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Today is

Why Aren't You Swimming? - November 2

Nate is enjoying his kidnapping. Especially because it kept him safe from the last vote. Will there be backlash when he returns?

Aitu is spending all of its time early on working Nate for information about himself and the members of Raro. Ironically because Nate is keeping a tight lip, he is getting more information than Aitu is. Aitu is a little shaken by the vote, but Cao Boi’s departure wasn’t overly unexpected.

Yul and Becky are getting focused. They are establishing a pecking order and the big question seems to be whether Sundra or Jonathan should go first. They feel a merge is imminent and they don’t want to compete against Jonathan for individual immunity, so simply put, game on.

And now the Survivors will go shopping? That’s right; the survivors will shop from the survivor catalogue and pick two prizes that they will receive if they win reward… How will they win reward you ask? Glad you did.

Each tribe has 3 swimmers and 2 puzzle makers. The swimmers will swim out, climb a platform, strike a tile dropping a key that they will retrieve and give to the puzzle makers, after receiving 6 keys the puzzle makers will open a chest and assemble a puzzle of the world. First team done wins.

Aitu swims to an early lead under Ozzy’s talent and Raro falls behind when Rebecca can’t dive for her key. Raro catches up when Candice doesn’t strike the box hard enough to drop the key. But later Parvati makes the same mistake and Aitu leads by more than a full key.

Ozzy’s 3rd swim brings back the 6th key and Becky whizzes through the puzzles winning Aitu reward. Their selected prize? A sack of potatoes and peanut butter.

And boy are they loving it. Eating it with their fingers Puck style, Aitu is happy and with their winning streak deserves this wonderful taste of victory.

Raro is down big time. After winning the challenge, Aitu sent Adam to Exile Island and Nate is mad that he could not compete. Worse yet, he is mad at Brad for not swimming and accuses him. Brad says that he is better at puzzles.

No one on Raro is buying it. They all think that Brad should have been swimming and Parvati wants to punch Brad in the mouth. A storm beckons to rain on their parade, but Adam is the one who is getting the most punishment on Exile Island.

Adam is beginning to doubt his tribe as it seems that they will never be able to pull through and get a win. He crouches in a fetal position to keep warm and waits for the rain to pass.

The storm subsides and on Aitu, Ozzy brings back a bird. The debate begins. Eat it or free it. Not much of a debate. Aitu chooses to dine and everyone is taking notice of Ozzy’s great strength. He may want to consider showing some weakness so that no one tries to take him out.

Ozzy is trying to protect himself by working Candice and Jessica he tells them that he is open to an alliance but nothing is secured. He asks them how the plan to eat and they give worried glances.

Immunity Challenge!

Adam returns from exile and says that the storm brought him pain. Here is a chance for him to get some revenge.

The Challenge, build a log ladder, take zip lines out into the ocean, grab puzzle pieces, swim them back and complete the puzzle.

Aitu solves the log ladder first and Yul takes the Zip line first, Raro catches up and Brad goes first and proves that he should have been swimming in the previous challenge. Candice brings in number 2 for Aitu and it is looking like a broken record. Parvati gets number 2 for Raro and Ozzy gets 3 for Aitu at the same time. Aitu has a good minute’s head start on the puzzle and Raro only catches up after Aitu is a third of the way done.

Holy crap… Jenny begins jamming on the puzzle and pulls Raro even with Aitu…

Jenny has brought Raro past Aitu

Raro wins Immunity!?

It’s true. Jenny’s blazing puzzle speed gave Raro a much needed victory and puts Aitu in a tough and unusual spot.

Aitu doesn’t worry so much as they strategize. Jessica, Jonathan and Ozzy seem to be the top prospects. Sundra thinks that Jessica is being "fake nice" to everyone to cover her butt. Becky and Yul think that Jonathan should go as no one can trust him.

What will happen? A tribe united may become divided.

Tribal Time!

After a discussion of how Aitu has superseded racial lines, it is time to vote

Jonathan votes for Jessica
Jessica votes for Jonathan
…and Jeff will tally the votes.

Torch Snuffing… with 6 votes, Jessica the tribe has spoken.

For Jessica:

For Jonathan:

Interesting how Aitu was still united even though there is growing distrust. Will this be the beginning of the fall for Aitu? Only one way to find out… Keep watching.


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