The tribe however is feeling that Rebecca might be smart to get rid of due to her poor challenge performance. Then, as a third option, there is always the vote out Jonathan plan. He thinks that he should stay because he feeds everyone, but everyone still does not trust him.

At Tribal, Raro is pretty tight lipped except for Jonathan who brags about his fishing. None of that matters now though. Jeff collects the message in the bottle and we being the vote.

Jenny votes Rebecca
Rebecca votes Jonathan

And Jeff tallies the votes. With 5 votes, Rebecca, the tribe has spoken.

For Jonathan:

For Rebecca:

And now the vote. “You have just voted out a member of your tribe. You will now vote out another.”

Every Raro member is hit hard and you can see the pain on Jonathan’s face. He is rightfully scared as it is time to vote…again.

Jeff tallies…

With 4 votes, Jenny, the tribe has spoken!

For Jonathan:

For Jenny:

Jonathan manages to dodge 2 bullets in the same night, and it looks like the old Caucasian Raro tribe may be back together as one unit.

The twists and turns won’t stop until there is one sole survivor. Keep watching.


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