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Today is

Why Would You Trust Me? - November 23

Day 25: Raro'in to go...

As the younguns continue their blissful slumber, Jonathan is up and at the fishing, getting ready to bring in some breakfast. "It's worked out my way at this point. It's gone at least the way I wanted it to go. Three people have been eliminated in this tribe before Candice and I." He's hoping to make it four this round.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Candice and Adam try, futilely, to start a fire. Adam figures why not wait until Jonathan's back.

Jonathan's back, and he's surprised to see the lack of discernable fire at camp. He tells them that today is the day to get it together. Nate volunteers for his little cadet crock. "Shut up, fool. We're not knuckleheads around here."

Bottom line: Jonathan isn't going to lose because of a few kids that won't "get their asses out of bed."

Over on Aitu...

Yul's leg hurts. He's tired. Sundra has a gash on her knee. They haven't had time to recover after challenges, because they continually give 110%.

Later that day... Probst unveils what the tribes think is a reward. It's actually a set of paints... a blank flag... and new buffs! That's right, after 25 days and three jury members... Raro and Aitu have the urge to MERGE!

Raro invites Aitu to live at their beach because they have more coconuts and no rats. Aitu gladly accepts.

"Wow is the correct word," Becky says. A large catamaran awaits with food and refreshments. "Follow the drums and have a good time."

They do so. Yul comments that he and his former tribe have to find a crack in the Raro Alliance, even thought it will be nice to get to know a few new people. "We desperately need to convince someone to come over to our side."

Jonathan notices that the Raro kids have decided to get "tanked." "Is that how you compete in a competition? I'm here to win a million dollars! That's a one with six zeroes on the other end of it."

New tribe name: Aitutonga... a portmanteau of Aitutaki and Rarotonga. Original.

Nate introduces us to the new name, while saying that everyone in his old tribe are sticking to their tribe nonetheless. That would be Parvati, Adam, and him. Jonathan and Canidce can't be trusted as much due to last episode's mutiny. He also wants to read the others.

Parvati, Sundra, and Ozzy are already good people to have in Nate's pocket. Ozzy makes no promises.

Parvati and Adam flirt... again. Candice, meanwhile, is outside. "You both can appreciate me," Adam says.

Yul thinks that it's still a numbers game, telling Becky that they need someone to flip. What about Jonathan? Sounds like a good idea if you can convince him about how "rational" it is.

Yul meets with Jonathan. Jonathan wonders why he would be trusted. Yul says that Jonathan left them for dead, but the options are few. If it did work? "I don't believe you can get to the Final Four unless you align with the person with the Idol." If that happens, Raro will go "mental." The only way this will work is if they learn to trust each other again. "I'd have to think long and hard about the reaction."

Meanwhile, Yul reveals to Sundra and Ozzy that he has the Idol. He wants to use it to turn the game to Aitu's favor. Ozzy thinks that he has to remain loyal to his alliance.  Yul, however, believes that Final Four is locked if they play the game yet.

Only problem is... Yul is targeted by Parvati and Candice.

Candice wants to know what Yul said to Jonathan. He goes over the offer to her. "If Yul has (the Idol), we're going to find ourselves going home."

"All this is very hypothetical," he says. "If he doesn't have it, he's just blowing smoke up my ass and there's no reason to flip."

Day 26: I-CHALLENGE: Hang On!

Players must hang to grooves on an upright pole as long as they can. They may not use the top of the pole to support. Last tribesman standing wins the immunity necklace.

Order of drop: Adam, Jonathan, Nate, Sundra, Yul, Parvati, Becky, and Candice. Ozzy wins.

After the challenge, Nate praises Ozzy for a job well done. Adam cites the win as reason enough for them to vote Ozzy out first chance they get. "Tonight, our tribe is going to stick to gether and vote out Yul." Parvati echoes that he's got strength and brains.

On the beach, as Jonathan catches dinner, Yul tells him that "hypothetical is reality", showing him the Idol. Now Jonathan has a huge decision to make. Yul wants to take Jonathan to the Final Two, because he's got a lot of enemies.

Adam wonders if Yul has the Idol, while Nathan talks to him about calling shots. "Yul is intelligent. I don't want that boy thinking anymore."

Adam thinks that Nate is not acting like himself. He's been hanging around Ozzy too much.

Then Candice and Adam kiss.. Showmance!

Jonathan talks shop with the former Aitus, as Yul offers a deal. If Jonathan will team with them again, Aitu will vote out whomever he wants them to. Jonathan, throwing caution to the wind about how if this works, he would've betrayed everyone in the game, says that he trusts Nate the least. "Because I know him the least."

Night 26: Tribal Council...

Jonathan notes that sleeping accomodations have changed for the better since the merger. Sundra says that they're keeping alliances in mind. Yul thinks that the Aitus are at a complete disadvantage numbers-wise, and this Tribal could be pivotal. Becky notices that Adam and Candice have become all lovey-dovey. Jonathan is not concerned. Nate is concerned that if someone turns, then this game will become quite interesting.

No votes are shown, so we go right to the count.

Adam: "YUEHL"
Parvati: YUL
Nate: "YULE"
Candice: YULE
Becky: NATE
Ozzy: NATE
Sundra: NATE

And the final vote...

Jonathan: NATE

By a count of five to four, Nate, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Nate walks away dumbfounded. "One love."

Probst judges from the looks of everyone's faces, the game has just taken a significant turn.


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