Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Crab Grab" - June 7

We start off this episode with Dan talking with Derrick about his upcoming Inferno battle with Landon. He knew he would be in the position to be sent into the last Men's Inferno from the start. He says the only difference is that he's not money hungry or worried. If he won the first Inferno, there's a chance he could win this one. Meanwhile, Landon gives Darrell an advance notice that he wants the 'life shield' and if he wins it, he'll be sending him in. Darrell says that he's not going to let Landon win so easily.

The teams receive another text message clue from Dave. They are told their next challenge will be tomorrow at 10:30 and to wear swimsuits and team colors and to not get caught in a pinch. C.T. questions Dan about winning the 'life shield', and if he does who he'll send in. C.T. knows whitout a doubt it would be him because Dan doesn't like him, but Dan says there's no problem between them. He thinks C.T.'s just being selfish.

The next challenge will have the teams get the crabs...and I'm talking about the aquatic kind. This is called "Crab Grab" and in it, the teams will be buried in the sand up to their necks with crabs running around them. Under the sand, their feet will be stretched out and they'll be sitting on their hands. They must unbury themselves and grab ten crabs from their team crate and place them into their individual crates. They may assist a teammate if they are having trouble unburying themselves. The first team to have all their players deposit their crabs wins the mission.

While the teams strategize, the Good Guys want to act as a team and assist each other if needed. Darrell's mind's focused on the 'life shield' to keep himself out of the fire. The Bad Asses also try to act as a team, but they enter into the familiar territory of fighting. C.T. confronts Dan about helping the team, thinking that he'll try to win the 'life shield' for himself. Dan tells C.T. to stop being selfish, because the only reason he's worried about the 'life shield' is that he thinks he'll send him in. C.T. knows it, saying Dan doesn't like him, but Dan says C.T.'s picking a fight. Minutes before the mission, a big fight ensues which is not good for the Bad Asses, they need to be unified more than ever right now.

Everyone gets into their holes and they start to be buried. Needless to say, it's not fun for anyone. The mission begins and Darrell quickly gets out of his hole and takes off to put his first few crabs into his crate. Most of the players get out pretty quickly, but those who don't receive assistance from their teammates. Everyone is now in a rush to put their crabs into their crates. Darrell and C.T. are among the ones who finish the task first. It's now a head to head battle pitting against Veronica and Shavonda, who are both lagging behind and have only one crab left. Shavonda huffs and puffs to the finish line, beat Veronica to the punch. That means the Good Guys finish first and win the challenge. Veronica'a little upset with herself for basically losing the mission for her team.

Host Dave Mirra congratulates the Good Guys for winning the mission. He hands them their check for $10,000. It's now a tie, both the Bad Asses and the Good Guys are tied with each winning seven challenges. Both teams now have $70,000 in their Team Bank Account. Dave also hands out the life shields to Darrell and C.T. That means they'll have to make their decision on whether to use it on Landon and Dan in the Inferno.

The two men worried about being sent in by their teammates have now won the Life Shields. Landon's a little upset about how Darrell took off, seeing that they all agreed to help each other out. Darrell's unapologetic, saying that he's was just trying to take care of himself, and if Landon told him he would send him in, it makes sense to protect yourself.

It's now time for the Inferno. Dan and Landon step into the pit to compete one-on-one. Tonght's Inferno game is called "Pegged". Standing in front of them is a wall with numerous holes in it. The players must use their two pegs to climb up. They are allowed to skip a few holes and the player who gets to the top and grabs his flag first wins. Both Darrell and C.T. refuse to use the 'life shield's to save Landon and C.T. When Dave bangs the gong, both players start climbing. It could be a toss up, because Dan's teammates think Dan is stronger than some people think. They are neck and neck, and Landon sees that and starts working overtime. At last, Landon gets to the top first, pulls off the blue flag, and wins the Inferno.

Sadly, that means Dirty Dan is going home. Everyone comes and says their goodbyes to Dan. Even C.T. manages to give Dan a bit of a send-off. Tina's sad to see Dan go and believes that a great piece of their team is leaving. Dan feels that he brought a great game to the table and appreciates how everyone came to him and said their goodbyes, feeling like Sally Field, that they like him, they really like him.

With Dan gone, will the Bad Asses break the tie?
Which of the women will be on the chopping block for the Inferno?

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