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Today is

Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus - October 12

The lying is in full tilt as votes become more and more unpredictable? Can anyone be trusted? Maybe that should be asked after the invasion…

Raro starts off day 12 in a state of being mildly dumbfounded. Nate is bonkers realizing that the game is officially on and that the women have aligned.

Parvati is laughing realizing that all of the men have started working now that J.P. is gone. Are they trying to prove their worth? Does it even really matter?

Armpit Check!

The women of Aitu are loving the hair under there and are getting a good laugh. But who cares about hair when treemail brings news of spices and wine?

Teams will split into pairs of 2 and will have to hold up weight using pulleys. The team with the last pair standing will win.

Raro chooses to slowly tire out all the Aitu pair equally, while Aitu attacks Nate and Adam of Raro directly.

Adam, Nate, Jonathan and Yul are all holding 30 lbs and Yul loses grip. Out!

Nate and Adam won’t quit, but Rebecca and Stephannie who were holding 15 lbs bow out. The game has been going a long time and Aitu loses two more women leaving the game in Ozzy and Jessica’s hands

Face off: Brad and Christina move to 20 lbs while Nate and Adam keep holding 30.

Ozzy and Jessica are the only Aitu and Jessica is done.

Raro with 2 pairs wins reward and sends Jonathan back to Exile Island.

Adam has an octopus stuck to his leg and it quickly becomes Raro’s dinner. Cristina begins to cook the octopus and while getting salt water to cook with she loses about half the octopus. Cristina pushes it off on Jenny was taking care of it, but the blame game is never a good idea.

Aitu goes on an island expedition searching for resources and they are about to get a big surprise. Cao Boi, Ozzy and Jessica leave via boat leaving Yul, Becky, and Sundra to align with the idea of creating a final 5.

Over at the island expedition, boom!

Welcome to Raro!

Zzzz…. Cao Boi starts spinning yarns again and Raro is getting sick of the stories of Chinese symbology. Then he suggests they work and get some coconuts, Adam is firmly against it. Then Cao Boi begs for some spices. Rejected! You get the picture. It is a painful pointless visit.

Jonathan on exile is digging endlessly and decides that either the idol has been found or he is a complete moron. Well, he’s right and now he can return to the immunity challenge where he reports to everyone that he thinks the idol is gone.


Using stepping platforms 2 tribe members must traverse between 2 raised platforms in the water. Once that is completed, all the tribe members must stack on/above a small platform further out in the water.

Jenny makes the traverse first giving Raro the lead, then Aitu gets Jessica across. Parvati makes it and Raro is on to the final platform, but Aitu ahs closed the gap and is only about 30 sec behind.

The last platform is about 3X3 ft square and 4 ft above the water. Raro is executing a big bear hug and Aitu struggle and Cao Boi falls off. However, seconds later, almost all of Raro tumbles. Aitu takes advantage, pulling together and wow. They have done it!

Aitu wins Immunity!

Raro is proud of their effort, but in this game effort alone does not count. A lot of people seem to be annoyed by Cristina and as a result, Jenny is gunning for her.

Stephannie and Nate are out getting water and Stephannie says that she can see herself having mashed potatoes later.

Nate shares this with the rest of the guys and they all think that she has already mentally checked out of the game. Will this send her packing? Will the gossip hounds triumph?

On to tribal!

Stephannie claims to have no close friends and Nate calls Cristina out on being bossy/becoming the new J.P. Honesty is the one thing everyone thinks will come of this vote.

The votes:

Cristina votes Stephannie
Stephannie votes Cristina
Everything else is secret.

The verdict:

With 7 votes… Stephannie, the tribe has spoken.

The first solid block vote we have seen in a long time. Stephannie can go get some mashed potatoes and we will move on with an Ailing but united Raro tribe. Can Raro pull it together and avoid tribal for the 3rd straight time? Check in next time to find out.


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