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Today is

Arranging a Hit - December 7

Jonathan is making a genuine push to become a permanent member of the Aitu Four. Can he navigate the trenches successfully, or will the scorned Raro members eat him for lunch?

After returning from Tribal, Jonathan is reeling from being called a rat and a cancer, but he is confident that flopping was the correct decision.

The girls are chopping coconuts, and BOOM! EEK!

Parvati has chopped through her thumb. In comes the survivor medical team. They quickly stitch up her thumb and all seems to be okay. So much for that preview suggesting she might need to leave.

Challenge time!

Very simple, using a small bucket, the Survivors will have to fill a larger bucket. When the larger bucket is full, a flag will be raised. Winner gets a tribal picnic and the right to send one person to Exile Island.

But wait…. There’s more!

Family members are here! And in this challenge the family members are teammates.

Add blindfolds for the Survivors and we are ready to go.

As the challenge begins we see that the survivor are throwing water blindfolded to their loved one’s who are catching the water and putting it in the bucket.

The challenge quickly becomes a three horse race between Parvati, Jonathan and Ozzy. Eventually flags begin to rise and Parvati comes very close, but the wood is not touching. Jonathan matches her, but does not touch either. With that opening, Parvati seizes the moment and gets one more bucket in winning reward.

She immediately sends Jonathan to exile and then Parvati’s father has to choose, without discussion, what two survivors and loved ones will get to share in the reward. He selects the loved ones of Sundra and Adam.

But all is not lost. Those not selected will be heading back to camp with the Survivors.

The reward is amazing. Parvati gets to bless a cave spring full of fresh water before they all dive in and after the blessing; they dine on a feast of chicken, biscuits, meatloaf and corn.

Meanwhile, Ozzy and Yul are frustrated that Parvati had the strength to win that challenge, so along with Becky they decide to start to hide food from Adam and Parvati. Call it strategy, call it vengeance, in the end it’s all good television.

Returning from the reward, and they came bearing food. Now Becky, Yul and Ozzy are having second thoughts about their plan. We’ll see if Operation: Famine sticks.

Immunity Time

Jonathan returns. The Survivors will navigate a floating balance course to retrieve 2 bundles of sticks. Once they have both bundles, they will need to head to the beach and construct a long pole to retrieve 2 rings. The first person to retrieve both rings will win immunity.

As with most challenge involving water, Ozzy is drubbing the competition and earns a multiple minute head start. Will he have trouble building the Pole? Nope. A landslide victory with little to show other than a bunch of bumps and bruises for the losers.

Adam and Parvati think that they are in significant danger, but when everyone goes silent back at camp when Jonathan sits down; Jonathan reasonably thinks that there may be a problem.

Jonathan approaches Sundra and Becky. The girls shadily tell him that everything is fine.

Jonathan approaches Yul. He says that he will do everything possible to keep him here but can’t guarantee anything.

Ozzy and Yul talk and think they are safe to the final 4. Assuming that the girls don’t flip this should be correct, but that is not the pressing issue tonight.

Tribal council!

This time around things are less volatile than last. Wait… Adam is attacking, he says that Jonathan is not a man of integrity and does into deserve to be here. Things don’t get as enrages last time but Jonathan feels he deserves to be here and is responsible for Aitu still being in this game. Yul aggress that they saved each other and the votes are cast.

Jonathan votes for Adam

Adam votes for Jonathan

With 6 Votes… Jonathan, the tribe has spoken

For Jonathan

For Adam

Next week, things may take a turn as Ozzy is potentially going to be on the Hot Seat. Will Aitu fall apart? Find out Thursday.


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