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Today is

Ruling The Roost - October 5

The New Aitu has taken its first blow and the mood is low. Who will go next? Might be a bit of a surprise…

Becky is thankful to still be here after seeing her name pop up 3 times. Ozzy feels like crap having lost his only remaining initial bond with Cecilia being voted out. He is dejected and not sure that he wants to continue catching food for the tribe.

Candice returns and gets interrogated. And Candice is not very good at playing dumb. She says she didn’t realize that she would be safe from tribal but in an aside she admits that Adam and Parvati probably worked their magic to keep her safe. Raro loves her it seems.

But there is no love within Raro. The guys are all laying around drinking coconuts while the girls are keeping up camp. The guys are enjoying their strength advantage a gender spilt is becoming apparent. Will it affect reward?

For reward, the tribes will have to navigate 2 members through a rope maze winding in out and under wooden logs. The first team to make it to the end and solve the decoding wheel puzzle will win warmth in the form of blankets, pillows and a hammock. Additionally, the winning tribe will send on loser to Exile Island.

Both teams choose their lighter women to push through the maze and Aitu gains a quick lead, the girls are being thrown around like rag dolls and specifically, Cao Boi does not care. Scrapes and bruises abound, but the contest remains quite tight.

Until Raro begins to argue, and Aitu reaches the puzzle with a lead. He swims out like a dolphin to grab the puzzle and quickly brings it back. While Raro does manage to make it to the puzzle, Aitu solves it smoothly and wins reward.

Aitu takes this chance to send Adam to Exile Island knowing that he may be weakened come time for the immunity challenge. With Adam gone, this challenge is over.

Ozzy gets away from the rest of his tribe and finds some peace by catching fish. He has become the sole provider of significant food for the tribe and Aitu has begun to call him Poseidon.

Raro is coping with their loss, as their bravado was stomped into the ground. On top of that J.P. is making unfair and controlling demands on the girls and many of the girls are recognizing it. Parvati is getting sick of his crap and J.P. may have to watch his back.

Nate and Parvati are canoodling and gossiping by the fire in the middle of the night and Parvati is flirting…again…

Nate tells her that the guys have a serious alliance, but that she does not have to worry because he has her back. Nate thinks he can trust Parvati, but she seems to be playing him like a fiddle. Parvati pushes Nate to scrutinize J.P., but Nate says to let him dig his own grave. Parvati agrees to let the king sit pretty, and we will have to see how long she can hold her tongue.

Cao Boi is trying to climb a tree to get some eggs and he ends up disturbing a momma bird nest, knocking it to the ground. The entire tribe feels bad as they see the baby bird that fell with the nest and they immediately decide to replace the nest. They apologize and with any luck they have not permanently harmed the bird family.

On to immunity. Adam returns and here is the challenge. On go 4 tribe members will have to put together a stretcher, they will then have to go out to see, release a tribe member from shackles, bring them back on the stretcher and then upon reaching the end of the beach, they will have to build a rescue fire high enough to burn a rope to release their tribe flag. First team done wins immunity…

And Raro knocks out the stretcher in a heart beat. Aitu is behind racing down the beach, but Ozzy swim Aitu into the lead. The man is a fish. Ozzy releases Candice they begins to swim back, about a minute later, J.P. and Parvati give chase.

Candice jumps on the stretcher and Aitu races back up the beach. Aitu is building fire and Raro arrive a couple of minutes behind. Cao Boi starts a fire for Aitu and Raro is struggling badly. Becky chops into her hand and that is the way this goes and Raro will certainly be hurting.

Aitu wins immunity!

Raro must now prepare for the vote. The tribe of the strong and but has managed to lose 2 in a row and now they must pay. Stephannie is beating on herself for having not tried harder to start the fire and she announces to the rest of the team that she is probably the weakest link. Nate flips out on the inside knowing that he needs her to stay in this game as a pivotal vote. Then again he thinks that if she is doubting herself already that she may not be worth keeping around.

Rebecca is disappointed in Stephannie and tries to turn the table anyway. She wants to rally the girls and she gets Jenny. Jenny agrees in hopes of protecting the women, and J.P. has become the new target. Stephannie is regretting her words and little does she know that she is about to get a second chance. Jenny brings the news and Stephannie is one board. Cristina is in as well. We could have a full-fledged flip on our hands.

Welcome to tribal. Here come the votes.

Stephannie votes J.P.
J.P. votes Stephannie
Cristina votes J.P.
Nate votes Stephannie

That’s all we will see for now, Jeff will Tally the votes

With 7 votes (Seven!?) J.P. the tribe has spoken!

Here are the votes:

For J.P.

For Stephannie

Wow, there will have to be some talking after this one. J.P. was completely blindsided. Where will Raro go from here? Next recap coming up.


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